Rep Tlaib: ‘F— a National Day of Prayer’

There is not a person alive that wants to be Rashida Tlaib when she has to stand before God because of her actions against a Christian nation. Her lack of faith and anti-God propaganda are incompatible with the Christianity of America. She stands in a small crowd of anti-religion and religion haters. The backlash that she got from people made her coil in fear as she would later realize that she does not have the support of the people she thinks she does.

After her sad little attack on the day of prayer that President Trump called for she recoiled and tried to get out from under the scrutiny of the religious crowd that dominates the American landscape. She retweeted a message that stated, “F— a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action.” This message falls short in its understanding because an action has already been done. Tlaib and others live in a world where they believe that magic can just cure all ills in the world.

The sad little Democrat has also stated about President Trump that he is a “mother—– who should be impeached.” It is safe to point out that she hates the president. That kind of hatred has no place in politics. She has to be able to work with people she does not agree with. Tlaib fails dramatically at this point. She would rather swear a person’s name to the ground than work with them. Her recoil statement is nothing more than a lie. She stated, “It was not an attack on prayer.”

Her statement was an attack on the day of prayer. She hates the fact that the president that she despises so much was given the credit for bringing it to the attention of others. President Trump does care for everyone. He knows that action needs to be based on fact and not fiction. The Democrats like Tlaib react to things. When they act on feeling instead of fact bad things happen. They usually make a bad situation worse.

This is seen in the tweet that she shared from David Hogg. He is a survivor of the shooting in Parkland, Florida. His hatred for the events that took place after the shooting led him to believe that nothing was done right. This has led him to post the original stated “Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic.”

He believes that things are being mishandled. This is the same sentiment that Tlaib and the rest of the ignorant Democrats believe as well. His statement and retweet of Hogg’s message is an attack against the president and the day of prayer. She stuck her foot in her mouth and now she cannot get it out. The public is making her suck on her toes before they will forgive her statement.

Her statement reads “Let me be clear as someone who has been praying through this all & as someone who attended the National Prayer Breakfast. My retweet was not to be an attack on prayer. It was to bring attention to the need for meaningful action to combat this public health crisis.” The issue is still that she hates President Trump. No matter what he does for people, she will never approve. He may even do what she wants, but her hatred drives her ability to think, so she would find a way to blame him for her faulty ideas.

Tlaib went on to state what needed to be done in her eyes as she stated “…Economic stimulus for individuals, families, and our local communities. Testing access for all. Expanded paid sick leave and unemployment benefits. Moratorium on water shutoffs, mortgage/rent payments, and evictions.” Many of the things that she is proposing are already being done. She is proving that she is behind the ball on this issue and the president is on top of it all.

The president put his faith into action has he lived streamed services from Pastor Jentezen’s church in Gainesville, Georgia. He joined with people that we’re praying for the country. All Tlaib could do was tear the country down instead of building it up.

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  1. I say give her and her nasty cohorts a free airplane ride over the ocean without a parachute. Open the hatch and, bye bye! We don’t need this, we need patriots, not haters.

  2. It is just too bad that if she dislikes our country as much as she has spoken about, then get the hell out and don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. Enough is enough of people like you and the rest of the squad.JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I find it hilarious that my government thinks of me as being a threat to society because I lied on a credit application, but this Islamic fucking bitch can be a part of our government. She is being allowed to view some of our nation’s top secrets but I can’t even own a gun to protect myself and my family, what a truly fucking twisted way of seeing things. And I have to allow them to crawl up my ass just to get back my right to defend myself, but they allow a fucking Islamic, American hating cunt to walk the halls of our federal buildings, what fools we have in government.

  5. Pray don’t pray. I intend to. Trump is not incompetent. and he is not making it worse. Not shoving anything down your throat, but do not intend to say bad things to you, because I don’t agree with you. If you do your history research America was founded on freedom of speech and religion. Your rights end where mine begin. God bless and keep you. WASH YOUR HANDS.

  6. Pray for her soul. God is the answer to this virus, and I am sad she would say that word about prayer. This nation definitely needs a revival.

  7. Tlaib needs to have her mouth washed out with quick drying cement… Dad always said: “If you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut”. Tlaib could have learned a lesson from my Dad.

  8. Hang the worthless scum bag with the rest of the mob.

  9. I agree with you. she is worse than a horse turd and should be flushed down the toilet. She is a despicable person and she should be bent over and take it in the rear and then thrown in the trash as used goods., next Omar.

  10. Rashid Tlaib gives blacks and Detroiters a bad name. What a poor representative with a constant filthy mouth. Not fit to hold office, what a divider.

  11. Glad she’s a Democrat (what else?) and not a Republican. They can figure out what to do with this hateful, foulmouthed person.

  12. AGREE, shoot for a slow painful death, and then pour battery acid in her mouth.

  13. AGREE, But make it a slow death.

  14. Amen Friend, Amen !

  15. This MUSLIM wench is evil,SATAN is her father.Should NOT be allowed in America

  16. I agree with you, send these American Hating, Terrorist Lovers back where they came from!

  17. all I can say to the person who wrote the march 21 comment; AMEN!


  19. I hope the people who voted for them are really feeling like sh** now.Why did the vote a muslem to Congress? why is hell would they vote a muslem into congress.Did they all believe in all their B S. I never believed there were REALLY stupid people in this world,guess I was wrong.They go beyond

  20. Someone needs to shoot her in the face and blow her teeth out of the back of her head. . then simply stand above her and take a piss on her face. Man, i am glad i am not in a good mood

  21. Day of prayer? You can pray any time you want to. Without ACTION, thousands more will die. Trump is an incompetent liar who is making the pandemic worse. And as far as “Christian vs. Muslim”? Keep ALL RELIGION OUT OF POLITICS! Religion should be a private matter, and I don’t want EITHER ONE shoved down my throat.

  22. I agree! We. as Christians, need to pray for people like this who have evil hearts and feel such hatred for others. God is in control, and we, as Christians, are led by His loving kindness! May God bless America and President Donald J. Trump, and all those who work in leadership positions…that they may lead us back to a Christian America.

  23. She stated, “It was not an attack on prayer.” The hate mongering foul mouth woman is correct because the Muslim prayer is not the target, an infidel’s prayer is her target. Trump is an infidel and his call to prayer for the nation’s health is not welcome by a Muslim radical. The democrat party is now in the grip of radical Islamic doctrine with people like Tliab and Omar in full control. Sanders had a very radical Iman give speeches on his campaign trail. Sanders and company are also strong lobbyists for the evil Mullah regime of Iran and its proxies such as the terrorist group named Hezbolah or the party of the Muslim god Allah

  24. She has to go, She is Satan and out to destroy this country.

  25. Why is this disgusting piece of festering ‘mooslime’ SHIT still here and the more important things, who in their right mind voted for this no good piece of trash and why hasn’t she been deported.? Who here’ sick of updates on this amoeba that does nothing but waste our intelligence and time and gets a big paycheck? Get rid of this boil and carbuncle on Americas ass that does nothing but fester.

  26. Obongo’s father was a black Muslim. His mother was a white Khazarian Fake Jew. She worked for the CIA setting up honey traps for high ranking heads of state, so they could forever be owned. Just like Trump. They drugged him at a party, and when he woke up he was in bed with a 13 year old girl, with the cameras rolling behind the big 2 way mirror. And now he is “The King of Jerusalem”, as long as he continues to tow the Zionist party line. They say Epstein was in on that caper.

  27. We need to send these American Hating, Terrorist Lovers, back to the NastyArser Countries They Came From…
    Tlaib, Omar both fraudulently entered this Country, Falsified Visas, Address of Districts Represented, then have instigated Hatred, Terrorism And NO ONE In Congress Has Done A Thing…
    Remove Them For Terrorism Support, Treason, Abuse Of Office, Failure To Uphold Oath Of Office…
    They Can Pack Their Tents And Load Them On Their Camels, And Shove Off…

  28. And if you want to know who is behind all this mass migration and WHY, just google up “Mrs. Specter From Sweden”, and study up on the “Kalergi Plan”.

  29. Once again i ask who are the IDIOTS that voted a muslim for congress. I think everyone who voted for this SCUM BAG PIECE OF SHI_ should be exposed for the STUPIDITY that they’ve shown.

  30. And if you want to know who is behind what they did to Europe with mass migration, and what they are attempting to do to America, just google up “Mrs. Specter From Sweden” and watch and listen to her in her own words. It’s called Divide & Conquer ! And while you are at it, google up “The Kalergi Plan” and you will see what our “friends” have in store for us.

  31. Go F yourself with your #2, Mr. dip sh*t from Tel Aviv. Since when do Americans have to sign a pledge to a foreign country infested with FAKE JEW LAND GRABBERS Who are posing as the chosenites and wouldn’t be nothing if it wasn’t for our $3 BILLION per year since 1948. Weather you know it or not, the FAKE JEWS think AMERICANS are a sucker, sucker, sucker. Ttheir Talmudic beliefs say that Jesus was a fraud and is now boiling in hell in a vat of semen and feces. And that the Virgin Mary was a whore who made love to Roman Soldiers. Yeah, that’s what they believe, and that’s what they are taught, and that’s what is written in the Talmud, along with other stuff like it’s OK to screw a little girl once they get to be 3 years and a day old, and that it is not a sin to steal from the goys. Yeah, that’s what they hide from you as they smile in your face and stab you in the back. You can google all that stuff up, it’s no secret anymore with the internet. Those Fake Jew Khazars have been taking us for a ride for a long long time, and laughing all the way to the bank, and laughing at Americans behind their backs. John 8:44, read it. (Tag, Track, & ID that, you scumbags). Your Project POGO along with your Project ZYPHR are going to get you nothing but hurt, and you can take that to the bank !


  33. Mr.Ignorant Moron…Are you talking about Jesse Ventura ? You wish you were 1/4th as much an American as he is. Go wash your mouth out with soap !

  34. I have said it before, and I will say it again. The biggest mistake our country has ever done, is having MUSLIMS elected to congress. And whom might I ask do you think is responsible for this, why it is OBOZO, our Muslim President, thats who !! He let into our country thousands of Muslims, they all setteled in Minnesota and Michigan. That is why we are having problems in congress with both Omar and Talib. And the more Muslims we let in, the more problems we are going to have. Why do you think Europe is in poor shape right now. They opened up their borders and let everyone in. And the Dembeciles want to do the same thing to our country. That is why if you vote DemocRATIC in November, and they win, our country WILL FALL !

  35. When my father’s family immigrated from Wales and my mother’s from Denmark, they gave-up their native language and customs and embraced the new American values and traditions to create a nation of acceptance and a unified people.

    It now appears that recent immigrants aren’t willing to follow that course and create independent communities speaking their native languages. In the process they rebel against what exists in the U.S. calling the American people racists for not allowing them to bring their foreign language and customs here. Never intending to join American society. And, insult and rebel against anyone who gets in their way. Especially the government!

    And because the American people have turned into a nation of indifferent schmucks, they are too lazy to preserve their nation.

    But when the people in Minnesota were stupid enough to elect a mindless moron who called our president a “Motherfucker” what happened? Nothing! The new “American Schmuck Culture” believes it’s person’s “God Given Right” to use any of the most vulgar words available to degrade our declining nation.

    And even worse, the new Socialist/Democratic party advocates removing our borders and allowing millions of illiterate. uneducated, foreign language speaking, and immediate welfare cases into the U.S.

    We’ve lost our minds!

  36. This muslim belong in Hell Not in Congress

  37. Winston Churchill said it beautiful and elegant ; “I may be drunk, miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”
    I hope every voter takes my voters pledge and we can get rid of the America’s hating Commie SOB’S in November.
    1) I will vote for and support candidates and parties that are not anti-Americans and believes in and follows the constitution of the United States of America.
    2) I will not My vote for or support any candidate or party that is an anti-Semite and hates Israel also will support terrorist their terrorist organizations. Also, believes in open borders, sanctuary cities and states hate our ICE agents, police and military.
    3) I will not vote for or support any candidate or party that is a communist or socialist also supports their programs and believes. Also believes in higher taxes and crime.
    4) I will vote for any candidate or party that believe in the Christian way of life and the rights of the unborn child.
    5) I will vote for or support any candidate or party that believes in our constitution and supports the first and second amendments including free speech freedom of religion and the rights to bear arms.
    This is my pledge and wish it is yours also.
    If every voter votes these ways we won’t have these morons in our government.

  38. They are pigs. This bitch is a slime warm.

  39. As long as “We The People” vote for and have such individuals as Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the Squad, along with Dizzy Pelizzy, Schumer, Nader and sadly to many other such individuals hell bent on destroying America this is what we must expect !!!! Our Constitution and our America are about Government Of The People, By The People and For The People NOT Of The Politician, By The Politician Much Less For The Politician !!!!!

    Wake Up America and be very, very careful for what and who you vote for !!!!

  40. Be prepared the MOOOOslims are here and more coming in because of the dumcrats. There will be more Talibs and her kind will breed to have numbers to vote for them.What is disturbing that people other then moooslims support her and the other one that married her brother, then re- married her husband ,then hooked up with a campaign worker .while still married.These people have been planted here by the mooooslim brotherhood. God Bless DONALD TRUMP, may god give you the strength to withstand the bombardment from the liberal dumcrats

  41. Tlaibia is proof that monkeys mate with goats.

  42. I wonder just how many votes it takes to actually ELECT someone in Minnesota – maybe the good folks stay home after reviewing what’s on offer ?
    I’m trying to be kind – Minnesotans surely can’t be ALL that bad or stupid ? Kaliforistan I can understand – the land of Weired – with a downtrodden decent population out-bred by vermin – Good Luck with the Wuhan-Challenge folks !

  43. The islamist espousal of taqqiya alone should be sufficient to bar them from “Office” . No country can be BOTH Christian and Muslim – the two are TOTALLY Incompatible.
    I believe President Trump has already worked this out – one day – hopefully before too long – the entire population of the United States who profess themselves to be Americans, will also recognise this truth and agree to revisit the “Repatriation of Dissidents to their professed land of Preference” concept. I feel certain the Treasury will suffer less strain by this method than constantly fighting battles within this Great Country – never to win the actual “war” so long as the vermin remains ! There will certainly be fewer casualties !

  44. She’s elected in Minnesota. That’s the same state that elected a professional wrestler as Governor. Obviously, the voters, in Minnesota, are terminally ignorant morons.

  45. I feel sorry for the Democratic Party, for having such a substandard person representing them.
    WOW what an embarrassment .
    I don’t agree with Trumps tweets…… however —- this substandard low life loser makes his tweets pale by comparison. 🖕you and your family.

  46. From Christ-hating Tlaib’s blasphemous lips to Christ-hating Satan’s approving ears.

    I myself will continue to pray every day, thanking the Living God and His precious Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for the blessings they bestow upon America every day, and asking God to protect President Trump and his family, keeping them strong in faith and fortitude as they face a continual barrage of unfair, untrue, evil accusations, allegations, and insults delivered by angry, hateful, anti-American, Marxist, Satan-worshipping, Soros-bribed, Deep State-controlled lying Democrat politicians and bureaucrats, Hollywood loud mouths, and Wall Street billionaires—all supported by the dishonest, Trump-hating, unethical Fake News Media.

    God bless America.
    Vote Republican to take back the House and keep the Senate.
    Trump 2020!

  47. She is a muslim a.h. but she sure loves the freedom and security of the U.S.A. Let her walk the streets in a muslim country and see how long she will be alive.

  48. There are some – invariably of the islamist persuasion – who are WAY beyond forgiveness, even by Our Loving God. That I will assume is why the Good Lord has refrained from removing HELL – sometimes there can be no just alternative for the misdeeds of an individual during her lifetime – Ms Tlaib will soon be forgotten by all but God, and THEN she will momentarily learn the Truth and face the eternal consequences of her foulness.
    God bless America.

  49. She’s trash and trash belong out on the street, for the garbage truck come and get her. The Big Daddy – F!!!!! This woman needs ass whipping or get her mouth wash out with soap, that’s what my daddy did to us for using bad words

  50. As Christian’s, we are called to pray for enemies and those who are lost. Let’s not respond in kind. with hatred. God fors not want any of his children to go to hell.

  51. She is the lowest form of amphibian shit and should rest on the bottom of the deepest channel of the ocean.

  52. Finally a decent retort. The language that has been used here to go after Tlaib is no better than what she did. Show some Christian love and ask God to give her guidance, to open her ears and eyes. When she realizes her terrible mistake, she will be crying and full of repentance. If not, I have nothing but pity for her.

  53. Don’t malign her – she isn’t worth it. People, WAKE UP! Vote her out!!!

  54. I do not think anyMuslim should be able to serve in ANY GOVT. position.

  55. She takes in her ASS!

  56. Hi Folks. Emily and I cannot stand for what Tlaib espouses. All of this vitriol that is being spewed by you folks is no better than what she is saying. What she is espousing is selfish, hateful and disgusting. When we understand this, we can pray for her conversion to the Truth. Then, as Christians, when can pray for the willingness to Forgive her. AND THEN, by the Grace of God, there may be peace………..

  57. It is not the word fuck, that the Muslim spoke. It is the spirit, in which she spoke the word.

  58. Tlaib the Potty Mouth needs anger management counseling! She has always had a vendetta against the President ever since he first ran for President. Every time the President went to Minneapolis, she would show up at his rallies and tried to disrupt them. She would be arrested by the police and removed from the premises. What the cops should have done was to grab her by the ankles and drag her down the staircase, making sure that her head bounced on the steps on the way down. When she was sworn into her Congressional seat, she called the President a ‘M-F’er in from of her young son. Some day when she scolds her son, she might get an unpleasant surprise. On the day the House voted on impeachment, she was laughing and giggling as she walked to the House Chamber.\


  60. kick her out , F…is not a word that is becoming of a muslim woman…she uses it from her foul mouth….get her out…of congress the whole squad out

  61. Trump is trying to figure out a way, to solve this problem. Talib hates that. She loves their kind of prayer, and that is all.

  62. Trump is trying to figure out a way, to solve this problem. Talib hates that. She loves their kind of prayer, and hat is all.

  63. She needs to go f herself know else would want to

  64. Proably 3 at once with that big mouth

  65. EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!! stupid, UGLY, BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Talib is a dangerous hateful Scum ! Get her Out of Our Government in November ! Id bet there’s a possibility she could be a Palestinian terrorist !

  67. Shut up Tlaib, you foulmouthed loser!! You’re going to answer to God for that obscene remark!! You don’t deserve to be in Congress nor any other level of U.S. government at all!!!

  68. And the devil.

  69. GREAT idea……

  70. AGREE 100%!!!!!!

  71. She will burn in Hell for sure but first, I’d like to see her tarred and feathered…LITERALLY!!!

  72. Islam sucks. The religion of terrorists.

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  77. Tlaib is a dumbass Muslim whore with shit for brains. The bitch needs to be deported to Nigeria where she can be stoned to death for being such a dirty cocksucker.

  78. Tlaib only went to the prayer breakfast to have something to eat 🧅🥔🥨🥐🥯🍞🥖🧀🥚🍳🧈🥞🦴🥓🌭🍔! Disgusting!

  79. Tlaib is not against her Religion of Hatred, which is Islam. In Islam, Hatred is one of the “fruits” of the Islamic spirit, who is none other than Satan.

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