Is the Democratic Party Dying? 8 Elected State Officials Switch Parties!

There have been rumblings and people talking in quiet in every corner of the Nation about the horrid state of the Democratic Party. Now, recent events like those in Mississippi may be hinting about the possible end of the political party.

No, this wasn’t on a national level, but it was for the state of Mississippi, on a state-wide level. And what it was, can only be described as something akin to a political cry of “abandon ship!”

This wasn’t a case of one Democratic official switching party affiliation to join the GOP, as a couple of Republicans hopped on board the Democratic ship. Nope, this was more like a crew falling just short of mutiny and jumping ship.

Of course in that imagined scenario, we doubt those Republicans would have hopped onto a ship that was sinking. And for those Democrats, well, there is no captain or leadership at the helm of the Dems ship. So who would that aforementioned mutiny-minded crew have to overthrow?

Before looking at the story reporting on those recent events, however, it is worth considering the message that this sends – to everyone.

Imagine for a moment, if the Senator you voted for changed their party affiliation during the middle of their term? Go ahead, ponder the ramifications on your perception of that candidate – we’ll wait.

How did that feel? More importantly, doesn’t that force us to question why? Now, if you dare, imagine if this scenario wasn’t about one Senator, but two? And in this hypothetical, let’s say there were also a couple of State Representatives of the same party that switched affiliation.

Wait, we aren’t done. Along with them, go ahead and pretend that your state’s Governor and Attorney General also changed their party allegiance. If that sounds crazy, you may not be wrong, but this entire scenario is only an exaggeration of what actually happened recently in Mississippi.

According to our story reporting on these events, “…the Mississippi Republican Party welcomed eight new members into their fold last week, six of whom had been Democrats and two, Independents.”

Not one, not two, eight elected officials!

It is important to be clear that this wasn’t elected officials of the Congress or Senate levels, but it is also important to note that these weren’t elected officials of the Village of Podunk either. These are Judges, District Attorneys and high ranking elected state officials that have changed their party affiliations.

One of those to abandon the sinking Democratic ship was Matt Sullivan, the District Attorney for Mississippi’s 13th Circuit Court District. Sullivan said, “There are conservative Democrats all across the state of Mississippi… and I believe the Republican party is growing and there’s a place in the Republican party for people like me.”

Many of us know and many of us have been taught that some Christians are Catholics and some are Presbyterians. It doesn’t make either of them any less Christian, just people who have different beliefs.

So it stands to reason that some politicians are Republicans and some are Democrats… They both want to do good for America (that could be another conversation), but they have different ideas on how to accomplish that.

Unfortunately, for the Democrats who want what is best for the country, they are watching their party being led by Socialist-driven leadership. From Warren to Buttigieg, and no one more so that the Dems front runner Bernie Sanders, these candidates have been promoting those Socialist-leaning ideas.

That doesn’t make them bad per se it only makes them wrong. It also makes them potentially dangerous too, and as those Democrats that have abandoned ship have come to realize.

No, this wasn’t people jumping ship or near-mutiny actions on the highest levels of government, but it did happen at high levels of Mississippi’s State leadership. Ideas, when empowered, can become powerful. These ideas from the Left and Socialist-thinking Dems aren’t harmless.

When one or two candidates switch their party affiliation, it may or may not say much about their party. When a half dozen elected officials from the same party change their allegiance, when do we start asking what is wrong with their party?

Yes, ideas are powerful, and we may be watching them destroy what was once America’s most powerful political party. Is the Democratic party dying? Well, for at least six more Democratic officials, it appears it has already died.

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  1. The elitist of the democrat party have left Main Street, traditional democrats far behind. They are no longer being represented by most democrat politicians. The party has devolved into a socialist/communist organization that has little relation to the old democrat party. They have only maintained the name to deceive those not paying attention. The true democrat party is not dying; it is dead.

  2. You are too stupid to even correct.

  3. I would NEVER vote for any Democrat! Their loyalty is NOT to the people but to themselves! Their morals are moraless! Their shady, selfish all about me with no morals no values no respect no liberty or justice offered or given to any American who has earned it! They take from the tax payers spend our money with NO thought or concern of wasting our money! They become rich & self gained on the backs of US the taxpayers! We the American people of American who have fought for our rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our lives because we have worked and earned our rights to have what we work for and towards on our lives for ourselves and our families do NOT need a dirty corrupt selfish gained political party that breaks our lives and our purpose of working hard for US down! We need what we have gained in our votes in 2016 a President who will fight for us not against US and who will build us up and not break US down! We need and we have a president who is for the people of the United States of
    AMERICA TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸We the American people need to keep in our White House POSITIVE CHANGE for all Americans of all colors to stay safe and free without fear of corruption and hostile take over to live free without fear of a corrupt Democractic ☠ government!
    God Bless our Country and Our President Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  5. Many children are not taught Sex Ed. at home, or they are taught unhealthy sex by very promiscuous parents. Children are always going to be curious, and ask questions…which should be answered as truthfully, but with just enough information to satisfy their curiosity…..and depending on their ages. Let them know they are always welcome to ask questions, because they will hear many things when they start school….don’t be surprised if you notice they are also picking up some choice swear words too…..perfect time to have a heart to heart discussion with them…😊

  6. I am a DISABLED USMC VETERAN, Even though I wish the President would quit the vs tweets and stop lowering to others levels. He has done wonders in trying to bring our nation back to being the best in the World. I served 8 years and I don’t agree with all our policy do and most of their talk is LIES. I worked Intelligence for some time, it was a nightmare sifting of what was true or not.
    I pray for this Country, dont take my rights because of the bad people, let me keep my family safe. our founding fathers wrote things into the const and amendments, to protect us from political chaos. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime, now I worry about my kid’s, grandchildren. and our Country. my father in law said this was coming way before he passed in 2002. I am glad I listened to his wisdom

  7. CONTACT —– Your Trusted Politician. STOP the LGBTQ from dictating the Sex Education Programs in our public school systems. Starting in Kindergarten thru High School. Perverting the minds of our Children to their lifestyle and to promote abortion rather than Life. I have seen some of their videos and it is perverted and against what I would have my child to believe. They put the child’s parents down and call them stupid, that we know nothing about sex ed.; then encourage our young children to experiment with the same sex and opposite sex, at their young age, when they are not ready for such developmental material and against our parenting. No child should be thinking about sex or sex-changes until they are 25 yrs old or older (brain development). LGBTQ is a mental disorder, but changed due to public pressure, not science — which doesn’t change the fact it is a mental disorder. In my book, GOD doesn’t make mistakes and children and adults should not be having sex changes or acting or engaging in perversion. They need Godly Therapy nor secular.
    Bottom Line —– CONTACT Your Trusted Politician and stop the LGBTQ from dictating & promoting sex ed in the public schools. Sex Ed. Belong at Home ONLY.

  8. 👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  9. NO PERSON — Should be able to hold a political office – city, state, or Country; until they are 4th or 5th generation American Citizens. Otherwise, anyone, from anywhere in the world with foreign ideologies and laws can come in and be in office and affect our long-standing Constitutions (thoughts and practices). They MUST adapt and adopt our way of life First. Sorry to say my comment maybe too late. But give it a try.

    People run with this idea and contact your politician.

  10. Exactly, never seen such a evil
    bunch of dumbocrates trying to take our country down 🐴🤭🤭 Pelosi and Shummer are pitiful should be locked up!🤥🤭🤭

  11. READ —- To All Our Democrat Friends and Family,
    The Democratic Party is not the same Party; as it was for our Parents, Grandparents, and Great-Grandparents. They were more Center Lined between the two parties. All I hear from the Democrats is accusations without evidence, lies, hatred, anger, slander, etc.. What happened to “One Nation”, our unity, doing what is best for our Country and not being self-centered with an attitude of what its in it for me, as a politician. They leave our States not representing us; somewhat poor and come back wealthy and give no consideration of our hard earned money we give them to run this Country without accountability. The more left we have become, we feel less save in our homes and neighborhoods, not save for kids to walk to school, and people of all walks of life feel more stressed. Going to the Church of your choice, was a calming factor in the ’60s – ’90s. Now we are not reminded of our Creator, as we are lied to, there is no God and if so, He doesn’t care about us (Lies, as we have stopped to seek Him and exercise our Faith in Him). I could go on in speaking to My Democrat friends and family, but are you going to follow the Democrat Party out of Tradition or out of conviction of what used to be right and wholesome, and friendly, and helpful to one’s neighbor. We don’t need government, when we have good neighbors to support one another (along with good churches). From my heart, I miss the good days of the ’60s and ’70s, though they were not perfect. Catholics helped Protestants. And Protestants helped Catholics. Along with others groups. We used to sing “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love” The Great Depression was not a good time, but some would not survived if it weren’t for neighbors. The Radical Left has taught us a new song, “What The World Needs Now Is Hate, More Hate.” And Divisiveness, Destruction, etc. I will not recognize this Country in one more generation. And Hopefully I will be gone, rather than here & crying for the Land I once Loved. And I will wept for my children and grandchildren and generations to come. DEMOCRATS — Come back to the Center Line, as some have even changed parties, to save our Democracy and the Freedoms we hold dear, Freedom that were bought by spilt blood of our own men & women. “FREE” is Not free. No free education or healthcare or any other free programs. It comes from the backs of hard working Americans. If it is free, then let it come off the backs of our politicians and not the citizens back home.

  12. I still like Ike !!!

  13. Yes I would not vote for any of these changelings, If they can do it once they can do it again. What’s to stop them from being elected under the Republican party only to Switch back to the Democratic party one week later? Absolutely Nothing and that could change the whole face of Politics and Policies in this country. Think long and hard before you back any of these people. If they are worth they’re salt they will stick around.

  14. Before you post trump like stupidity find out the difference between communism and socialism and what we have in America. You will see there is no comparison. Unless you watch lying Fox News

  15. The democrat party is being lead by absolute communist.

  16. Abandon ship? . . . The Democrat CLOWN car never made it to DOCK! It went over the CLIFF, as the Democrat Clown ship SANK DOCKSIDE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  17. more rnos?!!!!!! God help us!

  18. It’s about time they’re getting rid of a bunch of jackasses (their political symbol). Time for sanity to reign.

  19. After 31/2 years of corruption lawlessness cover ups stonewalling witness intimidation. Senate refusing to here witnesses lies 16000. Disrespect dishonesty. No integrity untrustworthy arrogant unworthy of respect etc. etc. I will never vote for another republican. Well maybe if Jesus came down from the heavens. MAYBE

  20. I was an independent for several years. I ignored the party and voted for the man. But after the Jimmy Carter fiasco, I realized that at least the presidency should be firmly in the hands of the republicans. Was still open when voting for House and Senate. Then came 1992. The dummycrats suckered the first Bush into breaking his 1988 promise to not raise taxes and used that promise against him in the 1992 election. There was one democrat who I really liked and he was able to reach out toward the working man. But the dummycrats went with Clinton, a draft dodging coward, and that’s when I knew the dummycrat primaries were fixed from that time on. Clinton gets in promising tax relief for the middle class and instead he passes the largest tax increase in history. That’s when I realized what the 1968 riots at the democrat convention in Chicago were all about. It was about taking control of the party from the old school democrats and having the Marxist dummycrats control the party. Since 1992 I voted straight republican party. And the dummycrats are ALL lying greedy communist, whether they admit it or not.

  21. I would hate to see the loss of the basic two party system. The Democratic people are good Americans. They just need to clean house of there rat infestation that has gotten into there Party. We need to step up to the Polls and vote Republican across the board at the Polls. Then we send a clear message to Soros, The Shadow Government, Russia, China, and those who have become corrupt. This country is a Nation of the People, by the People, and for the People. We will treat our citizens as equals no matter what sex or what race you are. Because we know it is all the Americans of this Nation that makes this Nation great. We have freedom of religion and all we ask is that you respect the established religion that is Christian. We believe in God and the Bible. We will never accept Socialism as our form of Government. We prefer the government of our Forefathers. God Bless the United States and God Bless the People of the United States Amen. If this makes us a target we accept. But I prefer us to be a beacon and a symbol of how other Nations should strive to be.

  22. Ronald Reagan once was a Democrat, but the Party soon left him behind. He became a Conservative Republican, and one our greatest Presidents. I am like that too. I think President Donald Trump, working in that spirit, will fix all are ills, make America the Greatest place to live in the world. And will go on to landslide victory this November!

  23. I was a Democrat until the early seventies. At a meeting in DC the leaders told us we had to ‘bend the truth’ for the coming election. I asked them ‘Do you mean lie?’ They said ‘Only for this election.’ I left the party that day became Independent. They have NEVER stopped lying.

  24. The Democrat Party ceased to exist way back in the 1960s when their leaders ripped off, and adopted the party platform of the CPUSA!
    Yes, that is the Communist Party of the USA!

    And they have been nothing but COMMIECRATS ever since!

    At first, the CPUSA was a little ticked off, but today they don’t even run their own candidates, they even advise their own members to “Just vote Democrat”!

    Such should tell anyone with even half a mind, everything they need to know, to make a smart choice in the voting process!

  25. I was also a democrat growing up as I always side with the poor guys not the rich people who don’t deserve it. However like most folks, somewhere along the line democrats changed and now only seem to be interested in power and corruption. Democrats do not care anymore about the people. They only care about power, control and stealing as much money for themselves, friends and family members as possible while screwing everyone else for there own gain. The worse part is Democrats are trying to destroy America and everything about us and our way of life. Democrats are nothing more than parasites of the world now a day’s.

  26. I left the Democrat Party in the era of LBJ when I became aware that party was at the forefront of eviscerating the 2nd Amendment! My beef with that isn’t JUST about guns! My beef is if ONE supposedly constitutionally protected liberty can be legislated away or otherwise trashed so can and so WILL all the rest! The Constitution and Bill of RIghts can not be the target of “pick and chose”! If ANY politician is willing to violate his or her oath to the Constitution on ONE part of the Founding Documents, they can not be trusted to not violate that oath with what remains! It became clear the Democrats was the party with the least allegiance to the Constitution! That allegiance is now totally absent! The Demo-rats have been exposing their contempt for freedom of speech, religion, due process, and presumption of innocence until proven guilty!


  28. So now they are moles for the Democratic party and can ruin the Republican party from the inside like they have their own party.. Denounce your party and step down

  29. I agree w/ the opinion above. Many years ago I was a Democrat, after both Kennedy’s were murdered I left & have been a Conservative ever since. The Dem Party of today are so far removed what they once were I would be ashamed to admit it. Very destructive , careless & power hungry are now their Motto.

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