AOC Is Practicing Social and Political Distancing…from Bernie Sanders

A sure sign that Bernie Sanders, who for some reason is still a candidate for president of the United States, is yesterday’s man is that Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York has started to practice both social and political distancing from him. AOC’s change of political strategy has nothing to do with the coronavirus. It has a lot to do with the self-evident fact that Bernie is never going to be president and thus AOC is not going to be his Green New Deal Czarina or whatever post in his administration he had planned for her.

The New York Post notes that AOC’s break with Bernie has been a while in coming.

“New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been quietly distancing herself from Sen. Bernie Sanders in an effort to shift the progressive path forward given his likely defeat in the 2020 Democratic primary, according to a new report. The relationship began to break down in early February, when Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, complained via text to AOC’s campaign manager about her performance during a three-day stretch campaigning for the senator in Iowa.”

AOC had become disenchanted with the Sanders campaign when it accepted an endorsement by Joe Rogan, a podcaster who has said some very unkind things about the LGBTQ community. She has also been disenchanted about the Bernie bros who, among other things, are a group of unsocialized young men whose behavior has raised eyebrows, to put the matter mildly,

Politico notes that Occasio-Cortez is also making a break with the Justice Democrats, a group of radicals who were instrumental in her surprise win in 2018 and are now endorsing a slate of ultra-leftists who are primarying more moderate Democratic House members.

Instead, AOC is building her power in a more conventional way, forging alliances with fellow House members, and making nice with people whom hitherto she had dripped with disdain about.

Those people include Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had been AOC’s nemesis last year. According to the National Review, she has called Pelosi “the mama bear of the Democratic Party.” The label is awfully close to the self-description of Sarah Palin as “the mama grizzly.”

Mind, Ocasio-Cortez has not given up on her far-left agenda. She has not dropped the Green New Deal. During the debate in the House on the most recent coronavirus stimulus bill, she bounced and gyrated as she denounced the legislation as something that would increase the wealth gap by giving money to businesses hit by the pandemic.

According to PJ Media, AOC is going after one of her old adversaries, She called upon people to support workers who are striking one of the Amazon warehouses and Instacart delivery service to not use Amazon to buy stuff.

PJ Media is not pleased. “AOC is so devoted to the commie common good that she wants some of the only people in America who are guaranteed work to voluntarily give that work up for some union talking point.”

It would seem to be unwise to strike for higher wages and safer working conditions in an era where unemployment is likely to get to Great Depression levels. A lot of unemployed people would be willing to take the strikers’ jobs, horrible conditions in the warehouses or no. Some might also suggest that when doctors and nurses are working around the clock, at risk to their lives, to tend to people struck down by the coronavirus pandemic, warehouse workers and delivery drivers might have difficulty drumming up any sympathy.

In the meantime, the former barmaid is working very hard to preserve the job she has as a member of Congress. She has drawn some stiff competition in the primary, whenever that occurs in this time of the coronavirus, and even a Republican opponent for November.

AOC’s recent moves suggest that she intends to stay in the House for the foreseeable future. She won’t try to primary Sen. Chuck Schumer when the Senate Minority Leader comes up for reelection. She won’t try to run for president anytime soon, as some of her supporters have urged her to do now that Bernie has had his last hurrah.

The question arises whether the socialist firebrand, who entered the House bearing the red flag of revolution, can adapt to the culture of wheeling and dealing, taking half a loaf and then going for the rest. On the other hand, Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas, AOC’s conservative counterpart, has softened his mode as a Tea Party zealot and has been seeking power in more conventional ways. So, anything is possible.

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  1. AOC what an idiot person who makes it to Congress after mixing drinks being a bartender, is able to have piece of mind to work for people and BLOWS it!!!!
    Has not introduced any legislation, no nothing, can’t get with the program of” We The People” you and the squad has darkened American with the wish wash words, she had NO info for people in the coronavirus area and did not do her part for getting rid of this disease but his from all, she has negative ways and socialism has no place here in America, Bernie and Biden are out, Democratic dumbfounded started with them and trickled down, America is beautiful and great.
    God Bless the USA and all Americans!!!!
    Trump 2020

  2. They are both stupid assholes

  3. Too late woman. You’ve shot your wad and you’ll have to live with it!!! I hate the ground you stand on.

  4. Exactly how far away can she practice social distancing? That woman hasn’t got a brain in her head. How she ever got through college is way beyond me. But her former position tells me how well she probably did there. Does she not
    understand anything? How can one listen to some of the things she says and not laugh? Bu t it is sad because the people who elected her are not not getting what they elected her for. She’s about as scary as they come.

  5. In the words of ‘joyless’ behar of the ‘view’: “so what, who cares, move on” I think this sums up AOC to a ‘T’. And the real ‘she’s clueless, as if this brainless twit ever had a clue about anything . My question: ‘who elected this brainless idiotic twit who’s wasted so much of our time and tax dollars? This needs to be investigated.

  6. This is the game Bernie and AOC have been playing, pimp and prostitute.

  7. She should be practicing this. in fact hope she does this for her entire political career, No one cares nor wants to here anything from her. She’s too young, has no policial knowledge. But most important she hates America’s middle class. Her who life and wants, needs and desires are for Illegals.

  8. AOC should social distance herself from the USA, maybe another planet…………. Uranus for example!

  9. Imagine the stench when a communist and a socialist get together.

  10. “AOC’s recent moves suggest that she intends to stay in the House for the foreseeable future. She won’t try to primary Sen. Chuck Schumer when the Senate Minority Leader comes up for reelection.”…

    They will block AOC just like they blocked Sanders… she will be frozen out of the game, cuz she is too much of a problem child!!

  11. I wish she would distance HERSLF from Office . . . which I believe she will be voted OUT of OFFICE! One PRAYING Patriot (and, God answers prayer). Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. IF AOC really wanted to practice social distancing , AOC should move to Cuba.

  13. AOC is a puppet of Soros and the Deep State socialist cabal, and she supports whatever position they order her to support. She is already corrupt and has done nothing for her constituents. She is immature and inexperienced, yet over-confident regarding her abilities. Yet she has risen to the forefront of loudmouth Democrats and has bullied old, corrupt, well-experienced Speaker Nancy Pelosi into submission. The Democrat Party is a pathetic, anti-America, Trump-hating mess..

    Republicans — Restore sanity to Congress — Take back the House! Hold onto the Senate!

    Trump 2020!
    God bless America and all patriots. Amen.

  14. Miss socialist communist AOC has done nothing for this Great Country that she has supposed to be representing since she got lucky and put in Congress, the only thing she’s done is cause causa and that’s just what a communist does, she needs to go back to what she used to do and go wash some dishes.

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  18. She is what we call down here in Texas a catfish; all mouth no brains.
    Her new green deal is stupid to start with. Have ever seen a solar powered airplane? And the world in 12 years may be worse off but it will be because of China and this Coronavirus not because of fossil fuels.

  19. Changed her mind? what mind?

  20. AOC is and will stay, a useful idiot for the Mainstream Media and the Democratic Socialists. She was a cute oddity when she toddled onto the scene, but her nasally, whining voice that kick up at the end of every sentence like a teen-aged valley girl, is so grating to listen to. She is not hard to look at, until she opens her mouth and that voice comes out. To make it worse, the voice says some of the stupidest things imaginable. She brags about being like Dr. Ocasio-Cortez, but her grasp of Economics (Her degree) or simple Math are appalling. Her indoctrination (not education) seems to be mainly that Capitalism is bad and Socialism is good, except where it is actually in practice (Don’t look over there, nothing to see.) More Government control will solve all of man’s problems. The Government has the answers. (Except where they try to fix things) Our problem is we expect results. Effort is the key. Well intentioned efforts are what count. Score cards and results are for Capitalists. Participation Trophies are for Democratic Socialists.

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