Ted Cruz Attacks Reporter for Making Fun of His Child

The media has no moral center. They will attack any person and say just about anything against people. Most of what they say is questionable whether it is true or not. Nevertheless, they say a lot of things that hurt people. They do not care about their age or where they have come from. If the person is a conservative, Republican or Trump supporter, they are fair game for torment in the eyes of the media.

Senator Ted Cruz was just enraged when during a conversation the reporter decided that it would be a good idea to try to attack a 9-year-old child. The discussion that Cruz was having was in favor of the president asking Ukrainian leaders to investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. There was enough evidence to suspect corruption.

Ted Cruz went on to note that “The House [impeachment] managers based their entire case on the proposition that investigating corruption for Burisma and concerning the Bidens was baseless and a sham. That proposition is absurd … We’ve just seen two hours of evidence.” The Democrats are crying foul play while they are doing the same thing to the president.

The reporter was annoyed at Cruz’s comments, so he decided to take the conversation to a new low. Every time a liberal or reporter loses an argument they resort to attacking the person that is smarter than they are. The reporter stated “But senator … None of the president’s attorneys mentioned one single possible crime … What they said is Hunter Biden got a job, his dad was vice president. If that’s a crime, I mean, shouldn’t half of your children be in prison?” There was no reason for this reporter to attack little kids in such a way.

The reporter did get one thing right. Hunter Biden is still trying to act like a 9-year-old child. He is taking handouts from the old dad. Cruz called out the reporter and told him to “stop playing that nasty Washington game.” Referring to the media attacking people and trying to divert attention away from where it needs to be.

The reporter simply did not know when to shut his mouth as he would shout back “That’s not a nasty Washington game.” The reporter would think differently if someone attacks his family the way he just did the Senator’s family. Cruz’s children are 9 and 11. They are open for everyone to know and see, but not to attack.

Ted Cruz is just one of many that are fed up with the way the media treats people. President Trump has also been extremely vocal and brash with the way he responds to the stupidity of the maniac media. Cruz and others believe that it is time to cut out the rhetoric and get right down to business. They want to see all lawmakers working together and for the nonsense that the Democrats are pushing to stop.

The entire story that the Democrats have dreamed up is proving to be one large destructive sham. President Trump has the best legal team working for him. They have shown without a doubt that the president had the right to withhold the aid that he did. The aid was never attacked to any kind of investigation taking place.

The Democrats are just scared that an investigation is going to take place with Hunter Biden. If there was no cause for an investigation, then the president would not have asked for one. But the request was never contingent upon the aid. The fact that Hunter Biden was being paid $50,000 a month to be a part of the board for the gas company is highly questionable. The man has no experience in that industry and had no business sitting on board making decisions that would affect the company and its employees.

The Democrats want to pull a rabbit out of their hat, so they have requested that more evidence be presented. Evidence that should have been looked at before now. Cruz stated that “Additional witnesses are not necessary. The House managers have presented their case, they haven’t come remotely close to meeting their burden of proof. If the Senate, later this week when we vote on witnesses, decides to go down the road to additional witnesses, I think, at a minimum, the most important witness for the Senate to hear from is now Hunter Biden.” His statement scares the Democrats to death.

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  1. They have to pick on children because they aren’t men(and women) enough to go after adults. Mean, lying egotistical bastards. I am beginning to think the people who support them are the same.
    Oh and I forgot…cowards.


      • You are exactly right!

        • Anybody who thinks good ole joey boy touchy feely sniffy biden and his sonny boy hunter are clean and not corrupt need to get their heads out of their asses, wake up smell the coffee and get with the program. This disgusting old fart and buffoonish white flunky helped the black bastard get into the White House by being his white ‘token’ , all while the liberal thieving black POS treated joey like some lackey and joey followed like a monkey on a leash. Really who here’s sick and tired of this witch hunt called ‘impeach Donald Trump’ on trumped up and unproven charges, couldn’t help it. All this while important things are set aside for this waste of taxpayer funds and time, two things the liberals are really good at, that being wasting tax dollars and valuable time on BS. Wake up America!, These liberals and downright communists will be the end of America. Wake up, get politically savvy and get of your collective butts on election day and vote out ALL liberals aka ‘dimocraps’ as if your lives. the lives of your children and grandchildren depend on it , ’cause bottom like it does!

    • You are being VERY nice because I could think of PLENTY more to say about them ALL! I however have so much more class than all of them put together! A child? Cruz was being nice. I’m not sure I could have kept my composure if my child was attacked. SHAME ON THEM!

  2. 🍳👋🐻Reporter Exploited the Psycho of Cruz,Just a Game about Parents and Kids.

  3. I sincerely apologies to sen.cruz that the scumbags of the press which will soon end the so called freedom of he press. It’s not freedom of press when them damacrats own and control the turds in the press.

  4. Since when did it become acceptable to go after a person’s family just because you disagree with them politically? This is a dangerous precedent they are setting- and I don’t like it one bit. People’s families are sacred and should be treated as such!

  5. Most of the talking heads on CBS, NBC ABC, et all haven’t enough integrity to fill a thimble! Pelosi, Schemer, Schiff and Nadler couldn’t amount to a pimple on Trump”s backside.

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