Black Performer Praises Trump’s Handling of Race; Obama Only Helped the Rich

President Donald Trump has been labeled as racist from the get-go. Day one, before he was even inaugurated or elected, those on the left used his no-nonsense attitude and straight to point tactics as a way to accuse him of racism. However, if we look closer at who these accusatory people are, you will see that a majority of them are white establishment Democrats, merely afraid of losing their oh so precious power.

But for those in the real world, who live in black, Hispanic, and other minority communities, they know differently. And according to some, Trump has done more for them than their own Barack Obama.

Terrance K. Williams, a black comedian, recently appeared on internet TV network America’s Voice to talk about politics. And what he had to say just might surprise you.

He praises Trump, saying he had done well in regards to race. But in addition, he scorned the once-beloved Obama claiming that he only used the black community to get into the White House and that once Obama was there, he forgot about his heritage.

Williams stated that when Trump was campaigning in 2016, he asked the black community, as well as other minorities, “What in the hell do you have to lose?” According to Williams, the answer was nothing.

“And he was right. We didn’t have nothing to lose. Because the do-nothing Democrats didn’t do anything.”

Williams went on to explain that most politicians knew they had to get the black vote and so pandered to them, making promises they weren’t about to keep. And for most, this pandering only served to inspire a false hope that somehow things would change. But they didn’t.

“I don’t like how these politicians – we put our trust in them, and then they turn around and stab us in the back. They get our vote and then they just run away. We don’t hear from them again.”

And for Williams and many others, Obama was no different. The conservative-leaning comedian stated, “He told everybody – he told me and all the black community, everybody in the black community, ‘I am going to work hard for you, I’m going to bring jobs back for you, I’m going to do this.” But once he got his “narrow black behind” into the Oval Office, the black community didn’t see a single change.

Obama did seem to take a liking to several black celebrities, though. Williams noted that “the only people he invited to the White House, the only people he helped out, was Beyonce, Jay-Z – you had to be a rapper or an actor to get love from Obama.”

Trump, on the other hand, has invited men and women like Williams.

“But you know what? President Donald J. Trump – a New York businessman, he was a billionaire – invited me to the White House. Obama would have never done that. If I didn’t act or rap, Obama wouldn’t invite me to the White House. He didn’t want nothing to do with you.”

And he went on to explain that Trump has proved that he is President for the people, no matter what color they are. In fact, Williams is so proud of what Trump has done that he called him “the first black president.”

He said, “He (Trump) has done so much for the black community that he is the first black President I honestly want him to take a DNA test. He’s doing so much for the black community. I’m starting to think he black.”

And while a DNA test will likely do little to prove why Trump is set on helping communities he didn’t come from, Williams makes a good point and one that is being noticed nationwide. The black vote is leaving the Democratic Party.

In 2016, Trump won about 8% of the black vote. Now, however, polls are showing him with a much higher black support system. According to CNN’s Chris Cillizza, “South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the lone black Republican in the Senate, predicted last week that Trump would get 12% of the black vote in 2020, adding: ‘And that is game over.’”

Cillizza went on to note the highest percentage of the black any Republican presidential candidate has received was 12% with George H.W. Bush in 1988 and Bob Dole in 1996.

And while 12% doesn’t mean everyone in the black community is calling Trump the “first black president,” it shows they might not have “nothing” to lose anymore.

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  1. How many democrats vote for the civil rights laws harry Reid was a grandmaster in the kkk

  2. In the 8 years the black charlatan, liar and flim flamer was in the White house, he never had nor invited any middle class Americans, the demographic he campaigned and vowed to help to any White House function nor did he attend any function in which the majority of guests were middle class. . Obozo was a hustler and basically out only for himself and his ‘moochella’.and had the attitude, ‘screw everyone else.’ He said things that made the people vote for him like ‘jobs creation, and we know the jobs he created if any were the same low paying non living wage jobs people found aplenty yet he touted these jobs were going to be good paying jobs. and his healthcare bill the ‘affordable care act’ that any thinking person knew was unfeasible and just another piece of worthless SHIT written on toilet paper with a sharpie to give the Americans something, anything, thinking they were stupid and they’d fall for this piece of crap that had absolutely no chance of working. And the real outrage, obozo left DC after basically an 8 year long luxury vacation on the American taxpayers dime in which nothing positive got done for the middle class who by the way still continue to struggle, but don’t blame this on Donald Trump, .a multi millionaire despite entering with only a few thousand as a ‘community organizer.’ Math was my strong subject in school and the numbers just don’t balance at a salary of around $400 thousand per year even after 8 years he left with 40 million dollars. Someone explain this please.

  3. The left will simply label him an Uncle Tom and be done with it.

  4. Just keep repeating the dems/media lies. It will take you to the same place most minorities have been since the 60s. In welfare land.

  5. The Dems are bad for Blacks! The Blacks are finally realizing this !

  6. Trump turned over the transcript of the Ukraine phone call immediately. It was Shiff that lied when he read his “version” into the public record. All of the witnesses corroborated that the transcript Trump sent to the House was accurate. I take it you didn’t see the actual televised media circus and just listened to the lying demokraut narrative. Look elsewhere for your news. You got force fed a load of BS.

  7. “Racist” is the democrats favorite word. If you don’t agree with them, they call a person racist to shut them up and put them down. They offer not one example or proof of being racist before using that word. If Trump is a racist, as the democrats accuse, he is doing it wrong. The colored community has the lowest unemployment in history. Trump is creating jobs and giving dignity to people. The democrats, on the other hand, offer welfare, charity and shame. So jobs and dignity versus hand-outs and shame. Personally, I think it is a question of just who are the racists? The democrats are again pointing the finger away from themselves and accusing the president of something that they are guilty of themselves.

  8. What have they lied about but not the B S lies trump says

  9. You really need a reality check. Did you not live through the eight years of democrats and Obama? The racial divide they created? The fact that the liberals are still pumping out how whites are all racist and blacks are being oppressed? The full time jobs turning into part time? The national debt doubled? Our enemies armed and financed? The doubling of the poverty level and homelessness? H1N1 that over 12,278 of our citizens died from because the democrats refuse to secure our borders from illegals flooding our nation from Mexico where it originated and still the democrats refuse to secure the border even though we now have the corona virus threat? The open mic where Obama lets Putin know he will play with him when he is re-elected, and as for Ukraine, even if it was as the liars claim might we remember Russiangate and the lies and spying done there? The fake impeachment that was planned before Trump was sworn in. Think about the spying done on our citizens due to democrats and their fear of losing power. We even lost our health care quality due to Obamacare and it increased deaths as well as didn’t add anymore to health insurance but did cause people to die because they NO LONGER COULD AFFORD TO SEE A DOCTOR. Wake up and smell the coffee. The rest of us have.

  10. If you people really want to know the truth don’t listen to CNN or FOX or the president go to FACT CHECK and get the real truth. You mite be surprised

  11. Socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money (Dame Margaret Thatcher).

  12. Check the facts. Blacks are doing better under this president than any other in history. This is Americas President regardless of race. This man is the Real Deal so get over it all you whining democratic idiots that cant see the truth when its right in front of you. TRUMP AGAIN IN 2020!

  13. And you believe a pathological lair

  14. No dem has seen the real transcript go to fact check and find out the truth. Trump and Fox News are not telling you the truth him and his administration have told more than 17000 lies and you people still believe them

  15. And you are a fool who knows nothing about socialism. Learn to do the research to learn the truth. Anybody with any brains knows that most have paid their way for SS and medicare, its the politicians who have screwed it up by stealing from it and making it available to some who don’t deserve it. As for lowlifes you are as low as they get.

  16. Where you get your news from dope head? Liberal lunatics believe anything the lying media and democrat party tells them.

  17. You are about as stupid as it gets. Congress has seen the Ukraine call transcript as well as the DOJ. Keep watching fake news and stay stuck on stupid.

  18. In case you haven’t noticed they are catching Chinese sneaking across southern border that the Dems want to open up.They also want to brand him racist for banning travel to and from China, which he done as soon as the virus was discovered. You don’t need to look any farther than the democratic liberals to see who is putting Americans in danger. You need to wake up and stop believing the lies liberals are promoting. Do some honest research on tour own.

  19. You must get your B S from lying fox news

  20. They are still socialist programs and if you people except them you are no more than trump a bunch of low life HYPOCRITES

  21. Hey $#!T for brains, I paid into social Security and medicare for over 40 years and you think I’m going to give it up or let an Illegal have it, Go F#@K Yourself.

  22. Why don’t you go soak your head. Democrats are the liars all they do is lie. President Trump is about the people no matter what race and you Democrat’s are scared of him. Get a life

  23. Wake up people Trump is fooling you all.

  24. If you people would stay in school and learn something about history you would know that the Democrats wanted their slaves and was against Lincoln A ( Republican ) who wanted to free the slaves. The Democrats want the minority to be poor and on welfare to keep them under their thumbs so they will keep voting for them. Democrats will keep lying and saying thing Like that idiot Sanders saying he will give you free schooling, health care, and take your school debts away so you will not have to pay them back. This is just more bull sh’t to get you to vote for them. There is no thing as free anything because some one has to pay for all this free stuff the American people with higher tax . You will be paying triple for gas , food and everything else you buy. So wake up people before
    it’s to late.

  25. Well give up your social security and your Medicare because they are socialist programs

  26. If trump is so transparent why is the real Ukraine phone call transcript hidden in a secret place where even congress can’t see it

  27. You need to get your head out of your butt trump and the Republican Party are some of the most racist people on earth

  28. The President Job is to protect us all ,the whole Country ,all of us ,race does not matter all of America matters ,I am a black man ,so what we all matters all America we need to stop using race as an excuse Liberal ideas stinks , I am not a rich man but Socialism is a certain death slowly but surely ,

  29. Trump is not going to get anymore than 8 percent of the black vote

  30. Trump cares only about trump and as soon as you people come down to earth and start using your heads you will realize that. He is down playing the corona virus because the stock market is crashing and that will hurt his re-election so he’s putting people in danger in hope’s his lies will raise the stock market

  31. What’s wrong stupidity!!hate hearing the truth!!

  32. We Are So Glad To See That The Black Community Is Waking Up To How They Are Being Used By The Democratic Party. They Were Being Used For There Votes And Then Forgot About. All The Promises Fell By The Wayside Until They Needed Them Again. We Can’t Say President Trump Is Without Faults And Can Be Outspoken At Times But He Has Kept His Promises That He Made In Spite Of All The Dirty Tricks That The Democrats Have Pulled And Are Still Trying To Pull More. If Our Country Is To Succeed And Be Pulled Back To The Country We All Love Them We Must At All Cost Put Donald Trump Back In Office. President Trump Has My Family’s Vote.


  34. Obama is a racist

  35. In street parlance …Word.

  36. Your a joke, because you can’t handle the truth that Trump cares more about people of different races. He doesn’t see color he sees people who need jobs. You can’t handle the truth.

  37. Wake up! The truth is that Donald Trump is not a politician. Trump is a business man. He does not look at people the way politicians do. He sees everyone as an asset worth developing. Politicians see peoples as assets worth exploiting. It is a different mind set. By developing people and communities, the entire becomes stronger. By exploiting those people, there is constant unrest and disappointment. In the end, most people have given up and are resigned to the fact that politicians lie to them. That is why the MSM tries so hard to keep the narrative that Trump is a liar pushed every day. The fact that he is the most transparent President we have ever had is unnerving to them. We don’t need them to tell us what he is thinking. He tells us. They are threatened by his openness. Black and Hispanic voters can see the progress. They see the attitude translating into action and results. Trump is already famous, he doesn’t need the self-gratification that comes from associating with shallow, stupid people from the beautiful class. Black voters are smarter than most people give them credit for. At least the ones who have opened their eyes.

  38. Trump was never a racist. This was just a disinformation campaign by the liberal commie democrats, to retain the African American vote. The liberal commie Democrats thins that they are owed the African American vote. Every 4 years they come around looking for the vote , then see ya pal see you in 4 years, and they do nothing for the African American Community. The Democratic Party, The party of Corruption Racism and Antisemitism.

  39. Terrence isn’t in that group!

  40. Yes, you are correct! They don’t care about the black people. As soon as they get elected they turn their backs on us. All they care about is power and control of the people, nothing else.

  41. What irritates me the most about about President Trumps accusers is that they do not
    Provide employment for the many people which he does through his many businesses. The only means that they offer is with our tax dollars.

  42. What’s the matter, BOOBY, can’t stand the TRUTH! Most of hollweird are self centered, spoiled POS, phonies.

  43. No, he just tells it like it is and you all don’t want to hear it! These facts don’t lie.

  44. When are blacks going to wise up and realize that the only thing the democrats do for them is pander to them for their vote every two or four years. Despite all their promises blacks in democrat cities and states are mired in substandard educational systems run by democrat officials, crime ridden neighborhoods in democrat controlled city governments such as Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Oakland etc. etc. Democrats court blacks at election time then forget them the day after elections or relegate them to the Plantations of their democrat controlled cities until next election.

  45. Terrence is a JOKE….literally! Let me know when a legitimate AA entertainer makes a claim

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