Oh Brother: Warren Tries to Explain Why She Really Lost in Iowa

With the Iowa caucuses now finished and the results not being necessarily in Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s favor, she wants to explain why it is that didn’t do so well and what that means for her future, particularly in New Hampshire, which will hold its caucuses on February 11.

While being the northeastern state for a recent town hall hosted by CNN she was asked about her performance in Iowa.

Host Chris Cuomo said, “You look at Buttigieg, you look at Sanders, they seem to be at the top of the field. What does that mean for you here in New Hampshire? What do you need here, as a result, to prove that you are in that top tier?”

In her all too usual fashion, she blamed millionaires and billionaires for her lack of success.

She said, “You know, look, I see this as just getting out there and talking to people. I’ve been doing that in town halls in New Hampshire. I did them out in Iowa, I’ve done them in Nevada and South Carolina. But it’s all about talking to people and listening to people and trying to build a grassroots movement.”

This kind of “grassroots movement,” is what Warren says every candidate should be participating in. Not high dollar fundraisers that persuade those millionaires and billionaires that she hates to give support and certainly not big corporations such as the ones she has sworn to destroy.

She added, “I made the right decision at the beginning that I was not going to spend my time in closed-door fundraisers. I was not going to sell access to my time, to millionaires and billionaires and corporate lobbyists.”

Her opponents Buttigieg and Sanders, the ones who beat her in Iowa, have been known to practice in these ‘forbidden arts,’ such as Buttigieg’s famous “wine cave.” And as a result, they have gained plenty of support to keep them going.

Warren, on the other hand, refuses to do business the same way. Instead, she encourages her supporters to do things more naturally and personally, to get and share information, to donate, and even go door to door if necessary.

“We’ve got 55 more states and territories. I’m in 31 states now with people on the ground as paid campaign workers, as organizers, field organizers, because I believe in fieldwork because I believe we have to build a grassroots campaign.”

However, it’s unlikely that her strategy with work. After all, she already said that she did the same thing Iowa that she is doing in New Hampshire and other states. So how does she expect the same thing to give her a different result?

The fact is it won’t.

In fact, according to Albert Einstein, that is the exact definition of being insane, to do the same thing over and over again and yet expect different results.

Maybe that will help us explain her constant hypocrisy too. Like when she claimed to be Native American and wasn’t. Or why the math in her single-payer government healthcare proposal just doesn’t add up. Or what about when she stated that she wanted to get rid of high-priced private schools but doesn’t have a problem sending her own kid to one.

It may even explain why she still thinks she has a chance to win after continuing to spout off climate change problems and solutions, all while taking private jets here, there, and everywhere.

Between her and Bernie Sanders, the two most devout climate change candidates in the field, they have paid a carbon offset firm $59,138 to offset more than 3,815 tons of carbon emissions caused by their frequent campaign travels in 2019. That’s the equivalent of using 2,102 tons of coal, all in air travel.

And while they are trying to make it right, it’s a lot like merely saying you’re sorry after causing someone harm. It doesn’t change what you did, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have learned anything from your actions.

Doesn’t she see that continuing to say one thing while doing another is not getting her anywhere but further behind? Hypocrisy, a must-have for nearly every Democrat, is ruining her. Maybe if she got out there and tried honesty and integrity, things might go better for her.

But of course, that would require her to admit that she was wrong, and we all know that’s just not the Democratic way.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren, like many politicians, does not have a foundational set of beliefs. She simply tells the people that she is speaking to what she thinks they want to hear. She is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

  2. That’s why Chuck Schumer likes about her

  3. You got it her and Hillary are 2 peas in the same pot.

  4. Big chief full of bull

  5. Those carbon offset firms must be laughing all the way to the bank. $59,000.00 dollars paid to these firms and they get nothing and the firms have to do nothing. What a bunch of idiots.

  6. You’ve got to admit, the democrats have a hell of a job ahead of them. They’ve got to convince people that the renewed economy that Obama said was gone forever, isn’t here when it obviously is. You have to explain why race relations are better now than under Obama’s race polarizing administration. Do you think Lyawathia is up to it? Yeah, me neither.

  7. Dont insult morons

  8. She must have the same disease as Killary

  9. Have I got a good friend for you! Her initials are HRC! You have a lot in common! She’s a loser, too!

  10. As if this wasn’t expected. These idiots had their free for all ‘3 ring circus’ aka ‘the Iowa caucus’ that ended up being a fiasco, like everything these fools have a hand in. And these bozos want to be president of the USA? These people no matter how unqualified for the job, have delusions of grandeur and want our votes and if things go sideways or hit the dumper, like they’ll definitely do with these idiots at the helm, they’ll wing it as time goes on. And the idiocy never seems to stop.. This reminds me of the legend of King Midas of Greek Mythology and their comparison to the liberals. With King Midas, everything he touched seemed to turned to gold, a good thing in many ways but the comparison stops there. On the other hand, everything the liberals touch or have a hand in turns to SHIT. California being the best and most well known example of liberal ‘mismanagement’ that for the most part turned this great ‘golden state ‘into a SHIT PIT. Sorry to be so blunt but the evidence is all around us, that is if you live in or visit California. How anyone with half a brain could vote or for that matter take all of these give away gary’s and grace’s seriously with all this ‘free this and free that’,being bandied about, the latest offerings, free Medicare for all and free college for all., and the fantasy BS continues.. Just ask any senior citizen what they think of ‘free Medicare’ and the comments I’ve heard couldn’t be printed. The next stop on this ‘dog and pony show’ called the ‘democrap’ caucuses that’s nothing more than a slow moving train wreck these clowns are determined to take America on, New Hampshire. Hopefully it’ll end up being a big bust like Iowa and it’ll finally show Americans, these clowns have absolutely nothing to offer middle class Americans but higher and higher taxes to pay for all this ‘free swag’, as if anyone with at least half a brain couldn’t figure these clowns out. Stay tuned for updates kiddies, it’s early and the party’s just getting started. It’s like a television soap opera, it’s live, it’s here in America on national TV ( no need to get all dressed up, go to a theater, just stay home, make some popcorn chill the beer or white wine and get ready for some free entertainment) , Hey ‘free’s’ nice for a change as this’ll be the only this time these idiots are giving something free that isn’t paid for by the taxpayers. And last but surely not least, it’s here in America and not in some make believe place called Port Charles.

  11. Some good comments above folks…..CANT STAND watching her “Cheerleader” entrances coming onto a stage. You have a SMALL group of supporters and a SMALL (stupid) group of donors who cant be very smart supporting a LOSER like “Lizzy”. I cannot wait until she (and other Dem Candidates) ride-off into the eternal sunset………………BUH-BYE !!

  12. I hardly doubt it, even if she was I’d find someone else.

  13. I ask… What has Warren accomplished for Massachusetts the past few years? Apparently she feels her run for the White House is a priority. I think most people can see right through her. She wouldn’t have a chance up against the big boys on the world circuit.

  14. Those poor chickens, think she sucks the feathers right off, or is she to old?

  15. Nobody likes her and she’s annoying to listen to. She makes no sense and her talking points will hurt America and middle class people. Who wants to vote for someone who will take things back to Obammys world. She is Hiltlery 2.0 just not as cut throat. She’s basically just more stupid than Hitlery.

  16. The ONLY reason why she LOST is because she is a HORRIBLE candidate (get it? like – REALLY bad?!?). She is a LIAR besides. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  17. Warren should get a copy of Hillary’s excuse book, which I am sure she has written by now, because she certainly blamed any and everything and everybody.

  18. Warren is a Cherokee Indian remember ? WRONG ! Got fired for being Pregnant remember ? WRONG ! Warren is a MORON ? Correct !

  19. Elizabeth Warren: “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?” I think she just explained it.

  20. Are like assholes which she is

  21. more liawatha lies coming soon

  22. You lost because they got more votes. Period. Because you were caught lying so much no one knew who you were? Because you were schitsophrenic and Dizzy Lizzy’s? I like these excuses better.

  23. you bash candidates for no good reason & your facts are almost always wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dont have a clue & your tone of voice pisses normal voters off ! nothing is ever your fault ! drop out & go back to your “clinton” groupies & stick your head in the sand -pocahontas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good ridens !!!!!!!!!! loser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mike

  24. She’s a cocksucker too.

  25. Warren is a dumbass old bitch with shit for brains. No one will vote for this old hag for president.

  26. Excuses, excuses, excuses!

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