VIDEO: North Korea Launched Unknown Projectile, Military Analyzing

North Korea has been warned on several occasions about firing off and testing ballistic missiles.  Two missiles were fired that appeared to be short-range ballistic missiles.  These missiles were fired after the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watched the testing on how well their combat readiness is gearing up.  It was reported by the Associated Press the missiles were fired from a coastal town known as Wonsan.  The report stated from South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff the missiles flew about 150 miles before landing in the water.

The United States and South Korean militaries are investigating the launches to see if they were, in fact, ballistic missiles and why they were being tested.  North Korea has been quiet for the last few months, but that does not mean they are not planning something.

This was the first time this year North Korea tested weapons of this magnitude, while also being the first time this year they have violated the rules yet again.  The whys are unknown at this time, but it is suspected it has to do with the coronavirus outbreak in Asia.

Everyone knows Kim Jong Un is a shady character, and he is unpredictable.  Kim made it known at the end of last year, he had no more reasons to follow the moratorium for testing weapons.  Maybe with the outbreak of the deadly virus, some of his plans may have been postponed.

Kim Dong-yub, an analyst from Seoul’s Institute for Far Eastern Studies, stated, “North Korea likely tested one of its new road-mobile, solid-fuel missile systems or a developmental ‘super large’ multiple rocket launcher it repeatedly demonstrated last year.”

Other experts are saying the weapons used in the North Korean testing may overwhelm their missile defense system.  It will give North Korea a significant advantage in attacking Japan, South Korea, and the US bases within the location.

The presidential office within South Korea stated National Security Director Chung Eui-Yong carried conversations with the spy chief and South Korea’s defense minister concerning the missile launches.  They all agree there is a “strong concern” with North Korea testing those missiles.  As this rages on, the tensions are at an all-time high.

Japan reported no damages or any missiles were landing within their country.  No economic zones were affected, and there was no aircraft or sea vessels harmed.

The Defence Ministry put out a statement saying, “The repeated firings of ballistic missiles by North Korea is a serious problem for the international community including Japan, and the government will continue to gather and analyze information, and monitor the situation to protect the lives and property of the people.”

The speculation on Kim’s growing numbers on violations comes at a time where they are in search of strengthening their artillery and military.  There are also signs of internal unity where Kim is showing the world the coronavirus outbreak has no effect on stopping their plans for testing more missiles.

America and South Korea still work on their springtime training for invasions from the North.  North Korea also amps up its testing activities, leaving every nation on edge.

Allies made the announcement last week they were not going to carry out their invasion rehearsals due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in South Korea.  Soldiers from both the North and the South have been infected with the deadly virus, so their training will commence at a later date.

Is this stopping Kim Jong Un? Nope! He is carrying through with his plans loud and proud of whether their soldiers are infected with the coronavirus or not.  One thing is for sure, North Korea cannot be trusted.  With everyone on alert and trying not to contract the virus, Kim is out there, ramping up his military.  This is not good.

The Trump administration added sanctions on top of sanctions, and Kim is no longer talking negotiations with South Korea.  Negotiations are not over with the US and North Korea, but the defiance still remains.

North Korea is demanding Seoul defies the US-led international sanctions and kickstarts their broken economy.  The more North Korea challenges the UN and the allies, the more sanctions are placed on the communist country.

Kim Jong Un is growing weary of the punishments he faces with the sanctions. However, he is somehow willing to meet President Donald Trump and still continue the talks.  The problem is, he also still continues to launch missiles, keeping the US, South Korea, and the world in suspense.

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  1. North Korean leader Kim is not crazy enough to risk doing anything that would cause his country to be destroyed or something that could cause him to lose his control. I spent a total of about 20 months in South Korea in several visits and I have been to the DMZ and I had a Korean girlfriend whose Father had family in the DPRK and he was very interesting to talk too when we would visit his farm in Kangnung North Korea seems to rely mostly on presenting an image but if you watch videos of something as simple as their troops marching if you notice they are goosestepping which will destroy their knees I just get the impression that the DPRK is in many ways fragile as Kim does not want anything bad to happen to disrupt his control

  2. Do you remember months ago what TRUMP did to that Iranian terrorist? whats his name. well his name doesn’t matter cause he’s gone now! and i could care less what his name was! Well TRUMP would have to have the US congress’s aproval this time supposedly but i dont think TRUMP would listen to them if they said no dont do anything to North Korea! Kim dosent wanna mess with TRUMP’S America! America is the biggest superpower and North Korea would need Russias help and even then America would probley come out on top of the war winning it. That little smurf height looking North Korean dictator Kim dung bum! Isnt dealing with a full deck of cards!

  3. My own deplorable opinion is that if we allowed Japan re-militarize, North Korea and China would rise up and take notice. Don’t underestimate the impact that would have

  4. Well TRUMP is going to have to lay down another warning to Kim Dung Dong! Stop immediately launching those missiles or America will be forced to take drastic measures! like we did with that terriorist dude from Iran! I dont think Kim dumb dumb is that stupid!

  5. Got to smile at this one – Kim is far from the worst case involved in his government – they have “hawks” as we do in the Pentagon – just that outside the country theirs remain better hidden from international view – not that our “intensely patriotic Press” would ever speak about that ( unless it can be “spun” as Trumps’ fault of course ! )
    God bless America – someone needs to – right now preferably !!!

  6. Not a chance in Hell 🙂

    There again – this is precisely why “they” want to disarm the American voters – and of course the reason for the 2nd Ammendment in the first place !

  7. I believe it is time to pull a Soleimani on little KIMMIE.

  8. My take on the situation is the dictator of the socialist/communist country of North Korea is trying a slightly more direct means of interfering in our elections. Do you think he is supporting Bernie? After all, they are both communists, no matter what each of them calls themselves. Bernie just wants the same power here that Kim Jong-Un has there. The possibility of that terrifies me.

  9. While it is true that Kim is not too trustworthy and may have a screw loose, one can’t particularly blame him for his current intransigence-I think a lot of this can be laid at the feet of John Bolton. Trump was working with Kim and they seemed to be developing a genuine friendship. Trump was working to gain Kim’s trust (after all, he’s asking for Kim to give up the protection offered by his nuclear weapons and his missiles), when Bolton suggested that if something didn’t happen soon there was always the Muammar Gaddafi model for handling the situation. Now, there’s the way to gain the trust of an enemy, threaten him with death. Since that suggestion, Kim has become very suspicious and Bolton has been fired. This is exactly the difference between the “establishment” foreign policy and Trump’s foreign policy. The establishment always pushes the policies of the experts (which have obviously not worked in fifty years) and claim Trump is stupid to ignore these wizards of smart. It will take Trump another four years to rebuild that lost trust.

  10. Assassination.

  11. He is just testing his work just like any other country big deal they don’t want no war we will be the first to know I promise trump 2020 if Biden gets in we will have a war you can count on it

  12. Let’s see. It starts out N. Korea has been warned. Anyone think the little fat man from N. Korea cares. Even Kim knows the U.S. is all talk and no action, and to think that the president considers Kim an honorable man. The president legitimizes a Communist Dictator. Kim is just begging for the U.S. to take military action., which is not going to happen. Kim is aware that the Democratic Peoples republic of America(the liberal commie democratic party in the Congress) wants to reign in the president’s war powers. The end result, Kim will to whatever he wants. Try and stop him.

  13. North Korea, can not be trusted.

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