Americans Overseas Stuck and They’re Furious with the State Department

During the middle of last week, announcements were made for all of the Americans who were in other countries and overseas to plan immediately to return home.  Tuesday morning, everyone who is overseas is stuck at the airports and abroad, and they are angry at the State Department.  It is a human response to always point the finger of blame, but they need to calm down and look at themselves because everyone was warned.

The State Department is doing all they can to get everyone back home, but it doesn’t seem to the people caught abroad that they are moving fast enough.  They are getting angry also at the US embassies.

According to a senior State Department official, there are around 5,700 Americans stuck in 17 different countries set to come home as soon as possible.  Over 800 are in the hot spot of Wuhan, China, where the COVID-19 began.  Those will be the most difficult to bring back home due to the test results.  We cannot let anyone back in the country who has the virus.

There are reported over 300 on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has been docked in Japan for days.  Over 4,600 have returned home as of now from the ship.  Added numbers are over 600 from Peru and 1,200 from Morocco.

The grand total is around 13,500 Americans who are on a waitlist to return home, according to the senior official.  They are waiting at the local US embassies and consulates.  In the next five days, 16 flights have been scheduled, and other countries are not giving any more details.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Ian Brownlee is leading a task force with the priority of evacuating those who are more vulnerable to contracting the virus first.  The next group to come in will be those who notified ABC News and running out of the bare necessities such as medicines and food.

The senior official delivering the information stated, “I’m hesitant to give a guarantee we can move every single person, especially those in the most remote locations.”  They are still urging Americans who can travel commercially to return immediately.  The grim story is for many it is too late.

We see people all over the world who defy the orders of authorities.  When governments warned people to stay home, they went out to beaches, went to parties, and other gatherings.  Those who had the opportunity to come back to the States failed to do so for whatever reason.  Now, they have no one but themselves to blame.  But that doesn’t stop them.

The official continued to say the only way they can get the people back into America is by using aircraft from the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.  These are planes like the Air Force aircraft, which picked up the women’s football team from Honduras along with other people.  The DHS planes which deport the illegal immigrants will also be used to bring American citizens home.

The DHS aircraft would be the last resort but is an option.  The State Department is wanting everyone to take commercial airlines as it proves to be the “most efficient way.”  Funds will directly come for the State Department to get these people back.  There is a promissory note for the passengers to pay back the funds.  Anyone who does not have the funds at the time of pick up will not be turned away.

“‘ Whole of government’ is a cliche. This is more of a whole of possible effort to get people out,” the official stated.  He added, “No option is foreclosed.”

What is making everything difficult is the people waited till the last minute or waited till after the borders were already closed.  All authorized flights have to go through the local governments and the US authorities at DHS and the Federal Aviation Administration.  Chartered flights from citizens or private companies have been arranged by the US, in addition, to help assist the number of passengers.

One American who is stuck in Honduras stated, “I understand the U.S. is going through a bunch right now, but in our eyes, the fact that they already got a bunch of people out on two C-130’s leaves us asking, ‘Can you just do one or two more trips?  As of right now, we really are stuck until the government helps us out.”

With all that is happening, the only thing Americans can do is be patient.

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  1. They CHOSE to leave, to IGNORE the warnings. Then again ignored the warnings to return. Let them stay where they are until travel restrictions are lifted. A huge reason we have so many I’ll here now is because travels were allowed back into the US & trusted to “self quarantine” and obey the rules they were given. As usual, far too many put their wants in front of the right thing to do & bingo! The epidemic continues to spread! You left, stay there & think about your choices!

  2. The US Embassy here in Uganda has been keeping everyone updated and people had plenty of time to leave before there was even a case here in Uganda… People like to blame others for their own actions, I would say. The Embassy said to check with airlines if flights were going or not… early…a couple weeks ago, before the airport at Entebbe was closed… Don’t feel sorry for those who didn’t heed the warnings… Just because you’re American, does not mean special treatment…Pathetic to blame the State Department for their own behavior. I am staying put. I have been in self-quarantine since before the changes were put into place….all one had to do was to watch the news…

  3. Why do Americans all need to go back and return to the USA suddenly? The place has the largest problem with the virus now. Is USA so great that living anywhere else in the world is not suitable? What advantages does the USA have now that no other country has? It’s the same arrogant situation there as it is anywhere else today. Screw it! No bug going around would motivate me to return there any quicker.

  4. Question:How friggin STUPID are people really?Go on vacation during a global pandemic?Then blame the State Dept. for your own brainless idea.It is embarrassing to have to acknowledge that people today are this DUMB

  5. Are there really 10 of you ? ( That’s the median cost of an air ticket UK to USA ) Two grand my BUTT ! Or do you think you should always travel 1st Class numpty – it does not work that way !

  6. Too many people overseas, chuckled at the word NOW, saying my tour in the country has not ended, what’s another day. You have people saying I cannot afford another ticket. Hey dummies, airlines have bent over backward to let people reschedule. Donkeys that used that excuse never tried and did not understand the word the word “NOW”, by DOS.

  7. Their cries are not much to yell about. They wanted to go there so, why are they mad because they are locked out of returning to protect those who could not enjoy the extravagance that they can afford. Can’t feel sorry for those who leave and can’t bring in a killer virus for others to die from.

  8. I go to Peru every winter to visit family. Bought a ticket on 3/10/20 to return to usa on 3/20/20. It never occured 2 me that peru would close its borders on 3/16/20 and never occurred 2 me that peru would block OUTGOING flights for people who like me wanted to go home. Very few countries are blocking foreign nationals from leaving. Do for me, the problem is that some countries won’t let foreign nationals out unless their govt provides transportation. I went to peru on 2/4/20 which was long before peru closed its borders or even considered closing its borders.

  9. I reached out to my senator whose staff was helpfule with information to get my husband home from South Africa before that country was locked down. My husband made it home in time. He left on Tuesday before shutdown on Thursday at midnight. Yes some countries have shutdown their airports to flights in and out. I was receiving information from our us consulate in the country he was at that they were working on getting flights out of two airports whether commercial or charted and asking United airlines. Hope everyone gets home safe and healthy.

  10. I’m stuck in the UK. I don’t have £2000 for another flight home. I already bought my plane ticket before the travel ban.

  11. Some people think “personal responsibility” means “You are responsible for meeting my needs.” Phooey on ’em!

  12. If you don’t leave when told, Well Tough SHIT

  13. Sounds to me like a lot of liberals are traveling around the world and now have gotten themselves into trouble. It is typical for a liberal to “do their own thing” and then, when the shtf, they want someone else to bail them out. Notice how they ignore the authorities and then DEMAND help when their tits go into the wringer. If they bring these morons back, I hope they have someplace to quarantine them when they get here, because some places have hit the peak on cases and the last thing in the world we need is to kick it back to zero.

  14. If you bury your head in the sand when you are told to get home, what do you think will happen. When people are in the path of a hurricane, they are told to get to higher ground. Some stay behind. Darwin was right. Natural Selection is a thing. The survival of the smartest, quickest, fittest does tend to be true. Stupid, slow and lazy does not outrun the lion. I guess these entitled morons think it is our fault they were living in a disease hotbed and never considered leaving?

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