Activists Blame Trump for Hate Groups

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), there was a 55 percent rise in white nationalist groups over the last three years.  No matter how good of a job the President does, he always gets the blame from liberals.  President Trump has outdone himself as many who criticized him are now praising him in his efforts and leadership during the coronavirus outbreak.

In the end, a person can do a million and one things right, but there is always someone or a group of people to point out a mistake or something false.  With the far left, it has been nothing but the spread of lies.

Let’s make one thing clear.  It is not President Trump, who started these white supremacist groups which plague our country with hatred.  Second, President Trump is the furthest person from being a “racist.”  Lastly, the SPLC has more hate within their group than what they claim President Trump is stirring up.

The SPLC came out with a report called, “The Year in Hate and Extremism: 2019.”  The report talks about how the spread of threats, violence, and hatred is growing in extremist groups throughout the US.

According to the report, the latest group calls themselves “accelerationist.”  They claim “mass violence is necessary to bring about the collapse of our pluralistic society.”  The report goes on to address, “Much of the movement’s energy lies in the growing accelerationist wing, which, for the most part, is organized in informal online communities rather than formal groups.”

White House spokesman Judd Deere called out the SPLC and exposed them for what they really are all about.  He told reporters of the Associated Press, “The SPLC has been an anti-Trump activist group used to wage a far-left smear organization that only wants to libel, slander, and defame this President with its lies.”

Deere added, “Their comments are disgusting, particularly while the President demonstrates unprecedented leadership to contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

Everyone who is against President Trump is against the United States of America.  It is that simple.  Everything he has done, he has done for the greater good of America, and he is making this country a much better place to live.

Groups like the SPLC only criticize President Trump because they know their far left-wingers cannot come close to doing what he has done in his first term.  Many Presidents have stayed in office for a total of eight years and did nothing compared to the very first two years in Trump’s first term.  This is why they attack him, his family, and his supporters.

Their claim is all those who support President Trump are “racist” or “deplorable.”  They claim Trump and his supporters are the reason for the division in the country.  They need to look in the mirror because they have proven to America, they have done nothing for this country.

If they had focused their efforts on supporting the President instead of spreading their lies and negativity toward him, this country would be even stronger than what it is now.  We still have nothing to fear, also though we see the numbers in the stock market drop.  The stock market always plummets before it skyrockets.

Fear was always a tactic used through evil and the Democrats.  They want us to be afraid.  The violence will always be there, but they are the ones orchestrating it to cause that fear among people.

Check out this portion of the SPLC report, “Trump didn’t create the fear of nonwhite immigrants but rather harnessed it to win the White House in 2016 and continues to nurture it by fanning the flames of resentment within the most extreme elements of the Republican base.”

This is coming from the furthest left group that exists.  How much more division can that one statement cause?  People need to wake up and realize, this is the “Deep State!”  These are the type of people that will be going down the drain when Trump has completed his “Drain the Swamp” operation.

If we honestly look around and beyond this coronavirus epidemic, we can see our President pulling out all the stops as he has the full power of the United States government.  Hate such as the SPLC will not have a leg to stand on in the end when people finally open their eyes to the truth.  When this happens, people will see that white supremacist groups have nothing to do with Trump or his administration.

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  1. The SPLC is nothing but a communist group that hates America and what it stands for. Yet they think what they do and stand for is great. Sick haters that enjoy the freedom and perks of this Country.

  2. These socialist communist democrates that are trying to take over power in this country are the very type that our forefathers knew would try to take power over the USA and the Constitution that they made, the democrates are all on a mission to do just that, they’re trying to rewrite our history and brainwash our youth in schools across our country, just like the communist would do when they invaded a free country, I just hope alot of Americans would wake-up and see the truth that theses socialist democrates are nobody but lowlife lyers that will bring this Great Country down smiling and you with it to take power.

  3. Those who cannot see the truth about the Democrats should be happy that there are people out there that can see through the lies of the SPLC, ANTIFA. PELOSI, SCHUMMER, FEINSTEIN, WATERS, AOC, and so many who were voted into office and who are giving power to these groups to destroy the United States and the beliefs of this country. The people of the United States believe that ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL AND THAT GOD IS THEIR CREATOR NOT MAN OR GOVERNMENT!! Many people in the United States do not believe in God and therefore they try to PUSH AND FORCE their beliefs on the rest of the country under the FLAG of FAIRNESS. If we believe in God but you want us to do something that is against our beliefs you will not respect that but at the same time you want us to respect your beliefs!! What hypocrisy. It’s not that I won’t bake you a cake I’ll bake you 10, I just won’t bake you a wedding cake because it goes against God’s law. But this is where Democrats believe they are God. That is why the country is being ripped apart and maybe rightly so. This is the path God has put America on.

    This is how the United States works or should work. Whatever you want in life you work for it. If you’re lazy then you get nothing. In other words you get what you deserve. America is not perfect as you can see there is EVIL running the government but those in office that still believe in the true principles of America, IN GOD WE TRUST not man or government has been able to turn things around slowly with the men of God who are in office. especially President Trump. The Democrats in office should really take a look at your party and see if they are trying to better your country or destroy it. Remember this, Greed is also EVIL and of the DEVIL!! If our elected officials are accepting monies under the table they will be judged. We may not see it because they do it in the darkness but whatever is done in the darkness will be brought to light.

    Whatever judge takes up this case and votes in favor of the SPLC needs to investigate the true foundation of this group and his/her beliefs. Democrats are always yelling FAIRNESS for all that is not how it works. You mind your business and I mind mine. You work for what you want and I work for what I want. We make sure that government is not passing laws to favor certain groups but to favor all. That the laws being passed is in agreement with God’s laws. That illegal Aliens if they want to become Americans do it the legal way. Illegality is also of the DEVIL!! Everyone is in the position they are in by the decisions they made. If those who believe in God make a wrong decision they ask God’s forgiveness and God will open another door for them and put them on a better path. If you don’t believe in God then you will stay on the corrupt path you are on. There are many villages in Mexico that are dirt poor but their people believe in God and the Lord has blessed them right where they are with an abundance of everything they need.

    We all sin and fall short of the Glory of God but no matter where you are in life if you go to God in prayer, ask for his forgiveness and you believe in him he will open the door and put you on the right path. And in closing. I can tell you that SPLC and the rest of the people I mentioned at the beginning of my comment need to ask forgiveness of the Lord and ask him to put them on the right path because they are on the path of EVIL and of the DEVIL!!

  4. Like other comments; I was a democrat until i saw what a bunch of gangsters the Clinton Cartel was & that’s when i refused to vote for any of them & switched to republican because after watching and being Disgusted with ALL of the politicians I decided to vote for a business man who loves AMERICA More than illegal aliens for a refreashing Change!!

  5. SPLC should be added to the dictionary for another way to define ‘Racist” and ‘Bigot’.
    Although they are not exclusive in ‘Trump hate’, they have become a tool of the liberal one-world-order — dedicated to Satan.
    The hate against Trump is only the fuel for a larger attempt to regain power. There are many scenarios in place, by design of the former administration, who got elected by pandering to the perversions of the left. He brought all his ‘black’ baggage into the Whitehouse, and the present administration has to live with the stink and decay left behind. That baggage was the portal to all our ills today.
    It is not some wild conspiracy theory that there are powerful figures behind all the messes American patriots have had to endure since Trump was elected. The former “separate but equal” division heads and directors pooled their resources and intellect to formulate a plan to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse, with several back-up plans. Remember all those people? We haven’t heard much about them all since the Wuhan Virus attack, but they are still there; desperately trying to avoid prison but also desperately trying to free their sick world view of the power of Trump on America.
    Trump is a tool of God. God works in mysterious ways, and mere believers are only required to trust in the power of God. The left likes to point out all his mortal flaws. He may not be the finest example of what most consider Christian (today); but who else is?
    All the attempts to squash Trump’s effect on American life have failed so far. The acolytes of Satan have not stopped their attempts.
    Look at what has happened with the Wuhan Virus outbreak. Has the nation EVER shut down in any OTHER outbreak? We have 10 ten times the number of casualties with the common flu each year, but no one is using that to kill industry and all the new jobs Trump has created.
    It is fearmongering at it’s finest. It’s using tactics of Martial Law under a different name.
    Notice each time Trump tries to stay ‘hopeful’ there’s some liberal coming along behind him to reignite the fears, or make false claims they once supported.
    It is no far stretch of any imagination that the Wuhan Virus may also be part of a scenario to stomp on the ‘wayward’ Conservatives (“radical right”). The fact that it will also hurt the precious left is of no consequence. The wicked witch of the west , Gran Nan of San Fran, is a fine example of that. The virus aid package was all but finished with bi-partisan agreement, and she had to come in and push her agenda, when it was not her place. She is the House Leader, not the Senate Leader. She has a leash on Schumer’s balls.
    All the media leftists used the term “Wuhan Virus” or “China Virus” in the beginning. Now it’s “Racist”. They are the sheeple, and must adhere to the herd mentality.
    That’s what the SPLC is for. They are only around to remind the sheeple of their place in our society. The fact that they have become a despicable apparatus only is no longer a concern. They have a goal to reach. Whatever it takes is acceptable.

  6. Do you really believe that Democrats caused this…No think again & look at all of Trunps Hate Railles

  7. And why has Feinstein not been held accountable for having a Chinese spy working in her office for 15-20 years?

  8. The ONLY ONES causing hate in our country and tearing it apart ARE the democRATS… with the vicious lies and extreme hate they continue to spread through our country… They do NOT represent the American people… they are NOT doing one thing to help the American people and our country…. The lying democRATS have one agenda and that is to destroy President Trump and they do NOT care who they destroy in their quest…AND the MSM are helping them with their hate and lies…. People better wake up on the left and pull their heads out of the butts of the democRATs BEFORE they destroy our country totally….

  9. You got a remember the communist a.k.a. Democrat party work for the one world order billionaires who are responsible for the so-called virus it is the perfect storm for them to and shadow of the world with you and that they will run and get rid of all middle class globally and all the enemies of their self, as they rigged the world of 5 billion people that they claim or too many for this planet, which is too many for them to handle.

  10. The democrats are the source of the hatred that has increased throughout the Nation and the leftist media spreads the democrat hatred lines over the air ways all over the nation. The democrat’s prime objective is to trash ever thing that President Trump does. It escapes me why the democrats did not ask for massive recounts of the 2016 election to settle the argument. BUT the democrats know the truth that President Trump won the national election and they won’t face the truth that they pushed a known corrupt candidate of ill health and low energy to climb the stairs to a WIN. Keep up the hate, we know who you are and are not fooled by your media campaign !

  11. The Democrats are always blaming Trump for what they did themselves, they have decided the best way to get people against Trump is to do things themselves and then blame it on Trump.. The Democrats are the poorest excuse for human being that ever lived they are Demons from hell vote their asses out in 2020 they are trying to get rid of us.

  12. Democrats are the enemy within. Every move they make is against Americans and our way of life. Look what the Commies did with the Bill to help Americans and small businesses. Loaded it with trash they couldn’t get passed before so, they used this emergency to shut down all help for Americans.

  13. What is the definition of a “Hate Group” ? I guess the answer that I have been able to identify is “any group of people who disagree with the Liberal. Progressive way”. S0 IF THAT IS TRUE then I am a Racist and a member of a hate group, the largest group of people in the nation ! My group believes hard work that produces success in business, in family life and many, faith in God. The biggest problem I feel the opponents to my beliefs arent willing to allow any other thinking but their own. I am old enough to have problems with designating homosexuality as “gay” but at the same time I dont care waht anyone else faces if they are wired differently then thats their business not mine. BUT I DO NOT WaNT TO CONTINOUSLLY HARRANGUED BY SOME ONE ON A SOAP BOX WITH A BULL HORN. Sexuality of any situatiion is a personal belief and not something that needs “TO BE SOLD”. Also some one calling me a “Fascist” hoping to piss me off is wrong, it only tells me this person doesnt know what a “Fascist” really was ! I do I was a small child when thes goons were rampaging in italy, (they were Italian version of the German “Brown Shirts”. REALLY THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF AN AMERICAN FASCIST IS ANY MEMBER OR SUPPORTER OF THE ANTIFA GANG HERE ! In ahort, those who would call Conservative thinking people names neded to sit back and remember this group of people re the ones who made America and Capitalism the leading system in the world and certainly a “hate group” definitely could not accomplish what these people has done and will continue to do if left alone to our beliefs and us to govern if elected (by verified US citizens only),


  15. I left the Democratic party because 20 years ago I saw they were getting spiteful, vindictive and hateful. The SPLC is one of the worst of these groups. I am an older White Male, therefore, according to the Liberals I am racist and many more things I cannot spell. I have worked with 100’s of Black and Asian, Middle Eastern kids, yet I am a racist. I am sick of these people, THEY are the ones spreading HATE. I had doubts about Trump in 2016, so did not vote for the first time since becoming a citizen. Iwill definitely vote for a President who has done a Brilliant job as President. I proudly wear my Trump 2020 cap where ever I go – and carry a can of mace in case – Thankfully I live in a county in VA that is very much Trump country.

    The more I hear from the liberals, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc the more I support The best president we hae had since I came to America 50 years ago. For my confession, I was brought up a Socialist, voted for Cart and all the Democrats until Clinton. Thank God I saw the light.

  16. The Democrats can’ live without Blaming Republicans! They are so Sick in the Head But Think they are Really Doing Something when they are Just Really Taking our Country Down!!! I TRUELY HOPE SOMETHING HAPPENS TO TAKE THE DEMO CRAPS DOWN BELOW GROUND ZERO !!!! THAT’S THE BEST THEY DESERVE,, I AM SORRY!!!!

  17. Democrats have sold themselves to Soros, the Rothschilds, and to their other wealthy cabalist puppet masters,, and are working in league with them to take down America and replace it’s power and influence with Communist China. Hillary gave the Chinese complete access to her servers when she was Secretary of State, and in return the Chinese funneled cash into the Clinton Foundation. Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and other entrenched politicians have made frequent low-profile trips to China over the years. They are all supporters of the cabalist plan to usher in a one-world Satanic, elitist-run, Marxist, pedophile-endorsing dictatorship. President Trump is working to stop them, and they hate him. They know he will expose them and their treachery if he continues in office, and they are using every weapon they can devise to block him and remove him.

    The hand of the Living God is upon Donald Trump. The evil, sick, child-killing, lying, cheating, Lucifer-worshipping cabalist swamp rats and their Media shills are fighting back with every trick they can conjure up. Nothing will work for them, not even the Chinese/cabalist bioweapon known as the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Stay strong, patriots.
    God bless America.
    Trump 2020!

  18. Activists only need to look in a mirror for the cause of hate in this country.

  19. Of course Trump is responsible for the increase of hate in the country. Half of the country are Democrats and there is not one of them who don’t hate Trump. They don’t really have a reason to hate him, but they do, mostly because he won an election against a very poor opposition candidate. The Southern Poverty Law Center says it’s all Trump’s fault, but the SPLC is the very definition of a hate group itself. The SPLC cites the increase in the number of white supremacist groups as proof of Trump’s negative affect on society. Isn’t it possible that the hateful left’s blaming of white privilege for virtually every ill in our society the possible reason for the growth of pro-white groups? When I study the prevalence of hate crimes in the country, I find that almost every one of them is caused by some leftist group-Antifa being the worst.

  20. Hey libshits your the ones spreading hate against anybody that disagree with you so shut your mouths!!!

  21. The Southern Poverty Law Center is about on par with the Fascist group called ANTIFA. They belong in the same basket. SPLC better look in the mirror at their own party first specifically Brain dead Waters for inciting violence.

  22. Violence and hatred has only come from ONE political party – the Democratic Party. Not just occasionally. ALWAYS ! They TEACH the violence and the hatred at their political meetings. I KNOW. I was once a Democrat.

  23. We have a leader in the Whitehouse who is not uncomfortable in the role. He commented yesterday that we don’t need a cure that is worse than the disease. He has cleared the way to use multiple inexpensive drug therapies that have proven success in stopping the progress of the disease and/or killing it. He has industry mobilized to supply ventilators and masks for healthcare workers. There are vaccines that may be ready within a year. In the mean time, we have tapped the world medical teams to identify the most vulnerable and explain how the virus works. In other words, we have a handle on this. I believe that we will be allowed to go bac to work in early April. The “Herd Immunity” protocol will work. Millions of us will get it, but will not notice. Those who do, go home take the cure, get re-tested and go back to work. In the mean time, everyone in the family goes on the Hydroxychloroquin regimen too. This way, they do not spread it either. Our economy could be back booming in a matter of months. If it is handled right, we can take over large portions of the world’s supply chain again and displace China. That is why it is so important to lay this virus at their feet and to make them wear it not just own it. That is our best advertisement.

  24. So true that the SPLC is a prime example of the SWAMP that is trying, in any way possible,
    to regain the levers of power their type has held for so long. Quite rightly they believe that
    if Trump is reelected they most probably will lose power forever. For this fact they find themselves
    in an existential fight that allows for any action no matter how damaging it is for America. Thus
    we have them fighting tooth and nail against the Coronavirus legislation even as they would be
    behind it if any Progressive were in the White House Likewise they are against hopeful treatments
    that might allow us to get the quick upper hand on the outbreak. The reality of all this is, Biden, their
    presumptive nominee, is getting no face time these days and, by election day, most Americans
    will be hard press to name Trump’s opponent. This is a classic case of being “hoist by your own
    petard” as their actions give Trump more stature and the MSM more and more contempt from
    Americans as the media continues to read the people wrong as they did in 2016.

  25. One question HOW DO THESE DEMOCRATS GET ELECTED,They are nuts they don’t care about the country or it’s citizens… is not the time to be worrying about solar panels,airplane emissions ,abortions,and other things that they want.…….I used to be a democrat until the Clinton cartel came into power then I switched political affiliation .Wise up Democrats…..

  26. People get a grip, Democrats are the reason for hate. The Democrats will not even
    Pass the vote to help President Trump, so blame the Democrats, do you think they work, funny. The want to hold the passing of the bill with blackmail demands.

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