Senators Sleeping, Eating, Fidgeting, and More During the Impeachment Trial

Just like in the movies, what goes on behind the scenes can be rather funny.  With the impeachment trial ongoing in the Senate, it is the GOP Senators who are having the hardest time knowing President Donald Trump is innocent of the charges brought against him by the House of Representatives.  Listening to the same repeated storyline over and over again by the Democrats, the GOP Senators have called it torture.  Others who try to make the best of the situation find humor in how the Democrats present their case with no evidence.

The cameras are locked onto the ones at the podium, which is speaking.  On the sidelines and in the background, Senators have been forced to sit the entire time quietly.  This has led to Senators falling asleep, eating snacks, passing around notes to communicate, laughing at the stupidity they have to witness, and shaking their heads in disbelief.

Senators are not allowed cell phones or any electronic devices while the trial is ongoing.  Unfortunately, it is like the Energizer Bunny.  The trial keeps going and going on and on.  While everyone tries to keep from falling into a comatose state, whispers can be heard, and notes are passed.  It brings back the days of high school when giggling can be heard after reading some of the notes.

What is funny is when one person starts giggling, it gets to be contagious, and the next thing you know, everyone is laughing.  No one is supposed to be talking or making noise, but hey, if the Democrat House managers can do it, so can everyone else.

Remember that kid in school who would draw and play games while the teacher was teaching? Some even slept.  The scene from the Senate over the last few days has been no different.  Today’s society is hooked on their cell phones.  Since the cell phones have been taken away, Senators have found other things to play with.

Crossword puzzles and fidget spinners have been the choice for most of the bored out of their mind Senators.  Some called it “the pain of imprisonment.”  Those who had nothing to play with were seen taking off their eyeglasses and wedding rings.  Anything they could get their hands on!

GOP Senators, Tom Cotton, Richard Burr, and Pat Toomey were busted with fidget spinners while the trial was going on.  Let’s face it, there is very little to no one paying attention.  Even some of the Democrats are having a hard time and want out.  Yes, it is that bad!

Senator Rand Paul was caught with a crossword puzzle, which he hid under a sheet of paper every time someone walked by.  The next day he was drawing a picture of the Capitol building.  When it looked like he was going to get caught, he scurried to place it in his lap and then tossing it under a box of kleenex.

The Senators who were caught snoozing were among the most hilarious.  Senator Jim Risch pushed the chair back as far as it could go, and there he went, off to dreamland.  Senators Bernie Sanders who is also running in the Democratic primary and the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were right behind Risch.

Senator Bill Cassidy was caught playing with his watch.  While he began playing with the bands, he eventually took it off and was seen putting the straps on his face making a mustache.  Other Senators saw this and began to giggle.  When a person is tired, the giggling seems to spread more.

I guess rules were made to be broken.  The Senators have a huge sign outside of the camera’s view that says “No Food or Drinks on the Senate Floor.”  The rules were not only bent, but they were also broken when both sides of the Senate, Democrats, and Republicans were seen headed toward Senator Toomey’s desk, who had the only stash of candy in the chamber.  He was everyone’s best friend in those days.  Chocolate bars and other pieces of candy could be seen in the hands of the guilty parties.

It got so bad in the Senate, Toomey’s drawer ran out of candy.  So what did he do?  Friday, a whole pallet of Hershey’s Chocolate bars was sent straight to him.  The laughs became unstoppable then.

It is funny, but at the same time, it’s not.  We are all tired.  Even the Senators are sick of what the House has put this country through.

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  1. They probably didn’t know Nadler voted against sending aid to Ukraine 2times yet he said thousands died because he didn’t send it right away. Obama said no. Even with them cheating they’re Still mad that they lost. Hillary needs to be prosecuted and so does Biden. We all know Obama never will mainly because he’s black and can do anything. If it was Trump he’d be prosecuted. Because white people are the oppressed now. Michael Moore even apologized for being born white. He can crawl up someone’s ass and coat himself with shit and pretend he’s black then. This is what Obama did to the American people.

  2. You must be a real idiot if you can’t see how corrupt Biden and family is. The whole Obama administration is the most corrupt we had. Biden, Hillary and Kerry. There’s been actual videos if you missed the numerous ones out there. It’s been proven that Obama and Hillary interfered in the 2016 election not Trump. This nation hasn’t been this divided sin Obama started in his first term. Which was his actual agenda to begin with to cause dissension amongst the American people. But idiots who can’t actually see proof there’s no helping you. Every time Schiff said something it was proven he left out the whole context which changed the whole statement. That’s called misleading the evidence.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! You crazy democRats should be embarrassed by the Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and all the other lying democratic nuts in the house. If you can’t see this is all a sham to try and take down a duly elected President who by the way has done nothing but wonderful things for the country then you are the same as the embarrassing idiots!! Can’t you see they all have lot to loose. They were all neck deep in the Ukraine corruption that took place under the Obama presidency!!! For goodness sake open your eyes!!!

  4. You mean, no MILK and COOKIES? . . . Not even a BAG of FREETOS?!? The HORROR of it ALL (Snicker, snicker!)! How is ANYONE supposed to be doing the EARNEST, important work of the NATION under THESE conditions? No WONDER the Democrats lost this debate – I would have AT LEAST brought in Pepperoni pizzas and COKES. Oh, well . . . all to the work of a Senator. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Really!! Where’s the transcript of the investigation of hooker hunter and slippery joe? They got the aide!! If you can hide the identity of the whistle blower, then you can fabricate any story you want. Exactly what they did because Democrats failed the last 3 attempts. Wouldn’t surprise me the try jfk move next, sorry to say

  6. Seems like the wine cellar and private stock was off limits due to negative bar tab. What else could be more top secret in the cellar of the White House? The parties over and the swamp begins to drain.

  7. You need to remove your emotions and stop listening to the media who plays to emotions and just listen to facts. I feel quite sure YOU would never want to be treated the way our President has been treated.

  8. Bravo, but don’t lose hope for their is a time of reckoning coming soon.

  9. People need to remember this is taxpayer dollars! The American workers hard earned money !! Obama sent our money the taxpayers hard earned money to evil governments ! President Trump was doing his job as a true “American President” and for that he is being impeached . Democrat voters had better remember you are to vote for the candidate that vows to uphold constitution , keep the country safe, and continue the prosperous growth of a great nation ! Socialism is complete opposite and has never worked for the citizens of any country under its rule !

  10. Idiot. Use the brain god gave you. Ooooh you are Thats why your a DemocRAT.

  11. Is all the spin and smoke presented by the Trump lawyers being used to hide Trump’s corruption from the American public…OR, is it to hide just how corrupt and involved Obama and his administration were.

  12. How about you coming out of your Liberal comma.

    We’re you asleep in the most expensive, corrupt administration in Americas 245 years.Muslim obama & his Anti American Liberal freaks of nature.Time to wake up & get on this great ride called America & if you want they’re selling plane tickets to North Korea to Anti Americans.

  13. The Investigator for Ukraine has just filed a law suit with Ukraine and, maybe even the U. S. against Joe Biden for obstruction by having him terminated for investigating Burisma and his son, Hunter. Pres. Trump di NOTHING wrong and did hat any respectable president should have done in that situation. He was looking into corruption in Ukraine which was one of the condition they had to get the financial aid from us. Joe Biden just happened to be the guilty party. If Biden should happen to get the nomination and beat President Trump in November (God forbid!) the Republicans should start impeachment proceedings the day after the election. At least they have REAL evidence against BIDEN!

  14. Move to North Korea. They probably have the type of justice system that you would approve of.

  15. Because people of all sorts tend to act out if drunk. And who WOULDN’T prefer to be drunk than listening to this fake contrived outrage from the DEMs???

  16. I am disgusted by the dems power grab, rewrites of history and total lack of moral fiber. I used to BE a dem…..but no more. Everything they’ve accused trump of….they’ve actually already done! They re changing this country into a mediocre. dumbed- down disgrace.

  17. If there were any proof at all they would be all over it instead of boring everyone with bullshit. The have to try to justify their impeachment, and when they can’t I hope they are brought up on charges as they should be for wasting the peoples tax dollars. They should be jailed and not paid for all of this time wasted and as a fine pay back the amount of money that it costs for everyone else that has to be paid in the senate for wasting their time as well.

  18. Booze would make them relaxed. If I have to sit through this Sh_t show, they have to also. They have the power to stop it. The only (WITNESS?) they just HAVE to hear from is John Bolton. A (LEAK? form the New York Times?) of an excerpt from his tell-all book says that Trump knew he was delaying aid to Ukraine. SO WHAT? No demand was made, everyone can read the transcript. Before any action was taken(None ever was), the aid was released. BY THE WAY, SHIFF, If holding up aid was so bad, and they needed the weapons for defense against Russian aggression, why did OBAMA only send blankets when they asked for Patriot Missiles? Back at you, Ball’s in your court. Bolton doesn’t have anything new to add. Obama is guilty of withholding aid. Trump comes in, does due diligence with the new head of state before just sending a check, and asks Ukraine to look into some infamous corruption going on in the country. He also asks for them to investigate the Ukrainians who admitted to trying to help Hillary swing the election. You lying bastards have tried to turn this into a Trump thing instead of what it is.

  19. SHOW me the PROOF! And, asking a foreign government to investigate a supposed plot between their government & the Dim party, IS legal! He had every right, as the President, to ask for an investigation. Just because Biden is running to be the nominee, doesn’t give him a free ride. TRUMP isn’t guilty of ANYTHING. Go peddle your liberal socialist trash somewhere else. This is a CONSERVATIVE site! So don’t be badmouthing OUR President!

  20. How is it that four senators who are trying to take Trumps job are able to vote on an impeachment? It just doesn’t seem right but thats the way it is.

  21. With the democrats being paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the treason whore Hillary Clinton.we all know the only way to stop these democrats who have been paid millions of dollars by the treason whore Hillary Clinton who has committed treason by importing 800 thousand illegal aliens to fix present and future elections. It’s amazing the person who it was claimed knew more then anyone else after controlling the federal government for 16 years didn’t know how a president was elected.

  22. It’s the actions of Donald J Trump that has been proven to be corrupt and self serving! All the spin and smoke presented by the Trump lawyers was and is being used to hide Trump’s corruption from the American public! This is what a guilty person does to evade being revealed of his guilt! It will be a sad day in America when the truth comes to be known by all, of the con Trump pulled off!!!

  23. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The least they could do is allow caffeinated beverages to keep people awake. They will soon be forced to pinch and slap each other to inflict physical pain or the snoring will drown out the speaker….. Wonder what is keeping the judge awake? Electrical shock running through his seat?

  24. They don’t have enough in the budget for booze.

  25. Why is it they’re only allowed water or milk to drink during these hearings?

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