Facebook Removes Trump’s 2020 Re-Election Ads

Facebook Inc. has removed re-election campaign ads from President Donald Trump because they say it violates their “policy.”  The ad is requesting users to complete an “Official 2020 Congressional District Census,” and Facebook claims there is misinformation on the census.  Care to guess which question they are targeting?  That’s right, the question of “citizenship.”

The ad has a link to President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s website for their official campaign and heads straight to the survey once the link is clicked.  The ad reads, “We need Patriotic Americans like YOU to respond to this census, so we can develop a winning strategy for YOUR STATE.”

It was first reported by Facebook from a newsletter called Popular Information, where they said there was nothing wrong with the ad, and there were no violations to their policies.  Civil rights advocates stepped up and complained about the ads, and Facebook listened to them.  They wanted Facebook to remove the ads from President Trump’s campaign, and they did.

How many times have we all logged onto Facebook and saw Bloomberg, Sanders, Biden, and Warren’s ads?  Why is it okay for them to have their ads when paid for, but not President Trump?  His campaign obviously paid for it, and there was nothing wrong with the ad that was posted.

Facebook was under fire and in the hot seat about letting politicians run false advertisement.  In December of last year, they agreed to ban inaccurate ads and use FactCheck devices to detect misinformation.  Facebook spokesman Andy Stone put out this statement, “There are policies in place to prevent confusion around the official U.S. Census, and this is an example of those being enforced.”

So the Democrats can post what they want and complain to the company, and Facebook does their bidding?  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went after Facebook when the company said they found nothing against policy the first time around.  She bashed them by saying, “I know the profit motive is their business model. But it should not come at the cost of counting who is in our country so that we can provide the services and the rest.”

Pelosi basically told those at the press conference, a Census should not be promoted.  The Census Bureau and the Trump campaign both remained silent at this time.  It is tough to go up against crazy, and sometimes the Trump campaign has to pick their battles wisely.  It shows how Democrats own everything when it comes to the media.

Going back to 2018, the 2020 census report was the hot topic, which the Democrats fought to keep their illegal immigrants voting for them.  Only one question sparked the debate.  “Are you a United States Citizen?”  The majority of us can answer yes, yes, we are, and be proud of it.  Others, not so proud because they are illegal citizens and cannot be counted within the states or counties.

The whole point of a census report is to let the government know how many American citizens they are dealing with to get a ratio of Representatives to the population.  It is really not a big deal on the question.  The Democrats don’t want the people or the government to really know the answer to how many illegal immigrants we have in this country.  In the House of Representatives, they would also lose their seats.

Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent a letter to the RNC. They wanted them to quit using communications that look like the documents used in the Census report.

An RNC spokeswoman responded to the letter by saying, “These mailers are fully compliant with the law, clearly marked as a fundraising solicitation from the Republican National Committee, and in no way resemble the official government census. We are adding language to future mailers to make it even more obvious.”

If Facebook wants to oblige by only the Democrats’ standards, then they should not allow any political ads whatsoever.  This would be the only fair way of doing things.  But then again, this is also the first step to how we lose our First Amendment rights.  It’s a no-win situation when it comes to Democrats and the media.  They own it so, our voices get silenced.

The Census Bureau has protected itself by keeping domains safe and having the word “census” within the web addresses.  They have also gone the extra mile to meet with Twitter and Facebook, so there are no reasons for this.

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  1. That will not happen.Ass hole

  2. When trump was elected

  3. Trump is a want to be dictator. We already have a dictator in the White House

  4. True. Trump and republicans lie f b won’t post lies

  5. But not vile lies and vulgarity

  6. In your dreams

  7. Yea the republican party

  8. I hope trump gets impeached again

  9. If it’s a lie stupid it should be taken off

  10. Trump has over 3000 lawsuits going on now. How many more do you want him to have

  11. If you really want the truth don’t listen to msnbc or cnn or fox go to fact check Or bbc

  12. Unless you are a idiot we don’t have socialism and we won’t have socialism Fox News and trump use these lies to bolster trumps reelection

  13. You have no idea what you ate talking about. There are 3 CO. EQUAL branches of government and congress does have oversight of the executive branch. Otherwise we would be ruled by a dictator. Trump is only a want to be dictator


  15. I have needed MANY things in my life…doctors, pharmacists, plumbers, mechanics for my vehicle, roofers, painters, etc., but NEVER in my entire life have I EVER NEEDED FACEBOOK or their “overseers”. They could drop away today and my life would go right on as if they had never existed…good riddance to them all!!

  16. Facebook, they are again showing their donkeys!

  17. This doesn’t really surprise me as mark zukerberg ‘s a liberal aka communist. This ‘yiddiot’ thinks he can abridge freedom of speech. Wow is this overpaid bag of rotten gas in for a big surprise! Last time I checked, this was one of our rights and freedoms under the US Constitution.

  18. I couldnt agree more…Facebook should go! I’ve been telling my wife for about two years that she should just cancel, there’s so much crap on the platform! The social media giant is so obviously a liberal platform that promotes behaviors and attitudes that are deteriorating and distorting our beloved nation. You want the truth and to set the record straight? Ditch Facebook, it’s a dark hole and it’s getting deeper all the time. Like the gentleman said, let’s go back to plain old email, hey, wouldn’t it be great to actually write letters again? Remember those? Let’s give a boost to our postal service rather than Mark Zuckerberg.

  19. Why don’t President Trump’s supporters to like the gays do when they want to force a straight person to bake their wedding cake , have a nation wide class action suite against facebook!

  20. Trump is the only one putting lies on websites

  21. Trump is the only one who cheated in the last election

  22. Trump is worthless and useless and is very incompetent and he has done nothing major and his administration in the beginning had some great people now he has nothing but yes men and boot lickers with next to no knowledge. GOD HELP AMERICA because trump won’t

  23. News flash. Mexico has closed its borders to the U S to stop the spread of Coronavirus from the U S Go Mexico build that wall. Build that wall. Build that wall

  24. I did the census no time did I go Trumps or Spence’s site Someone is lying at Facebook

  25. looks like facebook is in the same bed as the communist democrats . MUST BE THE SEX ! facebook would never let anything come between them and they’re lovers. I’m getting to the point where i really don’t like facebook anymore. im going to see what happens if i opt out of facebook ?

  26. If they are lies they should be taken off remember trump cheated to win in 2016 so he will cheat again. Trump is no stranger to lies. 17000 in 31/2 years

  27. How can you be so Nasty to not let Trump Adds Run, when you let the other go on
    are you a bunch of Socialist who want to see America Fail and are you against the 1st
    Amendment, which could mean you are worst than a Socialist leading to be a Dictator.

  28. EXACTLY! The lefties refuse to listen to the FACTS/TRUTH. They will never hear it from the ilk of CNN/MSNBC!

  29. SORRY, but your are terribly WRONG! PLEASE, stop with the MSM, AND some in DC who hate our president because they are afraid he will DRAIN THE SWAP. He DOES NOT want SOCIALISM, AS WE DO NOT WANT SOCIALISM. CHECK YOUR FACTS, OK?
    SO, are you the one who did all that counting of LIES? Did you bother to count the lies of hillary, obama, pelosi, schumer, nadler, shifty? If you didn’t count ALL THE LIES, then find yourself a new hobby! Do some serious listening, instead of COUNTING!

  30. Facebook is a company full of brain dead moronic fools. When an ex facebook employee shows up for an interview at my place I hire them. I have th ed m move yo some little city saying we are going to open a new bunch and they will be in charge. Then I lay them off a week later saying we decided to go another direction.

    You jerks want to know why? Because your a bunch of racist fascist scum and I love causing you hardship. Your stupid over the top liberal garbage is proof you are stupid people.

  31. I don’t need to see the ads.I am voting for him anyway.If facebook thinks they are helping the DEMS,think again>freedom of speech has been denied Pres.Trump this is why we all need to vote for him to show the dems we believe in free speech and anyone who is denied that right needs to be voted for.

  32. What is Facebook’s policy ….nothing Republican?

  33. The decennial census is emerging to find out ‘how many US citizens do we have’. Don’t you know? No courts necessary. It’s administrative.
    Social media by printing false and misleading ads in 2016 presidential campaigns for Trump show they require regulation to make them fair and source-checked. It’s Trump administration that publishes lies, along with Russian sources. Those are the fascists ordinarily called oligarchs and authoritarians. You don’t know this and so are one of them by your words.

  34. “The whole purpose of the census is to collect statistical data about U.S. citizens to determine the appropriate division of seats in the House of Representatives and provide a basis for apportioning federal taxes and funding among states”. As far as the three branches of government, nobody has oversight over anybody. They are three separate branches each with their own designated duties. They are supposed to work together. Do your homework before you post something.

  35. Has FB also removed campaign adda of all Dems? No question on whether or not FB is biased. Pull FB’s plug once and for all. Google’s too.

  36. Enough!!didn’t use it much,so I won’t miss it. Freedom of speech,face book
    has no idea what it means.looks like the beginning of the Hitler era. Chilling!!!

  37. I guess by avoiding congress means that follow the Democratic path because what they say is law. They won’t be censored if they dump republicans ads. But it’s ok for democrats to do what they want. I really believe the democrats want a civil war, because they are tramping on our amendments left and right. Christians, Catholics and Jewish faith are being abolished. Muslims are being hailed hero’s. Legals aren’t good but illegals are great. What is wrong with these people. They’re the ones who are going to be standing in front of the good lord on day. And the door will open up and they’ll fall straight done. I do believe the end of the world is coming. God is letting us destroy ourselves. Those that believe and are goodwill overcome these evil serpents.

  38. They better remove any democrats adds too. If not I hope the president sues Zuckerman too. I guess Soros and Clinton got to him after all. I remember not to long ago he said he was going to let both sides speak then Soros and Clinton complained and said he was handing the election to Trump. Wow, the democrats didn’t say anything about Bloomberg though. I think there needs to be a new “Facebook “ like social media where people can say what they want and not be deleted if the owner doesn’t agree. Only time is when someone is being bullied. I hope Trump sues him for 100 million. Another person in the Clinton pocket.

  39. I’ve been put in Facebook prison a few times for about a week each time. They completely canceled my account once already. I’m guilty of showing my support for God and Our President.

  40. I guess they will find out the hard way. RIGHT ?

  41. To the Trumpsters, who complain about the “Left” being “tyrannical”
    A little bit of facts to help you understand America:
    Re: the Census” The LAW requires the count of ALL PEOPLE
    in EVERY household. It does NOT say :CITIZENS” There are
    numerous other Legal agencies which provide that information.
    Re : The “Left” being Tyrannical:
    Your Leader, Trump. announced very publically that Article 2
    of the Constitution ” allows him to do ANYTHING he wants to do !!
    The Article says NO SUCH THING!! Trump disregards and violates
    the Law by ignoring Articles 1 (Congress) and Article 3 (Supreme
    Court) Which have Oversight of all Branches.
    These Articles established the Congress as a Co-Equal Branch
    as does Article 3, Establishing the Supreme Court as another co-equal Branch.
    They were created to have oversight of all branches of Government
    These articles CLEARLY establish the duties & responsibilities to
    prevent exactly what Trump is trying to do: MAKING HIMSELF
    INTO A DICTATOR !!! He has consistently ignored virtually EVERY
    LAW on the books. He has LIED over 16,000 times, by actual count
    The ONLY President in history who has had to be FACT-CHECKED
    because he has NO REGARD whatsoever for the TRUTH>

  42. There are more than one way to communicate, RIGHT ?


  44. Also, if 62 million people voted for Trump, how many of them use FB? I wonder if FB would notice if all the people that voted Trump that use FB, would drop FB. Hmmmm.

  45. They will just cry and say NOTHING. What else can they do.

  46. I hope Trump sues the hell out of FB. Facebook is racist to Trump and all Republicans. Also discrimination. They cater to Demons, but discriminate against Republicans. I too, will no longer use FB. Talk about crooked. Just like Demom crappers.

  47. If you remove their ad, that they paid for. Refund them their money. You cant legally remove the ad and keep the money. Unless of course your a democrat.

  48. This doesn’t surprise me. I was put on a 30 day suspension from Facebook, because I stated an opinion about Omar, and my thoughts about Islamics serving in an elected position, to which I am opposed, and Facebook has blocked me from posting anything for 30 days. I thought that we have a right to free speech. Facebook doesn’t think so.

  49. Special interest groups have impacted Washington and businesses. Many problems have resulted from this ongoing issue. We need to find a way to minimize their ability to impact our lives. It’s a complicated issue. Facebook is just another example of this. We need to keep freedom of speech and expression without undue influence by these groups. We are a polarized society right now. This makes this goal more difficult.

  50. Fb and the like are idiots the more you tell someone not to or they can’t have it the harder you push to get it or find out why…. Thanks to these idiots And the like for never learning the lesson…. Keep pushing keep trying to impeach. You are reelcting President Trump all on your own…. And I thank you for your evil hatred it will push President Trump further to the top… President Trump 2020 all the way!!!!!! BAHAHA BAHAHA!!!!!!!


  52. Because Facebook is run by commies ! We stopped using it in our Family And many others are dropping it as well !! BOYCOTT FACEBOOK !!

  53. Between Trump (and by extension his ad producers) lying about nearly everything and the renewal of Russian military hacking including ad placing it’s no mystery that Facebook and other social media companies are closely scrutinizing campaign materials for publication. What approaches newsworthiness is that this becomes a story with multiple ads pulled from websites and on air. It’s social media corporate executives like Zuckerbert and Musk trying desperately to avoid regulation by congress that mandates attention to truthful ads and real campaign news, not lies and propaganda like 2016. I still think regulation is required for ubiquitous, ever present media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the multitude of other platforms I personally tend to avoid to minimize my own jeopardy by bad actors hacking huge data bases like SONY, AOL and more.

  54. What has happened to our jFree Speech, Rights, the 2nd Amendment,? This Political correct CRAP is going a bit too far. I’d vote for Trump for the next 8 years. hope they change this 2 terms for Pres. What they SHOULD CHANGE is term limits to all the REPS. 2 terms is plenty.

  55. B/C they know he will win & they can’t stand it!!!


  57. Bolshevik Zuckerberg is in alignment with the liberal commie Democrats. The same goes for Google. They are going to meddle in the 2020 election just as long as the are interfering for the Democrats. If they are allowing ads from Bolsheviks Sanders and Bloomberg, Lady Stalin (Warren) or Alzheimer Joe, they should be allowing political ads from the Republican Party. The U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment rights need to be applied 360 degrees all the way around. No social tech site should have the right to ban free speech, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions, should be when individuals promote terrorism, Hatred, and antisemitism., pedophilia etc, extreme groups such as Bernie Bros., or the true fascists called ANTIFA which is condoned and supported by the Democratic Party. Politicians that promote violence such as brain dead Waters, who tell her supporters to get into people’s faces. It’s not the Republicans telling their supporters to commit violence against Democrats, though I believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Waters should remember what goes around comes around.

  58. The census doesn’t even ask about citizenship!
    FB is intentionally biased and fake!

  59. I hope he wins the election by such a big margin the Democrats will have to stuff their heads up there asshole. Sure as hell isn’t a Democracy any more. Just a one sided slippery slope and hopefully there are a number that slip to the side.

  60. I do not have a Facebook account specifically for this issue.
    It is an offensive way to communicate and childish.
    Trump is the best thing to happen to this country and he is handling this supposed crisis very well.

  61. already cancelled

  62. Free speech is only for the Democrats.Say otherwise and you are a racist and a bigot.What does this make of them.I will NEVER vote democrate. God Bless Donald Trump and lets all get together to make sure he wins again. This is the only president who has really done something not just for the country but the people of this country.LETS GET TOGETHER AND VOTE!! Lets show the Dems who really runs this country.

  63. Let’s all remove Facebook from our lives. It’s turned communist.

  64. My Facebook account was Deacctivated. ii was on it in Nov, at night. Next day i am off ,no warning. i put a lot of Trump posts on I will not compromise my beliefs. Face Book does censure.Ii was taken off for a few days to a week because I posted my beliefs in our president. Also being a Christian is a big no. Putting up Bible verses was a no.

  65. So I want to know. How many US citizens do we have in the USA? Isn’t that a fair question? We ALWAYS knew in the past so suddenly it’s wrong to know? Let’s ask the SCOTUS to resolve once and for all! And FB, stop listening to demonrats only! It’s time we had fair and source-checked articles in the news so we can find out truth! We are dangerously being overtaken by fascists!

  66. Facebook has no control anymore! They are scared and controlled by the far left. Those that bitch and throw tantrums. I had high regards for the young man creating fb but it has become communist controlled!

  67. Facebook is a Biden supporter Here it is last night a poll was revealed that 76% of the Biden supporter do not follow politics! REALLY!!!!!!! Hey a$$munches you better get with the program and start finding out what the hell is going on, as you are currently supporting a candidate who the democrats are trying to hide!! JOE HAS LOST HIS MENTAL STATE and NO major news network is covering it. The guy is constantly losing his train of thought he has to stop mid sentence to regain his thought process, he has shown violence towards his own supporters. BET YOU HEARD NONE OF THIS ON YOUR NIGHTLY NEWS!! They continue to prop him up but i will guarentee that he will not be allowed to take office. He will be ruled incompetent and a face from the past will step into the office if elected. TRUMP ON THE OTHER HAND PROBABLY HAS JUST SAVED THOUSANDS OF LIVES BY HIS QUICK ACTION TO CLOSE THE BOARDERS AND LIMIT TRAVEL AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO VOTE ON A BILL TODAY TO OPEN THE BOARDERS BACK UP. THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE DEMOCRAT WHO HAS COME FORWARD WITH A SOLUTION TO THIS OUTBREAK IT IS ALL BE PRESIDENT TRUMP SINK OR SWIM ON THIS ONE, AND I BELIEVE HE IS SWIMMING JUST FINE. YOU WILL SEE HOW MUCH THE DEMOCRATS CARE TODAY AS HE TRIES TO GET THE FUNDING AND SUPPORT WE NEED THROUGH THE HOUSE

  68. Freedom of speech is dead unless it’s approved by the new communist party of America

  69. YOU, are the idiot, move to a communist or socialist country! you don’t deserve freedom!


  71. YOU are a complete IDIOT! If you had half a brain you could see all the good he has done for our country, He is THE BEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAD AND HAS DONE MORE FOR US ALREADY THAN THE CROOKED, LYING, MONEY HUNGRY, POWER HUNGRY LIBERALS have ever done! Move to a socialist or communist country, that’s what you deserve!

  72. my advice is sell your stock…… eventually Facebook will be gone due to the fact they are puppets to the libs. suppressing freedom of speech and carrying water for the socialists and communists! Of course they don’t want a CITIZENSHIP question asked! The libs depend on illegal aliens voting to keep them in power!
    Wonder if any Americans ever asked themselves; “why do I have to show my identification (Fl. drivers license) and my voter ID in order to vote when illegal aliens are voting all over the country with no real ID ” I’d love the answer if anyone has one

  73. I agree! It’s freedom of speech we are trying to defend here! cancel Facebook great idea! (P.S. I don’t use it & never did!)

  74. All the News Media including Paper and the Social Media is owned operated and controlled by a Jewish Cartel, the Same people are the ones that Control The DemonRatPack, They takes the orders from the IAPAC. (Israel American Pack) Big Lobbyist for the war against Iran where Bolten said Yeas and Trump said NO.! it is all a big Mafia group, by the way, Blomberg is one of them. They are not interested in helping anyone from the right, especially not the President.!

  75. I really don’t care what the socialists and communists “say” And if, by some more corruption of throwing the election (as we saw both times that Obama got “elected” ) President Trump is not re- elected, We will help our daughters and son in laws and their children move to a country in which they can grow up with the freedoms we have always known in America.

  76. You are absolutely right!

  77. Look in the mirror to see who the real idiot is.

  78. Good!! Trump is an idiot and anyone who backs him should think twice about it

  79. This is how the Communist companies try to win the election for Democrats. It’s the only way they can win and so they do what’s corrupt to make it happen. Vote Republican in 2020 or lose your freedom and your country.

  80. Bye, Facebook.

  81. YES!! It’s about time someone thinks like I’m thinking right now. Get rid of 2-Faced-Book.
    It is more of a social breakdown system.

  82. Since 95% of information from Trump are lies, geared toward those who ALSO don’t have a moral conscience, integrity, and look up to him, I’m grateful for FB’s scrutiny.
    It sounds like Trump is your hero, well Hitler is his. (Read his favs) Reach your hero before slamming Facebook.

  83. I support the recommendation that all conservatives and their supporters cancel Facebook. It is an entirely unnecessary platform contributing exactly nothing other than bias to the national agenda. They will miss us far more than we will miss them. Let them move to Europe with the rest of the Socialist media!

  84. I enjoy FACEBOOK but am just a little fed up with their one sided agenda.

    I happen to think PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP has made a huge impact on our country and in a VERY GOOD WAY.

    If you are going to take all the TRUMP ads off, the ones of us with a little sense don’t want to see those from the SENILE OLD MAN, SOCIALIST, or NOTHING with CLINTON, OBUMMER OR ANY OF THE OTHER FROM THE “OTHER SIDE”.

    Fair is fair.

  85. I closed my Facebook account years ago. Facebook is a big part of the decline of morals and reality in our society today so join me close your account today and remember Facebook SUCKS

  86. Very easy to repair: Everybody just cancel their Facebook account! Go back to the old way communicate just with E-Mail. I don’t want every body to who my REAL friends are anyway etc.

  87. I hope President Trump sues Facebook, Liberal Bastard

  88. Zuckerberg and his FB cronies are ALL DEMORATS ! Socialistic Idiotic Morons !!!

  89. This is their idea of “Fair & Balanced”. In reality they hate our President & all of us who stand w/ him. What will they say when he wins AGAIN????

  90. Another fine example of American Big Brother stepping all over our freedom of speech! They don’t touch all the Bernie or Biden garbage being shoved in our faces – too much money and power involved. If we lose President Trump in the 2020 election we’re screwed completely on totally!! Maybe if all Trump supporters just posted the words President Trump 2020 in their post facebook (doesn’t deserve capitol letters) would short itself out??

  91. I do not have a facebook acct and never will!! I don’t trust any of them! I refuse to use any social media they all need controled, they all have gone too far. I have been trying to get all my family to quit them. That accounts for over 60 people, if we could get all our families to quit facebook they might wise up some!!!!

  92. This is another example of taking advantage of ones authority. Whether Mr or Mrs received compensationd who paid for the travel and accomodations.

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  93. This is totally insane! Why would a question on our U.S. Census questionnaire requiring each individual to report if he/she is a citizen be grounds for deleting a post by our elected U.S. President from a Facebook website? My husband and I have stock in FB and honestly, we seriously question the management of FB and whether we want to be associated with its management! All to often, posts and comments from Republicans are removed unjustifiably!

  94. Why do you think? The Democratic party’s lips are permanently glued to the but of the communist democrats. when you have no media coverage, they can say anything they want and presuming they can read, the left has no inkling of any other truth but theirs–which is they agenda. the whole party is based on keeping the average person il;l- informed and ignorant of the things that matter in favor of their tyrannical agenda to destroy this country and institute a dictatorships with no freedom for anyone not in the upper c lasses.

  95. Read that one of Joe Biden’s daughters has a big marketing job at Facebook. You can google it and read for yourself.

  96. So much for freedom of speech!!!! Block the DEMS too!!!

  97. You people on Facebook may think you can control the narrative in everything but if you bunch of liberals don’t want to play fair then we will have to enact laws to control you ,this country not as liberal as you in your ivory tower’s think

  98. Did you hear that? That was Facebook begging to be regulated by a Federal Agency. Hey Jeff. Find out who this clown is and send him to re-education. If you are a cow, you don’t bite the farmer who feeds and tends you. If you do, you find yourself cut up and at the market being sold off as parts. Sound like a pleasant outcome? Your activist friends do not supply any material support or protection. They have no skin in this. Just ell them to shut up and leave you out of their little fights.

  99. Facebook does not have the right to pick and choose ads, which are free speech!!!! Zuckerberg get off your box and start being fair. I looked at crap for 8 yrs from the last administration. Trump has every right to place ads for his election, etc. Are you being called out by Soros and his “Anti-Trump” group? If so, time to get a back bone!!!

  100. Facebook s outrageous! How dare they remove a legitimate ad for Donald Trump. It is clear that Facebook shares the same media bias as the rest of the mainstream media! We should all remove our Facebook accounts!!!

  101. you bunch of assholes why remove Trump’s campaign adds

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