Bloomberg Prepares an All-Out Campaign Against Bernie Sanders

When he first entered the race for the presidency, billionaire publisher and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg unleashed a torrent of ads on broadcast and social media touting his alleged virtues as a capitalist. He spent about $400 million for the privilege of appearing on the debate stage to be ripped to shreds by Sen Elizabeth Warren as a misogynist and a racist.

Whether or not Bloomberg has any hope of becoming president is considered doubtful by most pundits after his disastrous performance in Las Vegas. However, the candidate is about to embark on a new media strategy. Now he wants to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming president, something Bloomberg like many people considers a disaster. CNBC explains:

“The campaign plans a multipronged attack, including the publication of opposition research on Sanders, these people said. It will also push out digital attack ads focused on Sanders’ record. On Monday, the Bloomberg campaign attempted to paint Sanders as a past ally of the National Rifle Association, a gun advocacy group that Bloomberg has fought for over a decade.”

In other words, the ultimate capitalist vs. socialist smackdown is about to begin. The Bloomberg campaign is also contemplating having surrogates write op-eds and appear on television attacking Sanders as a dangerous radical.

As Bloomberg embarks on an all-out campaign to stop Bernie Sanders, he will certainly have a target-rich environment. Sanders has already doubled down on his previous praise for Fidel Castro’s Cuba on a recent “60 Minutes” interview. And that is not all, according to a townhall he appeared on CNN.

“But, you know, you can’t say — China is another example, all right? China is an authoritarian country, becoming more and more authoritarian. But can anyone deny — I mean, the facts are clear — that they have taken more people out of extreme poverty than any country in history? Do I get criticized because I say that? That’s the truth. So that is the fact. End of discussion.”

As Hot Air reminds us, this is the same China that he herded millions of Muslim Uighurs into concentration camps. China’s one-child policy turned out to be a human rights atrocity and a demographic disaster, creating an imbalance between young men and young women in which tens of millions of the former have no hope of finding wives.

The science fiction, dystopian surveillance state that China has been creating is like something out of the George Orwell book, “1984.” except Orwell has no notion that the Internet could be combined with the surveillance cameras being set up at every street corner to keep tabs on Chinese citizens.

Also, Cuba’s literacy program, just like its healthcare system, was more hype than reality. Millions of Cubans were taught to read, but only so that they could consume Marxist-Leninist propaganda, not to seek out a free exchange of ideas and an unfettered media.

On the other hand, if Bloomberg hits Bernie on giving love to dictatorships such as Cuba and China, he will have some of his past comments supporting the Beijing regime to contend with. According to the National Review, Bloomberg claimed last year that Xi Jinping is not a dictator and has to attend to public opinion just like politicians in the West.

The statement is wide of reality. The National Review suggests that it was motivated less from conviction and more from Bloomberg’s desire to keep China as a trading partner and a place to which to outsource jobs. Ironically, the outbreak of the coronavirus has made both ideas rather problematic.

Right now, the Bloomberg media onslaught is going to focus on gun control, an issue that the billionaire candidate believes passionately in. Bernie Sanders has adroitly avoided taking a position on confiscating firearms and abrogating the 2nd Amendment. Vermont is a rural state and farm people like keeping their firearms out of the grasping hands of the state. Keen to keep his Senate seat, Bernie has gone along with this attitude.

Bloomberg believes, likely correctly, that being insufficiently in favor of “common-sense gun safety laws” is toxic in national Democratic politics. He intends to hit Sanders on that issue to try to drive down his numbers on the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Who would benefit if Bernie were to stumble on the gun issue? Bloomberg thinks he will. Time will tell.

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  1. Mikey bloomberg, just another ‘yiddiot ‘n goniff like the ‘yiddiot goniff sanders. Cut from the same bolt of cloth, both rotten putrid bags of socialist gas and good for nothing! Yeah that about sums it up in as few words as possible but there’s more, much more. Unlike some others others I have to go to work. ironically these guys with all their ‘free this and free that’ appeal only to the non contributors, you know the bums, freeloaders, deadbeats, parasites and leeches who think the taxpayers owe ’em a living.

  2. Good ole thieving, lying ‘yiddiot’ comme jew bastard, goniff and trot. This old fart’s about as worthwhile as tits on a bull or an snowmobile in the sahara desert. One thing though, this rotten and putrid bag of gas’s only good for a few laughs at best.

  3. Yes and amen to that! MAGA!

  4. Bottom line without getting into a lot of words: all these liberal goons running as the’ democrap’ candidate for president will screw America into the ground and the thieving, liar and first class POS and ‘yiddiot’ communist sanders being the primary one followed by lizzie liawatha warren and mikey bloomberg along with all the other buffoons that think Americans are stupid.. None of the liberal buffoons have plans to help America and the
    middle class American people and given absolutely indication as to how they’ll pay for all the free ‘swag’ other than giving some BULLS**T answer ‘it’ll be paid for by the wealthy and corporations’., yeah right! Anyone believing this load of bandini needs to wake up and smell the BS. The middle class will have to foot the bill as it always has been the case in the past and would be the same today. This reminds me and a lot of others here of ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’ when presented with the so called ‘affordable care act’ this worthless thief, liar and destroyer of California and her district San Francisco, the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA said “we have to pass it before reading it’ Really who’s sick and tired of these kinds of surprises?

  5. You do not need to insult people to go up against their argument. Bernie Sanders has no legislative record because he was a Party of ONE. As the Democrat nominee he is
    a dangerous man given that CA, NY, NJ, CONN, RI, ILL, VT, MD and maybe a few that I have left out would vote for a chimpanzee if it had a D after its name. Now we are seeing that they want to eliminate the Electoral College. It seem quite reasonable to someone who does not understand how the tyranny of the few overwhelmingly Democrat States would basically render “fly over” country slaves of left and right coasts.

  6. There is very real danger in giving Sanders a soap box to try to legitimize Socialism
    ‘as an acceptable form of government. As unlikely as it is that he could win, he always
    will have a chance given the Democrat;s inherent advantages with their large, one Party
    States. Even if he loses, he establishes the once discredited system to be advanced
    forward in future years by supporters, younger and less abrasive. Let us not forget
    with the effects of this new virus outbreak, all the good that Trump has accomplished
    could be swept from the scene and the people start looking for a new hero.

  7. Bloomberg ( the little shrimp) has bad mouthed Trump over this virus that has hit the states and all over. If he so smart why didn’t he prevent the strikes on the two world towers. He was the mayor and if he had been worth and thing he would of prevented the second attack. He is just a rich big mouth and isn’t going to do anything but cause trouble. He wouldn’t be a good dog catcher in my books.

  8. You’ve got to be s***ting me! Bernie “has worked hard to give all the people a wonderful life in America”? In his 30+ years in the Fed’l legislature (both Congress and Senate), old, hardworkin’ Bernie introduced slightly more than 250 bills of which only 2 became laws. Bernie’s only effect on America has been as comic relief – an absurd, old crank who hasn’t achieved squat. You cannot cite a single thing that Bernie has “given” anyone (in fact, Bernie, the millionaire Commie, is almost as niggardly when it comes to charitable giving as that other farce, Beto O’Rourke – and when you ask Bernie about spreading some of his money around, you know what Bernie says? He says he made his money, go make your own… Yeah, that’s what he said. Bernie wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.).

    Your ridiculous post is only good for one thing – namely illustrating the type of ignorant, ill-informed, credulous moron who would support a hypocritical, old fraudster like Bernie Sanders. If they gave IQ tests as a precondition of voting, you’d get edged out by an ape – and the ape wouldn’t even break a sweat whipping you in an intellectual contest.

  9. Bernie Sanders is giving the people more for the tax money Mike Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders worked hard to give all the people a wonderful life in America ,you can’t take that away from him, there is no amount of money that can purchase this program that Bernie Sanders is giving you. The people better get smart, and vote for a man that will be for the people.

  10. Bernie is a lazy, incompetent, insecure, jealous, envious, bully who has no friends in the Senate and only a few in Congress. Mike Bloomberg is only someone’s friend as long as he is shelling out money. He is a short little man with Napoleonic Complex. He is a power freak and has to control everything. Who else would think rationing soft drink size and salt portions is any of his business? This is disturbing behavior. Bernie just wants what others have achieved, but is unwilling to work for I. Or, is mentally not quick enough to earn it. After all, in his 30’s he was kicked out of a Commune because he was too lazy. That, is an accomplishment. That would be the Party Leader fir the Democrats.

  11. does not make any sense at all.. they both want government to have complete control over the people

  12. This is hilarious! I love watching these people destroy each other. Who knew … we could have “The Billionaire vs The Socialist Showdown” right now in this country, … and it doesn’t even have to involve President Trump at all … ?!?! It’s like Christmas everyday! NEVER interfere with an enemy when it’s in the process of destroying itself. Grab your popcorn and just pull up a chair. Trump Dynasty for years to come!!!

  13. You got that right, BOTH of them belong in a Pot of Boiling Oil

  14. Gloomburg brought the Demo-Rat party and is afraid of Bernie Sanders of becoming President and he knows that will never happen by going after Bernie now he knows he might buy a chance of becoming the Demo-Rats nominee for president against President Trump. Just because he has billions of dollars doesn’t mean he will make a good president he was an horrible mayor and would make a worst president. I would never vote for Gloomburg and neither should you. He made millions of dollars when he left office of the mayor and is still making money from that office. Gloomburg is buying America one politician at a time. Remember my voters pledge. VOTE VOTE VOTE TRUMP AND PENCE 2020

  15. Bloomberg has some baggage himself!! It’s the pot calling the kettle black!! He will do terrible with women and african americans! Can’t hide his prejudice.

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