President Trump Signs Anticipated Coronavirus Bill

President Trump is once again standing in the gap and taking care of business. He has signed the $8.3 billion bill that will fund the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. He has kept a level head over the issue and has made logical decisions based on factual data. The methods that are being used to combat the virus will work because preparation and measures are in place because he has acted before things got bad.

The Democrats are the ones that overreact when bad things happen. It is seen every time a person is shot because they all cry for massive gun control. President Trump stated that “We’re doing well, but it’s an unforeseen problem.” He believes that the rational people of the country are not worried like the rest of the Democrats. He believes that it will run its course like every other virus does during the year.

Mike Pence has also stated that “President @realDonaldTrump has no higher priority than the health & safety of the American people. The passage of an almost $8 billion funding bill by Congress shows that not only is this a whole of government response, but it’s a whole of America response to the Coronavirus.” Pence has stated that there is unity in the country because of the virus. Which is exactly what is happening. It has forced the rogue Democrats to work with the president.

The Democratic liars and the media are acting like the virus will not go away because they love to panic. President Trump has said that it will leave, and the people know that. Just like every other virus that has come out of the East, it will stop infecting people. What is truly spectacular is that the president is letting the experts do their job. He is not at the CDC micromanaging their efforts. Instead, he has pushed for the funding that they need to do their job. This is the perfect example of the way a government should work. It needs to stay out of the way of progress and let the thing grow.

Mike Pence is confident that the people are doing their best. He has stated that the efforts by everyone are the “very best of D.C. coming together, putting the health and wellbeing of the American people first and making nearly $8 billion available not only to federal agencies but to state and local efforts as we confront coronavirus.” The bill will take care of things like developing medicines to treat the disease and the diagnostics that are being done to identify it in people.

President Trump has also stated regarding the stock market that “I think financial markets will bounce back. They were up 70 percent so it’s a relatively small piece. I don’t like to see it happen because I was looking for 30,000 relatively soon.” He is confident that the markets are going to turn around. President Trump stated this inexperience because he has in business all of his life. He knows that there are ups and downs. But in the end, things always go up.

At the signing of the bill, there was one question about Warren and President Trump stated the truth about what people thought about Elizabeth Warren. He said “I think lack of talent was her problem. She was a good debater, she destroyed Mike Bloomberg very quickly like it was nothing… But people don’t like her. She’s a very mean person… People don’t want that. They like a person like me, that’s not mean.” Warren would have been the disaster to the coronavirus. The Democratic failure is mean, and she has little compassion towards people that suffer.

President Trump also wants the Federal Reserve to be ready to act should there be a need for intervention. He stated that “We’re going to see whether or not the Fed wants to stimulate. In my opinion, they should. Everybody is but us … I have a Fed that is not exactly proactive, I’m being very nice when I say that.” The coronavirus has caused a lot of hardship for people. But President Trump has shown that there is always hope.

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  1. Yes, couldn’t agree more! Its easy to be an armchair GENERAL; spouting criticisms at others who are actually doing something positive. Liberals, Socialists and Communists; they want :Bif=g Brother” Big Govt. to take care of them. Instead of taking responsibility for their own loves ad the lives of their family or others.

  2. You have just spread Russian propaganda on this website go to fact check and get accurate information before you post stupidly. More lies will not help anyone

  3. Trump is incompetent. He doesn’t have a clue how to govern. His only concern is his re-election and try to stop the stock market from crashing so he lies and give false information. Very very sad

  4. Are you that stupid that money is to help and possibly save American lives. What the hell is wrong with you illiterate dumb ass people. Trump is useless and worthless as president

  5. McConnell had over 200 bill’s sitting on his desk that he refused to even bring to a vote On the floor of the senate. What do you call that

  6. Trump only cares about trump. His only concern is his re-election. The man doesn’t know how to govern. He has no foreign policy he has no clue to what he is doing so in 2020 let’s flush the turd on nov 3rd

  7. You are living t under a rock. It was the Demorats that held up the money so they could blame it on Trump.

  8. Trump’s “swift” action on the virus is as fast as the tree sloth moves.

  9. Again, needed funding for our medical crisis is held hostage for approval-only when liberals, lead by evil Pelosi, stuff $2.8 million requested to $8.3million with their “waste” of taxpayer money. These liberals are an insult to USA and President. We tax payers “know how to live within a budget“. Drain the Swamp!

  10. The Dems had to fight with him to get enough money to try to deal with the virus. Again today he belittled it. He has done nothing about it but shut the borders against the Chinese. My puppy could have figured that out, but he would have figured a way to keep our lines open for our drugs. Depriving us of interest on our savings does nothing to deal with the problem, but it is his goal because he has always owed everyone and now has the United States in the same kind of condition.

  11. As well as killing a good few people, this new coronavirus is going to dispose of many leftist-myths. What a lot of the “top” Dems forget are their own ages – and in their arrogance assume the COVID-19 is bound to miss them — some News for those one-liner Dems – This virus will run its course and they cannot hide from it – every gathering of loud and rowdy boisterous Dem crowds is going to help COVID-19 spread where even The Donald would ( maybe ) hesitate to tread !
    Not that I wish harm to any decent person – of course not – need I say any more ? !!
    COVID-19 will probably pause for breath as summer approaches and the warm weather intervenes – but IF we are not totally on top of it by fall – then NEXT Winter is going to be Hell on Earth.

  12. A good portion of this money is going to foreign countries per Nancy Pelosi.

  13. I believe liberals hatred for President Trump out ways how they feel about legal American people
    Pelosi set on bill for s week during Super Tuesday. Just shows liberals in Congress want power.

  14. Sad situation – -we, finally, have a President who loves America and the American people, but nothing he says or does is “enough” for the mentally deranged liberals; they all seem to think they could “do a better job” and yet, they DO NOTHING, except “run their mouths, obstruct his efforts and make heinous noises”!

  15. This is really stupid. The government is going to give your tax dollars, they are going to fund companies to develop a vaccine, and then when you go to the Doctor or Hospital, or an outpatient clinic or the Drug Store for your vaccination, you are going to be charged for a shot , that federal tax dollars used to develop this vaccination in the first place.

  16. He wants to get elected again. So to shut up Nancy Pelosi and her pathetic group in Congress of course he’s going to sign it! Otherwise they will blame him. I’d love to see who gets all that money!

  17. Signed a bill for 8.3 billion. He wanted only 2.5! What a joke he is. No idea what is needed.

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