You Won’t Believe How New York is Handling Coronavirus

As new cases of coronavirus pop up throughout the country every day, those in positions of authority and community leadership are stepping up to make sure their citizens are kept safe and healthy. But what some are offering isn’t quite as helpful as it is just ridiculous.

Take New York, for example.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday that he was having his own brand of hand sanitizer made. According to Cuomo’s news release on the product, it would contain a higher percentage of alcohol than most of its competitors, as well as “a very nice floral bouquet” scent.

ABC News Politics reported, “Amid coronavirus outbreak, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces state hand sanitizer – ‘made, conveniently, by the state of New York’ – that will be provided to schools, MTA, prisons, and more. It has a very nice floral bouquet.”

The governor noted that it would be sent to “hot zones,” such as New Rochelle, where the newest and most prevalent cases were found.

The hand sanitizer is to be made in New York by the state-owned company of Corcraft. However, Cuomo failed to mention that Corcraft is the name of the workforce owned by the state made of prison inmates. Essentially, it’s a form of slave labor, as some have called it.

Furthermore, it has been reported by more than one source that those same prisoners making the hand sanitizer were being forced to work and live in conditions nearly unfit for animals, let alone humans. Prisoners within the state’s penitentiary system were noted not to be given any hand sanitizer themselves, nor even soap and water.

Chris Hayes reported, “Got a dispatch today from someone that visited the MDC Federal Prison in Brooklyn where there was ***no hand sanitizer or soap*** and a guard begged the visitor to send word that they are in danger if the virus hits the facility.”

While Cuomo has said it would be given to schools and other very public places, he threatened to put it on the market for sale just to hurt big-name companies like “Purell, and Mr. Amazon, and Mr. eBay.” He said that if these companies “continue the price gouging, we’ll introduce our product, which is superior to your product.”

Well, these companies wouldn’t have to price gouge if they could make prisoners and slave labor to do their dirty work as Cuomo does.

But even with its “superior” alcohol content and “floral bouquet, Cuomo is just creating more of a problem. Sure, he is trying to help. But maybe instead of pushing products that are limited in supply and are now starting to be rationed, he should remind people that soap and water are everywhere, that is, except for his prisons.

And Cuomo isn’t the only New Yorker making ludicrous proposals for how to deal with the spreading virus.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also took to the airwaves this week, giving some rather unusual advice on how to keep yourself safe.

He told citizens in the ever-crowded city that they should change their work schedules or telecommute, as well as walk or bike to work to avoid people who may be infected.

“Stagger work schedules so people can arrive later or leave earlier to beat the busiest times of rush hour. Plan to have some extra travel time in your commute. If the train that pulls up is too packed, move to a different car or wait to take the next one. Bike or walk to work if you can.”

While these ideas might work for a man of means, like himself, they are hardly practical for the average New Yorker. And those people let him know that his suggestions were pretty much near impossible, if not outright dangerous.

People who work in public schools, restaurants, retail, and several other industries simply can’t change their schedules or work from home. Neither do they have the time to wait around for an uncrowded bus or train car, let alone walk.

And in a city as busy and hectic as New York, biking to and from work or school is simply out of the question, as several social media users noted, as well as life-threatening. One avid biker said, “Happy to ride a bike to work. Can you make it so people don’t die in Queens while biking? Vehicular deaths are a public health crisis too.”

This person makes a good point. Maybe rather than suggesting absurd things, they can come up with something that actually works.

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  1. What guy wants a “floral scent”, on his hands… What a flipping idiot, Governor Moron is!!! Try *UNSCENTED*… For those who could be *ALLERGIC* to floral scents, you idot!!!

  2. I thought it would be helpful in the county jail and suggested it. Turns out they have so many alcoholics, they drink the stuff when they can get to it. Thanks why. Ultra violet lights may help. Sprying the areas with atomized alcohol may be helpful. Apparently, this virus can live up to 3 days on some surfaces, which is why direct contact doesn’t really help.

  3. What is Andy going to call it? “Cuomo’s Crummy Criminal Concoction” with a lovely floral bouquet? Can’t wait until people start suffering skin rashes and burns and NY gets hit with class action lawsuits. Too bad litigants, thanks to Andy and the Dem controlled legislature, NY is broke.

  4. If the inmates don’t burn down the prison making the hand sanitizer. Then Cuomo can take his hand sanitizer to New Rochelle to all the rich people of N.Y. city. Most of them are coming back from Vacation from overseas. Cuomo always takes care of NY City.

  5. LOL! I had to laugh at the chap (?) who wrote about the prisoners making “fading license plates” and “fall off inspection stickers”. In Oregon (run by an even bigger Democratic doofus – Kate Brown), the prisoners make all the furniture for state offices – which is why, when you sit down, your knees hit the table top. Seems someone was “shorting” on materials. LOL!

    But, yeah, what a brilliant solution from New York’s “forward looking governor” – hand sanitizer (is he aware that overuse of that can breed resistant organisms). Branded with Gov. Andrew “Floral Bouquet” Cuomo’s name. No “emoluments” problems there, huh? Also no 13th Amendment problem, using… slave labor? Probably disproportionately black, too, after Bloomberg’s “Stop and Frisk” bonanza. But way to get in front of the problem, Guv. Hope those homeless encampments and refugee squatter settlements don’t become disease clusters – not because I care if your whole state gets sick, but because I’m sure you’d find some way to blame Trump for the debacle.

  6. We don’t hear from Schumer, Nader or AOC on this one do we ? They’re only around when they want to blame the president for something. AOC is always talking about unfair treatment why don’t she talk to her NY constituents. But I’m sure they’ll make sure the illegals are taken care of, won’t they. I guess now that they need their slave labor they won’t be springing them early. These NY politicians are the worse. Hypocrites! Maybe the virus will take care of the idiots who vote the bigger idiots in.


  8. Stupid idea from Comrade Cuomo. I hope the slave labor (prison inmates) aren’t as clever as some other inmates have been in the past. Massachusetts used to have inmate make license plates until one of the inmates figured out how to add/delete something to the paint that caused all the letters/numbers on plates to wash off after about six months of being on cars. These same inmates also did something similar to State vehicle inspection stickers. After 2-3 months the stickers unglued themselves from your windshield. MA inmates no longer “work” for the State…..

    And shame on Cuomo for not providing basic hygiene supplies (soap and hot water) for inmates, Correction Department workers, lawyers and visitors! Cuomo, try to get what few brain cells you possess to function and get some common sense.


  10. Funny they didn’t do much when the coon was in the WH, and the swine/Obama flu killed people.

  11. You have to have one to damage it.

  12. These people are all damaged goods. Cuomo is focused singularly at bashing Big Business and using his own resources to build a brand for himself. He is nothing but a Government Mob Boss. How sanitary will the product be if the people working in the plant are not sanitary? Would you want to eat at a restraunt where your waiter was sneezing and coughing on the food? As for de Mento, he is the classic rich, white, liberal. “Tell them to phone their orders in.” “Tell the plumber to phone it in.” “Tell the Driver of the truck who delivers tp the supermarket to phone it in.” “School Teachers, just show up when you want to.” Bankers, Dry Cleaners, Hotel Staff, Transit Workers, Power Plant Workers can not just show up whenever. Groceries need to be unloaded and stocked, checked out and re-ordered. Food spoils. Do us all a favor, guys. You are not in private business for a reason. Let the Pro’s do their job. Have you ever run a successful program? No. There is a reason you are the JV.

  13. Calimexico is making two aromas one that smells like “Chitty Streets of SF” and the “Coyote ICE”

  14. Can this fool spell dumbass? Prison doesn’t have any hand sanitizer but going to put civilians lives in hands of inmates? Politicians from NY must suffer from brain damage!!!!

  15. What about homelessness that is at epidemic in NY? They came in NY because some good plan and many programs to give them free apartment, free food, free money and the homelessness don’t give any contribution to the city Only they make dirty our ambient

  16. Altering schedules is not a solution. There would be overlap of schedules so you wold still come in contact with infected people.

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