Trump Allies Hold Cash Giveaway Incentive for African American Voters

For President Trump to win by a large margin in the coming election, he must ensure the African American population in those communities.  The tactics which he is using are proving to work efficiently and can keep him far ahead of anyone coming up against him.  Those who support the president are coming together across the nation to hold events with cash giveaways to lucky attendees who attend those events.  Money talks, and it is speaking in loud volumes to the African American communities.

The first event took place in Cleveland, Ohio, in December, where tickets were drawn for cash prizes stuffed in envelopes.  This month, an event has been postponed but will happen soon in Virginia.  More events are in the process of being planned and will take place throughout President Trump’s campaign.

President Trump’s campaign has been forking out its own funds to divert African American voters from voting Democrat.  There is only one small legal problem that is being worked out since these events are charitable.  The Urban Revitalization Coalition is accepting donations to fund the cash giveaways, and charity events by law cannot support politics, or they lose their tax exemptions.

Those who organize the events state everything is run by the book.  The events are designed to grow economic development within cities.  Nothing has been done to the URC concerning the tax exemptions, but questions are being raised about the cash giveaways.  Kinks are being worked out, and the group appears to be within their legal limits.

Marcus Owens, a former director of the Exempt Organizations Division at the Internal Revenue Service, raised the argument by stating, “Charities are required to spend their money on charitable and educational activities.  It’s not immediately clear to me how simply giving money away to people at an event is a charitable act.”

Urban Revitalization Coalition’s CEO, Darrell Scott was questioned about the giveaways, and he responded to the argument by saying, “Most gifts were between $300 and $500, and that the group mandates that anyone who receives over $600 fills out a W-9 form in order to ensure compliance with tax law.”  Scott was also asked to provide the names of the donors, to which he responded, “I’d rather not.  They prefer to remain anonymous.”

Scott is one of the president’s closest allies and black supporters.  He is a pastor in Cleveland and has been friends with President Trump long before he ran for president in 2016.  Scott is also friends with former lieutenant Michael Cohen who cofounded the National Diversity Coalition.  Altogether, they work toward gaining the black voters’ support for President Trump within key communities.

The URC doesn’t only support President Trump.  They support all Republicans throughout the country.  Organizations such as the Opportunity Zone Program worked in Delaware, Kentucky, and other states to gain the Republican candidates’ victories.

It was reported, cash giveaways were not part of the program back then.  They are using the incentives to gather the black communities to attend the events in hopes of opening their eyes.

The first event in December was called the “Christmas Extravaganza” and had a special appearance by Ja’Ron Smith, who is one of the highest-ranking black officials working in the White House.

Geraldo Rivera was another special guest at the event.  Rivera is known for standing up for the president saying and proving he is not “racist.”  He told the crowd, “President Donald Trump, the one that they say is racist is the first president in the history of this country to incentivize people who have the money to put it into… urban areas.”

One of the winners from the Cleveland event walked away, cheering, “Four more years of President Trump. Yay!”  It is essential to understand, the law watchdogs can only stop the events, not the people who attend.  The First Amendment gives the people that right.

With the law watchdogs hounding the URC, the law clearly states organizations that hold charitable events have the right to honor and praise any official they choose.  They cannot support or degrade any candidates in any election.

Adav Noti, a senior director at the Campaign Legal Center, and an election law watchdog stated, “If they do it independently and it really is agenda focused, not electoral, yes that’s permissible under campaign finance law.”

Scott announced there will be more details in the coming days with the group’s scheduled events once the kinks are ironed out.  The black communities are eagerly awaiting.

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  1. I agree, love trump but do not even come close to liking this idea

  2. The Black carcass is already devoted to Democtated party???

  3. What does an american Indian vote worth. Dont think votes should be bought,if so then shouldn’t be by race anyway or you will loose more votes than you gain in doing so
    This is a pisser for me, a total turn off. No faith in God or the people Amen

  4. I don’t like this idea so much, Trump can win without any of this. Feels like more of a dem move to me. Love Trump but…not loving this idea.

  5. ‘Big’ MISTAKE

  6. I agree with you also, it’s an insane idea to think for one second to give money to people who have suffered in no way directly because of slavery. Blacks have for too long wined about what they have been through and what they suffer from because of something that happened so long ago. Here are the facts, the white people of the Americas did not board ships and sail over to Africa to steel blacks from their homeland, this was done by other nationalities such as the Portuguese. Many of these blacks were sold to the slavers not stolen as mostly implied. And the reason they were treated so poorly when they were sold to those here in America mainly was for one reason. It was the stories told to them by the slavers that delivered them to America. They were told they could not speak English, they did not even know anything about all fo what they were shown by the slavers. They were physically strong but ignorant about the rest of the world. That they wore loincloths and their weapons were ancient, spears and such. So it is no surprise that they were treated like animals.
    And you have to consider, even though the people of America back then would like you to think they were so sophisticated, they were not, they themselves were not long out of the caves themselves and were simply more educated animals themselves.

  7. You would call Trump another Hitler, only goes to show the rest of us who think much higher of Trump that you are a far-left moron yourself. I don’t see this money giveaway as luring blacks to vote for him. I see it as his way of showing the black population that he is not a racist, he has been friends with this Pastor way before he became President, and he is reaching out and providing maybe some really needed money to at least some of the black population. Yes, it may be a gimmick to try and lure in some of the black votes. But historically if we look at what the Democrats have done over the past fifty years, you will find they have given out billions of dollars to do exactly the same thing, through their well thought out welfare programs.

  8. Is this similar to the giveaway that Obama did on Chicago? When they asked her lady who gave her the ? She states Obama gave it to her. Actually it was our tax money.

  9. Perhaps a more fair method of encouraging voters to use their votes would be to simply monitor votes cast by all the electorate. If a voter does not attend the polling station in two consecutive polls without specified excuse ( eg working overseas, military duty away from home , certified medical illness etc ) then that voter receives a warning – Miss one more and you are disqualified for 10 years ! Then enforce it !!!
    I am becoming sick and tired of the constant moaning and complaining on racial grounds – your eliigibility to vote does not depend on your skin colour – get over it ! ( or get a job ! )

  10. I do agree with you that this insane notion of reparation to blacks in America is absolutely ludicrous and would be abusive and misuse of our taxes. My relatives had nothing to do with slavery. I’m Irish and Italian and they were both shunned and abused when they arrived here, but we’re not attempting to steal money from citizens. It’s the most insane and abusive idea ever, and I’ve had enough of these people crying and demanding they be respected. They already are with most Americans (there will always be those who have a problem and I’ve listening to more than I can count of blacks who’re racist and treat whites disgustingly. They need to give it up and move on and up in their consciousness. Enough!

  11. You cry foul and that President Trump is not an American Patriot but do you believe all the false utopia freebies and reparations to blacks being falsely promised by the communist non-Democrat Party aren’t meant to lure all voters into voting for them???? Get real and get your head out of clouds. President Trump is more an American Patriot than any of the Democrat Party politicians!

  12. I thank POTUS Trump for taking care of people of color, especially with GREAT jobs, great LOW unemployment numbers and improving RACE RELATIONS! Oh, and a little CASH is pretty nice touch as well . . . One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. You “lure” black voters!! How hypocritical and racist. tRUMP is NOT an American Patriot. tRUMP is another Hitler. Speak the whole truth, you ignorant idiotic morons.

  14. I for one object to either party to give cash incentives to participate in the election process.

  15. This is bullshit no one living today had nothing to do with slavery. This was African nations selling there defeated enemies into slavery. They became a cheap source of labor SO TAKE THIS MONEY AND PUT IT TO BETTER USE IT TIME THAT BLACK AMERICANS GET OVER IT AND STOP CRYING FOUL

  16. THIS…is one of the “good news stories”…that truly is what it claims, and brings a satisfied smile.
    THANK YOU, one and all, for your efforts to help those that the DNC tries to con, every 4 years,
    and then leaves them behind…after they have gained that cherished vote.

    Our President Donald J. Trump…is exactly what he has always been, and has not changed.
    He’s a real American Patriot. He doesn’t see skin color, or gender differences. Just Americans.
    He sees a problem, any problem, and looks to find a full solution for it. It is as simple as that.
    The best welfare in the world….is a job, and the regular paycheck that comes with it.
    That also brings self-fulfillment, and the pride that pushes all of us to take care of ourselves.
    THAT….in a short summary…….is all that drives our wonderful President Donald J. Trump.

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