Iran Accuses the US of Missile Attacks and Covering it Up

Iran is back in the news once again falsely accusing the United States of a coverup regarding a missile attack on the attack of the American base in Iraq. The terrorist nations will say anything at this point to try to paint a picture in their favor. They want to appear to be the victim of bad treatment at the hands of the United States. Iran does not want the world to remember that they were the ones that first attack the embassy in Iraq. They are pushing away and trying to make it look like the United States is the cause of it.

Ali Shamkhani is Iran’s secretary of the nation’s top security body. He is the loudmouth that is accusing America of holding back critical information about Iran’s attack on the sovereign nation of Iraq and the American base in its borders. They are the ones that had business attacking people within the borders of another country.

Shamkhani is being rather cryptic with his claim as to what information is being withheld. His mouth only opened because Mike Pompeo, who is the U.S. Secretary of State for the United States correctly accused the rogue nation of not being truthful about what is happening in the country regarding the spread of the coronavirus. Iran’s officials just had to take the moment and respond before really ever thinking their statement through.

The little man never gave details to his statement as to the response to Mike Pompeo. He is just mad that the United States caught them lying again and exposed it to the world. So now they have to invent something fake to try to push the attention off of themselves. Shamkhani would say that “Pompeo’s expression of concern about what he deems to be a cover-up by #Iran over #corona comes while no exact news about the truth of #Ain al-Asad…has been published by the White House.”

This just further proves that the terrorist government does not care about its population enough to report on the spread of the virus. Their people could all be infected, and they would never ask for help. The United States does care about the people of Iran even if their leaders do not. And the people of Iran know that America cares because their people kept the flag of the United States from being destroyed.

Iran was the nation that fired the missiles at the airbase in Iraq. They were the ones that made the attack. They are claiming that it was in retaliation to the death of their crazy general. Which ironically was killed because he ordered the attack on the embassy in Iraq in the first place. Iran started in it all. The United States never fired the first shot. Iran did that when they killed a bunch of innocent people.

Iran was responsible for the injuries of hundreds of people. The result of the attack was several men and women had head injuries. But of course, Iran would have the world believe that they killed them all. They want people to believe that they are defeating the United States in an imaginary war. Iran invented statistics in their mind. Their accusations of a coverup are greatly exaggerated. They just do not want people to know how bad the virus is spreading in their country.

Mike Pompeo stated that he and the United States were “deeply concerned” about the people of Iran. He wants to know how people can help them. But Iran’s leader will not open up about the truth because they do not care enough about them. Many nations that are close to the breakout spot are rushing to keep it from spreading further. There is a real concern that it can go global. But Iran still will not do its part to protect humanity at large. They would rather see everyone else in the world suffer and die rather than help them out. They truly have a terrorist’s heart beating within their leadership.

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  1. What will these walking anus’s do when they find out Israel has the vaccine. Does anyone think they might get religion and stop being who they are? No, they would rather watch their people die than recognize Israel. Iran, we love you. Your leaders don’t. Please throw them out. You have all of the evidence you need. Welcome to the 21st century.

  2. In the days before the present islamist fanatics, Iran used to have many seats of learning and culture – scientific, medical cultural, agricultural – all were present and thriving.

    Under the islamo-fascists we see a great dumbing-down – wholesale pseudo-religious restrictions having no validity other than the footprint of islam.

    CORONOVIR-19 is already amongst them, and if the only ones to receive medical aid turn out to be the favoured few of the islamo-terrorists, then once the pandemic dies – as it eventually will quite naturally – I believe the great Iranian people will themselves have their Bonfire of the swine who currently don’t care whether their own tribes live or die just so long as the Ayatollahs pigsty keeps running.

    A “People” can only exist on hatred alone for so long – after that reality starts to regain a hold – and islam slinks back to the 12th Century where it belongs.

    Always remember – islam is NOT a religion – it is a prescribed way of life that esconses Muslim beliefs.

  3. If Iran is blaming the U.S. anyway maybe the U.S. should give B52 crews a little training by loading them with their max load of 20 AGM-86 missiles and let the crews practice hitting some targets I think it is time to reach out and touch someone since we are being blamed anyway and one thing I learned in the military is that live fire training is best

  4. Iran is a diabolically controlled nation by their supreme Ayatollah who has the final say in Iran and his marching orders come straight from Satan. They called us Satan America for 40 years now and always said that Israel and the US should be obliterated! These are not human beings with actual humanity in them, they are evil no two ways about it. The leadership there is working for the darkest evil there is and it all has been prophesied for thousands of years! We will see but I think God is going wallop Iran’s leaders and stop them dead in their tracks otherwise we are going to have to deal decisively with them in the near future and it won’t be pretty!

  5. I think Iran is to blame for the Corona virus outbreak!

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