Director of WHO Asked to Resign Over China Cover-Up

In the passing weeks and months since the COVID-19 outbreak began, causing thousands of deaths worldwide and thousands more to experience serious illness, many are looking for someone to blame. And while the true beginnings of the virus may never be fully understood, we do know that it started in Wuhan, China, where the ruling communist regime suppressed the knowledge of its existence and has tried to cover it up ever since.

When it became too widespread to deny any longer, the Chinese government finally admitted that cases of the respiratory disease were present throughout the country. But because of their early suppression and lack of action to contain it, the virus spread like wildfire, consuming nation after nation. Even worse than China’s lack of effort to stop the spread, is its continuous ability to lie and cover up what is really going on in the eastern country.

Yes, it reported cases, but those numbers were far less than what members of the actual population suggested. And the number of deaths reported was also substantially decreased in the public eye. As of now, we still don’t have an accurate number of just how many were infected or died from the disease in China.

As a result, the nation of China, once seen as a technological and economic giant, is now viewed by many as the birthplace of death, destruction, and lies.

But even more appalling than China’s actions or the lack thereof, is the World Health Organization or WHO’s complicity in it. China, while definitely not excused for their part, has always been a little sneaky and, well, communist. So it really isn’t all that surprising to many.

The WHO, on the other hand, as its name suggests, is supposed to be a group devoted to the health and safety of the world. When an outbreak occurs, they are supposed to be the ones to come in, take control, and help nations deal with in the best way possible. And I’m pretty sure that buying into Chinese propaganda, such as that the virus was really started here in the US and that China had next to zero cases, is not the way to do that.

But it seems that the WHO, or at least the director-general who led the coronavirus effort, might be getting some consequences for their collaboration with China.

Senator Martha McSally of Arizona is calling for Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus to resign.

The decorated Air Force veteran and Republican congresswoman tweeted on Thursday that what the WHO did was “unconscionable,” and someone should pay.

“It’s unconscionable that the WHO has helped China cover-up it’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis for months, while thousands die globally. I’m calling on the Director-General of the WHO to resign.”

She told Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo, “I’ve never trusted a communist. And their cover-up of this virus that originated with them has caused unnecessary deaths around America and around the world, so this report is not surprising at all. The WHO needs to stop covering for them. I think Dr. Tedros needs to step down. We need to take some action to address this issue. It’s just irresponsible, it’s unconscionable what they have done here while we have people dying across the globe.”

And Senator McSally isn’t the only one upset about the WHO’s cooperation with China.

Japan’s prime minister Taro Aso expressed his displeasure with the group and China this week by suggesting that the WHO should be renamed the CHO or China Health Organization, even though they did a poor job of actually keeping China healthy.

Aso told parliament this week that he was irate at the WHO would be so complicit. He mentioned that it would not be as surprising if the former director of the WHO were still calling the shots, as she was a Chinese national. However, it seems the group is still closely tied to the communist nation.

He told lawmakers, “People think the World Health Organization should change its name. It shouldn’t be called the WHO. It should be renamed the CHO.” And he added, “This appeal is truly resonating with the people.”

And it should. The WHO, by taking China’s word time after time, not looking further into reported numbers, and supporting their propaganda, has proved themselves or at least their leaders to unworthy of the trust we are supposed to have in them.

If they can’t represent the world equally, the group should be dissolved.

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  1. April 13, 2020.
    Your fault, our great nation. For years, I was asking a question: why!? why do you kiss Chinese asses? Happily employ them for jobs? Marrying Chinese girls right and left. They steal technology, they lie, they pretend. You, guys, deliberately gave up to very insidious nation – communism or not.
    As well, you give the powers to the savages under the slogan “give free way to minority”, but you don’t understand the meaning of that. From there you’re getting such a shit-piece like that WHO director. My congrats to you.
    Italy was playing these brotherly games with the China. Not enough that Chinese copied their different exclusive craftsmanship, pushed off the Italians, they also intruded and inundate Northern Italy. Plus, gave them Corona virus from which Italians are dying by thousands. Look at the Eastern Europe: they don’t let it to do that to them.

  2. Idiot! You! How many of you are brainwashed? Or you are all idiots?

  3. There’s so MUCH ignorance in this world and country! HOW do they think the President is the cause of EVERYTHING??? He has been chosen by God to lead this country and that includes the stupid and ignorant so give THANKS to God that at last, we have a President with guts inspite of ALL the opposition he’s faced from day one! I WILL vote for him again eventho defending this country includes the stupid people that don’t deserve his protection. He DOESN’T need to make money as the crooked previous administration, he HAS money and he made it fair and square as a business man! The reason WHY some people CAN’T understand that is because their idea of making money is by being CROOKED and taking it AWAY from others! They DON’T want to put in the WORK and EFFORT it takes to be wealthy and that scares the hell out of ignorant people!

  4. It is so sad that American are so full of hate. I come from a long history of Americans I have a certificate for being a daughter of the American revolution my family has always been a strong American Fed family I look at the Democrats who are pushing so hard to become socialized communistic people that it makes me cry to see my country so tore apart by people who are so full of hate who are so full of self consumed greed that is not what our forefathers fought for we fought for us all to have the same rights the same quality and they don’t do it all they think about is what they can do Pelosi wants to pull money in the bill it’s supposed to be for our stimulus package for Americans and wants to give it to illegals they should’ve stayed in their country and made their country better instead of coming here I’m all for equality to everybody but follow the rules Democrats haven’t followed the rules in 20 years I have a daughter on the front line who is the head are in in Austin Texas who works for viruses and she comes home and she scared to death she’s going to give it to her new grandson her daughter she goes in the garage takes off all their clothes washes everything down wipes down before she even goes in the door and you people are so stupid the Democrats as to how you want to pull things apart and yes New York hordes ventilators Texas doesn’t have nearly enough supplies it is so screwed up and 90% of it is not trump it is the people who are trying to push their hatred stop

  5. Any one who believes that CHINA is good better move there
    Dr. Tedros did that to himself “on the road of being fired” due to the $$ shining in his eyes
    There will no UI benefits for him, nada…best is ending the WHO corporation by saying the
    USA taxpayers are tired of paying our hard earned $$ for the BS the whole world and the Democrats leftists lovers of Communism and their propaganda
    That is a lotta smackers in millions, including the UN bills we are footing by our own American reps for the world for their pocketbooks
    If MONEY speaks louder than MONEY should be cut off from these SPOILED children By their RICH uncle
    WHO, UN Must pay the PIPER!!!!

  6. You POS DimocRATS & the lying media called President Trump a racist when he shut down China travel in February. If it was up to the demented loser who is your Presidential candidate it wouldn’t have got shut down until last week. If you think this is in any way Trump or Americas fault you have shit for brains.

  7. And you believe pelosi. you are not only gullible, your probably retarded along with the rest of the Demons

  8. I agree with you 💯 %

  9. I totally agree with you.

  10. In typical fashion the entire energy becomes directed NOT against the person directing the corrupt WHO – Dr Tedros – guilty of facilitating mass international deaths – but against the person most hated by the DemonRat Party – President of the United States Donald Trump.
    How bl**dy pathetic ! How can such narrow, small-minded garbage fodder still exist let alone breath the same air as decent honest people in the USA ?
    Tedros must GO ! He is the architect of mass deaths by collusion with a single world state – China – whose deceit and lies concerning the escape of a lab-engineered coronavirus in Wuhan has lead to a world-wide pandemic and still rising death toll.

  11. You are 100% right. These bastards from WHO should have been long ago dismantled along with United Nations. These are liberal leeches sucking money from US and doing practically nothing to improve life of the nations.

  12. Good for Martha McSally. WHO is not to be trusted. President Trump should cut their funding and that head honcho should step down. He is in bed with the Communist regime. Enough already. Why didn’t he step when China refused to allow the CDC into their country? Right there suspicious happenings.

  13. he should be long gone after what he did

  14. CCV = Communist China Virus that’s the proper name of this thing that is killing so many

  15. Trump is the only one who did anything He blocked the Chinese planes and was called a racist and xenophobe by people like you. Trump is the only one who cares about America I’m praying he can turn my beautiful country into the place it used to be Not the shithole it was becoming (under the Obamas god help us all)

  16. Great statement.

  17. Bullsh.t. He did as much as he could and as much as the dems would agree to, and that was not much. Their is NO bipartisanship with Pelosi and Shumer, Shift and others. He is to be applauded for his work.

  18. Yes this guy (who calls himself leader of WHO) is a disgusting human being who cares nothing about global health of nations. He needs to be THROWN OUT NOW!

  19. Wow no it was shiffty an his group that did act because of there which hunt if they would of been doing there job they would of acted they were so involded with there shit they falled to act irs not trump its the dems again that because of there hate that they did nothing when they sould of been acting on there job they had info but keep playing there game the blood is in there hands all the family that lost love one can blame shiffty they know but choose to play there lying hunt when it was there job as intell but didnt act now they want blame trump lol to late we no who falt the dens pluse it was obama who cut all that money an sold us out

  20. I hope everyone see now that china can not be trusted or the who ether or the new nazi party the dems they to sold us out why did biden son get 1.2billon dollars from china obama sold us out all the money from a gov job no the dems have been selling us out to china an russa hillary sold our uramim to our enamy the dems have never had our counrty safe they where selling you out we most stop the dems the new nazi party is exactly what they have become look how they did there nazi type trail hideing behind closed door that is not us the dems mos t be stop to save our kids from them we are free an we are the gov not them time to show the dems who is the boss us vote everyone rep all the way we most rebuild an stop the nazi dems from trying to end your freedom your the gov not the nazi dems vote red all the way

  21. Brain dead Trump issued a travel ban the Democrats said he was crazy and this was another one of his horses and they didn’t want to and Nancy Pelosi was walking around San Francisco telling people come out come to Chinatown enjoy yourself go to the restaurant Brain dead Trump issued a travel ban the Democrats said he was crazy and this was another one of his hoaxes and they didn’t want to and Nancy Pelosi was walking around San Francisco telling people come out come to Chinatown enjoy yourself go to the restaurant . Stop listening to CNN it will fry your brain.

  22. First of all you can’t downplay something you don’t know anything about and second of all you have the Center for disease control who basically should’ve been more prepared than they were and please don’t say that Trump cut staff at the CDC because he did not First of all you can’t downplay something you don’t know anything about and second of all you have the Center for disease control who basically should’ve been more prepared than they were and please don’t say that Trump cut staff at the CDC because he did not . Trump issued the travel ban in January because he felt like something was being hidden but of course you’re a liberal so you really wouldn’t understand that

  23. Apparently your news comes from one group of networks who don’t even bother to fact check so your opinion means nothing.

  24. Hardly. He’s been sabotaged since before taking office and there’s not been a second’s reprieve. Had he had co-operation you might have a point but that’s not the case. So this buck stops with every single person that’s attempted to use politics to destroy our country. Either they are ALL guilty, or nobody is. You people will never get a grip on reality and the word fairness is one you don’t know the definition of.

  25. WHO+CHO+Pelosi-NYTimes Bill Gates PEncil SCHItf
    Killary EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeTeeeeeeeeeeeeeeCeeeeeeeeeeee
    Democrats and morons who follow them are Commie [email protected]#$ards

  26. WHO=CHO! Ah-so, Inscrutable!!

  27. maybe he should be shot for his lies that murdered all these people around he world.

  28. Democraps eat shit.

  29. Bomb China and The Middle East. Get rid of the slant eyed chinks and ragheads.

  30. Hey, dipshit. “Dedts” is spelled “Debts” and “Fath” is spelled “Faith”

  31. We should nuke China and The Middle East. Get rid of the slant eyed chinks and ragheads.

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  33. You are going to die, asshole. Blood will be all over your body.

  34. Hey, asshole, you will have blood on your face after we get done with your sorry ass. You’s going down mafucker.

  35. This Tedros asshole needs to get his sorry ass kicked. The US should mo longer fund WHO. Let China take care of their little puppy doll.

  36. Just more proof that the slimeballs that make up the UN are nothing but third world crap the are want-a-be important leaders but are nothing but idiots who rely on countries like the U.S. to keep them afloat but condemn us for our prosperity . The scum of the UN will bow down and rollover to any country, except the U.S., who pays them .

  37. No stupid. Trump started almost immediately organizing a panel of experts. He banned travel from China and was labeled a xenophobe for his action. He included it in his SOTU address to Congress. You remember, the one Pelosi tore up. You want to point a finger? Try pointing it at the Democrats who were too busy trying to remove President Trump from office based on hearsay and no facts to support their case.

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  39. What a stupid comment the president did a great job under what china failed to do.

    Oh, and aren’t you a CCP member?

  41. i think with the deaths we had here it should be called a act of war from china!

  42. Yes, the democrats also called President Trump a xenophobe when he stopped all travel from China in January.

  43. Yes, I agree, these people are quit ignorant.

  44. i have always said that a lie is so wrong to tellif a person tells a lie they keep on lying pretty soon they run out of lies then the truth will come out

  45. You NAILED it!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I know! I saw Pelosi not social distancing in Chinatown, DeBlasio telling people to go out & party in early MARCH & some other Democrat Pol telling people to go out & hug people in March. Then we had the lockdown & the Dems are blaming Trump for everything.

  47. You are a jerk. Trump was acting on best information obtained through WHO and CDC. You are a dim(democrat), without 2 brain cells to rub together. You are disgusting.

  48. Communist thug
    Killary As kisser

  49. If this is the truth.should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

  50. I don’t see any name calling, nor stupid remarks. All I see is the truth.

  51. Bomb china, find The Who officials and make sure they contract their pals’ disease, and get us out of the U.N. NOW. Thank you President Trump for cutting off their funding.

  52. Can you post without name calling and stupid remarks

  53. You must be one of the most brainwashed ridiculously stupid people on this website. Trump downplayed the virus for nearly 70 days until everyone knew he was incompetent and couldn’t handle the job And why is he giving briefings. Let the professionals give accurate briefings and keep politics out of it

  54. The buck stops at the top. Trump

  55. OK Nancy, calm down. You have thousands of deaths on yours by holding up and porking the stimulus bill!!! Troll!


  57. Another one with incurable TDS. I see the person blaming Trump for it part of the Marxist storm Troopers.

  58. Trump didn’t cover up anything moron. He and our medical experts had to work with false information from China. Stop spreading false narratives. Get a clue or get off the planet.

  59. What needs to be done is stop the funding of the who & china. Let’s stop buying the products & force US. Companies back to where they belong forget about their bottom line & get out of china. They’ll be on their knees I no time. Plus you dems are idiots look at the tape & find Pelosi & friends telling people to enjoy in Jan. You assholes.

  60. All of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party are also part of the coverup. They and Soros are so intent on defeating President Trump they Blame him for the Coronavirus and the inaction they were responsible for not him.
    When he criticized the Communist Chinese Government they called him a racist. He did not blame the Chinese People. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is more upset that he blamed their comrades in Progressive Communist Government. They called it racism when it was truth and truth will set you free. We need to remove all pharmaceuticals from China because they threatened to keep them from our patients that rely on them. If they can blackmail us in peacetime, think what power they will have in war or in dealing with the United Nation’s on world issues.

  61. The World Health Organization violated it’s own Constitution by helping China cover up the true extent of China’s coronavirus infections. Senator McSally is right — the director of WHO, Dr. Tedros, is a liar and a traitor and he needs to step down. He should be prosecuted.

    Sadly, us U.S. taxpayers are the biggest financial supporters of WHO, forking well over $100 Million of our tax dollars annually. Other UN member nations also contribute, but the U.S. contributes the largest amount of aid money to that China-controlled, failed, corrupt ‘health’ organization.

    How much under-the-table cash did China give Dr. Tedros to bribe him to betray humanity by secretly helping China to cover up the extensive beginnings of the Chinese COVID-19 virus, thereby allowing it to expand into a world wide pandemic? President Trump is right — The United States should defund WHO.

    Shame on China.
    Shame on Dr. Tedros.
    Trump 2020!

  62. You are nothing but a Democratic fool and liar!!!

  63. If trump could he would. A lot of presidents have tried to speed up the FDA. They failed.

  64. Your stupid. The Chinese told the entire world stories through the end of January, but your a stupid ignorant trump hater so the truth means nothing to you.

    Asshats like you are why andrew cuomo lied about his stockpile of ventilators that resulted in the direct deaths of thousands of people. But andrew is a demo rat so you dont care about that do you asshat.

    Look asshat. We all know that when morons like you write stuff about trump it is your moronic jealousy hate writing and none of us care about what you write

    Take your jealousy and bigotry and go talk to rachael madcow and chris cuomo.

  65. We need to simply stop providing support to the world health organization. Leave them broke for a couple years then tell them sure we will return funding right after you rewrite your charter so it says the focus is on American well being and any other focus is an immediate firing offense.

    We need th o spend our money o. Our peoples best interest

  66. Absolutely “RIGHT ON” !

    WHO has devolved into the same category as the UN, biased, controlled by money and political influence and both have completely abandoned their Charter and the basis for their creation. It is time for both to be dissolved and reinvented.

  67. Watch releases from University of Pittsburg Medical Research Center. They are working on a vaccine to counter the new coronavirus, Covid-19. If the FDA rushes this. Americans can get it. Tell President Trump to work on it. We can be clear of this Pandemic, in a matter of months.

  68. Are you stating that your party did know it and did NOTHING, too?

    It’s clear that the DIMs would rather of tried to impeach TRUMP that notify the Nation and the world of this impending Chinese doom.

    Problem here is this MENTAL MIDGET thinking believes that TRUMP is the entire government and ALL FAULT belongs to just one politician and not all 535 in DC.

  69. As usual, the chinese fukk the whole world again and the mental midgets stand around correct their bribes.

  70. How about Trump’s cover up. The government knew in late Dec or early Jan and did nothing. Trump has blood on his hands/.

  71. “Director of WHO Asked to Resign Over China Cover-Up”

    Wuu Hoo!!!!

    About time!!

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