Go Ahead, We Dare You: Hillary to Be Bloomberg’s VP?

For the most part, former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg has made some significant process in buying his way to the White House. He isn’t doing too bad in the polls, and he certainly as the funds to keep him going for a while. However, if Senator Bernie Sanders continues to win state after state in the Democratic caucuses, his billions may not matter much.

And so it seems he is trying out another tactic to win, even if it’s all a hoax.

It was reported by Drudge this past weekend that the billionaire might seriously be considering to name none other than Hillary Clinton as his vice president.

“Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be formidable force…”

The outlet reported that those sources also mentioned that Bloomberg is serious enough that he is considering moving his state of residency to either Florida or Colorado, where he owns properties, to avoid being “from” the same state as his VPOTUS.

However, there is much speculation that the news is nothing more than something more to get people talking about the candidate and make sure he is considered in upcoming caucuses. After all, it’s not like Hillary is the most popular Democrat, even if she is a brand name and much more well-known than Bloomberg. And already there are those, such as actor James Woods, who has stated that such an alliance would be a “Death Wish” for the White House hopeful.

But let’s imagine for just a moment that it isn’t a scam.

Why would Bloomberg even consider to pair himself with such a has-been?

The first reason may be precisely what I mentioned before: she is a household name and, well, he just isn’t. Clinton is likely the most recognized Democrat in the world, behind Obama. And in a presidential election, especially one with so many contestants, being known is sometimes all that really matters. Clinton can undoubtedly bring the “known” aspect to Bloomberg’s campaign.

And while she may not be at the top of anyone’s favorite list, she does still have quite a bit of sway in the Democratic Party. No matter who he chooses as his second in command, Bloomberg’s best option would be a populist and we all know Hillary certainly fits that bill.

In addition, the recent leaks about Bloomberg’s sexist and racist nature need to be addressed. The Washington Post just published an article that doesn’t describe the man in the best light, and certainly not one we would want in the Oval Office.

“In the most high-profile example, a top saleswoman, Sekiko Sakai Garrison, alleged that Bloomberg told female salespeople about a male colleague getting married: ‘All of you girls line up to give him (oral sex) as a wedding present.’ And, the lawsuit said, when Bloomberg saw certain women, he said, ‘I’d f– that in a second.’”

According to the article, the presidential hopeful was also very critical of women getting pregnant, insinuating that it would ruin them. He even told Garrison herself when she became pregnant in 1995 to “kill” her baby, as it would be a mistake to have it.

In the past, bribery and his billions have gotten him out of any dangerously hot water. But this is bigger than in most cases. What better way to refute these allegations than announce a female, a mother, and one who was almost named president, as your running mate?

And of course, there his age to consider. Like several other 2020 candidates, Mike Bloomberg finds himself in his upper seventies. By the time inauguration gets here, he will be nearly 79, and the oldest ever to be elected into office. As such, it would be wise of him to choose a VP who is quite a bit younger, and as Biden said, “ready to immediately take over as President.”

Plus, who better could unite the Democratic Party under the anti-Trump message Bloomberg has used as the foundation for his campaign? If Hillary stands for anything anymore, it is the constant blubbering will to rid this country of Trump and all that he has done for it.

Then again, the very idea of having Hillary at his side will likely persuade any on-the-fence leftist to run to camp Bernie or even Warren for that matter, instead of Bloomberg. Even as a ruse, Hillary will fail.

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  1. Now that would be great to see Hillary lose for the third time.

  2. Sounds like that Bloomberg loves himself and his money….Also, sounds like he doesn’t like women either..If Hillary ever becomes VP for Bloomberg, there is something seriously wrong with Bloomberg….Hillary is a crook, a liar and has mental issues…Also, she’s just like Pelosi, they’re both chronic alcoholics…

  3. Mike Bloomberg created a toxic work environment, especially for women employees—and even more so for those women who became pregnant. Also, his arrogant attitude and remarks regarding farmer, machinists, and other groups of hardworking non-elite Americans are coming back to bite him. Yes, his wealth and plethora of campaign ads will impress some useful idiot voters, but not us Trump supporters. Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. Be sure to vote to take back the House from the Trump-hating, anti-American, corrupt, globalist Democrats. KAG!

  4. Bloomberg you are supposed to be an intelligent, rich person, however choosing HRC is the perfect SUICIDE. Good Luck!

  5. IF he picks Hilly as his running mate and IF he wins, he will meet his maker soon after, Hilly will become President “after his untimely suicide”.

  6. I can’t believe the world Bloomberg lives in! I guess when your worth over $54 billion you tend to create your own world cuz the way Bloomberg talks he sounds like he has done just that = created his own world. I heard Bloomberg even state ANY ONE CAN BE A FARMER & he also said its like a machinist = following an arrow is all a machinist is, WOW ! REALLY bloomberg. good thing Bloomberg made all his money on media. HELL Bloomberg PROVED the FAKE NEWS pays BIG TIME. he was worth $37 billion last year in 2019 now over $54 billion in 2020. Bloomberg owns all the FAKE NEWS. hes a professional liar & made all his money that way! you didn’t know according to Bloomberg to be a farmer all your need to do is put a seed in a hole, cover it with dirt & water it = farmer & to be a machinist you just need to follow the direction of the arrows heheheheheheHA! oh year Billary & Bloomberg make a great team all right. until Billary gets his coffee heheheheheHA! it would be the Clinton administration again BUT really it would be a GREAT service to the USA to get RID of Bloomberg heheheheheheHA! WOW! he is CRAZY!!! I’d check my car too Bloomberg every time before I open the door. BOOM BOOM BANG BANG you will find your BLOOM on some berg all right!! heheheheheHA! it would be FUN to see how Billary got rid of him though! heheheheHA!

  7. Now that is FUNNY. BILLARY? heheheheHA! 2016 was NEVER about Billary R Clinton that’s a JOKE, kinda like the BIG joke Billary said “she beat the Donald in 2016” heheheheHA! this crap gets FUNNYer & FUNNYer heheheheheHA! 2016 was NEVER about Billary, it was about Bill Clinton the 2nd fully impeached president. the ONLY thing Billary EVER got right was when she stated when she goes to prison most of the democratic party WILL TOO! that’s a FACT Billary said!

  8. mini mike won’t pick crooked Hillary she’s too tall. mike needs to find someone smaller so he looks big. rumor has it he’s considering Danny diveto or honey boo boo. or maybe a Mexican midget if he can find him. won’t matter as mini mike has zero chance of becoming president.

  9. It is a match made in heaven from an arrogant, elitist, narcissistic point of view. But I just can’t forget the term “Clintonated.” If you make this choice, you won’t piss of anyone that Hillary hasn’t already, so there’s that, but just a suggestion, wear your bullet-proof vest on backwards when you lead her into a room.

  10. Dear Mr. Bloomberg,I was very happy to see that you decided to run for president,I am nobody famous,I am just an ordinary person who has worked hard all my life,I will vote for you,I see that you are thinking about having Hillary Clinton as your running mate as VP,I don,’t think that would be a good idea,I think that they would tear her apart and ruin your chances of getting elected,Stacy Abrams would be a better choice or some like her.Like I said I am no body special,I don’t have money I am just a voter who would like to see America safe and not see us in WW3 and bring GOD back to our country and not be runned by Criminals and unstable people.Thank you listing to me,I will pray for you.


  12. Hey Bloomberg! If you get the presidency, better hire a taste-tester for whatever food comes your way, cause Hillary has had her eye on the Oval Office for years now, and she will do whatever is necessary to get there. People who rub her the wrong way have a habit of “mysteriously” disappearing. Just a thought.

  13. Mike Bloomberg appoints Hillary as VP. There is Hillary, her chance to become President.
    Suddenly, something happens to Bloomberg and Hilarity’s dreams to become President will happen.

  14. The revelations coming out this week regarding Mike Bloomberg’s elitist disparaging of farmers, machinists, women, and especially pregnant women employed at his businesses, will sink his campaign—regardless of his wealth. He is nasty. Adding Hillary as his VP choice will further sink his campaign. Trump 2020!

  15. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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