Trump’s Presidential Powers Are the Next Big Hurdle in Courts

The Constitution of the United States is one of the best-designed plans for a governmental system. It spells out the powers of three different branches of government that keep each other in check. But once in a while one branch of the government gets out of control and tries to dominate the other two. And this is exactly what the Democrats have tried to do with the House side of the Legislative Branch.

The power-hungry Democrats have tried to control the Executive Branch by insisting that President Trump has been working outside his sphere of power. The Democrats even tried to control the Judicial Branch by expanding the powers of Judge Roberts and commenting that he needed to have a more active role. But the check and balance system put in place by the founding fathers kept things in balance.

The brutal Democrats have taken every decision of President Trump to the courts. This is just one of the ways that they are trying to control him. They take the issue to the court and wickedly pray that a liberal judge would side with their evil plot. Many of these cases are showing up before the Supreme Court which is having to define and dictate what is right.

One of the issues that have been brought to the Supreme Court is that of the president’s tax returns. The awful Democrats have been trying deceptively to obtain these records for their dire use. Each time the president has blocked their attempt. The Democrats then went to two states and worked with them to try to obtain the records, but they have been shot down. The president is well protected from many things that can be used against him because any person could falsely accuse him of things to simply see him removed from office. The Democrats try this all the time.

But as the president’s legal team shows it “the Constitution renders sitting presidents immune from all criminal investigations and that even if he shot someone on New York’s Fifth Avenue prosecutors would be powerless to act while he was still in office.” That is not to say that the other branches of the government could not intervene in that extreme case. But to simply harass the president like the vicious Democrats are doing will take the Supreme Court to put a stop to it. They are trying to control the Executive Office.

No matter what the House says at this point is going to matter much by way of the impeachment issue. The Senate has cleared him and there is no longer anything to argue about. The president acted within his defined role by the Constitution. But that is not good enough for the power deprived Democrats. They are now pushing matters in the lower courts.

The nasty part of the Democrats that is hidden from most people are that the lower courts are stacked with liberal judges. They rule not based on law but rather on political lines. The corrupted liberal judges rule with their party affiliation or by who put them into office. President Trump knows this and is appointing new judges that are fair and rule-based on law and not their personal beliefs.

The evil Democrats want the power that the president has at his disposal. He is the only one standing in the way of them having total domination in America. Their belief that they can continue to harass him is coming to a swift end as the Supreme Court identifies the truth of the Democrat’s hatred for the president. At this point, many believe that it does not matter which Republican sits in the Oval Office. The Democrats would have acted the same way towards them as well.

President Trump is the only one that is built to weather the constant attacks of the appalling Democrats. He knows their game plan so well that he is ready for their next play. The Democrats simply need to leave him alone and work with him, but that is beyond the capability because they are driven by hatred for the president.