Doctor China Tried to Silence Over Coronavirus is Dead

Since December, the coronavirus has bombarded China.  It has spread across the world, but the worst remains in China.  One doctor released the information to the world when he discovered the new virus affecting so many and claiming hundreds of deaths.  Li Wenliang is called a “whistleblower” by the Chinese government, but a “hero” among their people and the world.  His death from the coronavirus is spreading anger and grief across Beijing and China as the Chinese government is trying to erase his memory.  This is communism.

At the end of last week, the death toll in China was 637, including Wenliang.  The coronavirus has affected the lives of over 31,000 people in China.  The Chinese government worked to keep Wenliang silenced, but they couldn’t stop him from passing the warning to the world.

Thursday, it was confirmed Li Wenliang had succumbed to the deadly virus.  Following his death, the people of China were outraged and filled with sorrow as the Chinese government is working to eradicate the response to his death.

Shortly after Wenliang passed away, Chinese citizens poured out on social media in protest for not allowing the doctor to warn people.  Within a communist country, the government will silence anyone who goes up against the leaders and officials.  There is no freedom of speech in China or any communist or “socialist” country.

Two of China’s well-known sites, Weibo, and WeChat were flooded with sorrow, which then turned to rage.  Weibo had responses such as, “Wuhan government owes Dr. Li Wenliang an apology.” Another stated, “We want the freedom of speech.”

These are a few of the posts shared on Twitter since the death of the heroic doctor.  “Can’t be emphasized enough how unusual this is. 12 hours on, WeChat still seething. Quoting ‘we know they’re lying, they know they’re lying.’ Sharing, ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ (HK protest anthem).  Realists say nothing will change. Probably not. But a crack has opened.”

The song quoted, Do You Hear the People Sing” is a reference to the constitution of China with Article 35, which calls for freedom of speech.  We all know the government silencing someone who is trying to save lives is not free speech.  It is tyranny.

Another post came from Bill Bishop, who added a sketch of the late doctor with a mask over his face.  The caption read, “This sketch of Li Wenliang one of the many things about him that are blowing up online. His death is crystallizing so much anger and frustration.”

The poem “For Whom The Bell Tolls” was also posted in honor of the late doctor which reads:

“Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.”

Within the comments were a response to the Chinese government, “This is not the death of a whistleblower. This is the death of a hero.”

Then, the Chinese government stepped in and eradicated almost all of the criticism and anger filled comments and posts.  Even after the doctor’s death, they are still trying to silence the people who continue to warn the world on the truths of the virus outbreak.

The media from Wuhan, where the virus was said to have originated, cast breaking reports of the people’s anger-filled responses and the messages from the Doctor Li Wenliang in December.  The government had a delayed reaction, which must have been from the shock that someone would challenge them.

One lady posted on Twitter as she tried to tell the world about how they are being silenced in China, “The hashtag # I want freedom of speech # on Weibo is now gone. It had drawn 1.8 million views as of 5 a.m.  Even the phrase itself has been censored.  Not allowed to speak.  Not allowed to die.  Now allowed to be angry.  Not allowed to desire.  Are we allowed to at least remember?

This was the Chinese government’s response, “It is strictly forbidden for reports to use contributions from self-media, and sites may not use pop-up alerts, comment, or sensationalize.”  It continued, “The outlets should not set up special topic sections, gradually withdraw the topic from Hot Search lists, and strictly manage harmful information.”

The Chinese government even tried to censor the doctor’s death announcement.  Once again, this is communist, or the sugar-coated word, “socialism.”  Most of the post following Li’s death was deleted right after his passing.

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  1. What sells socialism/communism is the allure of “free stuff”. The main support for “fellow travelers” like Sanders are the young “free college” and loafers “good pay for no work” — or the college “intellectuals” who probably never worked for a living themselves but are fascinated by the prospect of the ‘Orwellian State’ where group think and book burning will at long last save us from the ravages of “responsibility”!!

  2. sounds like the Doctor’s only accomplishment was to spread panic.

    I can understand why China did not need such a headache at this time.;

  3. These socialistic liberals here need to be aware of stuff like that and see what socialism does; or don’t they care? Not as long as they are in power, live a luxurious life while the rest of the people are slaves to them. They will be treated like dumb sheep, blind mice and a rag doll that doesn’t speak. What they promise you get for free won’t last as the working people’s money will run out and their freebies will dwindle down to nothing. That’s what happens in socialistic countries. Do your homework and research on socialism.

  4. so if this doctor let the news out in december.while the commies was trying to keep him quiet. this could of started before december. this could get interesting. russia already closed its borders. the trade deals has me a little concerned. this virus can be carried. just like any other virus. and the other countries that may not be saying anything.that we trade with or travel there. if the virus was before doesnt matter anyway. and to all you people that say preppers are conspiracy theorist. this is what its also about. not just the world ending. our food and transportation could be stopped to stop a spread. farmers,trucking,shipping,etc. We could also look at the bible.and freak people out.since everything else is lining up.

  5. The peoples’ republic of China. Probably the most inappropriate name ever for a country!!!

  6. All conspiracy theory aside, it is sad to see someone who obviously had a moral compass and tried to warn the world so it could address the spread of this deadly pathogen just left to die from it and then a stupid, bureaucratic response from a Government who calls itself “The People’s Republic of China”. This is not going well for the current Communist Regime. We have had Trump’s strangle of their economy, Hong Kong’s rebellion and now Coronavirus. They are being shown to have very little control and are doing very little for the power they wield. Cracks are opening. The message is leaking out and it does not work well for the current Regime.

  7. Uh huh. We’re supposed to believe an experienced virologist who knew how bad this virus was came down with it and died of it in a communist regime that tried to hide it because it was a manmade virus that came from a germ warfare lab?

    Smells to me.

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