Tlaib Attacks Hillary and Then Apologizes all Over Herself

The Democrats are the biggest group of babies’ to ever live in the United States. Their persistent attacks on President Trump and their fighting with each other makes the rest of the country have days full of joy. Their mindless fighting is just as good as a good comedy. Each one of the Democrats in Congress and the rest of the government falls apart and out of love with each other when they viciously attack and then cry over their hurt feelings.

Rashida Tlaib is in love with nerdy Bernie Sanders. She worships the ground that he walks on. She is a known socialist spy that is working with Sanders to subvert and destroy America into a communist country. Taunting Tlaib got into a battle of the words with Hillary Clinton and ended up hurting the feelings of baby Clinton.

Bernie Sanders needs Tliab’s support if he is going to stay alive in Washington. The man is so old that he has lost connections with newer generations. But Rashida Tlaib has no clue either. During a panel discussion, it was mentioned that Clinton hates sorry Sanders. Tlaib booed at Hillary Clinton. The perfect example of the hatred that the socialists in the Democratic Party have for regular boring Democrats. Their division on many things and hatred for each other is second only to their hatred for President Trump. They just cannot stand each other.

To save face. Tlaib had to apologize to her queen and leader snobby Hillary Clinton because there are things more at stake than just themselves. The booing was the highlight of the discussion. She was able to get people to boo at Hillary Clinton because she hates nerdy Bernie. Tlaib would say “No, no, I’ll boo. You all know I can’t be quiet. No. We’re gonna boo. That’s alright the haters will shut up on Monday when we win.” She just could not keep her big mouth shut and be grateful to another person that does not agree with her.

Hatred for opposition has become a major trademark of the Democratic Convention. Every single person in the party and their followers have been known to resort to violence when they cannot win an argument. This move by Tlaib was just the beginning of her having to bow before her beloved demonic goddess Hillary Clinton.

Tlaib would be forced to comment that “In this instance, I allowed my disappointment with Secretary Clinton’s latest comments about Senator Sanders and his supporters get the best of me. You all, my sisters-in-service on stage, and our movement deserve better.” The progressive movement does not deserve anything but to be run out of the country. They might as well take Hillary Clinton since no one likes her either.

Hillary Clinton started the love spat when she stated about Bernie Sanders “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done.” Clinton pretty much described the entire Democratic Party when she mentioned that Bernie Sanders has not done anything. But in the same dog tongued mouth, she would say that she will support any person that wins against President Trump. Her comments showed that the only thing that the divided Democrats agree on is getting rid of President Trump.

It is clear that the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot. Through their unrelenting attacks on the president and their constant fighting of each other. They have agreed that they are incapable of leading and running a country. In their wicked mind, they have determined that once President Trump is out of the way they can fight each other for the power positions that they all want to have. They are a bunch of vulture’s circle hoping their victim falls over dead.

Tlaib had to apologize to her queen and admit that she was wrong and out of line. The older generation of Democrats has demanded respect and loyalty from their underlings. Should any of them step out of line they will be destroyed by the older and much ignorant senior Democrats.

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  1. SAND ROACH ! Covers everything nicely 😉

  2. Not quite – Try SANDROACH – surely that encompasses all aspects ? 😉

  3. This fuster-cluck of a story must be written by Gabrielle. She assumes her opinions are facts. They aren’t!

  4. That’s awesome!
    Your exactly right!!!!!
    Camel toe and Camel face!

  5. Doesn’t have anything to do w/this article but I agree!

  6. This woman is a complete slob. She is just trashy. The way she looks, her adolescent behavior , she is just completely unprofessional. If you don’t agree w/her, Your Wrong! There is no middle ground ,like most Democrats. She is truly obnoxious and has no place in politics.
    The fact she was elected tells you where you shouldn’t vacation. You wouldn’t want that kind of stupidity rubbing off!

  7. its kinda nice when its dims doing in dims.


  9. Sandnigger. not crab.

  10. Not that I care what happens to Tlaib or any of the other Squad, but she could very easily become part of the Clinton body count.

  11. AOC is an idiot, a brainless bartender, that used her mouth to get better tips! She has no idea about anything but mixology, and blow jobs! She probably couldn’t find her way home if she had to! It is amazing to me that the DNC voters, don’t give a shit if the Latino Woman can read, or write, as long as they have diversity! Look at Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee! Two of the dumbest women on earth, yet they’re Democrat politicians!

  12. They’ll say she stole more chains than she could swim with! HRC rigged the DNC Presidential Nomination Election in 2016 and stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and ignored the will of their voter base! I may just be possible that had she not stolen the nomination, Bernie could be POTUS right now! So in a way, she is responsible for President Trump being elected! You can’t hate Trump because after cheating to get to run, you still lost!
    It isn’t Trump that they hate, it’s the fact that he has an (R) by his name, if Trump was a Democrat, he’d be their favorite person! The DNC is a Criminal Organization, run by racist hood rats, Homosexuals, Lesbanics, drug addicts, murderers, rapists, foreign born frauds, dual citizens, Omar married her own brother, Liars, hypocrites, traitors, con-men, child-sex-pushers, and domestic terrorists!

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  15. Seth Richards was shot 27 times. Hitlary really wanted him dead!!!

  16. Does she know what happens when people push ortell on Hillary?

  17. The Democraps are putting each other on ice. Who really cares?

  18. Tlaib will end up pushing up daisies after a fatal car accident with a Mac truck.. Not a very informed woman here..

  19. Better check the cameras to see if they’re working if she winds up in jail. Also have to wonder about all those “extra” bedsheets.

  20. She better watch out or they’ll be fishing her out of the Potomac after she shoots herself five times and then jumps off a bridge in an apparent suicide.

  21. Agree yes the sand crab is so afraid of what may happen. Maybe another Jeffery Epstien who did not hang himself, the sand crab does not want to hang herself wink wink Hillary. But we know Jeffery did not hang himself liken too Christmas lights & sheet rock.

  22. So the sand crab didn’t want to get shot in the back of the head on a Washington street in the middle of the night.

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