China Stealing Americans Social Media Posts to Use Against Us

China’s campaign to smear the United States took an interesting turn as they have tapped into the social media posts of the American people. One woman from New Mexico has found one of her posts has been taken by Chinese officials as a means of spreading their lies about the coronavirus. China wants to blame America and Italy for their stupidity in dealing with an outbreak that has led to the death of millions.

Lijian Zhao is the Chinese official responsible for the fake news that is flooding out of China. The young woman that had her tweet stolen was writing about her thoughts on whether the coronavirus had arrived in America before the first test came out. She is not a Doctor or Health official. She is just a person that writes what she thinks on social media.

Her post stated that “This isn’t a conspiracy tweet but I really think COVID-19 has been here in America for a while. Do you guys remember how sick everyone was during the holidays/early January? And how everyone was saying they had the “flu” and the flu shot “didn’t work”?” He thought is that it was spreading around long before people knew what it was. But that does not mean that it came from American sources. People in Wuhan were sick long before the early parts of 2020 in the United States.

Her three-part series has made a lot of people think that maybe it has been here and the country is just picking up on the tail end of it. She went on to write that other people had flu-like symptoms and breathing problems. It seemed like a lot more people had massive snot colds and other issues that are very similar to the coronavirus. But this is not proof that the virus started in the United States like the liars in China are saying.

Her whole point of the posts was to get people to stop panic buying. The “Chinese virus” has been around for some time but has just now been discovered according to this woman. The brainwashed Chinese man stated in a post that the “CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owes us an explanation!” The United States owes no explanation because there is nothing to provide. The virus started in China and that is the end of the story.

Alyssa Farah who is the Pentagon press secretary went on record and condemned China for using American media spread their false stories. She pointed out that nations need to work together instead of being selfish like China who is trying to clear their name. No one cares who is at fault. All they want is for things to get better, so they can move on. The mandatory lockdowns happening around the world are reactionary to the problem. But they are helping to keep the elderly healthy in America.

The United States stands as the beacon of hope and expectation for those around the world. Many nations are looking to American doctors and professionals to solve the coronavirus threat. People that call America home are realizing that they have it pretty good compared with some people. Those living in Italy have to wonder if they are too old for care. The elderly there feel like they have been forgotten.

But people living in American look after each other and truly care. One of the many reasons why so many are flocking to the borders. They know that if they can just get in that their most basic needs will automatically be met. China needs to step up and admit their error. Once they do that the world will forget. Their name for whatever it is worth will still be the same. They will be known for their human rights injustices and religious persecutions once more.

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  1. A very important question: why is the world health organization, world bank, world court and the world trade organization taking this BULLSHIT from these subhuman anti freedom and anti USA communist bastards? Time for namby pamby in dealing with these murderous subhuman bastards. If anybody out there thinks this deadly virus wasn’t germ or biological’ warfare accidently or deliberately released from the lab, well I’ve got a bridge to sell ’em and it ain’t in Brooklyn. Time for the world to hold china accountable, a perfect time for a boycott of ALL chinese products, to bring the jobs and technology these no good thieves have stolen over the years and forbid any more chinese nationals entry to the USA . Time to put the worlds largest prison, sewer, toilet and SHIT PIT on notice and make the penalties stiff and bring these bastards to their knees for the filth and disease they’ve knowingly done to the world.. We don’t need china for anything.

  2. Previous administrations that propped up NAFTA and sold out American companies and employees for over 25 yrs caused the Chinese to become more of a power economically and militarily. They believe it is their right to take over the entire globe…Theirs is a totalitarian regime, with everything that is State controlled. There is no regard for life or happiness. People are spied upon, sent to prison for speaking the truth or being a certain religion, or the worst- getting kidnapped and having organs harvested while they are alive. They are lead by a dictator, there are no free elections or democracy. This seems to be the plan the Democrats and RINO’s seem to want in America and many of this cabal are involved with the Chinese in this nefarious plan. The spread of the COVID-19 virus, manufactured in one of their research labs in Wuhan was preplanned with the likes of Bill Gates and other Deep Staters with their evil depopulation plan. POTUS was making headway to control the Chinese, and then that occurred. Interesting timing eh? Time for Americans to wake up and see what’s been occurring here. POTUS is doing the right thing….tariffs, jailing criminals sent to spy on our scientists and professors, ending the theft of tech and property, stopping their capability to spy on us either with mobile phones or satellites in space and certainly putting an end to the dangerous 5G Huawei towers..Hopefully most Americans and the world can now see what’s up and what should occur.. We need to take back our country’s manufacturing and end the control of the Chi Coms forever. It will be even better, if the Europeans act on this as well. Time will tell.

  3. And what should our President apologize for running out of N95 masks thats on the previous administration! Do you think you can do a better job?

  4. Are there any republicans with socialist ideals? Not all Dems are created equal. But it is starting to look that way, Just saying!

  5. Hey, Look at the last death stats and see how fast they are getting higher. How much longer will it be before it reaches the Millions..Answer that?

  6. This virus originated in China. I would almost go as far to say this was intentional. They new way in advance citizens of China were carrying this virus yet Communist China let their citizens leave their country and travel all over the world, infecting the world’s population. China needs to be held accountable. Playing knight in shinning armor after the fact, doesn’t count. China better get their checkbook ready. The way I see it, Communist China owes the worlds countries Trillions, for the death of the countries citizens and for destroying their economies.

  7. No but trump should apologize to the American people for his terrible handling of this pandemic

  8. Many. Many thousands will die you idiot

  9. How come some s it head full of hate has to bring up the dems in a conversation about china

  10. Your, comments are clearly “SPOT ON”! China will do, and say almost anything to remove the stain of their myriad of profound ongoing lies to the world at large! They themselves “de facto” created this mes, and again they refuse to accept any responsibility for their deeds! This kind of behavior is exactly what China was become known for, and this is also why we the US needs to simply distant ourselves from this very kind of regime that doesn’t care, nor are concerned for their ongoing irresponsibility! And, to add the US really also needs to distance ourselves as well from allowing China to control our medicines! Hell we should’ve been doing that ourselves already! Hence we need to “wake the hell up”!

  11. Close down there feeds

  12. Stop manufacturing and buying China crap! They should be ashamed of their Commie Government that oppresses the common Chinese people! Look what they have done to Hong Kong!

  13. Hey China HACK THIS


  15. No we dont have free press no more! Sad to say.this 4th estate was overrun by leftist views already!a megaphone of demonrats!

  16. Time for Jesus to remove these China leaders.. They are criminals in everything they do.. crimes against people and animals , even crimes on the planet

  17. I wonder if ovomit has went there and apologized yet?

  18. Millions have not died. Get the facts straight.

  19. You are perfectly correct unfortunately.
    However, there is no such thing as a “Free Press” in the USA – there IS a Press that is determined to publish any and every bit of lies, untruths, rumours and gossip – ANYTHING that speaks ILL of President Donald Trump.
    It is not so much a “Press” as a concerted arm of the DemocRAT Party – a political entity devoted to spreading its own versions of everything that can and will damage the USA globally and at home.
    The American people do need to wake up and smell the rotting garbage in their midst before it is too late and ALL personal possessions are forfeited to the have-nots and wont-works who back a corrupt Congress and a lame Senate.

  20. No, you can’t. We have a free press. They have state press and no one can publish anything even remotely critical of the CCP (Xi Jinpeng). Our press here is busy playing identity politics with the CCP Chinese Wuhan-Novel Coronavirus name. Our press is hung up on the lie that Trump ignored China’s warning. (It didn’t happen) They conceal that China arrested and shut down the Dr. who reported it. (He later died from it.) They blamed a wet market and a bat for the virus jumping species. They did not mention that their national bio warfare lab is in Wuhan and some of the animals at the wet market may have come from that lab. What if some were parts of experiments and may have died at the lab? So, some enterprising employee takes them to the market for some extra cash? China is a very corrupt country. Our press will not say a word! Why not? MONEY! Bloomberg shut down any criticism of China during the Hong Kong mess. He didn’t want this press corps or his papers kicked out. His reporters were among a group just expelled for gathering stories about Wuhan. No, we cannot count on our press. All they care about is GET TRUMP!

  21. The same murderous bastards that slaughtered the students at Tiananmen square are still in charge of China. They are like NASTY LEGOSI & THE democRATs, they don’t really care who dies or how many, as long as they get the perks & HOPEFULLY SOME POLITICAL ADVANTAGE.

    GO TRUMP 2020-2024-2028———————–

  22. Why do people write every thought that comes into their heads on social media sites? Do they truly expect their words not to be twisted by someone to their own use, either here or abroad? Social media has been both a blessing and a curse to the world, because people’s behavior is far less foolish or brave when dealing face to face.


    the communists always covet thy neighbors goods. they attack big business who employs big numbers of people. In communism only the tyrant on top makes the big money. everybody else dies. Just ask china, russia, venezuela, cuba. time to take your medicine at home. if we can build meth labs we can build aspirin factories. SPIRIT OF AMERICA PARTY RADIOS SHOW ON YOU TUBE ABUTOM ATTN DEMO COMMOS DR. TRUMP WILL SEE YOU NOW

  25. why is it we can`t send the truth out to our friends I want people to see this

  26. china will do what every it takes to get out of this. even WAR . they know that most of the world will be standing at there doors for this .and wont accountable. I would bet there getting ready for that war right hope someone in D.C.up there are on the ball .

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