New York Woman Attacked, Died For Not Following Government Orders

The news media outlets have been pouring out information with nothing but COVID-19.  Not too much news was spread on anything else.  It had to take a homicide dealing with the coronavirus for it to make headlines this week.  Unfortunately, this is the first story dealing with the death of an 86-year-old woman who was killed in a coronavirus related murder.  The NYPD is carrying on an investigation where one woman hit another elderly woman inside a Brooklyn hospital over the head for not keeping the social distance rule.

It’s bad enough cops have to deal with the COVID-19 virus, which is scaring the hell out of people.  Many have fallen victim to this illness.  They still have to do their job and police the nation within their jurisdictions.

The victim, 86-year-old Janie Marshall, died from head injuries at the hands of 32-year-old Cassandra Lundy less than four hours after the heated battle took place.  Cops told the reporters, the incident took place inside Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Woodhull Hospital.

Lundy was in the hospital for having a seizure, and Marshall was there for a bowel obstruction issue.  Marshall grabbed a metal stand that was next to Lundy’s bed.  Lundy attacked Marshall screaming at her for not complying with the social distancing rules.  She then hit Marshall in the head.  Marshall fell to the ground, and she passed away less than four hours later.

There were no witnesses available, but the security camera did catch the most of the confrontation.  Lundy was issued a disorderly conduct summons from the hospital police after the incident and was released.  At the time of her release, Marshall was still alive.

Dealice Fuller, who chairs Brooklyn’s Community Board 1, said, “It’s sad.  Something like that happens, and you’d like the world to know that somebody contributed something.  She was able to get all the information, and she came to me, and she asked me to help get people to join the garden.  We were basically one of the first gardens in the district.”

Fuller added that Marshall played a prominent role in getting the garden set up in 1991.

Prosecutors and the police are waiting for the cause of death from the autopsy.  If it is confirmed in the autopsy that the attack caused Marshall’s death, Lundy’s charges will be upgraded.

Law enforcement released the information on Lundy, stating she had 17 prior arrests and lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant.  The charges range from trespassing, drug possession, assault, and strangulation.  Apparently, this was one violent woman.

Marshall’s friends were stunned to hear of her passing.  They all stated how well and how hard she worked in keeping her apartment pretty.

Marshall’s neighbor, 87-year-old Eartha Calloway, stated, “We would just meet in the hall and laugh and talk.  She came from down South like I did, and we used to laugh about it, about the heat down there and how we used to wash clothes outdoors, funny things.”

Calloway added, “It just goes to show, you never know.  You don’t ever know what’s going to happen to you. You could be walking down the hall, and someone hits you in the hospital.”

Many people today have a fear of dying from COVID-19 after hearing how the patient dies.  No one ever thinks in times like these, they are going to die from being attacked inside a hospital, especially when they are going for a completely different reason than the virus.

It is a cruel thing to do attacking the elderly.  As for Lundy, people are scared and panicking when it comes to keeping social distancing.  Let’s face it, the world never demanded this of us before.  It still doesn’t give anyone the right to attack an old lady.

When Lundy was released from the hospital police, the hospital did not call the NYPD right away.  It took them almost five hours later after Marshall passed away.  There were also representatives from NYC Health and Hospitals, which is over Woodhull, and they did not give an immediate response to reporters.

Why did it take five hours for the hospital to report back to the NYPD?  The only issue may be due to the hospitals in New York are on overload when it comes to patients.  Maybe they carried their own investigations, or perhaps, they were trying to cover up why they let Lundy go in the first place.  Either way, the autopsy will give more information and shed light on the situation.

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  1. This is America But No Need To Be

  2. Sad that the Hospital didn’t call the police before releasing the lady. I don’t care what happens no need to
    Be VIOLENT. Hope she ends up in
    Prison for a long time.

  3. Some hospital security. This is Mayors Dumb A-SS Bill De Basio’s idea of a safe city where he let’s criminals out of prisons and gives baseball tickets for criminal who come to court. What has to be done to stop the crime in NYC is public hanging in Times Square. I will supply the rope.

  4. Just inject a sizeable bubble of air into her veins. It will do the trick.

  5. There is video of the incident!

  6. If the “CUNT!” would have killed one of my family members!!?? Especially an 86 year old family member!!?? I’d “MAKE SURE!! that SHE & HER WHOLE SORRY FAMILY WOULD ALL BE SHOT TO DEATH IMMEDIATELY!!!” MOST young people TODAY!! NEED TO BE ALL PUT IN BODY BAGS & CREMATED!! PROBLEMS ALL SOLVED!!

  7. Hopefully the botch will get the death penalty , shes nothing but drug head ,breaking laws doing what she wants . Maybe the judge will put her ass in the ground .. It doesn’t matter the circumstances she did commit murder .

  8. NYC, enough said!

  9. She was in the hospital for a bowel obstruction surgery she was in the hospital bed.

  10. Probably the loser was on Medicaid I think she’s entitled to everything from nothing including harassing old people.

  11. Sorry – No can do ! The covid-19 has NOT been approved by the FDA for Lethal Injection purposes. Now Brake-Fluid…….

  12. Sadly true, but we had better let the Coroner do his/her/its “thing” before we leap to condemn. In NYC it could be anticipated that the ground rose up and attacked the old lady, and that the brutal battery was nothing more than an “expression of individuality and high emotion”.
    God forsaken place NYC – you better believe it !

  13. Correct on ALL counts !

  14. Lundy should be injected with the corona-virus

  15. Absolutely sickening! And it’s also unacceptable that the hospital took so long to release the information!
    Our world is crumbling, and hatred is more rampant that the virus!
    And thanks to the media pushing Fear, this won’t be the last murder!

  16. The 32 year old woman struck a complete stranger! She was VERY immature in her actions!!! I’m sure the blow to the head of the 86 year old woman was the cause of her death!

  17. Kind of reminds me of when the anti-American democrats and other elites and globalist want to usher in a New World Order, or the mark of the beast, People will point to a person thought to be a Christian and attack for not having the mark and/or not doing what the government tells the mass in manipulating and control the masses! The liberal indoctrination to lower standards to pacify all , hurts all, it creates a dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes for the government to easily manipulate and control like with this virus situation . Beware the r.i.n.o.s especially the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! The medias , blind patriotism and the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail is a powerful tool! The powers that be think the masses are too lazy and dumb to go against them yet on the other hand actually fear it!

  18. It’s unfortunate this happened, and you’re right

  19. It is a shame, de Blasio’s crowd would not hold her anyway. Remember, catch and release? Murdering an old person is no big deal for them. Murdering babies is cool too. If this scumbag is picked up, it will just be to inform her of the upgraded charges and then she can go back about being a hostile violent asshole. Nothing to see here. Life as usual in Bill de Blasio’s NYC.

  20. 🎶🥁🐻🍭🆔Criminal Emotions of Cassandra “Heathen Dreamer”.The End in Shit with That.

  21. Having worked as an ER Tech for 10 years I KNOW an ER can get busy and space is often at a minimum.
    Instead of attacking the woman this stupid idiot should have called a nurse or made so much noise that a nurse would have responded.
    But this IS America and she has the right to be an asshole!
    Now she has the right to remain silent AND the right to have an attorney present.

  22. You already have a woman with a violent record and an older woman with no record at all except to create a garden for others. It’s not rocket science to figure out what happened to the elderly woman if the camera shows the 32 year old hitting her. She obviously fell from the blow and hit her head. That makes the violent woman responsible for the elderly woman’s death. Period. But remember this is N.Y.C. and they have a biased Mayor and a biased Governor.

  23. First the hospital violated the law by allowing or even verifying the reasons the women were in the hospital. Hospital management should be in jail.

    Second of course an 86 year old lady has trouble walking. They muscle mass is practically nothing.

    Third you New York liberal democrats are sure tolerant. Kind charitable,loving people. It’s just like 1968 hippies lovefest isn’t it! Not!!

    Liberals/democrats are mean intolerant selfish scum. Every last one of you.

  24. She should be designated to be a “lab rat” to study the effects of the virus on an asshole!

  25. that POS should be taken out and hanged. you can be he was a demorat since they are prone to violence. you can see it on the news where the terrorist group AntiFa promote violence and rioting/looting.

  26. Marshall grabbed a metal stand that was next to Lundy’s bed. Lundy attacked Marshall screaming at her for not complying with the social distancing rules. She then hit Marshall in the head. Marshall fell to the ground, and she passed away less than four hours later.

    Was Marshall @ 86 having trouble walking or some other reason? The article didn’t state why she was near the other persons bed.
    We’re they in the same room?
    Hope there is a followup on this ,clarifying what the circumstances were

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