Vain Obama Tries to Take Credit For Trump’s Economy

Just about anyone placed in a position of leadership likes to think they are doing something good for those under them, whether that be their children, community, state constituents, or even their nation. Furthermore, they like to believe that as good leaders, they have left some sort of legacy, something that endures long after they leave that office. However, as history has proven, some often have a very misguided perception of themselves.

Such seems to be the case for former President Barack Obama, not that this is really all that shocking to you. Given his past oh so vain remarks and who replaced him in the Oval Office, it seems only natural that he would still think of himself rather highly. And in truth, maybe he wasn’t the worst president ever.

But that certainly doesn’t give him the right to claim what he did on Monday.

In celebration of Presidents Day, a day meant to honor our Founding Fathers and all the greats who came before us, Obama decided to brag on himself on social media a bit. The only problem is that he had nothing to do with what he claimed – that he was responsible for the current economic boom our nation is experiencing.

He wrote on Twitter, “Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.”

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And while his statement does hold particles of truth, the overreaching idea is nothing if not laughable.

Yes, he did sign the Recovery Act eleven years ago today. And yes, it was during the worst recession our nation has experienced in some time. Obama is also correct in saying that job creation is at an all-time high and that the economy has grown considerably since that time.

But it is entirely false that he can be credited for those gains.

Let’s take a look at what he actually did instead.

In early 2009, he signed the Recovery Act. But he didn’t even start giving out money to help the economy until 2010. Then in May of that year, he and his trusty sidekick, Joe Biden, declared the summer of 2010 to be a “recovery summer.” They implemented a “stimulus” plan that would spend nearly $1 trillion to boost the economy.

Now $1 trillion put into the economy is sure to make some changes if it is well placed. So, where was it sent?

Well, about a half-billion in taxpayer dollars went to the infamous Solyndra company, a well to do solar panel manufacturer that was supposed to lead America into a greener and more environmentally friendly age. But only a little more than a year later, the company failed, closing its doors forever and making the government eat its investment loans.

And as one social media user pointed out in response to Obama’s ludicrous claim, millions more were sent to more than one university research team for things like the study of “plant fossils” and “shark fossils.”

Sounds extremely useful to a hurting economy, huh?

Indeed, new jobs were created during Obama’s time in the White House, as is the case during any president’s term. But they certainly weren’t record numbers. Furthermore, it is noted that of those new jobs, about 95% of them were part-time or contract positions.

Thanks to Obamacare and the outrageous prices of healthcare under that plan, many employers could no longer afford to offer such benefits to their employees. So they didn’t. They cut hours; they fired or laid-off workers and then created new, part-time jobs to save themselves some money.

This is also the time when millennials left and right decided that working for themselves in a contract position was more affordable and gave better results than most other jobs. Why? Because Obama’s stimulus plan had failed, companies were going under or selling out to foreign entities.

The American people began to lose hope in their nation and what it could do for them. They would rather stick it out on their own that have to rely on a government that proved it didn’t really care.

Thank God, Trump changed all that. Today, unemployment is at record lows in every demographic, not because of some failed stimulus package but because he actually took steps to help everyday Americans.

Obama is only lying to himself; we all know the truth.

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  1. I remember 2 things.
    1. Obama ALWAYS blamed Bush if things did not go right in Obama’s administration. (lack of taking responsibility).

    2. Obama said” Trump would need a ‘Magic Wand” to turn the economy around. Well, apparently found the ‘Magic Wand”.

    Obama is now and always has been a do-nothing, conceited President who totally lacks the ability to take responsibility.

    And I would like one black citizen to tell me ONE thing Obama or the Democrat Party has done to make their life better.

  2. Listening to the likes of people like Sanders, Pelosi , Schummer,Nadler & so many others in the Presidential field or just in the Democratic party ,the economy is NOT doing that great for so many people, according to them, so if it’s NOT doing that great according to Democrat spokes-people, why is Obama trying to take credit for it?
    If only the RICH are benefiting, & everyone else is being left behind,why is Obama so willing to take the credit for it?

  3. Soros of course, Obama is his puppet…Obama listens to Soros on everything and does what Obama wants him to do..To destroy America,,,

  4. The reason why Obama is doing this, is because he is SO JEALOUS OF TRUMP…

  5. I agree 1000% He’s so in love with himself…

  6. Back in 2001, the Demorats blamed Bush for 9-11 and he had just taken office. So after 3 years of Trump, Obummer does not get credit for the economy!!!!! You can’t have it both way guys!!!! Trump 2020 – 100%!!!

  7. Yes they should check Obama. Money buying all these million dollar home and owns Netflix. Where did he get his money. I can tell you . Joe Biden , Hillary, John Kerry and all Bidens relatives. They all are a bunch of millionaires on the tax payers money. God bless Trump. Well yes I need to vent on president Bush. What a shameful person he has turned into. Oh well he has little old Obama to think for that. Friends to go against Trump. Shame on them all. God bless president trump. I pray for him every night to fight all these idiots.

  8. Has anyone looked back through history? Can it be proven that a country will be prosperous and the citizens continue to grow and develop bigger and better economies with government ever expanding? A shelf governing society with a deep rooting of ethics will prosper. If we put back the ability and mindset of a good and aunist day of work with a livable wage, things will improve. I truly hope that our present government will finally remember that and strive to achieve it.

  9. I find it fascinating that you appear to believe that Ex-president Barack Housein Obama really accomplished anything other than greatly increasing the number of Federal Government employees by 64,891 to a total of 2,823,777!!
    I don’t know about you but I have never been in any government office at any level where employees appeared to be rushing to accomplish something. It is generally believed that thesis employees cannot be fired!

  10. Democrat Socialism is utter nonsense! Socialism is the precursor of communism everywhere it has been tried yet a great many colleges educate students to think otherwise.This may be some resonance of the democrats “free stuff” philosophy
    that they endlessly perpetuate and the MSM never questions.
    The fact is simply that there is no “free stuff”! Everything must be paid for by some entity, usually by taxpayers.

  11. If you Democratic children would quit looking for ballots for 2016 to fill in you might discover that there is another unfiled election coming up this year. No wonder the Dems aren’t getting anywhere.

  12. By “fat ears” I take it you mean The “Black Howdy Doody”?

  13. Trump has been a welcome change of “fresh air.” After being laid off work, I went through my substantial savings to keep my boat afloat.
    I could not get another job to sustain my quality of life. My car was repossessed, credit went out the window, house foreclosed upon, forced onto “OBummercare” after being diagnosed with cancer. Which I believe was triggered by all the financial distress, I incurred under 0Bummer’s tenure. I was afraid I would lose custody of my only child! I had to work FIVE PART Time, minimum wage jobs to sustain us. While being sick with cancer. So all you pro-Dems I have nothing to say to you, except you must be RICH. Trump’s tenure gave me HOPE, whereas my hope was lost under OBUMMER. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me Twice, Shame on me. Will never support another DEMWIT again.

  14. His records are sealed bc he is not now or ever been a natural born citizen of this country . Our constitution states only natural born citizens can be our President, thus the reason for sealed records.

  15. We all know what this dude is and he is merely confirming our suspicions. Way to go,dude.

  16. Trump is riding the coat tails of president Obama

  17. Trump said exactly what he was going to do and he has done it, even with all the speed bumps thrown in front of him. All the other jerks, running for his replacement, can do is throw mud at each other. Not one has said how they plan to achieve their goals. They don’t know how to add up the cost of their ideas. I’m not for a DemoRat but if they should oust (I truly hope not) Trump the best possible scenario might be Klobuchar and Warren. No order but 2 women in Pres and VP. Horrible thought.

  18. Trump said exactly what he was going to do and he has done it, even with all the speed bumps thrown in front of him. All the other jerks, running for his replacement, can do is throw mud at each other. Not one has said how they plan to achieve their goals. They don’t know how to add up the cost of their ideas. I’m not for a DemoRat but if they should oust (I truly hope not) Trump the best possible scenario might be Klobuchar and Warren. No order but 2 women in Pres and VP. Horrible thought.

  19. Ya, I agree with you. Jackass Joe and his son, Hoodlum Hunter, are lawless and corrupt. The stuff they pulled while Daddy was VP is worse than anything Trump has done.

  20. BTW… For Obama to take credit for Trump’s economy is laughable. Obama, the “individual” who had, at one point in his administration, 47% of Americans on some type of government assistance/Welfare, must think all Americans are stupid to believe his BS! lol Obama was and, I guess, still is a very vain narcissist

  21. Why of course he left a legacy! You’d have to be an ignorant person not to realize that fact! He left a larger racial divide than a Klansman. He put bullseyes on the backs of law enforcement around this great country. He laundered money , 150 billion dollars, that changed currency from American money to Swiss, I believe. He allowed Americans to die in Libya. He was involved in Fast and Furious and so many more scandals, yet he claims there were no scandals in his administration! lol I am sure we will find out the other “scandals” directly…

  22. Vainer Trump tries to take credit for Obama economy!

  23. Oh did all you Fox News watchers get the latest news. According to 17 intelligence agencies Russia and Putin are again interfering in the 2020 elections backing your master trump. And lord trump has tried to cover it Up. Even firing the official who reported the crimes to Congress. When Are you people going to wake up to this corrupt and lawLess man

  24. Obama you can take credit for anything you want but we all know what is true, you are a liar and the worst President this Country ever had and you are acrook!

  25. The most telling difference between what Obama did and what Trump accomplished is that Trump pretty much reversed
    everything Obama did to achieve his results. How can that in any way support that Trump’s economy is rooted in what
    Obama did? Deregulation and the easing of the corporate tax was the key to Trump’s results. Just the opposite was
    what made for the slowest recovery from recession ever during the Obama years. If there was any growth during the
    Obama years it was because the American economy is so strong it can survive even without the best governance. Pray
    that it does not get strangled by our new Democrat Socialism.

  26. And a dirty rotten liar traitor go back to the jungle where you belong

  27. Yes its called lawlessness and corruption

  28. No sir the worst president is in office as we post

  29. A recent Fox News announcer was talking about the historic record of the stock market. It is the longest record ever at 11years and still going But trump has only been president for 3 1/2 years who was president for the other 7 1/2 years of this historic record

  30. Under President Obama, the unemployment rate fell from 10.4% in 2008 to 4.7% in 2016, cutting the rate in more than half. That is something no president had to do nor has done since FDR during the Great Depression, a depression caused by the same supply-side economic policies that led to the Great Recession, courtesy of G.W. Bush. Every notice that economic debacles, i.e., 1929, 1987, 2008 always happen and only happens when the GOP is in charge?

  31. You said it & they grow worse w/ time. SO happy they are gone!! And yes, thank God for President Donald J. Trump ……

  32. the entire time Obama was in office he blamed bush for his screwed up economy. Anyone that criticized his claims was called a racist. Ok fine. since those things are true then turn about is fair.

    Fine Obama the current economy is yours but your a racist.

  33. All anyone has to do is look at all of the things President Trump has done to support the American people, who made the economy grow. Obama did not understand a simple basic truth. Government has no money. They have no power to spur the economy. They have no engine to increase employment. All they can do to bring about growth is remove barriers to entry and lower starting costs so industry can move forward unimpeded. President Trump, rightly, takes credit for releasing the controls on the American Engine of Prosperity. He turned Americans lose and said, “Go.” By removing all of the burdensome regulations that Obama thought would spur growth, Trump let it free. The results are what we are living today. Poor old Barry O is like the Quarterback who throws 5 interceptions and fumbles twice in the first half. His team is down 35-0 at halftime. He gets replaced and the (back-up?) throws 10 touchdowns and wins in a landslide. The starter tries to take credit for the win! He started, right? So, he is the winner. Okay Barry, you started, but it took Trump to win the game.

  34. That dude is something else. There is only one reason Obama became President.
    That fact is what makes this conversation ridiculous.
    He did nothing except make things worse.
    Look at the “Recovery Act”. Damn near a trillion dollars wasted. Then take a look at the car company bailouts. That was just stupid. He put all the power back in the hands of the “Rich People” who couldn’t balance a budget or run a company effectively. By doing this they (Rich People) got bonuses and they downsized (closed multiple plants across the country)subcontracted work out.
    In Springfield Ohio my Father worked for Navistar. He made made approx $25 hr. w/fully paid benefits package. Go get a job there now,it is a two tier pay grade topping out at $18.50. Also there were many smaller companies that made parts for Navistar that had to close.
    Bottom line Obama sucked….
    This was the time he should have been restructuring NAFTA and China trade,like the real President has done. But he couldn’t do that because he was borrowing money from China and all along we knew China was inflating their currency. Yeah Obama was the best!
    Like I said he did nothing except go from having a mortgage he could barely afford to buying a house in Martha’s Vineyard.
    Hard to believe.

  35. You certainly “hit all of the correct talking points”! Simply, put Obama was in this man’s opinion the very “WORST” US President ever! He simply put was nothing, but a “de facto” profound LIAR in Chief! Frankly, I’m still asking why his records are sealed? Because in all truth he’s nothing short of being little more than a complete FRAUD!

  36. Typical liberal ass they take credit for things they have nothing to do with When they are successes by right they claim they did it I thought Big Ears claim was not my fault George Bush not my fault Congress not my fault
    Here is what the asshole did
    3 billion for cash for clunkers no approval from Congress lasted 6 months
    5 million guns and money to cartels Fast and Furious right Eric you wing man jackass
    1.55 billion to IRAN
    Shovel ready jobs never happen
    Every time an ass Liberal Democrat is in they tell money goes to fix roads bridges rails tunnels etc another lie
    Taxes went up
    Allow JV team Isis to sell oil on black market
    6 stymulis packages
    14 trillion in debt
    Obamacare disaster hey Nanny we will pass the read 10 years you still have not read or did you shred it
    Signed without any gov. approval this ridiculous Paris Climate Accord
    Held up aid to Pakistan \Executive order signing DACA no approval
    Free cell phone to people only trouble American taxpayers paid for it on our cell phone bills
    Every program this idiot did was a failure
    He by far was the worst President this country ever saw
    Number one liar like you doctor you can keep them like your insurance plan you can keep it
    This idiot spent his days selecting basketball grids and still could even do that right
    An incompetent fund raiser liar and spender of our money
    Best thing of all was Trump in oval office seated next to Big Ears as 45
    All your Obama insults on the dummy shows proved the asshole you are Barrack
    Go write some more fiction books with that idiot shaken to core Michelle
    Thank God for Trump

  37. Who bankrolled Obama’s candidacy. Could it have been Bloomberg or Soras or both ?

  38. Praise God for President Trump. He has, since I was old enough showed that a President can make Campaign Promises and when He gets in office completes the work. All this despite what the Democrats have tried to do. In the midst of the Impeachment Trail, our President continued to accomplish a lot.

  39. The ultimate Narcissist. Does he not remember stating to the World that the Boom Day’s of the past in the US are over?

  40. thank god Trump found that elusive” MAGIC WAND”

  41. he better not claim that here i wv him and that kiss ass manchin tryed to destroy this state’!

  42. Obama was the Democrats political puppet. The Democrats ruined our country. I agree with President Trump, those who don’t like America – get out!! Obama too!! Impeach the democrats.

  43. Obama once commented at a public hearing ‘Where are all the jobs going to come from? Does he (Trump) have a MAGIC WAND to bring jobs back?”
    I guess Obama is now saying he found that ‘Magic Wand’. What a hypocritical jerk.

  44. Obummer is undoubtedly one of the wackiest Aholes ever to come to America! He knows he screwed up the nation with help from Biden and Killery. They were and still are quite a messy team of idiots trying to mess things up, but thank God for a great Christian president (Mr. Trump) who has been and is willing to work hard to clean up the mess.

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