Trump’s Enjoying ‘Dream Scenario’ with Dems Situation

As the primaries for the Democrats are in their heated moments, Democrats are tearing each other apart. It is the scenario President Trump said would happen, and it is hilarious in its entirety.  If anyone has ever seen chickens pecking away at the ground, as soon as one chicken finds dinner, they all flock around and fight over one piece of food.  This is exactly how the Democrats are working in the primaries trying to get supporters.

For some candidates, the support is drawing thin.  One person close to the president said, “I think all of the Democratic candidates are struggling to prove to voters that the economic policies of this administration aren’t working.  Still, the general view is that we don’t know who will prevail on the Democratic side, and we may not know for a while.”

Just like in the impeachment, and the witch hunts we have witnessed since Trump’s announcement for running for president, Democrats have nothing.  There is no leg to stand on for them, and they keep digging themselves deeper.  When things get desperate, the claws come out.

One GOP operative who is close to the Trump campaign stated, “The campaign doesn’t have to do anything but step back and watch the Democrats demolish themselves.  This is like a dream scenario.”

He added, “If you had asked me at the beginning of all of this which Democrats would be the weakest to run against from the moderate and the progressive lanes, the answers would have been Buttigieg and Bernie.”  Now, after the Iowa caucus, they are the two front runners.

Everyone thought Biden would be in the lead, but he admits he is running low on funds.  One of Trump’s top aides said, “Lately, he looks like he is competing against himself.”

It is hard to say if the Ukraine scandal has hurt Biden’s chances at the moment because he is tripping over his own campaign.  The possibility is high that he could be nervous and scared to death the DOJ will catch him and his son for the scandal.  The DNC also fears this, so what everyone thought was the number one candidate, is now placed fourth.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been at each other’s throats for the past few weeks.  Since Hilary’s outburst about Sanders, the Democrats are afraid of him winning the spotlight.  Trump has made a comment, “They’re doing it to Bernie again, 2016.”

Many feel that they rigged the Iowa caucus to put former Mayor Pete Buttigieg in first place over Bernie.  Others think they did it to Biden too, so the Democrats don’t get further exposed.  But it is too late for that.

As for Mike Bloomberg, those closest to Trump explained his thoughts after he told Sean Hannity he thinks, “very little” of Bloomberg.  The GOP operative stated, “He’s very reactive to what he sees, and the fact that Bloomberg’s ads are all over better explains the attacks on him than Trump being fearful of him.  Bloomberg is the definition of the rich technocrat that the Bernie wing [of the Democratic party] can’t stand.”

Another GOP member added, “The Trump 2020 campaign is concerned about Bloomberg’s money for obvious reasons… We saw the impact he was able to have on 2018 House races.”  He could be the George Soros of the Election.  But even Soros could not defeat Trump.

This person continued, “But the countervailing view is that at some point his money becomes counterproductive.  When you close in on spending $500 million by the end of February, it starts to look like you’re buying the presidency, and I think that’s a problem for Democrats who are out there criticizing the millionaires and billionaires controlling everything.”

So as for Bloomberg, he is no threat at this time since he is so low in the polls.  One thing we know for sure, things can happen and change quickly.  This is why the Trump campaign is watching closely in anticipation.  But somehow it still turns itself into a comedy when the Democrats destroy each other.

There is something people may have missed, and it was said within the Trump campaign and the administration.  Pelosi was the ring leader to hold down Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar.  The impeachment came at a time when their campaigns were most critical.  It kept them at a dull roar.  This gives everything away that the party filled with hate knows who will win the nomination even though we don’t.

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  1. While it’s true the democRATs have no winner in their party, don’t get complacent. The left is ramping up their voter fraud. They are giving illegals driving licences, a photo ID that is used to register to vote. Several states have done this. The democRATs are not even trying to hide this fraudulent act. Add the graveyard vote, ballots “found “at the last minute, and voting machines that change your vote. Beware of all of this and check to see if any of this is happening in your state.

  2. Again, the States cannot re-write the Constitution. The Constitution Governs the States in this matter. These petty fools cannot win in the terms set out by the Founders, so they just throw themselves on the ground, kick and scream about FAIR. I believe it will be a landslide and Oregon is so far out of bounds, he will get their votes no matter what. Portlandia controls the voting base there, along with Salem and Eugene. 3 cities outvote the rest of the state. Virginia had better watch out as the Red Wave is coming. Soros is exposed and Michael Bloomberg is pre-occupied at the moment. Funding is drying up.

  3. Never fear. God is still in control and He put Mr. Trump in office!

  4. Problem with Democrats is they operate on lies. That doesn’t bode well for the person who decides the next President…GOD!

  5. The democrats are so ill informed. But if they abort enough of there kids , maybe things will turn for the better for decent god fearing patriots.

  6. All Dems are Nucking Futs!

  7. You need to ck out the truth. It’s stupid people that believe Pelosi and her crew knew what they were doing and it so backfired. Sure did help Trump.
    Go Trump 2020

  8. I used to be a democrat back when it was alright to admit you were one but now I am an independent but now ashamed to admit I used to be one. don’t know what happened to them but they started going bad when the fraud Obama showed up and that’s when I became an independent but honestly they have gotten even worse and seem to be trying to get even more ridiculous and this independent will be voting straight republican. hopefully eventually all the democrats will be gone only to be found in history books.

  9. It’s too bad that you guys cannot think for yourselves and recognize that Trump is the biggest criminals of all and so is the stupid Senate. Our country is going to hell in a handbasket. Mitt Romney is taking an unfair beating from Trump! All of the senator took a vow to hold an “impartial” hearing and they did anything but that!. At least Romney held up to the vow he took while the others condemn him for it. I’m ashamed of all of them!!!

  10. The Democrats look like the Keystone cops . . . The mess up EVERYTHING else they touch, but the criminal – He gets off free and laughs about it! That’s what the U.S. is going to look like if they get into POWER. and that’s the GOOD part. Actually, there is NO “good part” if they come into power. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. I’m right there with you!

  12. Totally agree, they are horrible evil people

  13. That should not be allowed to happen, I’m not even sure if the constitution allows them to try

  14. My vote is solid for President Trump. I think he is great and genuinely cares about our country ,he is the kind of person this country has needed for a long time. Even if the dirty dems had his name taken off the ballot I would write it in. I just wish I had money to donate to the cause. But he has my vote that’s a given. In fact straight Republicans ticket. For me and mine. You go President Trump ,we the American people need you !!!

  15. You need to vote the dems out of your state!!!

  16. It doesn’t really matter, since the dems have gone completely crazy, President Trump will win the popular vote also!!!

  17. Yes, I agree with the Analogy Democrats are just like a bunch of Chickens pecking along looking for food. They are a bunch of “Peckers”.

  18. It’s time to end this evil era. Trump 2020

  19. You must have missed that two democratically controlled states are in the process of making all the voters in their states irrelevant. Both Oregon and Virginia are trying to pass laws that state that their electoral college votes will go to the “winner” of the popular vote. Given all of the vote fraud in the big democratically controlled cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore and Washington D.C., they are giving away any and all of their voters beliefs and rendering them mute. This trend needs to be stopped and reversed. I do NOT want my vote nullified by some stupid f***ing demokraut!

  20. Some Democrats, knowing none of their candidates can defeat Trump in 2020, are ready to try another impeachment fiasco to stop the Trump momentum.

    This time they’re claiming the president’s verbal objections to the ridiculous raid on Roger Stone’s Florida house in the dead of night by FBI, SWAT teams, and Dive Teams —sent there by overzealous leftist prosecutors regarding Stone’s nonviolent processing ‘crimes’ that they claimed deserved a nine year prison sentence—well, after President Trump complained that a nine year sentence was extreme and unfair, Nancy Pelosi and her Party of Crazy People are again threatening to investigate President Trump for his comments and his use of free speech in order to again impeach him and remove him from office. Democrats are worse than crazy — they are evil.

    Trump 2020!

  21. Right now, the Demonic primary looks like a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter. All of the democratic candidates are ridiculous, silly and weak beyond any hope or prayer of winning against the clear will of the American people. The Democratic party is in desperation and disarray more so than any point in their entire history and it is only going to get greatly worse for them, and Blooms is going to buy the primary race regardless of who likes it or not. The sickness of the Left is out of control and the American people are solidly rejecting their world of hate.

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