Despite US Peace Deal Agreement Taliban Accused of Kidnappings, Planning Attack

Some groups of people cannot be trusted.  Signing on the dotted line does not always mean they will follow through with the terms of agreements in the contracts.  It only took two days for the Taliban to break the peace agreement with the US and Afghanistan.  It goes to say, some cultures only know how to fight in wars and have no clue how to live in peace with one another.

The war between the Taliban and Afghanistan has been an ongoing war for many decades.  The Taliban is saying they are resuming their attacks on Afghanistan, and dozens have been kidnapped in the wake of the fighting.  Kabul citizens in the southwest province were the innocent ones taken by force, according to Afghan government officials.

The US-Taliban deal was agreed upon and signed Saturday.  The agreement stated the Taliban would cease-fire and not allow any terrorist to operate within Afghanistan.  It also called for the Taliban to immediately stop threats of war with the US and the allies.  Peace talks were to continue throughout the duration within the Kabul government.

Everyone in the Middle East wants America out of their countries, and President Trump made it clear the military is not meant to police the nations.  A process of an exit strategy was to take place over the next 14 months for all US and allied forces.  It is time for our soldiers to come home after almost two decades.

For the peace agreement to take place, the Taliban had to cease-fire for seven days, which they complied with.  A letter was written by the Taliban forces calling for their troops to begin attacking Afghan forces on Monday but refrain from attacking the US and allied forces.  This was not the agreement!

The letter stated, “After signing the agreement, once again the Mujahedeen (fighters) of the Islamic Emirate are advised to start their attacks against the puppet Kabul administration.”  The Taliban gave no comments toward their actions other than to say their militants would continue their “operations.”

Top officials from the Pentagon showed no signs they were surprised by the attacks from the Taliban.  The Pentagon called on them to find a way to reduce the fighting in Afghanistan.  It was also reported there would be more measures taken in the coming days concerning the new agreement.

The Defence Secretary Mark Esper and Army General Mark Milley, who is also the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, showed there are positive sides to this agreement, and all is not lost.  They figured it would not end immediately, and the distant future shows optimism on ending the nearly two-decade war.

Esper stated, “This is going to be a long, winding, bumpy road.  There will be ups and downs. We’ll stop and start. That’s going to be the nature of this over the next days, weeks and months.”

Afghan officials told reporters there was a total of 55 civilians that were taken by Taliban forces to secure their end of the deals in exchange for their plea deals in the continued Afghan talks.  Among those kidnapped was the peace advocate Nazar Jan Nazari.  It appears this is more of a hostage negotiation situation.  Apparently, trust is not in the Taliban’s deck of cards.

Muhibullah Sharifzai, a spokesman for the provincial governor, stated, “The reports we got from the district suggest that the Taliban abducted these people to swap them in the coming days for their prisoners.”

Currently, the US is monitoring the reports, and General Milley stated this would not end overnight.  He explained, “This is a significant step forward, this agreement. And it’s going to lead to an inter-Afghanistan dialogue that ultimately leads to a peace agreement.  But to think that’s it’s going to go to zero [violence] immediately, that probably is not going to be the case.”

Inside the US-Taliban agreement, by March 10, there will be 5,000 Taliban prisoners released and around 1,000 pro-government prisoners also to be released.  There are more intra-Afghan talks scheduled for next week, and the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was not allowed to be in any deal agreements as per the Taliban’s request.

Whether or not the US agrees it is a contrary action to the peace agreement, leeway is still given due to the extent of the violent group.  It appears it is only a strategy due to the lack of trust, and so far, no one kidnapped is in a life-threatening circumstance.  But that could change.

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  1. These same fighters have been fighting for centuries, why would they stop now? It is a way of life for them. As the Russians found out, nobody can win but these fighters. They start out young and have that mindset until they die.

  2. Okay, so we demonstrated to the world that we are not the bad guys here. These are simpletons who do not want peace. They would not know what to do with it if they got it. “WHAT? I have to get a job? I don’t want to raise goats or sheep or grow crops! I have always killed and blown up what other people built! I am a warrior! I am important, the Mullah told me so! It is Allah’s will! Besides, I still have all of these bullets and guns! If I am not able to kidnap and rape women, how will I ever get a girl? I never had to ask! I’m really not into sheep either. They have terrible breath. Camels are worse. All of this talking about blowing stuff up and rape is getting me hot! I gotta go. Mohammad and Azzir are coming over in a minute or so to go check out the market for chicks. Maybe we can find one who is around 13. She won’t be all used up yet. Maybe we can get another target from the Mullah.” (Satire) (Sad but true) (Has anyone ever noticed that most stereotypes directly reflect the facts?)

  3. Take away their guns like you want to do in America. Stop selling lead bullets as you have in America. Do it to them like you wanted to do to America. Give them some of Bill Clinton`s Coronavirus kits.

  4. The best thing to do with Mooslime countries is to use Nukes to turn them to glass , Flatten it and then put in a Wal-Mart!!!

  5. Quran following Taliban, are like the pre flood people, thinking evil, continually.

  6. At last! The very thing that I have been waiting eagerly for……………………….……….. the end of the world!

  7. Taliban = Taqqiya = Islam encourages lies in its name = Anyone believing that the Taliban will “Honour” anything is certifiable insane – Water does not flow UP a waterfall, and until it does there can be no “Peace in the Middle-East”.

    The Librarian above quotes Churchill correctly – Winnie had a wealth of experience of Islam – and learned from it. This is the difference between him and current day “Leaders” – they experience Islam but never learn from it !

    Some times you just have to let the goons get on with it ! Just don’t get involved in paying for THEIR damage.

    There must be one Red Line though – NO NUKES FOR IRAN – unless they’re being dropped on Teheran 😉

  8. Look up the word taqiyya. They may not be able to lie to another muslim but this gives them the right to lie to non-believers which they do.

  9. Create a glass parking lot in the sand. That will eliminate those cockroaches,

  10. well said now there’s a person who knows what reality is

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  12. Islam uses treatys as a tactical strategic cover to sneak & take advantage by “surprise!” Always has always will. The same way they use endless other deceits like mass immigration, lying about everything. Their biggest fans were Hitler, Stalin & Bolsheviks.

  13. The turban-headed taliban has never been “trustworthy” – -why would anyone, with half a brain, ever believe anything any of them promise, as far as peace is concerned? All the turban-heads want is war and blood until they are in control of the world and that is NEVER going to happen. The only way to STOP them, is to “eliminate” them, completely.

  14. Getting the Taliban getting to agree to a peace agreement , would be like trying to get Iran to stop their quest for a nuclear bomb and an ICBM.

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