New York Times is Now Publishing Demands from Terrorists

The New York Times has turned into an American hating organization with no sense of loyalty to the American people. Instead of promoting positive American image they are intent with tearing down of the country. Their stories are anti-American and reveal secrets that need to be kept form the rest of the world. But this time around the New York Times has crossed a line that puts them in the enemy’s camp.

The New York Times has become an outlet of information for a major terrorist organization. Instead of silencing the rhetoric and the threats towards America the New York Times has broadcasted it for all to hear. They have become partners with the Taliban. The Times should have shut them down and kept their message from reaching the world but instead, they aligned themselves and broadcasted their murderous words around the world.

The New York Times decided it would be a good idea to publish a statement from the Taliban’s cowardly leader Sirajuddin Haqqani. The statement that was published states a lot of words that make the Taliban look like a victim instead of the terrorist group that they are. For a time though it did seem that the group was giving up and changing their destructive ways.

President Trump had opened a dialogue with the Taliban with the hopes of developing peace with them. But just as things got moving with the peace treaty that President Trump opened in good faith, the Taliban decided that they needed to have another terrorist hit against innocent people. This attack on others caused the United States to leave the table and not return. It was evident that the taunting Taliban were not serious about relations.

But the New York Times is helping the Taliban spread their fake version of the events and pushing for them to get what they want out of people. Their leader Haqqani stated that “What we, the Taliban, want.” This is not a statement of friendship but one of the demands. They are demanding that they are given things. They feel as though they are the victims of it all. Even though they were the ones that decided to perform one more terrorist attack.

Haqqani has also stated that their people are tired of war. Which no one believes because they want to be left alone to rearm themselves. They have been beaten back to a small cell of freedom fighters. They have no power with which to terrorize people with anymore.

Their sad little leader tries hard to develop a positive image of his murderous group. He had the New York Times publish that “We did not choose our war with the foreign coalition led by the United States. We were forced to defend ourselves. The long war has exacted a terrible cost from everyone. Our confidence that the talks would yield results was close to zero.”

The Taliban did choose the war with the United States as they attacked allies and friends of America. The sadistic organization wants people to think that the United States is the aggressor in this case. They sound a lot like the Democratic Party and their hate speeches against the country.

The New York Times even makes is look like the Taliban are trying to keep an open door for negotiations, but they are the ones backing away. President Trump had to leave because America does not support terror in any form.

The other liberal agencies are slamming the publication, Dan Lamothe, from the Washington Post would say “The fact that this New York Times op-ed by Sirajuddin Haqqani exists at all is remarkable.” But this all just goes to show that the Times and other liberal media outlets are in favor of terrorism. They hate freedom for mankind. They only want to tear it all down and see the free world under oppression and cruelty. There can be no peace with an organization that seeks to kill innocent people while trying to make people believe that they are tired of war. All they want to do is arm themselves for future attacks. But they need breathing room to do it.

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  4. No, that is NOT what Muslims do. That´s what terrorists do. Terrorists are not all Muslim. You need to get better informed. And just so you know, I am a white Christian male who served in the Military for over 10 years. Terrorists come in all shapes, sizes, colors and religions. It is not good to lump all into one category. It just shows ignorance on your part. If you don´t like what I´ve said, too bad. The truth is always hard to swallow.

  5. The NY Times decided that the Taliban and other Mooslime Terrorists are worth more than American Values. The NYTimes need to go to the land of Sand and Nuts and become some of the Talibans 40 virgins!!!

  6. What has Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these lying democrats done for the American citizens and taxpayers other than raise taxes, lie steal and put America in danger. Let’s not forget both Obama’s and the Biden’s and the Clintons American people vote vote maga2020 our lives depend on it don t be cowards protect our children and grandchildren for our existence.

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  8. You forgot the stinking Clinton’s and Obummers. They’re all part of trying to dispose of Americans.

  9. What The Flip are you saying?

  10. Ship Nancy Pelosi and Maxine waters and the rest of these treasonous traitor democrats to these 3rd world Let’s see how that works for their asses.

  11. Let these dessert rat terrorists kill steal and destroy each other in their own countries the United States and our military troops have been trying to protect these dessert rats long enough bring our military troops home to protect our borders our children our grandchildren our country and our values and beliefs and freedoms.Vote maga2020 enough is enough.

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  14. It is not new to me, to find out that the NYT spreads favoritism to terrorists. I stopped reading anything published by the NYT years ago. My reason for stopping was that the NYT published so much bullshit supporting terrorism not only in other countries, but in our own Nation. If it would be my decision to make, I would immediately close the NYT and maybe even prosecute some of their staff. Our Nation is slowly drifting towards communism. Media such as the NYT supports the communist way of life. I say, let the staff of the NYT live in a country dominated by communism and see how they like it. It would be poetic justice if the NYT staff be deported to a country like China. They would have their pens and pencils only if they wrote what the Chinese Government would allow them to write.

  15. In 85 years I’ve yet to read a damn word in a NYT Rag, nor will I . These yank papers are Haters of our America now as they were many years ago. Most of this garbage is for only one thing and that to get fools to buy their Rag. They are in print what CNN is to our hearing and vision Super lies for money.

  16. Even the ignorant and the STUPID are entitled to there views. The 1st Amendment gives them this right. They step over the line when they start publishing lies as the truth and turning evil into good. GOD (YHVH) tells us about this in His WORD. GOD further warns us about Muslims. GOD tells us in no uncertainty that the Muslims are Satan’s locust army. We are warned that IF we do not stop them they will sneak in and take over. Don’t believe it? Just look at Ann Arbor MI. All good Christian Americans must study the King James Bible with the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to know exactly what GOD said and to learn just what GOD expects out of each of us. Lying gossip rags like the New York Times aren’t even worth using as toilet paper. The good news is, that they rot and go back to dirt.

  17. How long would their a_ _ be able to print newspapers without freedom in this country? The only thing that paper is good for is to use on camping trips. Starting camp fires and wiping ur behind with.

  18. the NYT is a RAG full of Trash

  19. Know how to shut them down..DO NO BUY THE PIECE OF SHIT PAPER

  20. The taliban muslims will do the same as the iran ones. They’ll agree to a treaty to stop their savage acts. And in the same way that iran agreed to a nuclear treaty and to stop their building atomic bombs, the taliban lies and will continue to rape, pillage and plunder. Because thats what muslims do.

  21. Even the birds are flying upside down over NY. There’s nothing worth shitting on in NY!!

  22. So what’s new. In the 1950’s they had a reporter named Herbert Matthews who followed castro around saying how wonderful he was. We saw how good he was. In the 1930’s th3e times had a correspondent in Moscow named Walter Duranty. In 1933, Stalin arranged a famine which starved 5 million people in Ukraine. Duranty completely ignored it. Didn’t write a word about it. in the early 1960’s, Cuban refugees picketed in front of the times with signs saying “I got my job thru the NY Times.”

  23. So, when the anti-Semitics at the N.Y.Times hire a known sexist/racist, the country …….crickets!!

    the racist N.Y. Times’ Sarah Jeong!…

    Her racist and sexist quotes: “White men are bullshit,”… “#cancelwhitepeople.”

    “White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. that was my plan all along.”

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    “Are white people genetically disposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins.”

    “oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

    “But the alternative view — that of today’s political left — is that Jeong definitionally cannot be racist, because she’s both a woman and a racial minority. Racism against whites, in this neo-Marxist view, just “isn’t a thing”

    Everything that city poops out are failed parasites…..Casio-Cortex, Bloomturd, Fredo…………………..

  24. The NYT publishes the world view of the democrats. The democrats hand book is “Rules for Radicals” by Sol Alinsky. Alinsky dedicated the book to Lucifer, who he said was the source of it’s strategies, principally a refusal to ever seek or find common ground with your opponent (republicans), demonize your opponent going to the point of bearing false witness, and organize people to act victimized and orchestrate them to spread the demonization..

  25. The New York Times is addicted to wars of any kind, anywhere. Death and suffering sells papers. Attacks on Trump are what they traffic in. If these same murderers committed a bombing in Times Square, they would blame Trump for not knowing about the plot. The story and the characters are predictable, as is The Times’ slant on the subject. The poor, dear Taliban are being hunted and slaughtered like dogs and they are just pleading for an end to this conflict, like they did when Bush was through with them and Obama took over. Look where we are now. How about this, Haqqani and his Lieutenants surrender to UN forces and then stand trial in The Hague. If they can convince the world that they are not World Class Terrorists and murderers, then fine, slate clean. If not, BOMB THEM BACK TO THE 7th CENTURY.

  26. Totally worthless POS paper can’t believe anyone with any brains would even read it!

  27. THe NYT is nothing more then bullshit fake and unAmerican news. Do not waste your time!

  28. This article was shit!

  29. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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