Trump Forces Cuomo to Cave in to His Wishes

For some time now, states like New York have said they will not comply with Trump’s laws on immigration. Basically, they have declared themselves ‘sanctuary’ states or areas. This means that legislation has been passed saying that federal immigration laws do not apply within their borders.

So when ICE and CBP have orders to deport or detain illegal individuals, these sanctuary states claim they don’t have to give those people up. Nor do local or state law enforcement agencies have to cooperate with immigration authorities.

In addition, New York passed a “Green Light Law” or Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act that allows illegal aliens to obtain New York driver’s licenses while also banning their DMV database from federal agencies.

However, New York and its Governor Andrew Cuomo are learning the hard way that going up against federal laws might have some rather dire consequences.

President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security announced last week that it would no longer allow New York citizens to participate in its Trusted Traveler Programs. Many on the left assume that this is another attempt from Trump to partake in a little quid pro quo. But as the Department stated, it really has nothing to do with that.

You see, the Trusted Traveler programs, like Global Entry, provide legal residents of the US with quicker and easier travel options including bypassing long airport security lines both here and around the world. When an individual applies for the program, the Department of Homeland Security vets each applicant, in part, by using their DMV records, therefore, without access to the DMV in New York, the DHS can’t tell if these people meet their qualification requirements.

As DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said in a recent statement, “Today, we sent a letter to New York indicating because they took these measures that New York residents are no longer eligible to enroll in these Trusted Traveler Programs. They can’t enroll or re-enroll in these Trusted Traveler Programs that Customs and Border Protection offers because we no longer have access to make sure that they meet those program requirements.”

Wolf added, “New York’s ‘Green Light Law’ is ill-conceived, and the Department is forced to take this action to ensure the integrity of our Trusted Traveler Programs. It’s very clear: this irresponsible action has consequences. CBP is able to offer Trusted Traveler Programs like Global Entry because we are able to sue DMV data to make an evidence-based assessment that those individuals who seek this benefit are low risk and meet the eligibility requirements. Without the DMV information, we aren’t able to make that assessment. We must do our job.”

Suddenly and soon after this announcement was made, Governor Cuomo had a change of heart. He told Long Island News Radio on Wednesday, “I’m going to meet with the president tomorrow. He offered a meeting, the earliest availability was tomorrow, and I took him up on it.”

Cuomo added, “I will give them the DMV database for Trusted Traveler. These are people who go for an in-person federal interview with all sorts of background information.”

And apparently, upsetting these people is something he would rather not do. After all, what government leader likes having hoards of their constituents breathing down their necks to make changes, particularly ones that are good for them and not illegals taking up residence here.

However, it is noted the governor himself cannot make any such real deals. He will need to convince both houses of the state legislature that this is the right move. But with all the problems this could cause for the state, it will likely take little convincing for them to support whatever deal Cuomo and President Trump make.

And while Cuomo and President did, in fact, meet on Thursday to discuss a possible deal being made, Cuomo has made it clear that he doesn’t like any of it.

He told CNN, “I’m calling their bluff by saying, you said you want access to the DMV database for TTP? I’ll give it to you. I don’t believe that’s what they want. I believe they just want political noise because they really want to make their argument about immigration.”

And more than likely, the White House does want information that could help with immigration issues, but that doesn’t mean that that same data isn’t being used for Trusted Travelers. Democrats just want that to be true so they might have another leg to stand on against Trump.

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  1. Illegal Aliens are not arrested for driving without a license, driving without Insurance, driving with an Uninspected vehicle, and driving without a valid Registration. Try getting away with any of that as a resident of New York, or an American Citizen, just driving through the State. Laws only seem to apply to us; not them. Had enough, yet?

  2. I don’t know, and never met anyone, outside New York City, Yonkers, White Plains, Scarsdale, and the Cities of Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester, that had anything good to say about this slimy sack of garbage. The normal Citizens of this State suffer for the idiocy of the City residents.

  3. Cuomo said that there is no room in New York for Conservative Americans. I lived in this State longer than you, and have seen some Bums as Governor, but this piece of shit takes the prize. His old man, Bug-Eyed Mario, was a worthless sack of garbage, too, who was Lieutenant Governor to another piece of trash, Hugh Carey. They all sucked. Only George Pataki, the Republican, was a good Governor.

    Now, the only problem with you, and people like you, leaving your home State, is that you really entrench these vermin in their positions of power, because there are fewer of us to Vote them out. This also makes life harder on all the sane, normal people here, and every other State that is currently going through this bullshit. Sooner or later you will realize that you can’t run away from it, because they are targeting every State in the Union. Look what they did to California, the home State of Nixon, and where Ronald Reagan was Governor. They destroyed it, and only a few Northern Counties in that State preserve what it used to be. Look at what they have done to Virginia. Never in a million years would I have believed that Virginia could be turned on its head like this. I have friends that moved from New York to Virginia, to get away like you did. That’s about eight years, or so, ago. They kept asking me when will we sell the house and move down there, which is difficult when all your family and friends are here. But, we thought about it, for the same reasons you have. But now, with what is going on in the State that was the very birthplace of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry, which I cannot believe, it is better that we didn’t move. Better the Devil you know, than not.

  4. The United States Marshals, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons can
    re-educate the Criminal scum Politicians. Fifty years in Prison might send a strong message to stop screwing around.

  5. The Democratic Party is a Party of Criminals: By Criminals, For Criminals.

  6. That was the European Union.

  7. If you are going to move to Europe, move to Eastern Europe, since Western Europe, Britain, and Ireland, are committing Political, Financial, and Ethnic/Racial genocide of their own people.

    Only the Eastern European Countries, that actually suffered under 50 years of Communism, understand what the European is all about, and want no part of it. Poland, and Hungary are on record stating that they will not allow non-White European peoples from migrating to, or settling in, their Countries.

  8. Absolutely right!

  9. Totally agree!!!

  10. I had to give up Medicare part be that covers doctor visits and prescriptions because it cost more than I can Ford on SS.

  11. California might get the votes (of course there’s the possibility that the immigrants are smarter than to vote for dems) but they won’t get taxes from the illegal immigrants they are supporting with their tax dollars!!!

  12. Please remove my address from your mailing list, in other words unsubscribe my address. This is the 4th time I have requested such.


  13. Don’t move to Ireland. That is a bigger cesspool than we are.

  14. The hell with taking money away, send those Government Officials that made those rules on an all expense paid vacation to Fort Leavenworth KA


  16. Hopefully, cuomo will schitt in bed tonight and have to lay in it all night.

  17. It is 100% true that other countries do not pass laws to protect illegal immigrants. In the USA, an illegal can get a tax ID and open a bank account. But in other countries, an illegal cannot get a national ID and cannot sign a single legal document without first getting written permission from immigration authorities. If any US citizen traveled to another country and went to a local bank and asked to open a bank account, you would see that it is not permitted; no bank can do it. And this is a stark contrast to Wells Fargo using the identities of millions illegals to fraudulently open bank accounts. The sanctuary policies in the USA are really crazy and lawless. Venezuelans immigrated to colombia legally and given temporary work permits. Violence by Venezuelans increased. And this practice was stopped. Other countries protect their citizens. But liberals protect illegals first only because they want more liberal voters in the USA and for no other reason. They sacrifice the citizens for political control.

  18. Yep it appears to me that the Dems are on a path way to communism. They don’t want to help run the country, like they took oath to do. They want to cause problems for any Trump supporters and the country, by lying under oath. When you lie under oath , you sell your soul the the Devil!!

  19. This latest attempt to rebel against the rule of law as no surprise given it’s source. Cuomo is the basest of people and he makes that evident at every turn. Illegals have not RIGHT to a driver’s license, driving is a privilege, not a right and you earn privileges. They are being rewarded for ignoring our laws, disrespecting our nation, circumventing the line of people doung it legally, and you have traitorous scum like Cuomo cheering them on. If I were arrested today, they’d separate me from my child in an instant, but immigrants cry foul when they are caught and deported? Boo Hoo.

  20. They get away with this sanctuary city stuff, and giving illegals drivers licenses and the whole routine because their ill-informed and not too bright followers keep voting them back into office. No consequences for their bad behavior. Just more years in office while giving away taxpayer dollars. Its because they appeal to a particular group with religion, race, union benefits or whatever freebie that group thinks they want. These people ( voters) are willing to sell their own country and fellow citizens down the river to selfishly get something for themselves. They are a disgrace and should be ashamed.

  21. Your benefits went to some illegal who never paid taxes , bleed for the country.

  22. I am with all of you. An illegal alien is a criminal. Illinois has been granting them licenses for years. This is the state that Obama learned the political ropes. He let all those illegals in to get them on books & then deported them. The Dems have learned to use these people on the voter rolls to win elections. That is how Hillary got the popular vote. The Dems want to never lose another election. That is why all the resist Trump is going on. They are all disgraceful & should be jailed. Especially Obama & Hillary Clinton.

  23. Welcome to South Carolina! I move out of New York to South Carolina nine years ago. We love it down here.

  24. It is time that the Federal Government starts to hit so called “Sanctuary States ” where it will hurt them most, IN THE POCKETBOOK ! ! CUT OFF ALL FEDERAL AID. Lets see how fast they mend their ways and start co-operating with our immigration laws,

  25. USA PATRIOTS for President Donald J. Trump!!!

  26. Under the Constitution of the United States, it states that the president has sole power on immigration , thus no State law can interfere with what is Federal Law. New York law creates a conflict with the Constitution thus what New York has done in unconstitutional. My question why is there this assumption by a State, unless they are seceding from the Union. All there needs to be is the Supreme Court declaring this New York law unconstitutional due to the conflict.
    This is simple Constitutional law.

  27. The demonrat party is done for!!! They will be caving in on everything and soon all those crooks will be going to jail!!! As soon as one starts to sing they will all sing and the house of cards will come down!!! This will take crooks from both sides of the aisle down!!!


  29. Being an illegal immigrant means that a crime was committed. They broke a law Breaking a law makes you a criminal. This is a nation of laws. If an immigrant wants to be a part of this country and enjoy its benefits, there is a legal channel and way to do it. We do not want people here who do not obey our laws. This is a national security issue. When Americans visit to go to foreign countries we are expected to abide by that country’s laws. We just ask the same.

  30. BUT at what cost to this country . MAKE IT A FORTH WORLD COUNTRY


  32. Sweet message to Gov mc cheese.

  33. The reality is that we are paying a lot of money in taxes to help illegals in this country We cannot afford to pay more in taxes for more illegals to come here Plus to donation food for the homeless that are not worth it Because, homelessness is at epidemic in NY and parasitical people

  34. A felon declares himself above society. He loses his rights to freedom, the vote, free association and many more rights. If a whole State or a City declares themselves above Society, then they have accepted the consequences. Why allow the Federal Government to give my money to criminals? Cuomo is a shallow little fool who thinks because he is in New York that everyone thinks he is special. Many of us do not see New York as special, but broken. I do not want President Trump to give any money at all to the Governor of New York or any other recalcitrant State. Nothing! Cut off the miss-behaving child. You don’t take away the allowance, but leave the cell phone and car? If this is punishment for bad behavior, make it hurt. If the citizens of New York don’t like losing Federal funding for school lunches, roads, bridges, airports or any other funding like Grants for State Schools or Research Grants at the New York Colleges, then change leadership. It won’t take long to see how much family money they depend on.

  35. If New York wins the election by these illegal votes, all votes should be cancelled. I had to take a drivers test for a license with a DMV person. If I couldn’t pass the test, No license. Do these illegals have this trial run test?

  36. Congratulations and welcome to America.

  37. Don’t forget givernor Murphy another billionaire elitist with bail reform worried about plastic straws & flavored vapes, another lawless politician who lets criminals out of jail!!! Who voted these people in? Not me!

  38. Say so with your vote.

  39. Are we looking in the mirror?

  40. Don’t try to blame God, He had nothing to do with it, This is our mess!

  41. Oh, right. Obummer always looked out for crooked people because that’s the way demoncraps operate.

  42. That was supposed to say co-pays, not cops. Sorry, spell chech got me again.

  43. Why should Americans have to pay for all these illegals? There’s certainly better ways to blow taxpayer money than to give it to
    those who don’t pay yet receive everything for free. How about giving the elderly Americans who have worked and paid for years som free medical care? Many of us have to stop taking our prescriptions because of the high prices and cops us.

  44. CUOMO does not speak for all New Yorkers. New York is run by NYC which has as many, if not more, people then the rest of the state.

  45. Andrew Cuomo’s state’s sanctuary policies, as well as other sanctuary states, counties, and cities by not upholding federal immigration laws, are making the country unsafe for its own citizens. It is actually is against the law. No state can bridge the Constitution without the undertaking to violate it therefor no state legislators or senate can breach the American Constitution! all federal funding must be stopped and charges can be laid on each member for violating their oath of Office

  46. A superb comment. What in the world are the people in power doing to this country. I lived in California , so I can see what the Idiot Dems are after, additional taxes & votes , BUT at what cost to this country & why aren’t our courts doing something about this? Illegal is against the law. This is a country filled w/ idiot politicians who are they themselves CRIMINALS for not doing their jobs like they were hired to do. I have decided that living in this country anymore is not for me . I have sold all of my properties & am moving to either Ireland or Scotland & this mess here can self implode. At 76 & no family left I can kiss this mess goodbye forever. I am sick of this country. I spent 3 tours in Nam as a 1st class corpsman , was wounded twice & besides myself I saw wounded vets treated terribly & then we came home to the crap from assholes who ran away & then trouble in college from the losers who didn’t go. I had my disability taken away from me & my veterans benefits because I wouldn’t sign over my v.a. benefits for health care. Screw this country, NO MORE !!!.

  47. What about Colorado’s legalizing marijuana? That is also a Federal crime, yet you do not hear much about taking $$ from those states. If you want to talk the talk, then walk the walk all the way! No exceptions-the Constitution mandates that Federal Law supersedes state law-states can pass more restrictive laws, but they cannot water down Fed Statutes.

  48. It’s supposed to have some seal stains they can’t vote but that doesn’t work too well. Look what happened in Illinois where quite a bit did vote. If they do then they are supposed to be sent back home. But we all know it’s the democrats who want them for their votes. Apparently democrats can change the constitution and break laws but not Trump or republicans. Please vote them out. This is our only recourse. Remember Nancy said “nobody is above the law”. What she didn’t say was unless you’re a democrat.

  49. Me too, I 100% agree with you.

  50. A little Bernaise sauce with your crow, Cuomo?

  51. It was so unfortunate that we have two twin idiots as our Top officers . crime went up & tax more legal motorist , MTA is malfunctioning , city is sinking .. who vote these two dummy? We should vote them out.

  52. It’s all about the Democraps not getting their way .. Queermo Blowmeberg ,and Schitmer (Schumer) ,are a bunch of Commies ,trying too take away from hard working citizens

  53. NOW! California your next, governor newsom and maybe congressperson in November pelosi. Get all those illegal driver licenses back and/or curtail california travlers. How many california travelers need DHS release to get on an overseas flight! Might be nice to change voters registration OR get caught and lose ???? votes in November. palosi, shit is up to you mouth, careful your not buried in it!

  54. Federal law is supposed to over-ride state laws when it comes to safety; NO state law should EVER be able to “thumb the nose” of the Federal law….If those governors think that, then they are NOT fit to sit in the office they are sitting in…….

  55. I think the Governor should work out the grievances with the Federal Government. New Yorkers are punished enough with high taxes high insurances rates and all the other none sense in New York State. I am up to my eyeballs with illegals in my town. A lot can not speak English so that means to me they can not read signs in New York (road signs that is). Do not pat yourself on the back Cuomo it is your fault for this mess. I hope one of these illegals that you protect, does not get drunk and crashes his car into you. Because if this happens it will be a gift from God.

  56. I have been a New York State Resident for over 34 years. My salary has been taxed on that bases. But because of the Democratic Nonsense and Bull-Shit about allowing illegals to love, collect welfare and be given the same privileges as US citizens. I have bought a home in South Carolina and will be moving away from these Democratic Snakes, that could care less about the safety of their citizens and just want illegal votes, so they can steel our money and stay in office.

    Cuomo you really are “FREDO.” Why don’t you try to be more like a SMART ITALIAN.

  57. They have to allow illegals to vote, or they would never win an election. Remember, Yobama told the illegals on TV, “If you vote, no one will come after you.” That is how Killary got 3 million poplar votes in California, all illegally. Cuomo and Bloomberg, both scum. All of these super rich Demorat politicians and movie stars want to allow all of these illegals into our country, until it starts to affect them or their families. Like George Clooney.

  58. Government leaders of New York, Virginia and any other state that thinks it can circumvent federal and constitutional law need to be reschooled in civics 101. They should know, without question, that federal laws is the rule.

  59. Andrew Cuomo’s state’s sanctuary policies as well as other sanctuary states, counties, and cities by not upholding federal immigration laws are making the country unsafe for it’s own citizens. It actually should be against the law.

  60. It is shameful, it is disgraceful, it is pathetic. I became an American citizen fleeing from a communist regime and we went through the right channels. My stomach turns everytime I see politicians catering and pandering to the illegals who have NO rights in the USA as aliens!!!

  61. ME TOO! I CONCUR 100%

  62. good comment I am with you on this 100% Illegal is illegal and we should not have to pay for them in any way It would be cheaper for this country to ship all illegals back to their own country on our dime with no way back into the U.S.

  63. New York just allowed ILLEGAL aliens to vote. Just like california where all you need to be allowed to register to vote is a drivers license


  65. The federal government should take away any monies give the these states that declare themselves as a sanctuary city or state.
    Illegals should not be able to get anything from our governments, because it takes away things from Americans.
    Illegals are here illegally. Ship them back to wherever. We Americans could not stay in
    foreign countries illegally.

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