Is There the Possibility of a Bloomberg/Yang Ticket?

As the race for the White House continues and time dwindles for the remaining candidates to make their mark, some big decisions will have to made soon. One of those is who should be chosen as their running mate on the Democratic ticket, should they win the nomination. I know it’s pretty early still. But at this point, anything can happen, and it helps to be prepared.

I’m sure by now, that every candidate still in the race has, at the very least, a running list of who they would consider. And for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, it seems his former opponent Andrew Yang might be in the running.

According to the Wall Street Journal and several sources close to the Bloomberg campaign, the billionaire has reached out to Yang for an endorsement and insinuated that if he did support Mayor Mike, the VP position might be his.

“Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has made overtures to Democrat Andrew Yang, courting the former candidate’s endorsement and floating the possibility of Mr. Yang becoming his running mate, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

Aides to the former New York City mayor reached out to discuss ways the two entrepreneurs-turned-politicians could work together as Mr. Bloomberg seeks the Democratic nomination, these people said.

Mr. Yang, who dropped out of the race earlier this month, didn’t commit to join forces, as he considers his own political future, a third person familiar with the discussions said.”

However, the WSJ does also notes that “A senior Bloomberg aide said Mr. Yang wasn’t seriously being considered to be the former mayor’s running mate if he secured the nomination.”

It seems to be much more likely that Bloomberg merely is putting out feelers about his pick for the position, much like he did earlier in the month with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rumors began that Bloomberg was considering her for the position, although Hillary commented that she had not heard such from Bloomberg himself. In addition, she also stated that she wasn’t interested and just wanted to sit back and watch this play out.

But it’s a little shocking that his next choice would be Yang. Not only has Yang not much political experience, minus his failed presidential campaign, but even at his best, Yang didn’t amass much support from the American public. In Iowa, he only got about 5% and in New Hampshire, even less, with only 3%, although he definitely had one of the most endearing personalities of everyone within the race.

The only thing that Yang could give Bloomberg that he doesn’t already have is his endorsement. After all, his poll numbers are continuing to decrease, and every little bit helps at this point. Furthermore, more for him means less for everyone else, which is what he really needs.

In a field as large as this, the more he can take from others, the better off he is going to be. It’s the reason he has endeared himself to so many supporters of his opponents. Not that he needs any monetary donations, but it means no one else is getting it but him.

But maybe this is less about the presidency and more about the position of NYC mayor.

It has been rumored that Yang is interested in the position. Nearly as soon as he ended his presidential campaign, the New York Post noted that “Democratic consultants and other operatives throughout the Big Apple were buzzing about him (Yang) potentially running for New York City mayor in 2021.”

The Post added that Howard Wolfson, one of Bloomberg’s top advisers, tweeted, “@AndrewYang would make a very interesting candidate for NYC Mayor in 21.” And another consultant told The Post, “It’s a natural next step,” adding that “with the notoriety and following he’s gathered, he has to be taken seriously.”

And as a potential NYC mayoral contestant, we all know it would be wise of Yang to be in Bloomberg’s good graces. Endorsing him would undoubtedly do that. And who’s to say that, on the off-chance, Bloomberg is nominated, Yang might not be offered some governmental position if he wanted it.

Just maybe not VP.

But like I said, it’s not likely to happen. Bloomberg’s numbers are steadily dropping as Bernie’s go up. And if he takes many more losses to the self-proclaimed socialist, he might as well throw in the towel.

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  1. Isn’t yang the same liberal socialist idiot who promised everyone $1000.00 a month for free? Yeah, just more socialist ‘giveaway the store for free’ BULLSHIT. So what else’s new? The reality: most of America knows their plans are socialistic and unfeasible and know they’ll be on the hook for all this free the middle class has been in the past and will be for all this BS, the latest ‘freebie’ being offered: Medicare for all, student loan forgiveness and free college for all.and they’re sick and tired of having to pay higher and higher taxes to foot the bills for all the lazy assed do nothings, deadbeats, leeches, parasites and screw political correctness, ‘illegals’. One nice thing, seeing these liberals running around like flies to horse SHIT, or running away from garbage when the lights come on and eating each other alive and throwing each other under the bus.. They’re the true definition of a slow moving train wreck who’re trying to get as many on board before the crash

  2. Too bad we will never know if he would have said yes. Mini-Mike is done.

  3. Ah! More fake accusations. Prove PRESIDENT TRUMP would be pissed at having an Asian-American as vice-president.
    Let’s ask Ying Yang how he proposes to pay for all of those $1,000.00 per month hand-outs.

  4. Sure, Ying-Yang-Ding-A-Ling has more upstairs than most. Is that why he proposes to give every person in America a $1,000.00 per month stipend…..FOR DOING NOTHING!!!
    Gropin Joe said he brought the corona virus in to the U.S.

  5. Sum Ting Wong. Mini-Mike, the Little Tyke, dropped out…

  6. Since Bloomberg has quit the race, this story of a Bloomberg/Yang ticket is moot. Still, having Yang on the ticket would be a boost for either Biden or Bernie just as long as it defeats Trump, who would be pissed at having an Asian-American as vice-president.

  7. Yang has more upstairs than most. One drawback I think might be his ancestral background. The average American knows very little about Chinese, only that they are prolific in cooking and restaurants with their food are scattered throughout the U.S. But, Yang has personality plus,
    and wouldn’t that be a nice change!!

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