Jim Bakker Told to Stop Selling Fake Cure

The predators of society never really stop their evil deeds as they take advantage of innocent people. What makes everyone sick is when that person turns out to be someone that millions of people once trusted, but ended up being a fraud. Jim Bakker is one of these people as he has been ordered by the New York attorney to stop selling a fake cure for the coronavirus. Bakker is telling people that he has a cure for the virus. All they have to is purchase his “Silver Solution” to be healed.

Bakker has been promoting the lie that he has the cure to the virus. All he has done is faked people into buying a placebo. But this time he is not getting away with the scam as the attorney general has told him to stop by sending a cease and desist letter. If Bakker does not stop lying to the public about him having the cure, there will be legal action taken against him. Bakker is nothing more than a fraud traveling from town to town selling fake medicine in a bottle.

Lisa Landau is the chief of the AG’s Health Care Bureau, and she is concerned that this will make people have a false hope of a cure to the point that life will be lost. To Bakker, a bottle of his fake medicine is simply another sale to fund his fraudulent empire. He could care less about the people that he is cheating by promoting a fake product.

Landau stated that “Any representation on the Jim Bakker Show that its Silver Solution products are effective at combating and/or treating the 2019 novel coronavirus violates New York law.” The letter that the attorney general states it very clearly. If Bakker promotes a cure, he is going to face legal trouble.

Bakker was interviewed by Sherri Sellman who is a doctor. She specifically asked about the medicine he says kills the coronavirus. Sellman stated that he said the drink would treat the “influenza that is now circling the globe.” He also stated that “Well, let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus, but it’s been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours. Eliminate it, kills it, deactivates it and then it boosts your immune system.”

Bakker is very careful to choose words that would incriminate him. But this time his words are going to get him into trouble because he believes his propaganda. He is stating that the drug can kill the virus in less than 12 hours. But it has never been tested. The crazy man has given all honest preachers a bad name because he simply cannot be trusted.

The con artist is telling people to buy his drug at $125 a bottle to not catch the virus. Bakker is a scammer that loves to make money off the fears of people. But he and others like him are being watched. Letitia James stated that the attorney general’s office is watching for them. She stated that “In addition to being mindful about our health, we must also beware of unscrupulous actors who attempt to take advantage of this fear and anxiety to scam or deceive consumers. I encourage anyone who believes they are the victim of a scam or predatory action to contact my office and file a complaint.”

Jim Bakker was once a respected pastor until he was caught in a sex scandal. He also has served four years in federal prison for scamming people. It looks like now that he never learned his lesson. Bakker is money hungry and it appears he will do anything to get it. He is acting like a greedy Democrat.

The FDA is warning that the drug he is pushing can be harmful to people. The colloidal silver is a silver metal that is suspended in a liquid. The liquid that Bakker is pushing cannot treat the diseases that he says it can. Taking the drug can be harmful to the person. The National Institutes of Health are also warning people to stay away from Jim Bakker and his false claims.

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  1. I wasn’t coming against anyone I’m merely stating their facts were wrong! And I’m sorry if you have a problem with that but when you get the facts wrong you can destroy a person’s life. By the way I’m not reading a person’s heart but what is in a person’s heart will manifest on the outside, so, as a man thanketh, so he is. What is wrong with stating that a person loves Jesus Christ. That is not forcing Christ on anyone and I’m not trying to bring anyone to my side; again one must defend the facts. Remember, the truth will set you free. How would you like it if someone lied about you and put it all over the internet? I bet you would love someone defending you, even though you still get hurt you would still show love for other people and want to help other people as Jim Baker has done, and others. As far as naming names they put their own names out there not me. They put themselves on the firing line and if that’s where you’re going to go you better be speaking truth. And yes the Holy Spirit into any conversation would always be better as one’s life would be better if they let the Holy Spirit work in their life. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will never force his will on anyone. He will stand at the door and knock but will never force his way in. He will only come in if he is asked. God hates injustice in any form, and he hates the act of lying. Those people lying need to be held accountable for what they’ve done. I would hope if anyone turned your life upside down by lying that you would want them held accountable, and that someone cared enough to speak out against the lying and speak up for you. There was no angst on my part so it must have come from you. And by the way, I’m not mad but when I see Satan devising plans to hurt a person’s life I will stand strong, stand in their corner, help hold them up If necessary, pray, cry, yell but my resolve will be unwavering.

  2. With all the good you have to say, why does the vitriol, the naming opposition to your opionion as haters (just how do you know they “hate.” Are you able to read the human heart? Be careful with your words and with the angst by which you attempt attract readers to
    follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask yourself, if Christ were brought into this conversation, what would HE have to say? What would HE say about your response here? We need to pray with the Psalmist, “Lord put a watch before my lips.” How can we who claim to know Jesus be assertive without being caustic? I submit that if we invite the Holy Spirit into our conversation or our narrative, much more can be achieved.

  3. I sorrowfully agree. Rabi Kahn should know that if you play with the pigs you will soon smell like them. How disappointing to see
    Kahn’s marvelous ministry taken down by questionable association such as this. Even more sad is that Jim has breeched the law earlier in life and his actions do little to draw men closer to Jesus today.

  4. One need not hold ownership to a heaven or a hell, as you so mindlessly put it, but ownership of a Bible will go a long way to identify a true follower of Jesus Christ as a Christian as opposed to one who claims and lack of good fruit reveal the lack of a Spirit transformed life. I am in no position to declare or deny anyone a Christian but I am told by God’s Word to examine fruit. As a fruit inspector, I see a lot of rotten stuff,…good only to be tossed.

  5. I read your post and you are absolutely right! I have been buying the nano silver from the Jim Bakker show for quite some time. The person that said they bought a bottle for $80 did not buy it from the Jim Bakker show! The person that said they paid $125 for a bottle is also lying because as you said that is a bundle with several items in it also the $80 is a bundle. No one on that show has ever said it was a cure for Corona virus or Covid 19; but through lab testing the nano silver has been shown to kill many viruses, pathogens and many other things. And they have also stated on the show they have not tested the nano silver on the Covid virus. And that is something else people are talking bad about him, they don’t even know what type of silver it is. It is not colodial silver, it is Nano silver. Anyway, I could go on and on but I would at least like to thank you for setting the record straight.

  6. First of all it is not collodial silver, check your facts; it is nano silver! He has never sold it for $80 a bottle or $125 a bottle! Those are bundles with several items in them! Whoever paid $80 for one bottle of Silver never bought it from the Jim Bakker show. I have been buying products from him for years and if you cared to know the truth you would go back and listen to all his segments about Nano Silver and the research scientists who had talked about it and all the lab testing that has been completed on it and the results of the lab testing. No one on that show has ever said it was a cure for Corona virus and they actually said it had not been tested on that particular virus as of yet. Silver is very healing. There are people out there that are hateful and want to keep bringing him and others like him that care about people and love Jesus Christ, and his father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Speaking to one of the haters or the liars what have you all done to further the kingdom of God or to help people who are hurting? I suggest any Attorney general(s) check the facts before you open your mouth. Many many times I have taken the nano silver that I bought from the Jim Bakker show and with what was bothering me at the time I got over it much quicker than I would have on regular antibiotics with no harm to my body. If there is ever a class action suit to the people that have brought these false stories about Jim Baker and the nano Silver that he is offered on his show which again he never said it was a cure nor has anyone else I will gladly join the class action suit. Something is being kept away from me that helps build my immune system especially now at the coronavirus! I challenge anyone to prove me wrong even an Attorney General!

  7. You have your ridiculous opinion and you are entitled to it. Rabbi is smart and loves them. More than I can say for you

  8. He’s not a fake Christian. Who are you to say? You don’t have a heaven nor a hell to put anyone in. Watch how you judge for one can be judged by the same measure they give to others!

  9. A greedy Democrat? That was uncalled for, but you just couldn’t resist making this into a political story. It started out as an apolitical story, but you just couldn’t resist adding something to trigger Democrats!! A pox on your children!!!

  10. The silver is not $125 a bottle, you get two bottles of silver, two containers of the silver jell and three containers of the silver lozenges for $125. Why is it that haters can’t get their facts straight?

  11. Colloidal Silver has its place, but I strongly suspect the place is far from modern medecine. What can be achieved “In Vitro” – i.e. in a test tube, is often very different in real life.
    Hydrogen cyanide will kill most known germs in the right concentration – unfortunately it remains incompatible with mammalian life – both known facts 😉
    A wide variety of metals are known to be bactericidal – but here we are talking about a novel virus, and a particularly infective variety at that – so the old analogies are irrelevant. I suspect wearing a silver arm band or amulet would give the same “benefits” along with its typical green skin markings !
    We need to recognise BS when we see and hear it, and Mr Bakker appears to tick all the BS Boxes I know of ! In the end it all comes down to commonsense, and for once we are witnessing its appearance in a legal official – so APPLAUSE is called for 😉

  12. I take it too….has many benefits. But haters are gonna hate.

  13. Go read up on Colloidal Silver….ignorant people always seem to make assumptions without EVER doing research.

    LyingBig Pharma will deceive you so you can’t get well. I’ve taken it safely for a few years. I don’t know what Bakker is selling…there are variouus brands. I paid close to $80 for my bottle. But it is believed it is anti-microbial, and an anti-viral for HIV/AIDS, to help inflammation and pain from arthritis, boosts immune system, colon cleanse, help resolve gut issues, it was also used to treat wounds during WWI. Big Pharma likes people to be sick so they make big bucks treating symptoms, rarely, if ever cured. But malign someone without EVER DOING YOUR OWN RESEARCH?…Is disgusting.

  14. If some of the reply people were educated and informed by attending and getting first hand information not what the hear or see on tv second or third hand. They would know see and hear a lot is lies. I get my knowledge first hand and I trust GOD to tell me truth from gossip.

  15. He sold “snake oil” religion before his 1st fall, now he’s trying “snake oil religion?

  16. Did you see their trip to Israel? Lori spent more time worrying about her hair and make up and how she looked for the camera then she did enjoying the Israel sites they were seeing. Does it all the time. I wish Rabi Kahn would not go on his show. Why people watch him is beyond me.

  17. Silver kills everything- there’s been many studies. This article is biased.

  18. She is dead. He’s married to Lori

  19. I’m sure Jim Bakker is in fact a fraud…..However he might really feel that a silver solution would kill the virus. THERE IS SOME TRUTH IN THAT. Silver…the metal Silver…….does in fact kill bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. Silver is lethal to all germs and viruses. Before the age of antibiotics like Penicillin SILVER solutions were used as disinfectants. In the Old West a silver coin dropped into a barrel of drinking water kept the water purer. Even the ancients recognized that Silver was good for storing liquids.
    I make Colloidal Silver myself for my own use and am positively certain that it has helped me numerous times. Colloidal Silver is relatively easy to make and very cheap compared to buying it. No doubt Jim Bakker is onto something and is trying to make a buck with it.

  20. Tammie Fay needs some more goop!

  21. OOPS! HEY! Not Hedy, He made a living selling his falsified version of Christianity, why not maintain his image?

  22. Hedy, he made it for many years as a fake Christian, so he’s practiced at fakery!

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