Coronavirus Test Kits Test Positive for the Virus

The world is watching how each nation responds to coronavirus pandemic. Those nations that have taken a more liberal approach and done nothing appear to be hurting more than the nations that locked everything down. But now the focus has moved to test as many people as possible to get accurate results as to what is really going on in the world.

Placed like the United States and the United Kingdom are moving faster to test as many people as possible. But a big problem has developed with many of the test kits as they have become infected with the virus as well. The very test itself is carrying the virus. This call into question regarding people that were tested and were infected from the test. No one can trust the results of a tested person that would otherwise be in clear if the test is already tainted with the virus. It would be a false positive.

The company in question is Eurofins Scientific. They found traces of the virus all over the medical supplies that were headed to the United Kingdom. The fact that they discovered the problem before the shipment left is amazing. This very well could have started an explosion of infections. Now the problem is whether other shipments were infectious as well when they were sent out.

The company is not certain how the shipments were infected. They are maintaining that other companies are seeing the same problem. The virus is like a swarm of bugs taking over the world very slowly. Steps have to be taken to ensure that the medical devices and medicines being developed stay clean, so contamination is not an issue. No reliable data can be accumulated or used if it is tainted with the infection from the start.

The United Kingdom is facing a backlash of criticism for the way they are handling the pandemic. They currently rank in the top 1o for the most deaths around the world. Like all nations, they are following the examples of nations that have been successful in finding ways to stop the spread of the virus. To develop effective treatments testing needs to be done on a large scale.

The data is also going to show how dangerous the virus is. A few tests that come back positive, and they all perish will have a high mortality rate. But tons of tests done with the same people perishing will have a low rate of death. Nations that can test a lot of people need to get moving. The United Kingdom is dragging its feet.

One official has noted that “If you look at Korea, they have done 490,000 tests. Their death rate is three per million, and they have suppressed the virus. I don’t see why we can’t get these 44 labs up and running, finding cases and testing.” The official was noting the slow progress the British labs were making. He also rightly noted that “We must go to mass testing and when we remove the lockdown – all the Asian states it was six to eight weeks, even in Wuhan – then we will have a control mechanism which will enable us to wait, without socially distancing the whole country, for drugs or a vaccine for herd immunity.”

President Trump has been pushing for millions of tests to be done in the United States. He wants them all done quickly. The date will help those in the medical field to develop a treatment option that will help kill the infection and treat secondary infections. But the testing has to happen first. Nothing can be made if people do not know what to make.

The way the president is handling things in the United States should be the standard that the rest of the world can follow. The correct measure of protection will keep the test kits from getting infected. Something that the company failed to do the right way. They and others have delayed the testing that is needing to be done to help find a cure.

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  1. Don’t trust the test kits or the s called vaccine. This was all planned 10 years ago! he Rockefellers put out a paper in 2010 with their plan for “Population Control” Those who created the Viruys, are responsible for the Vaccine too. President Trump is doing his utmost to counter the evil that surrounds him. These democrats are very evil and fully in Chinas pocket (That includes Hollywood)

  2. I agree completely and I think it is funded by George Soros. I have felt this way from the moment it started. What about the plane load of supplies from Russia?

  3. How could the test infect people? How could the tests test positive? Aren’t the tests just a collection device for cells? And then at the end of the story it says everyone should be tested to adjust the statistics. This whole thing is crazy.

  4. Eurofinns Scientific may have distributed those tests, but I question where they were manufactured. Most of the western countries farmed too much out to the Chinese and India to save a dime. It will be interesting to read a follow up on this story.

  5. Looks like Peking Duck.

  6. Amen and Amen!!! This is spiritual warfare at its ugliest! Help us Lord God!!

  7. It appears this is happening in the UK:
    Britain’s attempts to step up its testing for the novel coronavirus have suffered a setback after some key parts of the testing kits that were due to be imported were found to have been contaminated with the coronavirus. The Daily Telegraph reported that British labs have been told to expect a delay in the delivery some of the components of the kits after traces of the virus were detected on them. The British government has been criticized for its relatively low testing rates, which are way behind other wealthy nations like Germany, the United States, and South Korea. The government brought in foreign private firms to help produce thousands of kits, but it’s one of those suppliers—the Luxembourg-based firm Eurofins—that has told British labs that some of the components have been contaminated. It’s not clear exactly how the contamination was allowed to happen, but government health sources told the newspaper it shouldn’t cause a big delay.

    Read it at Telegraph

  8. One other group that benefits is the globalists. They need to take down the most powerful economy in the world to achieve their objectives.

  9. Nuke China and The Middle East Get rid of the slant eyed chinks and ragheads.

  10. I have said the same as you. This is so evil. To think as human beings (monsters) could do this. But I’ve believed this all along.

  11. I truly believe this Virus has been created by China to take down the United States and Donald Trump. If it looks like a duck it’s a China manufactured virus. How are the test kits being infected with the virus? Something is terribly wrong. This whole thing smells badly. I don’t trust the numbers either. Infected and those that died. Who will benefit from Trump not being reelected? China and Russia and the Democrats. Why are the Democrats favoring China against Trump? Does any of this make sense? Use your wits and answer these questions for yourselves. It’s still a coup in the making by the Democrats to take down President Trump and the Republicans in 2020. Vote Republican and Trump in 2020 or lose your freedom and your country.

  12. Has anyone verified this debacle?

  13. Testing “Protocols”. The reasons for applying a COVID-19 test have yet to be explained. Apart from being a wonderful bureaucratic tool for the prevention of testing and its associated costs, the lack of constant testing of NHS medical staff – if only to keep the correct ones away from further patient contact – but more realistically to minimise medical staff being unecessarily self-isolated and thus out of action and putting wasteful constraints on staffing levels.
    What does it take to get a bureaucrat to back off and let the actual medical experts do their jobs ? A bullet in the head sounds potentially useful, but more realistically maybe just Fire the SOB’s !

  14. Heads will roll – or at least – heads “should” roll ! It is absolutely unforgiveable that an authenticated bio-testing manufacturer should have allowed such a lax non-secure bioenvironment to exist within the manufacturing process. It is on a par with an auto-manufacturer shipping cars with their wheel rims fitted backwards ! It should have been Bl**dy Obvious ! What do they use for “Quality Assurance Controls” ? A finger in the air ? !!
    Thanks to this stupidity the legitimacy of ALL testing “Kits” now has to be challenged – without a garanteed base line to trust there can be no reliable statistics, and without that Epidemiology studies become meaningless and nobody knows for sure that any decision on direction to take to combat COVID-19 is virtually meaningless !
    Or – was this “Contamination” just a ruse to hide manufacturing shortfalls – they realised too late that the contracts they had signed up to were not achieveable with their resources, and that this was a Damage Limitation Smoke Screen to avoid contractual penalties …..
    Well ??
    We will probably never know the truth – but there again – What is “Truth” these days ?
    See you in Valhalla – perhaps sooner than you anticipated !

  15. Hi. can you please give me the source to your story, I am trying to find other sources of where this news came from

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