“Queer” Activists Disown Buttigieg

As the first and only openly gay presidential candidate, you would think former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, would be a dream come true for the LGBTQ communities of the nation. But apparently, he is far from it. In fact, many who share his sexual identity are openly against him.

So what is their problem with Buttigieg?

Well, there are several, but most fall into the category of not being gay enough or that he doesn’t sufficiently represent their community.

The voices of those who think like this were heard last week during and after a campaign event held for the candidate in San Francisco. The event was going well until the former mayor was interrupted by a few “queer” supporters wanting to ask him a question. But instead of raising their hands, they resorted to shouting.

When it was found out that they were actually activists protesting the event, they were escorted out of the building, where reporters from The Guardian caught up with them.

One woman told the outlet, “I’m definitely proud of the fact that a gay candidate has made it thus far, but it’s hard to enjoy or appreciate when his stances are so middle-of-the-road and speak to a predominantly white, upper-class audience.”

She continued, saying, “Pete Buttigieg represents a very small percentage of the experiences of queer and trans people in this country, being white and being cisgender and being a man, being someone who is educated.”

The protestors went on to discuss that while Buttigieg’s participation in the race is a good thing, he does little for the community he claims to be a part of and definitely could be doing more, particularly for those of color.

One said, “We know queer and trans folks of color, especially black queer and trans folks, live at the intersection of so many systems of oppression in this country. This run for president could have been a really unique opportunity to lift up those experiences and talk about all the different ways we are criminalized, and our safety is constantly threatened and we are shut out of institutions on the regular. But this campaign has not been about that.”

Celi Tamayo-Lee, who was one of the women kicked out of Buttigieg’s event, said, “We’re allowed to want the gay candidate who is running to do better and be better for queer communities of color.”

Instead, Buttigieg has made a clear point to speak mainly to those just like him, well-educated, white, male, and fairly well off.

The event this protest was held at is a prime example of this. Tickets or seats for the sold-out event cost anywhere from $250 to $2800, depending on what you wanted to hear and see. $250 got you in. $1500 gave you preferred seating, and $2800 meant you could meet the candidate in person and hold a fundraiser, according to Mercury News.

Tracey Corder, another protester at the event, told Mercury News, “Today, we are out here making a statement to Pete Buttigieg, who’s running for president, that if he’s coming to San Francisco, he needs to be meeting with real people. He’s having a high dollar fundraiser in the (National LGBTQ Center for the Arts). He has not reached out to any of the community groups on the ground who do the work to outreach the people.”

San Francisco resident and filmmaker Jethro Patalinghug told Pete, “stop playing the gay card because you’re not a representative of our community.”

But Pete’s mediocre gayness is only part of makes him not ‘woke’ enough for many on the left. Those like Corder and Patalinghug also have some issues with a few of Buttigieg’s platform ideas, or the lack thereof.

Among most complaints against Buttigieg are:

  • his flip-flop on Medicare for all
  • not being committed to decriminalizing border crossings
  • his opposition of all the free things more liberal candidates promise such as healthcare, student debt cancelation, and college tuition
  • the fact that he has yet to address the issue of race in his own home town, let alone the nation
  • and his willingness to not cater to the poor and needy

These protesters do have a point; if Buttigieg really wants to be part of that community, he cannot only promote solutions to issues that don’t involve them.

However, at the same time, should the man really be criticized for his lack of unfortunate life experiences? According to the LGBTQ community, apparently so. If you aren’t a victim, you don’t belong.

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  1. America does need a homosexual for Commander-In-Chief.


  3. truth is butt plug blows.

  4. The Bible means nothing to many people today.
    Their motto is ” if it feels good do it”.

  5. Butt-gig is the white Oblama, he’s gay but IF he were President then every little kid in grade school would have a weekly lesson about how to be something other than heterosexual, I say live-and-let-live but DON’T lecture me about homosexuality being good and normal and stop promoting it to little kids, that’s the motto of NAMBLA

  6. As a gay American and a resident of and native San Franciscan who’s seen this one time great clean and affordable jewel of California become the doo doo capital and the laughing stock of the USA, I and I’m sure sure a lot of others thank you. As for everyone paying their own way, spot on. If you want to change genders surgically that’s on you, not my problem. As most of us here have our own debts and expenses to deal with and meet, i resent anyone thinking I the taxpayer owe anyone else a living. My parents and grandparents who went through the depression and both world wars had a saying that’s timeless; You don’t work or contribute, you don’t eat’ , end of story! Works for me and i’m sure a lot of others here sick and tired of having to pay , through taxes, for freebies for lazy bums too damned lazy to get off their asses and get jobs.

  7. How true and so very well said in as few words as possible, thanks!

  8. Isn’t it interesting that all these people want all the freebies, free ‘Medicare for all and student loan forgiveness etc.regardless of what all this free swag will do to the economy and the working middle class yet it”s all about the free stuff. In economics the saying holds true: ‘there’s no free lunch or anything for free in life’. Down the road someone has to foot the bills. This is just give me more and more free stuff BS. It’s about time these lazy slugs realize the government aka the taxpayers don’t owe them a damned thing and it’s about time they’d better get with the program and get off their lazy asses and get jobs like the rest of us. That being said as a gay man i wouldn’t vote for him or any of the liberal buffoons running as they have no feasible plans on how to pay for all this free stuff other than insult peoples intelligence by saying this’ll be paid for by the wealthy and corporations. Yeah, when pigs fly. Anyone with at least half a brain knows this is a bunch of hot air and pandering BULLS**T. Time for America to wake up, get their heads out of the clouds or butts, smell the coffee and get with the program. and the sooner the better: The liberals have nothing positive to offer America be they middle class or whatever. class.. Myself and a lot of others here are sick and tired of being forced to pay for all the freebies doled out like candy to kids to all all the lazy slugs, deadbeats, parasites,illegals and leeches too damned lazy to get off their collective asses and get jobs and who think the taxpayers owe the them a life. Get real

  9. Daddy was a Professor at Notre Dame and was a dyed in the wool, book writing Communist. This punk is a white Obama. Never answer a question, just ducks and bobs. Checks all the boxes, military, check, didn’t do much , but, he went. College , yes, check the box, gay, check the box, Mayor , check a bad one. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing, and another Manchurian candidate,

  10. Know what i say. We as a country are sick of faggots, lesbians. All you digenerates will have a problem at death.

    A man shall not lay with a man and a woman shall not lay with a woman. PERIOD. MAN SHALL NOT LAY WITH A MAN. END OF STORY

  11. So let me get this straight – the Democrat party is now the party of all the free [email protected] for the downtrodden- the unfortunate and the oppressed? When the hell did that happen? Pete isn’t the candidate this country needs- I don’t think America is ready for an openly gay President- the people in his town of South Bend said that Pete didn’t do a dadgum thing for South Bend and he wouldn’t be able to run this country! And we sure as hell don’t need a real and true communist like Sanders. This country would never allow for that to happen- so it’s like this It’s either Trump or Socialism! End of story!

  12. Gay or straight… he’s a hypocrite!

  13. The BACK DOOR little 👦👦👦 boy thinks he can pull the wool over people’s 👀👀👀!! He needs to drop out and join the rest of his KIND .

  14. America is smart and can see right through the demonRat fakes trying to campaign thinking they can beat President Trump. Not one has the intelligence or charisma to stand up against him in a debate one on one. We all need to vote even if the “news” says Trump is winning in November; don’t believe it until the votes are counted.

  15. Enough is never enough for these special interest queers! The more they get the more they complain! Perhaps they just hate themselves more than anything else. I can see why.

  16. Buttigieg is nothing more than a racist white elite catering strictly to white social elites of wealth who claim to be gay. He doesn’t represent the middle class, lower class, the street people, or people of color. If he was truly what he claims to be, he would be standing for all the people of the lgbt communities regardless of their race, color, or status of wealth. He’s nothing but another wealthy elite hypocrite looking for social status and wealth. He should go back to South Bend and continue there where he left off. He certainly didn’t do the lgbt communities there any good and certainly couldn’t do any good at running a city as mayor. If he can’t represent all of the people then he can’t fairly represent the people of the United States of America. It’s all for one and one for all in case you haven’t realized that yet Pete.

  17. I wish I could be more compassionate, but I find it hard to put up with Stupid. The person who is giving this interview thinks that Mayor Putz would be better served by lecturing the 97% about how Gay he is and side-stepping the issues the rest of us are concerned about. This fool thinks that throwing himself onto the flames of the bonfire will symbolically help their position and quell some of the angst in the Country? Sorry, but that is not Mayor Putz’s goal. He needs the 97% to respect him for having a common goal. Once he is President, he will do what Anise Parker did in Houston, become a flaming Lesbian who focused all of her energy, power and time on Gay issues in Houston. She waited for her last term to break out, and it was generally confirmed that she would have lost the next election in a landslide had she been able to run. The Gay issue cannot win as a central focus in a campaign. It does not represent enough of the electorate to do that. That does not mean that the LGBTQ community should not be protected, but don’t expect more protection than any of the rest of us. I know that when you feel oppressed, you feel like you are being persecuted. Look within and see if maybe the oppression is self-inflicted by your aggressive promotion of your cause and its discomfort that it causes. Maybe that is the root of your discomfort.

  18. Not gay enough? Being gay is like being dead-you are or you aren’t.

  19. I am 68 years old. My Grandmother turned gay after my grandfather died in 1945. She had the same partner for over 30 years when they died in the early 1980s. My aunt was gay. My niece is gay. It seemed as if the gay gene hits only the females in my family but the point is, they lived their lives and kept their sexuality to themselves. All this Gay pride crap is way over the top and transgender people are the sickest of them all.

  20. Or, maybe he has had life too easy/soft for them…Not up to the Fight!!!

  21. He’s not Far-Left enough!!!

  22. As a Gay American I don’t support Buttigieg either….I don’t support the idea that most if not all of these DemocRATS think they can give away the store. All this “free stuff” they are promising has to be paid for by somebody and that “somebody” is US…..repeat …it is US. The taxpayers. NOTHING IS FREE…IT HAS TO BE PAID FOR BY SOMEONE. I don’t want to pay for someone else’s lifestyle no matter what it is….it is THEIR responsibility. Those who want to change their gender then let them pay for it. GAY AMERICANS deserve to live their lives in peace and productive harmony with everyone else and most do ……but those who think they deserve special benefits are in for a rude awakening.

  23. I always find it hypocritical that people who self identify, no matter how, are the ones who are the most vocal about how they need “Special Rights”. Equality is not accomplished by giving others MORE, rather, it is achieved by becoming color, race, gender, etc. BLIND!

    I could honestly care less what someone does in their bedroom, that is THEIR business… And just because YOU believe it is normal for there to be 2 dads or 2 moms, let me have a mom and dad. Where I draw the line is teaching children in public schools that it is natural… IT IS NOT! If it were, you could procreate with each other… YOU CAN’T! So don’t push it on those that accept their natural selves for themselves and their posterity.

    I do not believe the LGBTQ community should be discriminated against, but they also do NOT deserve special rights either. Just like I don’t believe that if you are Black (African American or otherwise) or Asian, or White that you deserve any additional rights over anyone else!

    The LGBTQ community is not looking for equal Rights… they already have them, just like everyone else! The only discrimination that is occurring is perpetrated primarily by those claiming they need special rights! I am not saying that racism, sexism and the like does not exist, on the contrary, IT DOES… However, it is perpetrated by the very ones who are claiming it is being used against them.

  24. Buttercheeks think like Hillary Clinton. He is above all and the rest is of us gay or not is deplorable. The deplorables got your number buttercheeks. They read you well.

  25. As soon as I read that the Gay / LGBTQLMNOP people are against Mayor Pete, I thought , OK he’s not gay enough for them, he’s not down with the struggle. Many blacks that have made some ting of them self, speak English well and do not consider them self non liberal are looked at the same way, their too white and not down with the struggle. If being DOWN WITH THE STRUGGLE is what you live for , you deserve to live in poverty.

  26. What these comments say to ME is that the commenters are a bunch of losers who want “free shit” and want to be accepted by everyone. Not happening…be who you want to be — but do not expect our participation in your silly life!

  27. Whether Buttigieg is a catcher or pitcher does not matter; by his submission he considers himself to be politically correct Gay which covers many aspects of the sickening practices. He admits to being the wife/feminate partner in the relationship.
    If he were to win [never] the presidency this country could become like Sodom and three other cities of the plains- totally eliminated

  28. This thing of color needs to stop in this country is the color has overran the white in freedoms of this country and I’m not against anybody’s freedom but I’m tired of getting put down for being white. This is nothing but a communist ploy to keep us put it against one another that’s all it is black people are not being treated as being portrayed by the communist party goes into the name Democrat party. Racism is a divisional word to keep America fighting each other well they tear America down just like they do by going after anything that was in the past by for claiming it racist. Once again racism Is nothing but a tool for them to use to put us against one another. This is America a free country if you don’t like what I say you don’t like what I look like you have the right to walk on you do not have the right to touch me or my family or my property. What I say is what I say that is on me and again if someone says something that I don’t like I just turn around and walk off or get my reply and MoveOn but I don’t Force and altercation


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