CNN Shamelessly Gives Biden a Pass on Major Lie

Apparently, if you are Democratic establishment favorite, Joe Biden, you can pretty much get away with anything, even lying on national television. Not only will the party not care if he does so, but they will also completely ignore it so that their power has a lesser chance of being eroded.

Nothing proved this more than the most recent and first one-on-one debate between self-proclaimed socialist White House hopeful Bernie Sanders and the crowd favorite Joe Biden.

Biden actually had a night full of lies, and yet, his party continues to back him no matter what.

As the first and possibly last time Sanders will have to prove he is worthy of standing up to Biden for the Democratic nomination, the Vermont senator didn’t seem to be holding any punches, bringing up quite a few controversial issues in Biden’s campaign.

One of the first was the Hyde Amendment, which Biden used to be firmly for and now has proclaimed himself to be against. Sanders has never supported the amendment, claiming that in wrongly restricts lower-income women from being allowed to get an abortion. And while that puts the two candidates on the same side of the issue, Sanders had no problem pointing out Biden’s recent flip-flop on the topic.

Sanders said, “Joe, you have in the past, voted for the Hyde Amendment, that says a low-income woman cannot use Medicaid to pay for an abortion.”

And Sanders is correct, up to a point. Biden did support the idea up until 2019 when it became apparent he was going to have to make some changes if he were to gain the support of the progressive left to win the nomination. However, the Hyde Amendment doesn’t restrict anyone from getting an abortion; it merely protects taxpayers, saying that federal funding such as Medicaid cannot be used for abortions.

But after failing to do much damage on this topic, Sanders tried another one: the 2005 bankruptcy bill.

This is part of the progressive left’s fight against corporations and big money. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act or BAPCPA was passed by a bipartisan majority in 2005, making it more difficult to file for bankruptcy and, therefore, less likely that fraud and abuse would happen. However, according to the progressive left, the bill puts credit companies before consumers.

In criticism of this bill, Bernie claimed on Sunday that, if his memory served him right, Biden had “helped write that bankruptcy bill.” Naturally, Biden got a bit defensive and claimed that he had never supported the initiative.

Another lie to appease the left he is trying to so desperately win over.

Biden not only supported the bill in 2005 but sponsored it, along with several Republican senators. And those on social media were not afraid to note the truth. As one user mentioned, Biden’s home state is “hub of the finance and credit card industries,” and that likely pushed him to support the bill at the time.

However, it seems that since he no longer holds allegiance to just one state, he has changed his mind on a whole slew of issues. Not that his party seems to mind, they just want to make sure Trump doesn’t take any more of their power and so are willing to allow anything at this point.

In fact, they won’t even ask about his past lies.

This is the first debate since Biden’s very outlandish tale of being arrested in South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela.

The presidential candidate made the claim in February, saying, “This day, 30 years ago, Nelson Mandela walked out of prison and entered into discussions about apartheid. I had the great honor of meeting him. I had the great honor of being arrested with our U.N. Ambassador on the streets of Soweto trying to get to see him on Robben’s Island.”

However, after evidence of no arrest ever having been made on Biden, he admitted to the public by the end of the month that he had, in fact, not been arrested.

After admitting to this falsity and having several others on his record, it was thought by pretty much everyone that it would be brought up during the debate.

But it wasn’t. CNN moderators didn’t even ask about it. Which only proves what we all already know. CNN is in the left’s pocket and has no interest in truth or honesty. Instead, just like the party they back, they only want power and money.

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  1. CNN is “Queen of the Fake News” and has been the liberals lap dog for decade, the isea that they are even capale of the truth is laughable. They possess no integrity or credibility outside the low information na low IQ crowd.

  2. You need to get your shit together and stop being in denial. Look up the timeline of the virus and educate yourself. Unless you’re too lazy and much rather play the blame game!!!!!!!! If you need it explained to you go hide in a closet until it’s over.

  3. The propaganda and disinformation arms (MSM) of the Democratic Party, and the rest of the liberal commie Democrats could care less about Quid Pro Joe’s lying. MSM will even help Biden along. The Democrats just love their corrupt politicians, otherwise they wouldn’t keep voting for them. Biden just like the rest of them adhere to the Democrat playbook lie, steal cheat , dishonesty, be deceitful, do whatever it takes to win. Win at all costs. They are even pushing this false narrative of Quid Pro is a moderate. Biden is no moderate. That’s what MSM and the Democrats want the voters to believe. Moderates don’t tell potential votes, Biden is going to raise your taxes, He is going to confiscate your firearms and he has the help of Bolshevik Bloomberg and hispanic wannabe Beto O’Rourke, has been caught stating wanting to cut SS and Medicare, wants open Borders to flood America w/illegals, healthcare for illegals, and will cut defense spending, Democrats loath the military, they could care less about the Security and Safety of the U.S. This is not a moderate.

  4. Is this true CNN is still on ??!!??

  5. Trump was acting early on, and the left called him a racist for doing so. Are you just I’ll-informed, or are you stupid?

  6. The only whooper you are going to have to worry about is the one Joe is going to put in your ea, Ok a$$ munch list the lies so we can compare tothem to the ones Bite me has told

  7. The only whooper you are going to have to worry about is the one Joe is going to put in your ea, Ok a$$ munch list the lies so we can compare tothem to the ones Bite me has told

  8. I though good ole touchy feelie biden was Catholic! Can’t be a Catholic and endorse abortion, no compromise. In school the nuns told us about ‘false Catholics”, i think hood ole joey biden meets the criteria. One good thing about this if you will, Donald Trump will wipe up the floor and embarrass this thieving old fart MAGA! For more years

  9. It doesn’t matter which one of the Demons they nominate. He ain’t gonna beat Trump. So fed up how the left has disrespected our POTUS. They continue to ignore all the positives this man has done. It’s ironic: Republicans are identified by the “Elephant which we all know doesn’t forget. The Democrats are identified by a Donkey. Perfect fit. Bunch of jackasses.

  10. So glad you mentioned our former “failure” of a President (Obama). It was on his watch that he allowed over 100,000 Americans to die from a virus. Took him 6 months to call it an epidemic. He was a disgrace along with your comments about Trump

  11. GO TRUMP GO!! You will bury this guy, he might even forget what country he is running for what job?????

  12. Quid Pro Quo Joe would forget his work schedule.

  13. LYING Joe MAY get away with LYING shamelessly with the Lamestream MEDIA, but NOT Conservative News! TUNE in to find the TRUTH, and DON’T vote for ANY of these TREASONISTIC TRAITOR Democrats who are TRYING to peddle their Socialism/Communism BIG GOVERNMENT schemes if you Value your COUNTRY! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. Blindfolded Americans voted him in for a second term!!! HOW stupid are we???? ( more stupid than we were the first time). First black president…BULLCRAP! HE was not qualified, never vetted….but oh, the color of his skin and his gift of gab….could lie looking you straight in the eyes….trained to try to take down this country and he damn well succeeded! Can you believe ” a community organizer to the president of the US……big difference in the qualifications of the job? Nothing against community organizers…we need you….but do you feel you have the qualifications to be head of the USA? I must emphasize that color of your skin has nothing to do with your qualifications for anything…..I would love to see a person of color elected as president….doesn’t matter to me…just as long as they are qualified , vetted, certified American and hopefully honest…..and I should add without one foot slipping in the grave? Have something to give to USA….not be there to take!!!.

  15. hell what’s the difference their both lying crooked demorats. the only difference with bernie he’s a commie and biden doesn’t no where he’s at.

  16. I don’t know who you are…but you’ve gotta be sh… me…..Trump responded and reacted as fast as anyone could in implementing precautions of all kinds for the American citizens….he has stayed on top of all developments….and still is out there among the people of the US with Pence trying to see what else can be done NEXT to protect us! WHAT DO YOU WANT….go get in a glass bubble at your own expense. We are in this all together…..and especially your/our President is doing all that is feasible to help us protect US, WE ARE ALSO SUPPOSE TO BE TRYING TO PROTECT OURSELVES! DO YOU GET IT???…..PROTECT YOURSELF…NO ONE OWES YOU PROTECTION!!!! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!!

  17. Trump is best president in my lifetime. I thank God daily that Hillary didn’t get in. You dumb demies can’t even see what the left is doing. Are you blind? Deaf? Dumb?

  18. You’re just another DUMBASS !!!!

  19. You’re a DUMBASS !!!

  20. Oh bull ! President Trump is one of the Most Honest People And he is Definitely the Best President the USA has ever had !!

  21. better than Obama

  22. TRUMP
    is the Best President we have had I KNOW he is 1,000 times beterthen Obama

  23. What really amazes me is how the Bidens have no shame in denouncing the number of lies they tell on a daily basis. The American people know their lies and are coming over to the Conservative side, to help US take our country back from the hands of the most corrupt party in the history of the United States of America.

  24. My concern that the left is choosing Biden because after a month or two, they will declare him incompetent or diagnose him with dementia and the Vice President will step into his shoes. Let’s see who the woman is that he chooses as Vice President! (Hillary?!) Then we are all in deep trouble and the country will bow to China as the new world leader! We will be inundated with illegals, the borders will be flung open and our economy will never recover and China will be cheering as well as Iran! Trump has been a strong President and therefore all countries want him out! He does not play be the political rules! We have to all stand with President Trump and hopefully take the Senate and House! Then this country will really flourish!

  25. With any luck; Biden will be heading off to prison for his crimes and/or a senior citizen’s old folks home for his Alzheimer’s condition..

  26. If the nitwits on the left weren’t trying the nonsense Impeachment. he couuld have devoted more time and effort. Even with a manufactured Impeachment he was way out in front of the curve. Unlike O’Biden – Bama administration that waited until thousands had died before taking any action! Where was your outrage???!!!

  27. 2000 people died before obama and the media said anything about H-1 N-1!!!!! Do you remember that?
    of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I’m with you all the way. If ever there was such deceit it’s on the left side now. But thanks for giving us Trump supporters some credit instead of calling us all deplorable. I take the time to watch all the news conferences the President puts out and never have I seen such willful miss representation of what he says on mainstream media. I only watch OAN so I can get the truth. These leftists are so used to being lied to they are so stupid not to look up the facts, very unintelligent! I think they call out and point the finger to conservatives because they themselves are guilty of what they accuse.

  29. I’M SO SICK OF HEARING STUPID , UNIFORMED PEOPLE LAUD OBAMA. This country was surely lucky that he only fooled the majority for 8 years.


  31. Any sooner & it would have been B4 the WUHAN techs let it escape out of the hatcheries. According 2 QUID-PRO/B.S./Nancy & Chucky, he “JUMPED THE GUN”! Thus creating Racism Hysteria.

  32. The whopper of all is your contention that Trump did not act early to close down
    traffic to and from China when evidence was mounting that China had a problem.
    Most are now giving him credit for that, even if reluctantly because they described
    his brave action as racist. I can only imagine what shape this country would have
    been in if PC Hillary were our President. Actually I take that back. Hillary would
    not have been forced to close down our economy by the bad actors in the press
    and the Democrat Party that have effectively reversed all that Trump has done to
    advance our economy. But I have to take that back as Hillary would have poisoned
    our economy such that we would not have the strong economy to cushion us when
    the Coronavirus actually did hit.

  33. good to see someone tell the truth

  34. He may tell it like it is but that is how he thinks of it. Doesn’t ever tell the truth about anything. Doesn’t even follow the monitor when it is there for him. It is obvious the way he has handled the coronaviras. If he’d acted sooner the US would have been more prepared to handle this. We surely don’t want him there if something else bad comes along. If Obama was in there now, I can only imagine how he’d be hollering.

  35. To leftists, lying is viewed as being a highly prized talent or skill. They frequently and unabashedly lie—just like Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, and Hillary—knowing that if they get caught in a lie they will never be held accountable. They will always be protected by their lying, cheating, globalist, blackmailing, bribing puppet masters and by all the immoral, amoral, deceptive, ungodly Deep State elites who own them and hate America, despise Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again, and rely on the knowledge that even their most outrageous lies will be ignored by a tightly controlled leftist Main Stream Media and all their radical, Trump-hating supporters.

    Fortunately, President Trump’s supporters are smart and well aware of Democrats’ and RINOs’ penchant for corruption, lies and deceit.

    Trump 2020!
    God bless and protect President Trump, all patriots, and America.

  36. Please tell us some of those whoppers you allude to I’m waiting

  37. Trump is the best President we have had in many years. He tells it like it is. Libs are the fake news kings.

  38. he would fit in well with donald, right? Trump is constantly telling whoppers.

  39. After Biden loses the election in November, look for CNN to hire him as a senior VP because he lies as often as they do! He will certainly fit right in with the Fake news Team.

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