Israel is Being Attacked…with Balloons

Israel is surrounded by its enemies on every side. They seek to destroy the tiny nation, so they no longer have shared the land with them. The militants want to see Israel destroyed because they view the people as foreigners within their land. The dispute between Israel and their enemies goes backs thousands of years. By biblical records, they have the right to the land and legally by decree of nations that support Israel’s existence.

Various groups around Israel have been attacking using rockets for decades. They launch them into the borders hoping that some rockets will hit civilians and destroy buildings. Various attempts have been made to introduce a peaceful solution to the violence. But the terrorists do not want to have peace. They want to see the destruction of all the Jewish people.

Israel’s enemies do not care if they kill civilians. They launch their rockets into the country with no target in mind. Israel, on the other hand, is selective in their retaliation responses. They attack military sites and terrorist leaders. They have never intentionally attacked civilians with intent to kill. For all practical purposes, they try to live at peace with their neighbors.

The terrorists use every cease-fire or peace treaty as a time to rearm themselves. When they have enough rockets to launch they fire them into Israel and hope that the international community forces Israel to a cease-fire. They use this time to get ready for the next attacks.

Israel has had to tighten its borders in attempts to keep terrorists from sneaking in and planting bombs around Israel. They limit the number of Palestinians that can enter Israel for work and other business adventures. The Palestinians are the ones that are pushing for Israel to give up their lands, so they can take over. For years the Palestinians have been seen as a terrorist organization. Just recently they have been pushing to be recognized as a sovereign nation.

For Israel, the attacks from militant groups in the Gaza area continue. The Palestinians still have not condemned the actions of the terrorists because they are the ones supporting the attacks. The latest attempts by the militants have been to release balloons over the borders with bombs attached to them. The balloons are silent, so they travel without much attention until it is too late.

The terrorists attach the bombs to the bottom of the balloons and send them towards their targets. Netivot is one city that the terrorists love to attack. As the bombs enter the area they are detonated as they get close to their targets. Each time a balloon cluster is a scene the military is quick to respond. These cluster of balloons could attract children that would otherwise be killed by an explosion.

The balloons have been used for months by the terrorists. Many of the land in the country away from buildings and people. But some are making their way into populated areas. One police official believes it is just a matter of time before one of the balloon bombs kills a person. The militants want to cause fear in the Jewish population. The contested Gaza Strip is a 140-square-mile section of Israel. This is the area that the bombs are being released.

President Trump is in full support of Israel. He wants to see them living in peace with their neighbors. But their neighbors want to have nothing to do with Israel or the United States. The president has recently recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and areas that are contested as Israel’s property to settle. This has led to the terrorists to ramp up their attacks on the Jewish people.

One man from the Gaza area has admitted that the balloons are meant to cause fear in the people. He lies when he states that they are not meant to kill kids. This is just his way of appearing to be kind to the little children. But by launching the balloons his actions tell a different story. He would see all of them killed by the very weapons that are made to destroy people.

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  2. Why don’t you wise up to the fact that Fake Jews, the Khazars, have taken you for a ride. You have been CONNED !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Blow you ? Even if I wanted to I couldn’t because your mamma’s yoni is in the way. You got her wrapped around you so tight….well, never mind.

  4. Horse manure ! They broke their covenant with God, and then God gave them a second chance. He commanded them to live in Diaspora and repent and lay low, study the Torah (NOT THE MAN MADE TALMUD FROM BABYLON), and keep out of the affairs of their host countries. However, the Khazars hijacked the religion, and being ignorant of Gods law, created Zionism and everything fell apart from there. I pity the poor Palestinians who were invaded and over run by the Fake Jew Khazars.

  5. Evil needs to be destroyed, not protected.
    God wanted all the Evil people in the land of Israel destroyed so that they would not ruin the morals of the Jews after they conquered Israel.

    They were weak and spared some of them
    and those Arabs have been a thorn in the side of Jews ever since.

    What I cannot figure out is why, after all the recent wars, there are any Arabs in Israel today?

  6. You’re such an idiot. Why dont you read the old testament.

  7. @Mr.CarpetBombrr….Collective Punishment was outlawed by the international community a long time ago. It is agsinst international law to bomb their sewage treatment plants, and their power generating stations, because of the actions of a few. It is also illegal to drive a tank truck full of sewage and spray the gunk on all the stores and houses in the Palestinian neighborhoods. It is also illegal to chain the ground floor doors of Palestinian schools shut, spray tear gas in, and then stand around laughing as the kids jump out the second story windows, breaking their legs. And more than one American diplomat has witnessed the brave IDF use little kids as target practice with their full auto rifles. If the Palestinians didn’t fight back against that type of continual abuse from the Sons of Satan, I would have to think they were all a bunch of cowards. Personally, I hope they push those “Collective Punishers” into the Gawd damn sea, because when I found out years ago what has really been going on over there with our tax dollars….well, never mind. And BTW Mr. CarpetBaggingBomber, I suppose you are one of those scum who thought Rachel Corrie was just some stupid girl getting in the way of a bulldozer. Well, up yours, you FAKE POS !!!!! I hope you are one of the first ones to get your feet wet.

  8. If the Muslims are the Cancer of the earth, as you say.
    So why in the world do you Zio-Nazi Khazarian FAKE JEWS want to live in a little strip of land surrounded by them ? Is it because you like the 20% of Palestinians who are Christians ? You want to live by them ? What’s the story with you land stealing Fakes ? It doesn’t make any sense ! If I was you I would move some place where there is peace & quiet, and you don’t have to listen every day from irate people who you stole the land from. Maybe you feed off the negative energy ? Why ???

  9. The LORD G_D is not a real estate agent . . . He is THE OWNER!

  10. Vayikra (Leviticus) 25:23 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
    23 “The land shall not be sold into perpetual ownership, for the land is Mine; you are [only] strangers and temporary residents with Me.”

    Guess Who “Mine and “Me” refer to. Hint: Not human.

    Yechezkel (Ezekiel) 33:25-26 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
    25 “Therefore say to them, Thus says the Lord God: You eat meat with the blood [as an idolatrous rite] and lift up your eyes to your [filthy] idols and shed blood; shall you then possess the land?” 26 “You stand upon your sword [as your dependence]; you commit abominations and each of you defiles your neighbor’s wife; shall you then possess the land?”

    There are conditions, O Israel!

  11. Your confusing the account of Isaac & Ishmael with that of Jacob & Esau! Go back & read it again. Bereshith(Genesis) Chapter 27.

  12. Ben Friedman explained how the whole thing happened, when he gave his speech at the Willard Hotel. Just go to google and in the search bar type BEN FRIEDMAN 1960 SPEECH AT THE WILLARD HOTEL. He was an upstanding Khazar who did not like the treacherous games of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia. Just like there are Italians who are repulsed by things that the Italian Mafia do, there are many Khazars who are repulsed by what the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia does. When the time comes to hang these miscreants, we must be very careful how we pick them out, or we will become just as bad as they are.

  13. @Mr.JesusHadTiDie….Boy, is that forever twisted ! Whatever happened to FREE WILL in your philosophy ? I suppose that a person caught stabbing a nun to death can just say “she was destined to go to heaven, so I was just helping her along. After all, your Honor, life is a tapestry all sewed into existence, and as it is unrolled in the linear time, there is nothing we mortals can do to change the outcome. The picture will always be the same , before and after it is unrolled. I think the Judge would tell the stabler that he is deluded and that he can ruminate about it on the way to the gallows. I also think that if Pilate told the Pharisees that he was setting Jesus free because he could find no wrong in Him, that those Pharisees would have tried to ambush Hhim on the street, anyway. And maybe he wouldn’t have turned invisible, like the time in the temple, when His time had not yet come, and they were searching for Him with murder in their hearts.

  14. For every single bomb that the palestinians send into Israel should respond with a bomber flight and carpet bomb the suspected area that the bomb came from. I know it sounds bad, but it’s the only way that the palestinians will understand the consequences of their actions.

    Israel is falsely accused of worse things than this daily, and they have every right to respond to attacks with a strong retaliation.

    Palestine has never been a sovereign nation, and most of the people there have moved there from other Arab areas just to remove Israel.





  19. Shut up you freaking (__o__) clown!

  20. Someone is deleting my comments !!! Now who could that be. ??? Other than the FAKE JEWS who don’t believe in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights ! A hundred years ago in Russia, during the forced starvation (HOLODOMER) of tens of millions of Christians in the Ukraine, if you were to speak out against the policies of the FAke Jews, the penalty was death. No free speech was allowed by the Fake Jews of Khazarian descent. Likewise, if a Christian was found to be in possession of a firearm, the penalty was that the oldest son would be shot in the head in front of the family, and all their property was confiscated by the Bolshevik Zionist Khazarian Fake Jews. The family was then made to start walking down the road, and anyone who lent them any assistance would meet the same fate. This is what Khazarian Fake Jews like to do to people once they are in power and have the people disarmed “for the safety of the children”. Now, today, they have Operation POGO and ZYPHR slated to be rolled out in America, to genocide 15,000,000 Americans in the very near future. This according to the last words of David Goldberg, found dead last summer. But his audio recording was found in a hidden safe, and you can still hear it on the internet. Apparently, he was one of those righteous Khazars who didn’t want to be involved in Zionist crimes. (Tag, Track, & ID your mamma)

  21. The problem is not Israel and Palestinians. The problem is Islam versus the Infidels. This problem has been going on now for 1,400 years. From Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, India to Nigeria, Chad, etc. In Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Bangla Desh, Turkey the non Islamic minorities are non existence having been persecuted, their women raped and converted to Islam. In these countries when a Muslim marries a non Muslim the spouse automatically becomes a Muslim and bequeaths all the properties and wealth of the Non Muslim family leaving other members of the family destitute with nothing.

  22. Even Kissinger (a fake Jew) said that Israhell won’t exist by 2022. Another example of “the wages of sin are death”. The Zionist State of Israel was founded on Heresy, Theft and Murder. Not to mention the lies told by the Fake News owned by the evil ones, that brainwashed many Americans into believing that the Khazarian Mafia was a righteous organization only wanting to mind their own business and pray peacefully in the desert. They were brainwashed into financing them $3 Billion per year since 1948. And now they will all be wondering where their pensions went, and the missing TRILLIONS that went missing while the Khazars had control of our financial system. Perhaps this is why it is all fake Jews spearheading the DISARM AMERICA agenda, and why we are being hit with a bio weapon that has clearly been man made.

  23. Muslims are the CANCER of the Earth.Just listen to your Muslim Democrats in DC.That should scare the hell out of you if you are SANE and an American

  24. Me.RomanHustory…They didn’t flee anywhere. The Romans took them into captivity as slaves where they were no allowed to reproduce. And then they all died out. That’s why they can’t find any of the 10 tribes. Only some of the Pharisees survived, and many of them had Cain in their family tree. Read John chapter 8 for some clues.

  25. You are so full of crap your eyes are brown. At the best that can be said of you, you are just a brainwashed lib tard. And how come your showing that you are typing from Tel Aviv ?

  26. @Mr.EmptyPieceOfHead…. Perhaps you should watch the British Documenrary from the 1980’s or so, called “AL-NAKBA”. It begins explaining how it was a wonderful place to live, from before the time that Napoleon paid it a visit. And how the market places flourished when the Arabs, the Christians, and the real ancestral Hebrews all lived together in peace and brotherhood. They would babysit each neighbors children when the Hebrews went to service on Saturdays, and the Christians on Sundays, and the Arabs whenever they did prayers. Nobody cared what religion the other neighbor worshipped, until the Eastern European Ashkenazi Khazarian Fake “Jews” started pouring in and became a nuisance. The Khazars made sure that the British disarmed everyone except themselves, “for the safety of the children “. Once that was done, they began telling the Palestinians that they didn’t live in their houses anymore, while pointing guns at their faces and their kids. They started with the houses on the hilltops, and then whole villages and towns anywhere. Hundreds of thousands of Christian, Arab, and Hebrew Palestinians were forced to leave the country, and those who resisted were just shot on the spot. Watch the documentary. It cuts right thru all the lies and bull crap that the Zionist fake Jews would like you to believe, since what they want you to think is that they are just poor defenseless set upon people who just want to pray in the desert and mind their own business, but the TERRORRISTS just won’t leave them alone. What a crock their story is ! And they have ownership of 98% of the Fake News Mainstream Media that has been brainwashing America and the world with their lies for a very long time now . Google up “”, and watch their short film clip “The Easiest Targets”, which is appropros for them, because in reality they are just a bunch of cowards who need everyone else disarmed except them. They live picking on women and children, and the lone male if there are a dozen of them against only one. (Tag, track, and ID this, you pusillanimous dirtbag finks).

  27. @Mr.AgreeerWithGod….According to that story of God being in the Real Estate business, if you will notice, it was the “Children of Abraham” who were to inherit the “Holy Land”. And if you notice further, Abraham had 2 children. Weren’t they named Isaac and Ishmael ? And they both came from 2 different mothers ? And Abraham told them that they would each produce mighty nations. And read further and see that Abraham was old, sick, blind, and on his deathbed when he called for Ishmael to come in and be anointed. But what happened but the treachery of Isaacs mother. She covered Isaacs arm with a hairy animal skin so that Abraham would think he was touching Ishmael and proclaiming him to succeed him. No doubt that shrewd old woman sat up many nights trying to figure out how to get her own son, Isaac, annointed, and how to deceive Abraham. She was the MOTHER OF DECEPTION ! (Tag, Track, and ID this, you devilish sons)

  28. The Zionists had a deal with Hitler called the “Transfer Agreement”. There was even a coin minted to commemorate it. It had a Swastika on one side, and a Star of David on the other. Hitler was going to go into the business of populating Palestine with his Zionist Jews. Not only that, but Hitler had 150,000 Jews in his Wehrmacht. This fact is documented in the book “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” by Riggs. And speaking of books, in March of 1941, six months before Pearl Harbor, a “Jew” named Kaufman wrote a book called “Germany Must Perish !” In which he wrote that all 70,000,000 (seventy million) people on the planet with German blood must be forcibly STERILIZED ! All the Khazarian Fake “Jew” owned publications in the USA wrote editorials saying that was a wonderful idea. Of course, that was 7 years after “Judea Declares War On Germany” was the headline all around the world, in 1933. Yes, that was the Zionist Jews doing that, and Germany had many inside the country who had to be put in camps, just like WE put the Japs in camps. Because the Zionist leaders in Switzerland nixed the Transfer Agreement at the last minute. But the point is, there were tens of thousands of Jews who were Nazi Jews, and were loyal to Germany. The story we are told about Hitler and the Nazis hated all Jews, just because they were Jews, is total BS. Just like today, many Jews are not Zionists, and abhor the heresy of Zionism. Check out the anti-Zionist rabbis of Neturai Karta, for example. Or the 50,000 Jews in Iran who like it there, and refuse to move to Israhell. Did you ever see the film clip of the Jewish Rabbis hugging Ahmadinejad when they gave him a large silver award in New York City ? Make no mistake about it, there are many FAKE “JEWS”who are programming you with FAKE NEWS !!! And many zionists are not Jews at all, they are so called Christians, and they are even worse than the Jews.

  29. Just don’t let them take your guns. When they knock on your door, demanding your weapon, give it to them, one bullet at a time. These Jewish Bolshevik Khazarian Fake Jews disarmed the Russian people in the Ukraine, and then forcibly starved 60 Million to death before WW2 started. It was called the HOLODOMER. Now all the gun grabbers (Feinstein, Saslaw, Schumer, Bloomberg, et al) are leading the charge to disarm America. And google up Project POGO and Project ZYPHR and find out about their plans to murder 15,000,000 Americans who will not kiss their posteriors. Be warned, these Khazarian Fake Jews are very, very devious and dangerous beings. They are the SHREWD type, who sit up all night inventing ways to make life miserable for humans.

  30. They can send rockets,balloons or whatever but they will never see the day that they defeat or destroy Israel.

  31. “The Apple of Gods Eye” is Jerusalem. What a bunch of hogwash. Sounds like something that a self serving conniver would conjure up, or a self chosenites. Do you really think that an Eternal God, that for the duration of eternity goes about creating real estate so vast that the little we know about it takes light 14 Billion years to cross traveling at 186,000 miles per second, would care a twit about a tiny town in Palestine ? Get real. Who are you or anyone else to say what is the “Apple of Gods Eye”. I like what Jesus said “My Fathers House Has Many Mansions”. Unfortunately, he was murdered by the Sons of Satan. Read John 8:44 for the truth.

  32. In the 20’s, and then in the 30’s, the Jewish Khazarian Bolsheviks starved to death tens of millions of Christians who lived in the Ukraine. The Jewish Khazarian Bolsheviks, like Stalin & Trotsky, knew that the Ukraine was where their Khazarian Empire was up until 1000 AD, when they got R-U–N-N-O-F-T by their neighbors, east and west of them, because they were murderous theieves. They were planning on taking over there once again, but then the Zionist leaders (The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) talked them into taking over Palestine. Since they had converted to Babylonian Talmudic Judaism in 850 or so AD, under decree from their King Bhutan, they thought it would be more fitting to continue the “We are the Jews from the Bible” hoax. That gave them extra credibility, making believe they were the “Chosenites”. So, getting back to the tens of millions of starved to death Christians in the Ukraine, their was a name given to that Forced Starvation. It was called the HOLODOMER. And the “Jewish” Khazarian Bolshevik invaders of Russia were only able to accomplish Forced Starvation after they had disarmed the people, just like what they have been trying to do to America. 0ne Hundred Percent of the upper echelon of the gun grabbers in America are Khazarian Mafia Bolshevik FAKE JEWS !!!!! THEY purposely killed tens of millions of Christians before WW2.

  33. Just ask any Torah True Rabbi, and they will tell you that Zionism and the idea of a Nation for the “Jews” is an abomination and a HERESY of the highest order. The God of the Bible COMMANDED the “Jews” to live in DIASPORA, until He Himself came onto the earth to lead his people to Wherever He wants to take them. I am sorry, but I have not seen Him appear on the earth yet. So who are these Blasphemers who are attempting to re-establish a country for themselves ? Why, they all seem to be Khazars, the Fake Jews, who got runnoft from Georgia/Ukraine by their neighbors, who were sick and tired of their murderous, theiving ways. For hundreds of years they would “lay traps for troubadours on their way to Bombay”. Hope you guessed their name.

  34. @Mr.AllCaps…My post was not meant to be rascist, Einstein. Read it again ! It was meant to point out that Moses, who was a Hebrew, had dark skin, just like the Egyptian Pharo’s, and most of the Egyptians from AFRICA !! The Hebrews of the Bible were dark skinned people, NOT white skinned like today’s FAKE KHAZARIAN JEWS ! Get it now ? Or do I have to draw you a picture ? So, do all you Israhell lovers out there think that gawd is playing out Prophecy today with FAKE JEWS, or do you think that the FAKE JEWS have hijacked the Prophecy story for their own benefit. ??We shall see what happens to them, because GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, and none of you Biblical Scholars are smart enough to know when the day of the Coming of the Lord will be, when he will lead his SPIRITUAL ISRAEL to a SPIRITUAL existence, not to some strip of dirt on THIS planet. Not even the Angels know WHEN it will be, but when it does come about, all of the murderers on this planet will be excluded.

  35. During WWII the Japanese sent balloon bombs from Japan to the US. It produced one casualty when a child playing on a beach in Oregon found one on the beach and it exploded killing him.

  36. Jews R NOT FAKE ! U R 🤥

  37. As Almighty GOD said. “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD” OH WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  38. I agree with Gods word! Israel’s land was given to them by Almighty GOD !!!

  39. I doubt that you have lost money or a home to anyone at all…that is just a story you concocted. Well, what happened to the homes of the Jewish survivors of WWII and the Holocaust? Let’s please confine the argument to this century…not go back to prehistoric myth-telling. Yes, Christ was killed by his own people–as it was prophesied. But that has nothing at all to do with the present-day blood bath, does it?

  40. To whom ever the H… you are ! U. sure are full of hot air. and U. must be a Politico Democrat because you sure are taking a lot of Rubbish a lot of nonsense bits of pieces here and there without making any sense, and before U. open your trap, remember that famous saying, ” SILENCE IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL SUBSTITUTE FOR BRAINS. “

  41. Jesus had to die to save us, an the Jews were the ones selected by God to do the job. That was Gods plan all along, So I thank the Jews for killing Jesus.

  42. You are correct. The Jews were given the land that was theirs historically before the diaspora (scattering of the Jews). Jews just wanted their historical homeland returned to them. They turned the desert into a flourishing land. They have given concessions and made treaty’s with the Arabs over and over again since 1947. The Arabs have broken EVERY TREATY and AGREEMENT they have ever signed with Israel. They do not want to make any compromises with Isreal. They don’t want to live in peace side by side. They want Israel destroyed and all Jews exterminated. They (Arabs)want the land that was given to the Jews through the lineage of Abraham and Sarah’s child Isaac. Ishmael was not the intended inheritor of God’s promise to Isreal. If one does not believe that God’s chosen people ,Jews, are the rightful heirs of Israel one only has to look at how God has protected Isreal since 1947. Jews are surrounded by millions and million of Arabs. Isreal is CONTINUALLY under attacked daily. And yet they remain. They are still a tiny nation of remarkable resilience, strength and protected by God. The Arabs will NEVER DISPLACE THE JEWS again from their rightful homeland no matter what their false religion says. The history is clear to all who seek the truth. I am not Jewish. I believe in the Word of God and the history that confirms His Word.


  44. Israel is God’s gift to His chosen people — the Jews. Jerusalem is the city that’s the apple of God’s eye.

    In these end times, God has brought His people, long scattered, back into their promised land, and God’s protective hand is upon Israel. He has promised to bless those who bless Israel, and to curse those who curse Israel. Israel and the Jewish people will never be obliterated from the earth no matter how many times Israel is attacked by the enemies that surround it. Missiles, artillery, balloon bombs—weapons of all kinds—will not defeat the nation of Israel when God’s hand is upon it. Israel may be small in size when compared to other nation’s on our planet, but Israel is the most important nation on earth. It always has been, and it always will be.

  45. The world would be a much better place if the Khazars gave up their FAKE CLAIM to the Palestinian Land. They should go back to Georgia-Ukraine, where they used to have the Khazarian Empire, before they got run oft around 1000 AD for being nasty to their neighbors. They had a very, very nasty reputation. That was very well deserved, if you read about their history. And now, the scuttlebutt is that they are planning to murder 15,000,000 Americans in the very near future. Google up Project POGO, and Project ZYPHR !

  46. Such a deceived soul you are!

  47. You have failed to read the history of the “Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia”. No where in the Bible does it say “when”, and those Biblical words are supposed to refer to “THE DESCENDANTS OF ABRAHAM”, and unless you didn’t read the Old Testament, Abraham had 2 wives, and 2 Semitic nations issued from him. They do not include the non-Semitic Khazars. The Egyptians were not fooled by their claim to the land, and famously the Egyptians told the Khazars, “We will not accept you. You went away black, and came back white”. Meaning what ? Meaning that they are FAKE JEWS, because the “Jews” of the Bible were from a dark race, they were just like the Egyptians. That how Moses blended into the Pharo’s family for years.

  48. Jews are the hard working, smart people. The others, are good just to hate and kill others. I’m not a jew , but I see the truth. What a shame for humanity. Instead of living in pace and civilization because nobody takes anything from this Earth when they die, they kill and destroy. What for? They have the land but they dont take care of that, just envy the others hard working people. I dont feel any respect for this kind of individuals who are making other people’s life miserable , just from being envious. What they dont copy the Jews and make their country better then Israel?

  49. Israel got an empty piece of land and brought it to life. Now that it is fertile and productive everyone wants it back. Do something with your land and see it flourish and stop coveting your neighbor’s land. Shame on you and your balloons!

  50. Jesus of Nazareth, the Living Son of the Living God, willingly gave up His Life as the Perfect Sacrificial Lamb sacrificed upon the Altar of the Cross FOR ALL MANKIND (HUMAN BEINGS UPON THE EARTH), for ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE SINNERS. Jesus died for you too, as well as me and all people.
    And it was the ROMANS who Nailed Jesus to the Cross, why don’t you now attack the Italians?? The real reason you attack the Jews is because you are ignorant of your own guilt, Jesus was sacrificed for all Sinners, of which you, and I are one. And finally, there was no such thing as a Palestinian, and the Philistines (a Greek Group of traders who sailed upon the Mediterranean Sea, and who occupied the Holy Lands, were chased out of the Holy Lands, and the children of Israel (Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham) and the Holy Lands were then occupied by the Israelis, by command of Hashem/God Almighty, the Creator; Allah is the Saudi Arabian Moon god, used by the liar/thief/murderer/pedophile/abuser of women, who wrote the Koran, just so he could steal from other Arab peoples.

  51. Evidently these terrorists have failed to read the truth.

    “I will restore the fortunes of my people ISRAEL, and they shall rebuild the ruined cities and inhabit them.
    They shall plant vineyards and drink their wine, and they shall make gardens and eat their fruit.
    I will plant them upon their own land, never again be plucked up out of the land that I have given them,
    thus says the LORD your GOD.
    Amos 9:14 & 15”.

    You have to deaf and blind the evidence is there for all to see.
    It started to be fulled in 1948

    Look at all of the massive construction which has been accomplished.
    The desert is blooming with drip irrigation.

    How much more proof do you need?
    The War of Independence, against all odds Israel survived.

  52. @The BRAIN….Probably because of the $3 BILLION per year the USA pumped into the pockets of the Khazars since 1948. And all the paper money that Uncle Rothschild can ship over there, magically created out of thin air and their printing press. It’s amazing how “wonderful” you can appear when you are using other people’s money. My Uncle used to tell me, “never mistake intelligence for shrewdness, my boy, it’s because they steal everyone else’s ideas and inventions”. So, “Tag, Track, and ID” that. MOLON LABE !

  53. So why didn’t the Jews take Germany or any and all countries that sided with Hitler? A Jew by the way just like Stalin and Lenin, and how many did they Kill, Remember the Bolshevik, And General Melonkowich, Nethanjahos father, the reason he changed his name. How many Millions did they Kill.?? Learn your History. Forgot, they no longer teach History in the US.

  54. Do you know the Thora?
    If yes, then you know that all the lands beyond the river Jordan were taken possession of by HOLOCAUST. Can you really blame that on Yahwe? Do you really believe He would promise you land by genocide?

  55. And you owe big reparations, and a very big apology, to the Palestinians, who include the Christians, Arabs, and the REAL HEBREWS who all lived in peace together in the Land of Palestine since the times of Jesus, before your sorry arses arrived recently.

  56. Tell me everything You know about the Balfour Agreement, and the Sinking of the Lusitania, I’ know my History, Evedentely you Don’t. How many times has the Bible been rewritten? and it is written by Jews for the Jewsnarative. and still, they don’t believe in Jesus because the Jews had him Killed. The Jews invented the Atomic Bomb. The cellphone was invented by Ericophone in Sweden and Nokia (Finlux) in Finland But we know that the Jew cartel control Silicon Valley, the Very fake and Corrupt media, including Paper and Social Media. And Arafat made up Palestine and the Palestinians, LMFAO. and who is the stupid one? Done so much with so little. The Central Banks Took the Feds from the US Government and printing Money as it is going out of style. 52. TRILLION MISSING at the last audit. The Rothschilds and Rockefeller buy whatever they want. Airlines, cruise lines, all Jewish Cartel’s.

  57. To all of you Jew haters: Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why is it possible that such a small number of people (the Jews of Israel) have managed to grow crops, educate their people and develop scientific breakthroughs while the much larger population of Arabs who control the vast majority of the Middle Eastern territory have accomplish so little? And no, I’m not Jewish —- just a person who has read a lot of history and uses her brain.

  58. 90% of you Eastern European Ashkenazi Khazars who call yourself “Jews” are Fake, like Fake News !!! You have no Semitic blood, and ARE NOT the descendants of Abraham. You are deluded if you think you are. You should all go back to the Georgia-Ukraine areas of Russia. That’s where you came from before you were scattered in 1000 AD. Listen to “Ben Friedman 1960 Speech At The Willard Hotel”. He will tell you the truth.

  59. Israel should send the Balloons back, instead of bombs, they should contain the China Corona-virus.

  60. I can see you have been brainwashed by Talib and Omar. What is now known as the Gaza Strip, was originally part of biblical Israel. Then it was called Judea and Samaria. At that time there was no such thing as a Palestinian. The Palestinians are an invented people.

  61. If I’ leave my house for 10. Years, Do you for a second think The Jew owned Banks are going to let me move back in?? and if My account in the Bank of America (Owned by the Central Banks, Jews.) is inactive for 12. Months, They Confiscate my balance, if it is $,1.- or a Million. A squatter stays in your house for 7. years, it belongs to the Squatter, The Jews have forfeited their rights to Palestine 1000’s of years ago. Besides, Christ? They had Jesus Killed !!

  62. Anytime a Muslim balloon, rocket or whatever kills a Jew they need to kill 1,000 Musllms. Do it each and every time a Jew is killed and the Muslims will see the light and stop the killing or shortly there won’t be any Muslims left. These people are such inbred, low intelligence fanatics that you have to deal with them in a harsh manner to get them to understand.

  63. Thank You, What a good job you did explaining this issue! God Bless You

  64. Stupid argument. The Jewish nation of Israel was born after WWI to give the targets of the Holocaust a homeland. The Palestinians lost their land because they sided with HITLER. If they want to be pissed off at someone, how about the leaders who sold them out and allowed this to become a solution? Shut up with all of the Jew hating. Allow the Palestinians to accept the responsibility for what happened and quit making excuses for the results of their collaboration. If you are going to use history to assign blame on someone, at least get some of it right. As for the Muslims dropping poisoned candy in schoolyards, or balloon bombs, what is the difference? It is murder, not warfare. Random murder is not a military tactic unless you are a sociopath.

  65. Palestinians are driven by satan and are the ones who need to be “removed from the face of the earth”, or there never will be any peace!

  66. I havent seen such a stupid comment for a long time. Obviously this person is a total jew hater to have made such obvious and lying statements. Palestine wasnt taken away from the palestinianls because there werent any palestinians untli Arafat made them up in the 1950’s. I guess you have never read the bible, which tells the whole story of who were the original inhabitants of the holy land and it certainly wasnt palestinians. and look at the rest of the comments. The jews who make up a miniscule number of people in the world-can you imagine what wonders they have done-stole the u.s.a. all banks, all media, all pharma, and on and on and on. How clever and wonderous these people must be to have done so much with so little. and of course europe too, There isnt anything that these miniscule number of people havent done. Have you ever read such nonsense bullshit lies. Only someone who despised jews could have made these comment I suggest that you look at everything that has been invented, made, produced by jews andor Israelis and please never use anything that they made-starting with your cell phone and computer, as well as most of your medical items. please check out all this stuff that people you hate have been responsible for. so-its better that you die than use any of the lifesaving things that has come from Israel. And now that Israel seems to be far along in making a vaccine for the coronavirus—NEVER use this vaccine—it would be better to be infected and die rather than to use anything that a jew made. I could go on and on and on because your stupidity knows no bounds. But please done believe me because I am a jew

  67. It is amazing that if people had knowledge of history would know the Roman Empire after they conquered Israel and destroyed the temple, called the area Palestine. The Jewish people fled to other countries for survival. There is no Palestinians, the people are Arabs that lived in Israel, took the name Palestinian the Roman name for the area, even after The Roman Empire fell. They kept the name. The Roman Empire invented the Palestinian name. That is why there is no Palestinian kings in history.

  68. It has always amazed me how they hold their women to one standard and themselves to another. This is a very confused bunch of radical men caught up with a miserable rant of religion.

  69. you sound really stupid


  71. TAKE BACK all the land (such as the GAZA Strip) and tell the UN they WON’T give it back! . . . This land BELONGS to Israel, LIKE it or NOT. This GARBAGE has been going on for TOO long and it needs to STOP. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  72. As the Rothschild, or rather Dorfman said, I’ gave the Jews Israel by having Lord Balfour sign the Balfour agreement so the Jews took Palestine away from the Palestinians, Of course, they are pissed off and want their country back. Very Simple, Palestine Belong to the Palestinians just like Sweden belongs to the Swedes. But the Jew didn’t stop with Palestine, They Took the USA from the Americans UN. NWO, Central banks ALL News Media, Big Banks, Big Pharma, the Feds, the Shadow Government, IRS, I’ can go on and on. They also took Europe from the Europeans, EU.!!

  73. Oh God ,save your people .And cause the enemies to understand that we are human and are to live along aside with one another.

  74. Muslims: You are obeying an unloving liar. Jewish people lived on the entire peninsula, during a 300 year period of time after Christ. Muslims did not exist, at that time. Muslims came to be, 300 years latter. Your Allah is a boaster. The unseen Father spoke through Jesus. Jesus is not a boaster. Jesus will not say, what is in any of the Muslims books. God’s words are not in any of the Muslims books. Can’t Muslims use reason?

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