‘Hail Satan’: Vile Adults Attack Christian Students, Met by Satan for Praying

It’s not uncommon for those on the outside looking in to see all pro-life activists as die-hard Christians who always throw their faith in other’s faces. They assume that it is a one-sided religious fight, with Christians forcing their beliefs on the unbelieving. But as this woman in Washington just proved, maybe it’s religious for both sides.

It happened on Saturday outside a local Planned Parenthood in Bellingham, Washington. A group of students from the Students for Life chapter at Whatcom Community College had gathered to pray peacefully as part of their “40 Days for Life” campaign.

As usual, some passersby didn’t take too kindly to the students’ prayers and their attendance and let them know it. Autumn Lindsey, a leader of the student group, told the Daily Caller News Foundation, “We have people constantly scream at us or flip us off while driving by. Occasionally, we have people come talk to us. sometimes the women going into Planned Parenthood come talk to us, and we tell them that we love them and that they have other options.”

But not all of their encounters are so docile. And Saturday turned out to be a rather nasty day for the small group of students who appeared to pray at the site.

According to a Students for Life press release, several people passed by “yelling obscenities and displaying crude gestures.” The group said that one man even masturbated “towards the group” in a car as his friend slowly drove by. A woman flashed the students while yelling, “My body, my choice.” And another man rode by calling out obscenities before throwing a glass “vial” at the students.

But the most chilling was when a woman pulled up in her car to tell the students that she didn’t need her prayers because “Satan is the one true Lord. Satan, the Dark Lord.”

One student noticed a small child in the back seat of the woman’s car and noted it, asking, “Do you have a sweet baby back there?” To which the woman responded, “Oh, yeah, I didn’t abort her. I kept her. Yeah.”

Then as she drove away, she yelled again, “We don’t need your prayers. Hail, Satan!”

Lindsey said that “Satan” and the like are mentioned to the students “more than you would think.” She said, “for some, I think it’s just a way for them to try and get under our skin, but the woman driving her car seemed to honestly believe it.”

And Student for Life president Kristan Hawkins agrees, adding that as the fight to eradicate abortions goes on, it seems that more and more pro-abortion advocates also seem to pro-Satan and anti-God. Once, the ongoing battle about abortion was clearly seen as a one-sided religious one. But Hawkins notes that both sides of the fight are now doing so in a religious context.

It isn’t uncommon to see pro-abortion advocates displaying an almost worship-like zeal for killing off babies, complete with dark images, anti-God messages, and a determination to praise Satan.

And with this openly pro-death messages come more and more violence. Hawkins said, “Abortion advocates are becoming more violent against those who advocate for the innocent, but we will not be silenced.”

Lindsey agreed with the group’s president, saying that the threats the students have received are enough to make some very hesitant about continuing their work.

“This kind of intimidation causes some of our volunteers to feel uneasy to sign up to pray for mothers ad preborn children during a 40 Days for Life event. We are only 11 days in, and we have already been bullied and threatened to the point where our volunteers are nervous to go alone.”

But she, like Hawkins, is adamant that their work will continue.

She said, “But we will not back down because this just demonstrates how evil the abortion industry is. We will stand united together and not let the bullies stop us even though the violence of abortion is celebrated by increasingly violent people.”

Lindsay added that if necessary, they will call the police when they feel out of their league and in real danger, such as when the vial, which was filled with an unknown liquid, was thrown at them and shattered at their feet.

We can only hope that as this violence and hatred continue, that people and influential lawmakers see the real evil behind abortions and fight to make some very needed changes.

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  1. Looks and sounds like Washington state plus a few other Democrat destroyed entities are not populated with humans only,Savages and non human predators are now the ruling herd

  2. Why would anyone fear GOD??????

  3. Sick, Demented, Atheists, Bolshevik Communist Bas-ards. They thrive on trying to scare people, Yet they live in Fear of the Truth themselves. Losers all.

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  7. Their wishes will be granted and they will be with their “leader” on judgement day.

  8. Justice will be served. Gods word tells us so. All the satanists will feel the wrath of God and those who believe in Him shall not perish. In the meantime have Faith. The younger generation is not in favor of killing innocent human life. God creation. Over 50% are pro life today. When the haters start losing power they resort to violence. We are winning. They are losing. I believe that Roe v Wade will be overturned . They know this. It’s why violence is their only tool. They can’t admit they’ve been on the wrong side since planned parenthood was formed by Margaret Sanger in order to eliminate the black race. Young black women are still the majority of their murder factories

  9. Women who believe so strongly in abortion should first think strongly in being steralized. If they have no fear of what they do to the unborn, then they should take measures to make sure that they never conceive. Go to a real doctor and have their reproductive organs removed then they can go out and screw every man in the world and never have to worry about having a new life in their precious body. I am not calling the pro-abortionists whores, but in reality they have the same morals.
    Why would they have unprotected sex and become pregnant?? If they don’t want to have a child, why have unprotected sex?
    Take charge of your body, it isn’t the poor baby’s fault..

  10. A horse whipping is to good for these Coprophagic satan lovers!!! Bury them up to their necks and running over them with a tractor using the front loader bucket along the ground!

  11. Paul endured Satan causing him to be thrown in prison 6 times, having his feet broken 5 times, beaten with 39 lashes a number of times and other problems. God was with him and because Paul continued to stand on God’s word, Satan could never break him.

  12. all people listen to their Demon and some act the way Demons tell them to, both God and Demons can speak to humans inter Spirit, but it is our (the human’s) choice how we act or what we say, God loves us, Satan love to hate us.

  13. Unfortunately this plane of existence is Satan’s realm, and Satan is rearing his ugly head, and many of the weak have become his minions!!!

  14. that would be the devil

  15. Who are really the haters? Pro abortionist hate children and should never be allowed to reproduce. I say one abortion then sterilize so you can’t murder more.

  16. A comment from a person who, while not believing in God, appreciates the wrongness of destroying a yet to be born human being. And while you may not believe in Him, I feel certain that He will appreciate your standing up for the unborn.

  17. Excellent comment.

  18. Wow. That was a great comment. I never really thought it through before but you are right.

  19. It is real religious but it is the religion of liberalism. The liberalism religion is based in a desperate need to be cool and part of the in crowd. Its bible is the brainwashing of fake science and fake social justice.

    Why fake? 1. Climate change really means man made global warming which we know is not true. The earth has been warming for 18000 years and the ice has been melting that long. Even that is not what they really mean. They mean pollution, but them do not want to say that because that would point at china, India, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam as the big pollution sources and the liberal region requires the problem be america.

    2. Fake social justice has many examples. Increasing taxes on american poor people to give free things to illegal aliens that american poor people can’t afford. Like the illegal aliens free college.

    All kinds of support for women to go to college despite far more women going to and graduating from college then men. 60% of doctors under 40 or women. The whole social justice part of liberalism is a lie.

    3. Environmentalism. The fake game the environmentalist have played for years has proven to be BS. The current huge ffg forest fires are a direct result of the environmentalism demand for their version of forest management. The removal of dams to help the fish results in the exposure of waterfalls fish cant get over while the prior dams fish ladders worked fine.

    The fake beliefs of the liberals have been proven false but they believe them anyway. Much as they claim Christian beliefs are fake.

  20. I am an atheist however I believe abortion is wrong, wrong, WRONG! It is a case of the innocent being punished for the indiscretions of the guilty..

  21. Light vs darkness. Life vs death.

    You and all of us True Believers, are walking in the Life of Christ, but those that are confronted are the Walking Dead – a dead spirit resides in them.

    They value darkness and death over Light and Life.

    I’m PRO-LIFE – PRO-HUMAN LIFE. BUT those in darkness, need to be PRO-KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON; Keep Your legs closed. Sex is for those who have no love and are selfish. Meaningful Relationships are responsible and committed to each other and the life that can be brought forth. There is no such thing as “making love”, you can make homemade ice cream, but you can not make love. Love is grown outside the bedroom/car/or wherever, Real Love is cultivated through daily life experience and interactions. Not by getting all physical and physically intimate. That is cold, and empty of a meaningfulness. If you want to be Pro-Choice, then Choose to Keep Your Clothes On and Your Hands Off or Out From of Each Other’s Clothes. Sex or a Meaningful Relationship is not recreational, or a stress-reliever, to be taken lightly. Don’t possibly play with another that could brought forth, IT IS LIFE. People don’t give life and people have no right to take a life. ONLY GOD Does, HE is the Author of Life.

  22. I was thinking that maybe Pelosi was there.

  23. The differences between far right & far left are academic & irrelevant. Both are Statist. Stalin, Hitler & the Nazis (like so many of our postmodern, “social justice” activist professors today) were all great admirers of Marx, Nietzsche, Hegel & Heidegger– not to mention Robespierre (French Reign of Terror).
    In his 1959 US visit Krushchev declared that communism merely put into practice the teachings of the Bible – thereby revealing a far better grasp of ethical principles than those listening to him… aghast. P331, The Vision of Ayn Rand.
    “To be a socialist is to submit the “I” to the “Thou.” Socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.” Joseph Goebbels.
    “In the hunt for their own happiness, people fall all the more out of Heaven into Hell.” Adolph Hitler.
    “In a country where the sole employer is the state, opposition means death by starvation. The old principle ‘who does not work shall not eat’, has been replaced by a new one: ‘who does not obey shall not eat.'” Leon Trotsky. The Vision of Ayn Rand p331.
    The true political spectrum has constitutional Republic limited government freedom on the right & on the left is Statism (authoritarianism, totalitarianism, theocracy, monarchy, socialism, communism, progressivism, fascism, Nazism, democracy). True anarchists will profess altruism & non initiation of force, but practice anything-goes hedonism & reject any form of government, easy come easy go any way the wind blows, easy dupes for socialism like Antifa (anti-facts, anti reality).

    “The World seen thru fascism is not this material world which appears on the surface, in which man is an individual separated from all others & standing by himself. The man of fascism is an individual who is Nation & Fatherland, which is a moral law binding together individuals & the generations into a tradition & a mission: suppressing the instinct for a life enclosed within the brief round of pleasure, in order to restore within duty a higher life, free from the limits of time & space, a life in which the individual, thru the denial of himself, thru the sacrifice of his own private interests, thru death itself, realizes that completely spiritual existence where his value as a man lies.” Benito Mussolini, p330.

    “In order to get a particular result, one must want to get exactly that result. If you want to get that that particular result, you will get it.” Professor T.D. Lysenko, famous Soviet biologist, p34.

    “There is no such thing as truth. Science is a social phenomenon & like every other social phenomenon, is limited by the benefit or injury it confers on the community.” Adolph Hitler, p34.

    “We are now at the end of the age of reason. The part played by the bourgeoisie is finished permanently. A new age of magical interpretation of the world is coming. We must distrust the Intelligence & the conscience & must place our trust in our instincts. People set us down as enemies of Intelligence. We are, but in a much deeper sense than these conceited dolts of bourgeoisie scientists ever dream of.” Adolph Hitler, p25, The Vision of Ayn Rand.

    The DISOWNED Self by Nathaniel Branden 1971, Exciting New Techniques for Discovering Your Unknown Self & Achieving Your Unfulfilled Potential. More relevant than ever.
    THE VISION OF AYN RAND: The Basic Principles of Objectivism, by Nathaniel Branden (2009 transcription of audio from 1960s). More relevant than ever.
    THINK AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, by Barbara Branden (2017 transcription). More important than ever.

    THE ART OF THE ARGUMENT: Western Civilization’s Last Stand, Sefan Molyneux, is a rare jewel of reason.

    Ann Coulter is always on target: DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America;
    GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism:
    ADIOS AMERICA: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hell Hole.

  24. EPHESIANS 6:11, 12 — “Put on the full armor of GOD, that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places.”
    EPHESIANS 6: 13 ff — verse 18 – “With all prayer and petition, pray at all times in the Spirit (Spirit Guided), and with this view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all saints.”

    People are not our enemy and they are only vessels of the evil one.

    GOD is BIGGER and STRONGER than the devil and HE has already won the VICTORY. We have the Victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Use your FAITH in what Christ has done on the cross to break the power of sin and death. Satan is already defeated in what Christ has done. Keep your heart and mind clean and stay confesses up & repent.
    Pray for the people that the scales will fall off their eyes, and the wax out of their ears will be melted away, and THE LIGHT of CHRIST will shine brightly, radiantly in their dark hearts and minds. And children like that one in the car that got spared will be protect and freed from the forces of darkness.

    ROMANS 6-8, and 2 Corinthians 3: 4-6

    It’s not GOD’s will that any should perish, so PRAY for their deliverance. Otherwise they will have a terrible end and eternity.

  25. The fake Christians, who obey the blasphemer, don’t know what Satan looks like, visually. The devil in them does not want the world to use ask and receive, seek and find, that the Father God taught. The so called pro life people, are contradicting themselves, not even knowing it. Perfect peace is not in them, being offended by the sight of a hand, on a penis. The people calling themselves Christians, are hating God’s laws. Psalms 119:165“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”

    King James Version (KJV) Church liars made people to say, what they say. Money blinds people. They say I love you, until you don’t have it. What is really loved? That fake love turns on people who do the sex, that they want to do, or make a dog, to ejaculate. The behavior of people, suddenly changes. Loving people are not seen, or heard. Lies were uttered, saying they loved, whoever. Don’t throw glass.

  26. Just keep one keeping on BELIEVING!!! God will reward you for doing what you are doing especially if you are being crucified by these people who believe in Satan. Jesus already showed Satan who is the most powerful & HE is coming back for us. Thank God.

  27. Your hatred betrays you, Pro-Life Brigade for being what you are not.

  28. Right on, PLB, we’re going to behead the cocksuckers.

  29. Don’t worry students. The Pro-Life Brigade is going to find these assholes and kill them. But we’ll torture them before we kill them.

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