Ted Cruz Is Not “Kissing Ass”

Words of hate were once thrown between President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz.  In the Republican Primaries of 2016, while battling for the Republican nomination, Trump called the Texas Senator “lyin’ Ted.”  Cruz called Trump a “sniveling coward,” “utterly amoral,” and a “pathological liar.”  But that was politics, today they are the best friends, and Cruz is Trump’s most prominent supporter.

The heated battle between Trump and Cruz earned each other’s respect. In the beginning, Cruz played like Romney with bitterness toward Trump.  He refused to endorse him at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Now we see many times Cruz stood up for the President and, in some cases, may have saved the President from being removed from the impeachment. Democrats are attacking Cruz and saying he is doing nothing but “kissing ass.”

Between Senator Cruz and Senator Lindsey Graham, who also had a beef with the President in the beginning, they are the two we can all thank for fighting harder for President Trump than anyone else.  They have grown a bond in the GOP to get things done amidst the “do nothing” Democrats.

So what exactly did Senator Ted Cruz do to save President Donald Trump from impeachment?  He served as a jury consultant, legal strategist, broadcast surrogate, and a messing guru.  Without intending to, Cruz has also become a celebrity as a podcast star.  Cruz has worked countless hours fighting Democrats every step of the way in doing these tasks.

President Trump was questioned recently about the political relationship between him and Senator Ted Cruz.  They brought up the incident when he called Cruz, “Lyin’ Ted.”  Trump laughed it off and stated how it was just a hard-fought campaign between the two candidates.

Trump says after all the hard work Cruz puts into the state of Texas, he now calls him “Beautiful Ted,” or “Texas Ted.”  The President is widely known for giving everyone funny nicknames.  He is also very well aware of what Cruz has done for him and his presidency.

The Senator was interviewed recently, where he was asked about the rocky start to his relationship with the President to where they stand now.  Cruz stated, “My attitude is, I’ve got a job to do.  To do my job, I’ve got to work with the President. And, you know, I could have made the choice to allow my feelings to be hurt, to take my marbles and go home. But I think that would’ve been an irresponsible choice.”

Senator Cruz is a former Supreme Court clerk, Justice Department official, and appellate litigator.  Many in the GOP say he could have been the leading defense in the impeachment trial for Trump.  Cruz’s record speaks for itself, and the President commended him on his high intelligence.

Senator John Cornyn, who is also a Texas GOP Senator, had this to say about Cruz.  “This is his niche.  Because of his experience, I think when he talks, people listen, and I think he was one of the people who helped navigate a very difficult path.”

Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz were not the best of friends either in the beginning.  In fact, Cornyn stated Cruz was not known for being a GOP team player in the Senate.  He mostly went off on his own, which was usually the right path.  They earned each other’s respect.

When the impeachment trial was over, all the Democrats could do was attack those who supported Trump by telling the truth.  There was nothing to hide, and between Cruz, McConnell, and other GOP Senators, they put the Democrats in their place real quick.

As the Democrats attack Trump, so too are they attacking Cruz.  Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii said, “When he turned, he really turned, didn’t he?  Into a total suck-up, you can quote me on that.”

That’s what a good person gets for doing their job.  On the bright side, that is a great way to know they are doing their job.  If the Democrats hate them, then they’re good at what they do.

Cruz’s podcast “Verdict With Ted Cruz” became a national hit!  Every day, after the impeachment trial Cruz left to do his podcast and let the world know what the Democrats were trying to hide.

Senator Cruz may be one of the hardest working Senators, and he has received his gratification from the President.  Trump has put Cruz on the spot by saying, “Thank you, Ted, for everything.  You have been incredible.”

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