Trump’s Presidential Powers Are the Next Big Hurdle in Courts

The Constitution of the United States is one of the best-designed plans for a governmental system. It spells out the powers of three different branches of government that keep each other in check. But once in a while one branch of the government gets out of control and tries to dominate the other two. And this is exactly what the Democrats have tried to do with the House side of the Legislative Branch.

The power-hungry Democrats have tried to control the Executive Branch by insisting that President Trump has been working outside his sphere of power. The Democrats even tried to control the Judicial Branch by expanding the powers of Judge Roberts and commenting that he needed to have a more active role. But the check and balance system put in place by the founding fathers kept things in balance.

The brutal Democrats have taken every decision of President Trump to the courts. This is just one of the ways that they are trying to control him. They take the issue to the court and wickedly pray that a liberal judge would side with their evil plot. Many of these cases are showing up before the Supreme Court which is having to define and dictate what is right.

One of the issues that have been brought to the Supreme Court is that of the president’s tax returns. The awful Democrats have been trying deceptively to obtain these records for their dire use. Each time the president has blocked their attempt. The Democrats then went to two states and worked with them to try to obtain the records, but they have been shot down. The president is well protected from many things that can be used against him because any person could falsely accuse him of things to simply see him removed from office. The Democrats try this all the time.

But as the president’s legal team shows it “the Constitution renders sitting presidents immune from all criminal investigations and that even if he shot someone on New York’s Fifth Avenue prosecutors would be powerless to act while he was still in office.” That is not to say that the other branches of the government could not intervene in that extreme case. But to simply harass the president like the vicious Democrats are doing will take the Supreme Court to put a stop to it. They are trying to control the Executive Office.

No matter what the House says at this point is going to matter much by way of the impeachment issue. The Senate has cleared him and there is no longer anything to argue about. The president acted within his defined role by the Constitution. But that is not good enough for the power deprived Democrats. They are now pushing matters in the lower courts.

The nasty part of the Democrats that is hidden from most people are that the lower courts are stacked with liberal judges. They rule not based on law but rather on political lines. The corrupted liberal judges rule with their party affiliation or by who put them into office. President Trump knows this and is appointing new judges that are fair and rule-based on law and not their personal beliefs.

The evil Democrats want the power that the president has at his disposal. He is the only one standing in the way of them having total domination in America. Their belief that they can continue to harass him is coming to a swift end as the Supreme Court identifies the truth of the Democrat’s hatred for the president. At this point, many believe that it does not matter which Republican sits in the Oval Office. The Democrats would have acted the same way towards them as well.

President Trump is the only one that is built to weather the constant attacks of the appalling Democrats. He knows their game plan so well that he is ready for their next play. The Democrats simply need to leave him alone and work with him, but that is beyond the capability because they are driven by hatred for the president.

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  1. check me out in the Social Register

  2. you never print my comments;so why should I give you any!!!And I have quite a bit of edukamption and was a college instructor,had two books published etc etc was a social leader mentioned some 20 times by the NY Times… A bit sickening. Tania Countess Bobrinskoy

  3. All of the commie-rat politicians, operatives, and their deep state moles are communists (check the history, that is exactly what so-called progressives are) bent on overthrowing the Constitution and destroying the Liberty of the People. They are engaged in a century old conspiracy to overthrow the US government and take full control of the Nation. Each and every one of these corrupt thugs must be prosecuted for TREASON and fraud against the Constitution, and executed upon conviction!

  4. Keep in mind Medicare as AMERICAN seniors enjoy is NOT the same as Medicare for ALL
    The Govt controls
    You get sick fill out all the paperwork. Give to Govt
    If you are having prostate problems and are on 60 ish age, Govt says no way. He’s way too old no doctor etc
    If your child is sick with leukemia Paperwork. Govt says no way. He’s or she is too sick, going to die anyway. Too expensive!!!
    This is just the beginning folks. Open your eyes young people!!’
    This is beginning Socialism. Leads to communism to a dictatorship.
    Is that what you want?

  5. Probably another civil or uncivil war will happen

  6. Can u imagine doing this in California. They seem to have more voters than are registered but that bothers no one. Paul Ryan once said about counties with 125 percent turnouts as fishy now that was a top dog speaker of the house

  7. Hay demorats. Hile hitler. You are going down in November with the drop you are looking at you may look into renting lots of parachuts for your party

  8. Never vote for any Democrat candidate.

  9. They will protect the Bidens because they all have a hand out in this scheme. It also involves China & Russia All of their up front crap is a Smoke Screen. Consider the magician, he distracts you over here and does his work out of eye sight .Smoke and Mirrors. Hide the truth with distraction. Transference accuse you of what they are doing, so they appear innocent They effectively use schemes that have been around forever and we always give them a platform to act it out. APIE, Arrest, Prosecute, Imprison ,Execute and continue to heal all the cancer they have spread here and abroad.

  10. One side plays by the rules, while the other side, the Democraps, make the rules up as they go. Enough, already! Where’s Barry’s real Birth Certificate? Why doesn’t he have a Selective Service card on file? What Nation’s Passport did he use when he visited the Muslim Nations, since he did not have a U.S. Passport until he became a Senator? How about his College Transcripts, that he paid Lawyers to keep them from being revealed? Why all the secrecy from the “Most Transparent” President in history?

  11. Let’s recap, here. The Democraps are not what used to be the Party of Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy. That Party died on November 22, 1963. They only kept the name for laughs, and to confuse people.

  12. Why any sane, rational person would spend one dime in a Starbucks is a mystery to me.

  13. Voting won’t do the job by itself. Citizens’ Grand Juries need to be convened to hear the evidence against those that wish to undermine this Republic, where, once Indictments are handed down, they need to be removed from Office, at all levels, local, State, and Federal, and arrested by the Sheriff of the County where they reside, or work. Only then can we clean house, of these creatures that think the American Citizens, and their Tax money, are their servants, and personal Bank Accounts.

  14. Make sure that you call your County Board of Elections to become an Election Inspector, or Poll Watcher. This way, you can keep an eye on all things going on during the Election.

  15. The Democraps should have their Criminal names removed from every Red State ballot.

  16. So, what are you going to do about it?

  17. That sack of garbage, Bill Clinton, was Impeached for lying to a Federal Grand Jury about Monica Lewinsky, and other dubious acts. That’s called Perjury, which is a Felony, which is what the House of Representatives Impeached him on, not screwing around with Monica. Yet, the Democratically controlled Senate failed to Convict him, so Bill didn’t go anywhere. Bill Clinton was Disbarred from Practicing Law, in his home State of Arkansas.

    Of course, no one remembers any of this, least of all the Democraps, but that’s the beauty of having Convenient Amnesia.

  18. Do you work for the Fed Gov? To get a job you must not have taxes owed. State job, law enforcement job. Why, because you are being unconstitutional. You could become a criminal by being a bought person. Sell important information, betray your country, or even sell your Constitution. I believe that is why taxes documents are open to view. When you become a public figure in government your taxes are not private and your life is not private.

  19. When you Republicans don`t stand up for yourselves were next. It`s bled out into all the states and counties. White-collar crime theft of land and personal property without convictions.

  20. Dear God, we the american church and citizens repent of our apathy of our sin and ask you to give us yet another period of grace by once again appointing President Trump over our nation. We know that your will shall be done, and we accept that.




  22. Everything that comes out of the democrat’s mouth in reference to Mr. Trump & republicans, is what they are doing themselves. They are covering up and trying to protect the Clintons, Obamas, and the rest of the democratic party ( Biden & sons) and many more. Many dems are educated beyond their own intelligence. Unless they got their law license through a mail order card in a magazine. $3.75 per law license, pus S&H

    BOYCOTT STARBUCKS ( They are supporting children having sex-changes, I mean children, not older teens and 20+ yr. olds ) Share with Everyone you know !!!!!

    California Governor is demanding that all Calif, colleges /universities provide Free Abortions to students. No value to life.

  23. PROOF POSITIVE that the U.S. Constitution as designed by the God Fearing FOUNDING FATHERS works as intended, even when one of the branches of government is OUT OF CONTROL such as the HOUSE Democrats (which, hopefully will be VOTED out of office). This Constitution has proven itself to be “bullet proof” politically and does NOT need to be “revised” by removing the Electoral College, removal of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, etc. Amendments, which the Democrats have tried IN VAIN to alter or remove. The time to remove these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS who have violated their OATH of OFFICE is NOW, by The elections, RECALLS, impeachment or FEDERAL PRISON. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  24. It would be best if the whole democratic party was eliminated and create a more moderate party with limits concerning radical left and right. Those democrat party leaders (clintons obamas, peolsi, shiff, schumer, soros, lgbtq’s socialist, nadler, bidens, bernard, warren, butagieg, muslim-American-haters, mainstream media, and all their offspring, liberal university professors, etc. ) should be deported to an abandon island with only $1k to their name and no phones or supplies.
    I read that Hillary and Obama have a hidden, intimate relationship and they together want to be the leaders of a one world government. Bill and Michelle have a thing going on, with all his illegit children; and he will continue his cocaine business in Mena, AR. Our ForeFather’s would turn over in their graves if they could see what was going on with the democrats. Democrats want to start a Civil War and get rid religious conservatives so they can do away with all moral & ethical laws and let each person do their own thing without accountability and consequences.

  25. and the beat goes on !! ALL these HOUSE Of REPRESRNTIVES are U P FOR RE-ELECTION !! 11 – 2020 !! VOTE them OUT !! for 3 YEAR’s what actually have they done FOR US ?? sure have done PLENTY To US !! illegals, sanctuary cities,
    lawlessness, etc … if you like this POO, then re-elect …. IF N O T, vote someone else in .. for sure get rid of the top viper’s
    pelosi, schiff, schumer, swallwell, and those running for president !!

    P E O P L E
    rhey are suppose to do the PEOPLE’S WILL, and YET, it’s been ALL about what they want !!
    they had over 20 Year’s to build a WALL, never happened … illegals, are plentyful, drivers licenses, $$$$$$$, voting rights,
    it just keep’s going on ………… T H E V O T E IS OURS …… STOP LISTENING TO THE BRAIN WASHING ………S T O P BEING
    THEIR SLAVE …………. AND V O T E !!

  26. Please vote all these evil Demoncrats out of office.They are crazy and power hungry.They are not for us.The Republicans need to keep the Senate and take back the House by alot. God bless Trump against them.

  27. To all of us who hold the Constitution dear, we need to vote out all of the House Democrats at the first opportunity. This will give us a functioning Ethics Committee. Since Schiff, Waters, Pelosi and Nadler, among many, may be in safe Districts, the only way to punish them is with the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee is who let AOC, Ilhan Noor (Omar) and Tlaib off the hook for Anti-Semitism. Let Pelosi off for committing a felony with the “Rip”. Let Schiff off on the lying to Congress. Yes, that is what taking back the house means in the short run.

  28. Way more than that. They want to open our borders for more votes, eliminate the electoral college so they can keep a liberal in the WH, take our guns and then inflict socialism. If a Dem gets elected this year, we will never see another Republican/conservative president. The Dems want to put us under globalist control – that is what a lot of the global warming is all about.

  29. It’s encouraging to see that President Trump has removed Ambassador Sondland and the seditious Deep State Vindman twins from the White House—and wherever else they were situated. He needs to completely clear out ALL Obama holdovers from the White House, the NSC, the FBI, the State Department, the Department of Justice, Embassies, and wherever they are ensconced and working against him from within. We Trump supporters need to be sure to vote in the 2020 elections to take back the House from Trump-hating, corrupt, socialist, anti-American Democrats who continually harass and accuse our innocent president of the crimes that they — the Democrats — commit.

  30. The Democrats are CROOKED and they want to change everything to their way so they can do whatever they want to do. the Democrats want total Control of everything to the point that will tell citizens when they can go to the bathroom to pee, but let criminals run free

  31. They are all just trying to protect BHO and hillary

  32. America has never been more threatened than now! One political party is out to destroy this nation as constituted, but few Americans have a clue! The other party is made up in large part by a bunch of feckless wimps who go along to get along! Trump is the only thing keeping this nation from self destructing! When he is gone, bend over and grab your ankles!

  33. Very true. Why are they harping on the fact that Obama couldn’t prove a damn thing about his life but that was OK I guess.

  34. All these Democrat idiots should be thrown out of the government permanently, they are all anti American.

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