Putin’s Lies Have Trump Furious! Look What He’s Blaming the US For!

It is extremely interesting that just as things are starting to go well for the world’s economy that there is a major viral outbreak in some unknown region in China. The viral situation is terrible and does threaten the lives of millions of people. But people cannot help but think that the timing is just perfect for some major move by the Russian people.

Once the viral outbreak started to gain national attention Russia started to buy into the conspiracy theory that the Coronavirus was developed as some kind of weapon to be used against people. The conspiracy theory has a lot of people on the edge of their seats. Especially since Russia is now pushing its version of the lies filtrating through the internet.

Russia is putting out publications for their benefit that is stating that the United States is the one that developed the virus and sent the thing over to China. Russia and China have been long time opponents of the United States. They have rallied themselves together to stand against America because they hate the freedoms and the threat to their power that comes from the United States.

There are different versions of the conspiracy lies that are being pushed by Russia. In one version the thought is that the trade war between China and the United States is costing America billions. The thought is that the virus was used to cause a loss of revenue in China which would force them to the table to negotiate a better trade deal.

Even better thought of the narrative being passed around says that the Chinese military has claimed that the United States developed the virus in a laboratory and had the intention of using it against China. Its main purpose of the deployment is to test the response of the Chinese to react and work against biological weapons should they be used against them. A fancy way of saying that America wanted to test China’s response time.

The versions of the conspiracy theory continue to spread out from there. Igor Nikulin, who is an expert within the Russian military has made accusations that the virus looks like it was sabotaged. According to this claim, the United States develops these weapons to test them on people. While at the same time they develop cures to the disease to appear like the hero. This theory is running through Russia and being shown on Pravda TV and other broadcasting sources.

This kind of theory has already been seen coming from within Russia during the Cold War. It was known as “Operation Infektion.” This operation was initiated by Russia. The same propaganda claiming that the United States was secretly developing biological weapons. During the operation in 1983, the Russians released a headline that said, “AIDS May Invade India: Mystery Disease Caused by U.S. Experiments.” It was later found that the story was backed up by the KGB.

The actions by Russia are not those of a friend. They are actions of an enemy. Russia is secretly lying and pushing false news designed to make people believe that the United States is an evil government. They want to create an atmosphere of hatred against America. The Russian leaders are a bunch of liars. They work hand in hand with the Democrats to subvert and destroy everything good in America.

The Chinese and the Russian governments would love for the rest of the world to believe that the United States purposefully infected people in China, so they would be forced to surrender to the demands of the United States. This lie is a made-up theory by a group of people that are just plain jealous of the prosperity and the influence of the United States.

President Trump and the Republican Party only care about the people of China. President Trump has proven several times that actions that hurt innocent people will not be used. The Coronavirus is nothing more than a freak outbreak of a virus that has laid dormant for many years until mankind encroached on its domain.

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  1. Trump and his best friend Putin may have made this up we all know how corrupt and lawless trump is

  2. No get Ivanka and her husband who made 82 000 000 dollars illegally last year while working in the White House they all should be in jail

  3. No it sounds like trump and his administration is in cohoots with the Russians. Remember there were over 100 Russian connections with trump his family and his administration

  4. Russians are idiots to make something like that up. All propaganda to make us look bad. Gee it looks like they got some hints from the demturds. Soros is the one behind everything bad don’t kid yourself

  5. Chnese population is so numerous maybe its own government wanted to reduce inhabitants throug this vrus. After al
    they don’t value human life like Western civlization does.
    Who knows…

  6. I agree with the assumption that this virus is man made and I believe that China itself is the culprit. We will probably Never know for Sure. There is also a strong point of view that suggests the Russians may be the makers of this virus. Many times those that do the dirty work tries their best to point the finger at someone else, Who gains by such a situation; The only ones that I can see that would benefit from such an atrocity would be Russia, Iran [ and those that serve them], and China. Stop running around in circles with a branding iron in your brain and consider the implications.

  7. This is rich: This story is about stupid conspiracy theories coming out of Russia, yet the majority of the comments are about stupid conspiracy theories coming from the commenters. (Hi, Gabrielle.)

  8. What a lousy story!!!


  10. I’m not sure what your smoking, but you should probably cut back. If the U.S. wanted to kill lots of Chinese, about a billion would be dead. It is more likely the Chicoms created the stuff to control their own population, and it got loose before they wanted it to.

  11. ” Sounds like the Russians are about as stupid as the demoncrats!”

    With the recent Democrat Caucas debacle, the demoncrats have proven once again that they can not organize piss-in at a brewery.

  12. Yes, when I heard that the “Whistleblower” MD had died of the Coronavirus, that was my very first thought and that was simply based on China’s unsavory history of dealing with dissidents.

  13. I guess USA also created the original version? So all the countries hate USA, but want our money? This is way too funny! LOL! USA should get Obama, Biden and Hillary to give them all money!

  14. Oh so you can’t believe Russia. Like Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. You can’t believe trump either he is pushing the same propaganda

  15. A very well thought-out scenario, reinforced by the fact that China villified the Doctor / whistle blower who has been trying to get Chinese government recognition of the Corona virus problem for 2-3 months before death from Corona virus. A government assassination of a trouble maker concerning the Super secret Chinese germ warfare research laboratories located in Wuhan?

  16. It will stop itself – there are already reports of a possible peaking – slowing down – of the new infections rate inside China.
    It could indeed be a labdeveloped Coronavirus – most of the novel ones are – and many of them in our own backyard !
    By all means rattle sabres, but don’t burn bridges we may still need – NOBODY has clean hands in todays’ world ( apart from Health Rats 😉 )

  17. I read that it was made in a lab, by a professor and 2 students . One student was in the Chinese military. It was made for biological warfare. I since read that the 3 of them have been arrested. It’s funny that all of those people were protesting over there for over 6 months and now their streets are empty. Putin is just trying to stir the drama like the dems.

  18. I also agree, but I will include The Top North Korean Leader to that list, because a couple of years ago, I was wondering why The Leaders of both Russia and China just could never manage their Temper Tantrum Throwing questionable young relative in the Far East to become more Civilized!

  19. Until the genetic fingerprint of the original nCoronavirus has been scientifically studied, anyones’ guess is as good as the next mans’.
    That all major world powers are interested in weaponising biowarfare is probably nearer the truth – nobody is as white as snow in this field.
    There are already well-based reports that the nCoronavirus outbreak is “peaking” in China, and this is encouraging for the rest of the world because of the restricted two-week window.
    Hawkish career politicians would be well-advised to back-off their crackpot accusations – only the insane could deliberately generate a war between the super-powers. Nobody will actually “win” despite astronomical death tolls on all sides.
    I believe that this nCoronavirus will be far less deadly than the annual influenza toll, and the “Media” can’t even be bothered to comment on the thousands who die each year in the USA alone !
    Time for a reality check !!!

  20. Using propaganda and outright lies is Russia’s MO. Why would anyone be surprised? Putin has been playing our good old “lefties” like fools for years. This stuff has been taking place for years before Trump came along! It’s just that the current generation of “worldwide” lefties is stupider and more susceptible to his crap than before. I have NO positive proof but I’ll bet on the Chinese having created this stuff at research facilities in Wuhan and it escaped through carelessness. Now they have to duck and cover. Russia is throwing in a little noise to give their new ally a little cover. Worst part is that the Chinese have completely lost control over this stuff and, I think millions of people will suffer and/or die. Development of this type of bioweapon has been condemned by most of the civilized world for decades. I wonder how Putin will respond when a large outbreak of the Coronavirus arrives in Russia? Do they have the needed equipment to control and defeat it? Will he continue to allow his propaganda machine to dis the US or will he reach out for help… to us of course!!!

  21. Rockefeller foundation – 84. attic-VR. Corona Virus US patent No.10130701. It also contains HIV. Virus US patent No. 5676977. All manmade, by the Jewish, owned and controlled big pharma Cartel.

  22. I absolutely 100% believe this Virus is man made and is meant to thin the herd.

    All the radical population fear mongers would like nothing more than for them to live and others die. That is no joke and certainly not funny.

    To them what’s the difference of murdering in the womb, or the field or in your home, the vulnerable? Nothing.

    These are Rabid Climate Change Enforcers, the hypocrites who drive SUVs, Take Private Jets everywhere and build huge mansions to house themselves in.

    Thus is 1984 only the impact is being seen in unleashing diseases and making those countries who stand against this tranny into 3rd world countries.

    This disease is Petri Dish Conceived and marketed by the NWO people like Soros, Clinton, the Chinese because he’ll they could lose millions and be ahead of the game

    Think about it people🧐🤔😎

  23. I read an article that said they believe the virus started from “bat soup” that they eat in a certain area in China. That has more logic in than the u.s. trying to hurt people. As why would anyone that has worked so hard to prevent illnesses make something to cause diseases? Stupid to even think that. Sounds like the Russians are about as stupid as the demoncrats!

  24. If the truth is known the chinese we developing a new germ warfare agent that went astray. Went from the lab to animals and people. Now they dont know how to stop it.

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