Joe Biden Contemplates the Possibility He Might Die in Office

One of the singular facts that almost everyone knows about former Vice President Joe Biden is that he is really old, 77 years of age. He would be 78 when he would be sworn into office in a little less than a year if he were to somehow be elected president. Indeed, he would be in his 80s when and if he were to finish his first term.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden was ruminating about his venerable age at a campaign event in Clinton, Iowa. The question was about a potential vice-presidential running mate. He mentioned that he knew about eight women and about four people of color who were capable of becoming president.

Why is the ability to become president so important? Biden explained, “But you never know. You never know what’s going on. And I’m sure what would happen is I have — some people looking would say, ‘Is the person Biden picked capable of, God forbid something happened to Biden, that they would be able to take over immediately?”

Death comes for us all, even for sitting presidents from time to time. Four presidents, Garfield, Abraham Lincoln, McKinley, and John F. Kennedy were assassinated. William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia a month after he was inaugurated. Zachary Taylor succumbed to acute gastroenteritis. Warren Harding had a fatal heart attack. Franklin Roosevelt did not serve out his fourth term because of a cerebral hemorrhage.

The choice of a vice president has been without almost speaking the first and most important decision that a presidential candidate makes after having been nominated. Usually, a presidential candidate chooses someone who compliments his or her strengths and makes up for some weaknesses.

The running mate’s primary job is to enhance the person at the top of the ticket’s chances of being elected. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In 1988, Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis chose Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen to run with him, achieving a kind of regional and ideological balance. In 2008, John McCain chose then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, thus adding some much-needed conservative balance, political excitement, and a play to the women’s vote. Neither gambit worked.

Biden thought that he was being reassuring about how aware he is about the possibility of his death in office and therefore the importance of having a competent running mate, ready to step into the top job at a moment’s notice. However, more than one pundit has raised an eyebrow about how Biden drew attention to the one thing that worries people who might vote for him, his advanced years.

A casual google search of media stories reveals a host of worrying musings about Biden’s advanced age. Politico noted that only three presidents. Eisenhower, Reagan, and, of course, Trump served while in their 70s. No one has ever been as old as Biden is now and has started a term as president of the United States.

Also, people are not so much bothered by the idea of Biden dying in office – the United States has been there many times before and has survived. The real concern, as Politico notes, is the fear that Biden is too old for the job from the very start.

“It’s an issue because of things Biden has said and done—suggesting, for instance, he thought he was in Vermont when he actually was in New Hampshire, dropping that wince-worthy phrase that his “time is up” in the first debate and oddly invoking a record player in the last debate. His lifelong habit of flubs, gaffes and often garbled speaking now can seem less like “Joe being Joe” and more like an ominous indicator of a creeping loss of mental acuity.”

Biden has more than once tried to distract from the concerns about his mental health by boasting about his physical stamina. He once challenged a heckler to a pushup contest. More than once he implied that he might beat up President Trump for the latter’s alleged boorish behavior.

Of course, Biden does have another ready-made answer to questions about his age. He has mentioned regularly that he is younger than Bernie Sanders, the aging socialist who is threatening Biden’s position as the front runner. And, as old and as given to senior moments as Biden is, he has never offered something quite as crazy as the Green New Deal or Medicare for All. A powerful argument, that.

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  1. Hell of a campaign slogan. I bet he has VP candidates lining up.

  2. If Biden is stupid enough to choose Killary as his running mate, it is a sure bet Biden will have an “accident”, get “robbed” or “commit suicide” so Killary can be president.

  3. Yeah, when Russia gave HRC $445,000,000 for her presidential run while nothing for Trump?

    Some people just can’t add 2+2 and come up with the correct answer!

  4. For you Biden, death cannot come to soon for you. You have a legacy of being corrupt in most things in life, morally bankrupt and a broken moral compass. The trip is easy, lie down and let go. You probably won’t know anyone in heaven other than Rush Limbaugh, but upon arrival in Hell you’ll meet many old friends. Goodbye,Joe…………….

  5. Joe shouldn’t spend any time worrying about dying in office. One of his closest advisors should let him know he is now out of office. He needs to work with his attorneys on a “ too old to prosecute” defense.

  6. Joe Biden Contemplates the Possibility He Might Die in Office. That’s guaranteed if Hillary or Michael are his VP

  7. The above post is the truth. The patriot that wrote it, is sadly telling the American the truth. History always seems to follow the same path. We are heading for another civil war. One that will destroy the USA. Historically speaking, an empire lasts 150/250 years then falls. Americas time is almost up. I am glad I won’t live to see it happen. If you remember your history, or are able to read about the Roman Empire, the same thing that destroyed the glory that was Rome, is right NOW destroying the USA. It is only a matter of time.

  8. IF Killery is his VP I can almost guarantee that he will die in office.

  9. Depending on who he picks as VP.

  10. Trump and his administration and family have had over 100 connections with Russians who are really the commies

  11. And maybe trump will die in Russia with his best friend Putin and his corrupt son can built the trump tower

  12. America can’t take another 4years of Don the Con the only way America is going to heal from the corruption and lawlessness of his crooked administration throw him out of Washington in November

  13. well it’s true some day you will die Joe we all do but you won’t die in office Joe at least the oval office but maybe the office of dog catcher down in Delaware. go on home Joe the campaign for you ended in Iowa for the third time in a row a new recordno body wants to beat.

  14. Don’t worry when trump gets out of office and the southern district of New York gets done with him the entire trump family may die in prison

  15. How old will trump be if he gets a second term way to old also. And America should never elect a dictator

  16. Trump is president and look how stupid he is

  17. Typical vile republican post

  18. And become president by sneaking in the back door!

  19. He’s not going fo become president. Trump is

  20. If the DNC picks your VP, it’s because that’s who they really want in the office. Your only job was to play “Mr. Nice Guy” so the commie party can say they have someone nicer than that mean old Trump to break down the door of the White House. You’ll be lucky to even make it to Jan. 20 of 2021, before you have some type of “misfortunate ” accident, so your multicultural VP can take over. Then he will be able to appoint 0bummer as ambassador to the UN, so he can become Secretary General. That’s when the U.S. Constitution will be torn up, and the U.S. divided into a new world order of slums and slaves. SCREW YOU commie democraps and your new world order!

  21. LOL..only if he gets a job in an office someplace. Maybe he could get a job in one of his sons office. He could die there. Maybe in the Ukraine.

  22. H e couldn’t possibly die in an office he wont win.

  23. He wont get in dont worry

  24. QPJ is perfect 4 HRC he croaks mysteriously & she becomes POTUS. A very simple Clinton /DNC scenario.

  25. He’s already dead, he just doesn’t know it yet!

  26. Not to worry about dying in office Joe, you’re never ever going to get that far. Not even if you live to 100.

  27. Old Joe Biden’s more than likely to die in an orifice, than in an office…

  28. Bernie already beat himself to it!

  29. Politically Biden is already dead.

  30. If we really expected him to die in office that would be a good reason not to elect him. This would be especially true if he were to have a really objectionable Vice- President.


  32. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, candidates of the old age home, not even the young bucks of the field were to aggressive with out chemistry, the remaining and new candidates are just out dated.

  33. you likely die in Gitmo ,before you are elected to any office anytime soon !!! that where you are your son belong in Gitmo !!

  34. Why should this old fart really care, he’s a senile old fool and thinks the American people want him as president, in his dreams only, by the grace of God, This clown must be living on Pluto or with his head up his ass.? Since he’s an ass kisser by nature,and basically used to the stink, walking around with his head up his ass makes it easier to do this and grovel. Worthless ‘moochella ‘obama badly wants to be his VP, God forbid if thus black liberal thieving bitch tosses in her hat, cause when joey by kicks the bucket, she’ll finish the job obozo tried to do do during his 8 year long luxury vacation all while America went to the SHITS and these lying liberal thieves got obscenely rich while the rest of us continued to struggle. She along with ole touchy feelie joey biden would be a disaster for our country and for the most part, any of the liberal buffoons running against Donald Trump would destroy us with their socialism and for a few of these clowns, downright communism. wake up America to the smoke and mirrors and socialism the liberals are trying to foist on us and shove down our throats. If God forbid any of these ”dimoraps’ become president, there’ll be a civil war worse than the one 150 years ago, guaranteed and the outcome won’t be pretty. This ‘dog and pony show’ called the ‘dimocrap’ campaign and debates is only good for a few laughs at that and who among us can’t use a few laughs in these times. Their proposals are so preposterous that anyone with at least half a brain can see tight through them and takes them fora bunch of anti American socialist buffoons who’ll never ever get the White House, by the grace of God. God, please enlighten the American people on the destructive agenda and the danger of the liberals

  35. Think hard about it JOE BLOW!
    Save ur money, time and son from embarrassment.
    Get out of the race cause you or any other DEMODONKEY ain’t gonna be the ones sitting in the WH.
    Let HUMPY TRUMPY back in to take care of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!
    Let’s make AMERICA STRONGER!!!!!

  36. Hillary would have Joe commit suicide.

  37. sounds about right since all of the front runners. are crooked demorats. plus we couldn’t get lucky enough to die before he would get elected.

  38. LMAO…the only way plugs dies in the WH, is if he takes the tour, and dies while he’s on the tour.

  39. Joe Biden Contemplates the Possibility He Might Die in Office. Guaranteed if Hillary or Obama is his VP!

  40. Biden should NOT worry about dying in Office as President ! Because he will NEVER be PRESIDENT . Biden willDie in prison along with his Cocaine head Son Hunter Biden ,the dead beat dad, father of a Woman who is a Hooker i mean really . Is there no shame in The Do Nothing Democrat Party ! I mean really think about it ? If your Father was Vice President of The United Sates , don’t you think you should sit a better example of yourself than Hunter Biden , Joe Biden, Wilma Biden ? And Screw Barbara Streisand too while your at it

  41. Dying of natural causes while in office is a possibility for anyone over the age of, let’s say, 60 yo.

  42. Is Biden asking for help? Just what we need. A president who thinks he will die in office and another one that is running that will probably not even make it that far.

  43. Biden is leading the democrat race because all the other’s except maybe Bloomberg because they are more stupid than he. Don’t forget in his two previous runs he never Brook four percent. That was when he was much younger. What does that say about the other candidates.

  44. If you want to insure you might die in office, take Hillary as your vp. that would make sure nobody will assasinate you.

  45. never elect another democrat as long as i am alive

  46. biden is not smart enough to be president nor anyone else in the group. there running to avoid work.

  47. Hopefully he will die before he ever gets into office.

  48. The EPA will have to clean up the mess…

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