Omar Says Everyone Should Get GI Bill Benefits

It is rather remarkable just how many people think that they are entitled to an endless bevy of “free stuff.” Take Representative Ilhan Omar, for example. She, like the rest of her “squad” members, thinks Americans should be given just about everything for free.

And that’s partly why they endorse the 2020 presidential candidate and known socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

If he becomes America’s Commander in Chief, he plans to implement policies that would every American and even those who are here illegally free healthcare, government-assisted housing, and tuition-free college educations.

But Omar, thanks to the help of Democratic strategist, wants to do more than that. According to a recent Twitter post, she would transform the GI Bill so that anyone could benefit from it.

Yeah, that’s right. Omar wants to give free college educations to anyone who wants it, no matter if you’ve earned it or not.

Now, to be fair, she can’t take all the credit for this idea. The proposal is really coming from Will Fischer, a Marine veteran who now leads a Democratic strategy and consulting firm known as Port Side Strategies in Washington. He wrote in an Alternet article, just how unfair he thinks it is to require Americans to serve our country before they get GI Bill benefits.

“Imagine what it would do for our country and those who live here if we were to take the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill and apply it to everybody – canceling all student debt and making public colleges, universities, and vocational schools tuition-free.”

According to Fischer and now Omar, the very idea of repaying service to our nation’s military vets with money for college is at its very core “immoral.”

He says, “This argument offers not only a false choice but also an immoral one – suggesting that individuals should have to choose between having an opportunity for a future by participating in never-ending U.S. wars or not having such an opportunity; making one choose to either put on a uniform or take on crushing debt. Nonsense.”

However, just like Omar and most of her fellow Democrats, this man apparently doesn’t understand how the world really works. Nothing is free. Ever. There is always a price.

In the case of the GI Bill, hard-working taxpayers pay for this “free” education. And they are happy to do it. It is one way we can actually say thank you to all those who have served to keep our country safe and to give our children the same opportunities we were given.

But it is also a way of earning something to be appreciated. These people served, and as a result, they have earned to right to an education that can make their lives and their futures better. And most take full advantage of it.

Giving this same benefit to someone who hasn’t earned it or contributed anything to our society or nation, on the other hand, is entirely pointless. And it doesn’t teach them anything.

To understand this, you need only to think about that rich spoiled kid in school who never appreciated anything. We all know at least one.

He or she had just about anything they could ever want or need: the coolest clothes, the fastest, sportiest car, and usually the good looks to match.  And yet they treated it all, and often the people around them, like trash.

They didn’t appreciate any of it. And it’s because they didn’t earn it. They were simply given and not taught how to respect it. So when they drove too fast and crashed, it was no big deal. Daddy would just buy them another car.

These are the same kids whose parents paid for their college. But instead of studying and making good use of what they were given, they spent their nights at bars and days sleeping it off.

Compare that to the kid who wasn’t given the same life opportunities — the one who had to work their butt off for acceptance into a good school on a scholarship. You can bet your life savings, that kid appreciated things and didn’t take much for granted.

As one Twitter user summed this up, “By definition, you can’t take the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill and apply it to everybody. It goes from ‘rewarding those who serve and sacrifice’ to ‘free s– for everybody.’ Not really the same ethos, is it”

Not all. The fact is: if you don’t earn it, you don’t deserve it.

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  1. Omar wants to denigrate military service to simply weaken our country. It all plays into the muslim plan of taking over. If you weaken the country by making military service no longer something that the people want to participate in or take pride in, you have won half the battle. Remember folks, hearts and MINDS? Why do you think the MUSLIM spy is here to begin with? The idiot democrats greet her with open arms and give her a seat at the table of power. They should all be locked up for stupidity or at least for the good of the country.

  2. Remember: those who voted for her, came from the same place she came from! Let’s hope that she will be VOTED OUT ASAP

  3. She just wants to denigrate the soldiers! She would like to have all those from Somalia to get the GI BILL WITHOUT EARNING it! She should pay all the money she “ supposedly owes”!

  4. You are correct! REMOVE HER FROM THE USA FOREVER! No one will miss
    Her, and if she wants to take the rest of the Squad, she should do so. No one will feel sorry for this! Everyone will be very happy!

  5. Omar is the most stupid person in this planet. She should go back to where she came from if she hates America so much, she should go back to Somalia, fix it and stay there. If she doesn’t like Americans, Americans don’t like her!



  8. i really dont have a problem with free education as long as these professors are willing to give up their salaries. actually , how about all of them give up their salaries. someone has to have some skin in the game. the taxpayers always carries the burdens of what our politicians do and give away to those who really don’t deserve it!

  9. I would LOVE for her to be REMOVED! Send her to the middle east! She’ll LOVE the way they deal with cheaters ( especially women). After all, that allah’s way! Enjoy, witch!

  10. This is the number one reason why Republicans MUST remain in control of the Senate and re-take control of the House to preserve our great nation. To stop socialism and keep our country strong! GOD BLESS THE USA! AMEN

  11. This is nothing more than one more attempt at the socialist, muslim way of weakening our great country for their ultimate goal of taking over our great USA. Question is, are we real americans dumb enuff to fall for it? This isn’t a black/ white thing. It’s not even a real Republican/ Democrat thing, except the Democrats are sooo stupid they don’t realise that as they run down our country they are just making it ripe for the muslim take over, especially if you remove guns from American citizens to stop them!


  13. Omar is an idiot plain and simple. She wants to run our country even more into the ground. No way no freebies for nothing!!!!

  14. Easy answer — JOIN THE MILITARY.
    Doubt the military would have that un- and anti-American woman and her ilk.
    I was 16 (just) when I joined the Arizona Air National Guard (1949) before the Korean conflict and served in the USAF during that conflict (war). Had the pleasure and honor of flying in a C-47 co-pilot seat alongside pilot Barry Goldwater for several hours January 1951. Became (and am) a staunch Goldwater Conservative. In today’s messy political environment I define myself as a Bill Of Rights Constitutionalist.
    Labels ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ depending on circumstances often have opposite meanings. For example, our revolution from England in the 1770s and
    Russia from the USSR in the 1990s.

  15. Omar apparently doesn’t realize that almost no one who served signed up so they could get the GI Bill benefits. Those who served did so because they wanted to serve this country, possibly risking their lives.

    The GI Bill is COMPENSATION for what our brave military went and go thru. Truly earned, not given.

    I was 4F when drafted during the Vietnam war. If offered I would not have accepted since I didn’t serve.

  16. Resign now or vote the bitch out

  17. thank you for your service
    from an old vet

  18. witch one???????????????????????????

  19. She s a traitor does not like America, should be deported. Anti American go back to where you think is better. We do not need you or want you.

  20. That’s fine Omar you can all serve as we did. Starting with you. Then you can have the benefits. Earn it. Something you don’t understand.

  21. Why work at all? Why get out of bed she has a husband a brother and now a married man her husband caught her in bed with. Are all Somalians like her? Now here is someone for little girls to look up too? What a greasy piece of work. Deport her now.

  22. The military has been paid less money in years past. I am not sure how it compares with salaries these days. The GI Benefits for home loans and education were earned by our forces and should not be for everyone. This stupid woman should not be in Congress and should be kicked out of our country. She has taken advantage of everything she could get and obviously does not love our country. My husband is retired Army and I know what I am talking about.

  23. I think she should be sent back to the Middle East country she came from . She has no idea what “earn” means…If she hates America o much, why is she still here? What a moron.

  24. agree an her hubby too

  25. 4 years US Navy 62/66.Omar crawled sleezyle into her position on Capitol hill and and then to add insult and disgust to all Americans she illegally marries her own brother to get him into our country and now she has split up with her real husband who isn’t her brother and is living with and separating her campaign official from his wife and children plus paying hush money to brothers and Xhusbands and a dump truck load of money to that campaign consultant offical who Omar is banging and destroying his family.all of this money Omar is passing around is from her campaign donation funding tax payer money and I suspect Omar is a thief and about as dishonest as they come.she believes the hard working American people owe her everything for free but she has learned from the best in her socialist world.look at Crazy Bernie.Bernies wife bankrupt a college where she worked.she was stealing the colleges money.not a damn thing was done to Crazy Mrs Bernie and I don’t expect anything will be done to Omar the octopus who has her dishonest greedy tentacles/hands into every thing that can be had even if it belongs to some poor ole hard working American tax payers. JIN BENTON. JGB

  26. Sadly, some people elected her. So much for common sense in the common man.

  27. Why.?
    There benefits make no sense anyway.?so let’s be part of another bad plan.
    The real deal is to take away those benefits from politicians when they are not politicians anymore,unless retired.

  28. Jesus!
    When is somebody gonna fire this idiot communist????
    First an foremost there will never be canceling of any debt. It just gets put on something/somebody else. Taxes will go thru the roof and the school systems will be worse than ever before. Please vote this woman out she is brainless. Truly.
    She is a communist and brainless.

  29. These socialist/ communists close their eyes to the great harm that socialism has caused in the world. Every socialist state has failed, the people suffer and pay for their gov’t’s ruses. those in the squad should all be removed from congress and ejected from this country sans their citizenship. I would try them for treason and sedition as traitors to the oath and country, but atlas our leadership is too weak to start serious investigations into their treasonous activities. I am retired from the US Navy and have to say I do not like where the democrats/ socialists are trying to take our nation.

  30. This BUTT HOLE HUGGER hasn’t left the Country Yet !! And she of a HEAD of STRAW. The thinks the GI BILL is for everyone I know she has a HEAD of STRAW. The GO BILL is ONLY for the MEN & WOMEN that served in the MILITARY Passed , Present and Future . I served 31Years Retired Army and a DISABLED VETERAN and I will not give up my GO BILL up to Anybody especially

  31. She needs to fu*kin go!

  32. Investigate Omar for illegal entry & remove her from an office that is for an American born person!!!

  33. NO, but I do think that all citizens should get the same benefits as all the politicians in congress!!!!!

  34. Who are the morons who voted to put this idiot in Congress. They must walk around with their head up their ass. She is worse than an idiot.

  35. People do NOT VALUE what they DO NOT PAY FOR. That goes for ALL government give-aways. It ALSO goes for pets as well. Without PAYING for something you PLACE NO VALUE on it!

  36. I agree try her for her crimes and send her back. She is not really An American and just wants to see America fail. She is an infiltrater to change America to her religion a of Islam. We are not Islam. We are American!!!

  37. I agree! Remove her. If we didn’t earn it we shouldn’t receive it.

  38. I am not a veteran but I will say they need every thing coming to them and more. If not for them people like Omar would not be able to speak as she does. She is a disgrace to this country and needs to be sent back to her own country and let her fix it. What does Omar know, nothing! . I dislike free loaders . Get a job like everyone else and work to keep your self

  39. The G. I. Bill is open to anyone wiling to meet the requirement for it.

  40. You are right, Omar should leave America … she knows nothing about any laws or moneys given to our military.. She is just plain dumb…..):

  41. And by the way, our veterans EARNED what they have received.

  42. All through these comments writers are using the word “earned”, and that is the crux of the issue. These socialists and liberals want to give everything away to buy votes. Those that think they should get everything handed to them without “earning” it have adopted the view of the socialist/progressives who have no way to generate the funds to pay for all this. The recipients have no idea of what “earn” means, they just think they are entitled to education, healthcare, housing, income without paying for it or earning it. We need to turn this around and make people realize they must work and earn, unless they are truly unable, and the place to start start is in the liberal schools and colleges that are teaching this liberal crap. Go back to the founders of our country — they had to invoke rules that if you do not plant and contribute to the community and your family, you won’t eat. Now there is no requirement for work or contribution to eat or have income. If these socialists want to go down this road, then they need to go to Venezuela for required two year stint, and then decide what is the better economic environment.

  43. Amen brother…Here is where the swamp cleaning needs to start. She has no vested interest in this country. What morons elected this trash bag? What the hell is happening to OUR countrty?

  44. I totally agree with you. She is one EVIL woman that needs to go back to Somalia, and with what she has done here, according to her religion she would get stoned when she get there.

  45. Why is this no good piece of disgusting ‘mooslime’ filth still allowed to soil the halls of congress? This disgusting piece of festering SHIT needs to go a long time ago. Really enough updates on this waste of everything, except her deportation that paradise she extols and seems to love, ‘somalia which to the rest of the world is a SHIT PIT but to her it’s God’s or more properly allah’s country. Good riddance to this trash.

  46. Bingo! I didn’t serve but was a military dependent for 22 years. That should not entitle me to use the GI bill either. Although I was in an area which the government did declare was part of a war zone during part of that time. The GI bill is strictly for those who served. It also should not apply to those who were civilian employees of the military. Just because I worked in and maintained and operated government equipment and had my pay reimbursed by the government does not make me a GI even though that equipment and budget was part of the US Army Corps of Engineers yearly budget.

  47. Glad to know these socialist teachers are willing to work for ‘free’. Otherwise, someone is paying for this education. Vets paid for it, with putting their life and limb on the line. omar wants to provide it, for people that did nothing to earn it, including the whole worlds people. Is she paying for it?

  48. spend time in the military shoot machine guns grenades etc be deaf for 60 years sleep in a foxhole for 2 weeks etc -get free stuff okay for them everyone else work your ass off to make living

  49. Go dodge bullets for our AMERICA,
    I your case may take one in your.

  50. hell no the GI BILL is for veterans and their family only. if you want it, do your 4 years in the military

  51. This thing who speaks harshly about our country, our patriots, our military and law enforcement, republicans and POTUS should be exiled back to her home land where she can spout her radical muslim beliefs and hate us all she wants. Short of that I would think she should have a visit from chaos.

  52. I’m totally OK with everyone getting the GI bill, as long as they do a minimum 4 years active duty and 4 years IRR.

  53. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t dignify anything she says, but just for the record, The G.I. Bill was created specifically for G.I.s. That means exclusively for ALL military personnel, not for the general public. Let her chew on that for a while. I am a 22 plus year retired U. S. Army veteran I have never accepted any of those benefits.

  54. I think she deserves to be buried neck deep, and stoned to death. Just to make her feel like she was at home in her home country.

  55. We do not need another whore in the country

  56. Not only should she not be here, but she definitely shouldn’t be inDC running her nasty mouth about what America should or should not do. Get a grip Omar and go far! Go back to your own country and try it and they’ll behead you.

  57. What that DIM WITTED TWIT doesn’t REALIZE is that the G.I. Bill was written for the MEN and WOMEN in UNIFORM (WHICH she OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T RESPECT) who have given their sacrifice to this country, sometimes the ULTIMATE sacrifice. She needs to be CONVICTED of her CRIMES and DEPORTED PERMANENTLY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  58. I served from 1970 till I retired from the U.S. NAVY, freebies as Omar states These .benefits are bought and paid for by the service given by many who accept the duties as members of the armed forces and type of military duty. I was in the submarine service and made some long patrols under the sea, I don’t think Omar or any who side with her could ever undertake ant type of service. these folks should be removed have their citizenship taken and deported. I did a total of 28 years and I find these socialists/ communists and terrorist supporters offensive.

  59. I remember being discharged, honorably, after 4 yrs of service, going home and seeing how far along my friends were in life. When I tried to get a job I was told so many times that my military experience didn’t count.

    I was a heavy equipment operator and could operate everything from fork lifts, tugs for aircraft, wreckers to tractor trailers and more, you just name it.
    I did use the education benefit until I started my own business. I went from there to a new carrier as a firefighter now close to retirement. ( I guess I like to serve and give back )

    The G.I. Bill is more than education, its medical care when you need it, advice, and so much more.
    I paid for it with my 4 yrs of service, earned it, it wasn’t given to me.
    Don’t dishonor those who have earned the right to be called a vet and earned the use of all that it offers.

  60. America loves our vets…..past, present and future. God Bless and KAG!!

  61. Hey Omar, take YOUR turn in our military, then you can pontificate and lecture. Your pathetic, lying, azz shouldn’t even be here.
    May Obama, the Bush cartel and hillBILLy CLIToon all burn in hell for your presence here.

  62. she needs to go back home she dont need to be here if that what she think i for one ,im a vietnam vet us army retired so i don’think she has her head on right ssg dawson charles retired


  64. Send her back to Somila and see what kind of benefits they give her. I earned mine.

  65. It’s hard to believe just how insane (or maybe just stupid) some people can be and then think this idiocy will help them get votes. Actually insanity is better than stupid. Sometimes insanity can be cured, not so with stupid.

  66. How did this foreign idiot get in American politics to begin with?
    She isn’t even one of us! She’s just a
    Slap in the face to taxpayers.

  67. I spent 4 yrs. in the U.S. Navy 1952/1956. i did not take advantage of the G.I. Bill, But it was there if i needed it. I do not appreciate the fact that some freeloaders now think they should be entitled to the same benefits for doing nothing.

  68. Definitely not the same ethos! I have never served in the military. I, in no way, believe I am entitled to the GI Bill.

  69. How much longer do we have to put up with these anti-American idiots, should all be thrown out of the country permanently now!

  70. anyone who takes anything they did not earn or pay for is A THUG

  71. I to am a veteran of the Vietnam war, I didn’t start it but I went where I was told to go. I am very proud of the men I served with. They risked their lives every day for the freeloaders. The little they get back in return for their service is a small token. Many of them had their lives destroyed or forever changed. I was a teenager when I went to vietnam, not old enough to even buy beer, but I was old enough to give up my life for this country. IF THEY WANT IT GO GIGHT FOR IT, IF NOT SHUT YOUR SORRY MOUTH.

  72. They CAN get GI benefits, they just need to serve our country for a full enlistment! Simple as that.

  73. The benefits for veterans is intended to somehow repay them for protecting our country from the idiots like Omar and others. We earned those benefits by giving up parts of our personal lives to protect your stupidity. I cannot believe that there are people here who do not remember or were never taught what Socialist governments have done to the world in the past, I do not see anything different in the new socialists who don’t want to earn the rights which other have fought and died to obtain for them.

  74. i did not fight for this country .i should have ,so im not intitled to benifits only crooks take something for nothing !!!
    omar should be removed from this country permanately

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