Oh No, Joe! This One Stinks and the Worse It Gets the More We Know!

There is an ugly and foul-smelling story rising from the Left and it appears to be emanating from a familiar source, as the latest news of more suspicious activity from the Biden camp leaks out. Anyone who has lived on a farm or who enjoys cooking is probably familiar with the fact that onions get increasingly malodorous with every layer, and this is one onion that just smells bad.

Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, may have more layers than an onion. If your eyes begin to water at some point, it’s okay, a little cold water and fresh air will help, but we can’t lie the core of this onion might be rotten.

The stories and reports coming out of Ukraine will eventually be investigated thoroughly (likely after that Democratic created facade in the Nation’s Capitol fades). Those reports of inappropriate behavior, well, we will just wait and see.

And now…

The latest layer of this onion is more of the same but no less potent in its odor. According to the story, it involves another family member, this time Joe Biden’s brother, Frank. So how much money are we talking for the candidate who boasts being the common man’s candidate?

As the story reported, “In total, between 2009 and the end of the Obama administration, Frank Biden’s Caribbean projects benefited from more than $54 million in U.S. taxpayer loans.” And that was just on one of his brother’s project. That alone doesn’t necessarily incite doubt or wrongdoing, but in the light of the many available facts, it changes the view.

Our story gave examples of those facts like this one, “…despite the professional and personal handicaps, business opportunities were plentiful for Frank, especially after his brother paid a visit to the country.” Add to that example, countless others and now everything looks a bit more than sketchy.

The source of the majority of this information our story cites stems from a recent book from Peter Schweizer. In his book, Schweizer takes an in-depth look and discusses the potential abuse of power for profit engaged in by former Vice President Biden.

Following the aforementioned example of Frank Biden’s dealings with properties in Costa Rica, came another exploit, this time in Jamaica. As our story reported, “Having found Costa Rica fertile ground, Frank next turned his attention to other parts of the Caribbean, like Jamaica. Once again Frank’s business pivot coincided with a new development in brother’s political career.”

And that just kept happening, again and again, and again. All of these projects as the story shared were sponsored by taxpayers through Obama’s “… hopes of inaugurating a new era of global cooperation.”

Of course, as Schweizer’s book revealed, “leading the charge on that front was Joe Biden, who had long-standing ties to the region from his tenure leading the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.” It was a perfect set up for the Biden’s and a very lucrative one at that.

Who knew politics paid so well? Oh yes, that’s right, Joe Biden and apparently, his family knew. We are human though, and we aren’t going to pretend to be above anyone else either. If we are in a position where we can help a family member, a brother and especially our children, we will. Heck, we might even bend the rules just a little bit.

This wasn’t a little bit. No, this was millions upon millions of dollars – and they weren’t even their own dollars! That isn’t called bending the rules, that is breaking the rules and then throwing them away.  In some parts of the world, they might even call it theft.

If you have never lived in the country or on a farm, or if you aren’t much into cooking, don’t worry, that odor you smell is just a bad onion. Yes, we know, the more layers we peel the more it stinks.

Throw it out you say? Well, that is probably what we should do with a rotten onion. The more layers we peel and the more we know, the worse it gets, and this one just stinks.

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  1. And they vote.. can’t read or do independent research but they vote. Certainly can not put together complete sentences or cogent thoughts, but they vote. God help us all.

  2. And they vote.. can’t read or do independent research but they vote. Certainly can not put together complete sentences or cogent thoughts, but they vote. God help us all.

  3. Be specific if you want to toss around your “facts”. No quoting CNN or MSNBC. I’ll wait.

    And they vote…

  4. Wow. Ignorance may not be curable after all.
    President Trump donates his Presidential salary to charity. He is a self made billionaire, did not go into politics to get rich like..say…the Bidens. Where has he benefited as President? Name one item. I’ll wait. Trump’s children were/are all successful business people long before President Trump was elected. How again. I’ll wait.
    Biden’s boy was thrown out of the Navy for cocaine abuse. Smokes crack. Frequented skid riw in LA to purchase. Has babys with strippers who then have to sue him in court for support. Cheated on his wife with his dead brother’s wife.
    And Biden will fail on his third attempt. He will never be President THANK GOD.

  5. Russian?
    Who bought a fabricated dossier to frame Trump from the RUSSIANS? Oh. Yea. Hillary.
    Who sold MAJOR amounts of our uranium to Russia? Oh. Yea. Hillary.
    Who said over a hot MIC to the Russian Foreign Minister “Tell Putin I’ll have more flexibility after (not if…after…) Im reelected”? Oh. Yea. Obama.
    Seriously. Educate yourself. Turn off CNN. Stop listening to Madcow on MSNBC.
    Do your own reading. Or go back into your mom’s basement and stay off the KB.

    And they vote…..

  6. LOVED your use of sarcasm! Beautiful! Well done. And I too wonder how deep into the corruption hole it must lead.

  7. Oh GOOD GRIEF! Open you eyes ears and brain. Corruption is part and parcel of the democrats. Havent changed since they started and lost the Cival War over slavery. Responsible for all Jim Crow laws. The KKK. Trail of Tears. More. Vietnam was owned start to ignoble end by the democrats. Do you read ANY history at all or do you rely only on MSNBC and CNN?

  8. Addendum to above. I meant more in the 20th century than disease and Hitler combined.
    Remember, Hitler was an amateur compared to that OTHER Uncle Joe, Joseph Stalin. Hitler killed 20 million Russians; Stalin 30 million. And that pudgy faced little Mao with his little red book? Try 80 million by some estimates. So if you are wanting to blame little
    Fascist mustache for all of the 100,000,000 estimated WWII dead (ummm … wait…Japan started WWII in 1931 in China, and murdered at least 20,000,000 or more in Asia) Old Joe and Mao, good communists both, STILL outdid Hitler by oh say 20 million.
    Socialusm/communism = mass murder on an unimaginable scale.
    I’ll keep our 2nd Amendment. Thank you.

  9. I could have gone on for a long time. It’s what happens when you DON’T get your info from mass mis-media. Remember that it was Jefferson I believe who stated that a corrupt press is an enemy. Our press has been greatly corrupted. Think PRAVDA.

  10. I believe that problem sould be solved in the same manner as the attempted mass shooting in Texas. GET RID of feel good gun free zones…or just paint red crosshairs on ALL these soft targets. They scream “come in and be an animal we can’t stop you…”
    As for me, neither I or my guns that I may or may not possess have EVER shot anyone and I pray I never ever need to defend my family or myself with deadly force. But I will. Religious or atheist the fact remains… EVIL EXISTS. Be prepared.

  11. Let’s wait a week. THEN start after this farce impeachment is done. Start the petition on the White House website. I’ll sign it. Add warren and commie bernie while youre about it…

  12. Not a Republican…
    A Constatutional Conservative. Interesting document. Copied by many counties. You should read it someday.

  13. Highly educated well traveled here. Europe, Asia, the Med, North America, Mexico. Worked my whole life. Retired. In a mixed marriage so certainly not “prejudiced”, at least not how you think. Sure hope you aren’t referring to me.
    Now a couple of facts for the fact deprived…
    Bernie is DANGEROUS. Period.
    Why? Socialism/communism has MURDERED more people than disease and Hitler COMBINED. Bernie is a ..ahem… democratic socialist… (socialist is a communist who hasnt seized complete power yet. A democratic socialist is pure fiction.).
    Ergo Bernie is DANGEROUS and a LIAR. See definitions above. Spent his honeymoon in Moscow? Wow the Caribbean must have been too warm.
    Socialism is just pre-communism. Ergo socialism is DANGEROUS.
    Biden is a corrupt LIAR .
    Warren is a pathological idiot LIAR.
    The rest of that rat pack? The worst of the worst our destroyed educational system has to offer.

  14. Actually the impeach Trump research started before he was the Republican candidate and the drumbeat commenced before he was sworn in.
    Have you ever wondered? Was it ONLY Trump who was spied on as a Republican candidate, or was obama and ilk spying on ALL the Republicans standing for highest office? Which makes the most sense? I think ALL. Has that twist been looked into?

  15. Five members of the biden family to be exact. Creepy Joe, his brother, his son, his wife, his daughter. Probably hundreds of (taxpayer) millions. And don’t forget Kerry’s son is/was involved. In fact have you ever wondered why it is that seemingly most polits go in of average wealth and come out millionaires? Wonder no more.

  16. Yes, I’m sure you’ve done lots of “research”. On MSNBC or CNN I’ll warrent.
    His people? You mean the US Voters who elected him in lieu of a corrupt lying thieving probably treasonous probably murderous ( body count 55 plus now and climbing.. what’s the latest, anybody know off hand?) professional socialist politician who actually stole furnishings from the White House? Whose ONLY and overarching interest is personal power and corrupt wealth? You know. Hillary.
    You mean the first President ever to donate his salary to charities?
    You mean the first President in forever to keep or try to keep his election promises despite 3 years endless democrat obstruction? That President? Please. Back to the basement.

  17. Wow! Well stated what happens when people can’t defend themselves.

  18. What kind of “problem” did you have with US Armed Forces? I didn’t see any details there. Since it is illegal for US Armed Forces to act or be used contrary to the Posse Comitatus Act, please, tell us the nature of that interaction? Hasn’t been a draft in a LONG time so it sure wasn’t that.

  19. Talk to James O’Keef. LISTEN to the latest Project Veritas tape of Bernie campaign workers freely expressing their admiration of Soviet style gulags purges and murders. Listen to one talk about friendly old Bernie dissolving Congress and RULING by committee. Not Bernie’s words? Perhaps perhaps not but they are his rabid supporters words. Yea I know can’t happen here, not in America, not until it does.
    I trust that never held a job in his life man exactly 1/2 as far as I could throw the people’s republic of Kalifornia.
    And oh, by the way, bernie sure is a wealthy white man NOW. Racist much? Sonething wrong with being white? Seriously?

  20. First. Thank you for your service. Seriously. You fought in an unpopular war. You were treated like crap by the anti-war left when you returned. But…
    You don’t like guns and that’s you’re choice. It’s not the 1880s any more. Also true. It’s worse in many ways so unless you are God keep your hands off MY 2nd Amendment rights. And all the rest of my God given rights.
    Ask Yamamoto why Japan would never have invaded the United States. Oh, that’s right he’s dead. Something about a “gun behind every blade of grass”. Something along those lines. Something think about. But wait. There’s more.
    Some of those firearms were sent to Britain (I’d say “Great Britain” but not after post war Labor got done with with them.) during her darkest hours after Dunkirk, when her Army was driven off the continent without their heavy and most of their personal weapons. Britain faced imminent invasion and she cried for help. Americans donated their personal arms. (I wonder if ANY were ever returned? Sombody please research and report back🤔)
    The Founders in their wisdom make the God given right to self defence; self, family, and Country, a right embedded of English Common Law, a corner stone of our Constitution. Without Number Two all other rights are nothing more than easily revoked privileges and Then We the People are no longer Citizens, we are merely “subjects”. That means subject to the wills and caprices of a despotic government that no longer serves the “Will of the People”. Having problems with that concept? Can’t happen here? It’s has happened in every corner of the globe and has impacted BILLIONS of people from Nazi Germany to Soviet Russia, to Imperial Japan to feudal and Communist China, most of Africa, and Europevetc etc etc. I wonder what the Mesoamerican cultures would have given to be able to, as a people, effectively resist the Spainish Conquest using the same weapons as the Invaders had? Yes, yes, save the “native North Americans too” accusations unless you are wiling to personally return to whence your ancestors came. I’m merely making a point).
    And before you tell me a people cannot hope to resist a modern army, let me remind you of the US experience in Vietnam (yes I remember you were there; no need to get indignant and remind me), the Russian Partisans who made German life hell in occupied Russia resisting foreign tyranny in favor of a home grown tyranny, more recently the uprisings all thruout the Arab Spring, or any place else a People who wanted to be free or remain free took up arms in their own defense. Alot easier to do if you have those arms to begin with. Viola! The 2nd Amendment.
    Let me point out a few places where lack of those personal arms has lead to disaster and no freedom; the killing fields of Cambodia come to mind. So does Tienamin Square. Venezuela most certainly. In Venezuela a rich prosperous modern Nation (sound familar?) afloat on a veritable sea of oil voted in Socialism and descended into Hell. Couple of relevant lessons there:
    1. Once you “democratically” vote in socialism it tends to be impossible to “democratically” VOTE it out. You see, socialists (aka communists or totalitarian dictators, you choose) tend to refuse to give up power peacefully or gracefully.
    2: Being unarmed or disarmed by well meaning useful IDIOTS leaves you starving and at the mercy of Government thugs and every other criminal, as in Venezuela…If you don’t have a 2nd Amendment. Then, as Mao so famously said, ” power flows from the barrel of a gun”. It’s then nice to have a counterbalancing power.
    It’s also nice to know that we live in a modern civilized Nation of Laws until you don’t. You know. Like Venezuela or China or any one of a number of places. Like modern drifting faster and faster towards socialism United States perhaps ? Do you really think if Sanders or ANY other “democratic socialist” (a socialist is a communist who hasn’t siezed absolute power…yet) gains that political power that it would ever be willingly surrendered at the next ballot? Are you crazy? Has that EVER happened? Did you happen to listen to the most recent Project Veritas (James O’keef) tapes of Bernie campaign workers freely expressing their REAL political beliefs? You aren’t scared silly yet?
    As we continue to drift, now rush, further to the left and deeper into self inflicted socialist arnachy, the need for our 2nd Amendment becomes ever more clear. It also becomes more clear why the left is SO DESPERATE to disarm us. The Founders were men who had just ousted an unjust tryanny by force of arms. The British tried to disarm their Royal subjects ( do I need to explain the difference between a Citizen and a subject again?) before that happened in order to retain control. The result was Boston Commons. Breeds Hill. Yorktown. Dozens of other clashes and battles between a powerful modern army and, in that case, fairly well armed Colonial Militiamen. THAT is why we have a 2nd Amendment now. THAT is why you must NEVER vote away, or give away, or allow any elected/unelected anybody to TAKE AWAY hard fought for Rights and Liberties.
    They do it for only one reason; to make us subjects again. It’s never been about ducks deer or sport. It is entirely about freedom and Liberty. Don’t exercise your right to keep and bear arms, or any of your other rights, if you choose not to. That’s YOUR right. But don’t think for one damn minute that you have the right to deprive me of MY RIGHTS. That is where I draw the line; when YOUR fist tries to contact MY nose.

  21. So, where are you going to move to that’s better?

  22. Beautiful, now you see the shit for what it really is………..Trump in 2020.

  23. how do these people sleep at nite and look at themselves in the mirror ,lies ,cheat money and power hungry or kill they will try to get it me ,me ,me

  24. Jail them all ~~~~~~ Forever

  25. Trump is the farthest from being a war monger that has ever been elected. If he were not Bolton would still be employed.
    If you are worried about war mongers then why would anyone vote for Hillary? Assuming you voted for her. She is the biggest war monger in America.

  26. You speak of Trump as a liar who can not be trusted,but have you taken a look at the democrats lately,they no long even pretent to tell the truth on any subject,they lie as if it were their duty to lie,you say Trump is a proven liar,show us the proof of his lying,we vote for Trump because there is no other choice,me voting for Democrats just isn’t happening,my distrust of democrats goes back way further than Obama or Clinton,there is a certain amount of faith involved in supporting Trump,but its like playing cards in Las Vegas,sometimes you win and sometimes you lose,thats what it has come to.

  27. We need the worlds biggest garbage disposal on that swamp drain….

  28. Absolutely YES!

  29. All of them including Obama’s and Clinton’s, Polsie , Schiff, Nader, and the rest of the Nazi-Socaicialistic demo party

  30. This is just the tip of the ice brag its comeing out the there is alot of the dems have been cought up in the play to pay our tax money being given to these countrys an the dems have been getting money back throw family it being all ready under a court sup they are fight to save there ass you will hear apl kind of lying going in trying to keep it from you the fake news is in there owners are part of the globelist how want to take over you wake up evrrybody you are in a war they are trying to take your freedom from you its been comeing slowly but now there are cought an now they are pushing it in you you have a puone or comutre the truth us out here look stop buyibg papers they are one of the bigist lying to you hiding what i have said but i found it the truth not from them or the fake tv the same lying to you an when its prove. To be lies they never say sorry we where wrong no they jump to the next ly thats how hitler got the pepoke to follow by lying an only giveing what they want you to hear we most vote the left out its gone to far the bems no longer work for you its our gov not the dems get it we vote someone in to work for us now they think its theres no vote will end this we most show the dems no we are in charge not the vote red to end this we most take back our gov befor you are no longer free vote red all the way the red wave cant wait to vote an the dems no it they have done nothing but steal our tax dollars the proff is coming its all ready been proven an tv an papers have been hiding from you time to end the dems from there croupt an put them in jail but that to is comeing all the states all ready have have courts filling but you dont get that from fake nees look its there vote thats the answer an has alwas been we the people its our gov its our tax money which makes the gov get it its us not them wake vote to take back our gov an that means vote red the dems hqve done nothing an i mean nothing for you but try an take our gov vote red to stay free god bless us all of us we are free lets keep it that way they dont till us what to do we tell them what we want get it

  31. Good for you now STFU. USMC VN 72-73

  32. Ivanka and her husband made 83 000 000 last year while working i the whitehouse and that is illegal

  33. Stop spreading Russian propaganda you sound like trump

  34. That’s pure bull shi

  35. And you are a sick M. get. I sure hope and pray that there aren’t many sick republicans like you out there

  36. Trump is a proven bizarre liar you can not trust anything that comes form him or his people. How is it that so many of you believe what they are saying? you have to research for yourself or you will not the truth. I also know that the Democratic party is not trustworthy either. But this absolute faith in Trump is a bad thing.

  37. I understand your concern. but dont lower yourself to thier stupidity. we need to hope that enough people are smart enough and compassionate enough to want our country to vote in a man who will work for peace and the wellbeing of people- NOT JUST THE FEW WEALTHY. That is always a puzzel to me.

  38. wow you are really full of hatred. I feel sorry for you. scary world we live in here the US of A. I traveled a lot in europe. and they all think americans are uneducated and selfish. and of course they know we are dumbed down by our inferior educational system. Comments like yours certainly dont change anyones mind. phew.
    Go Bernie.

  39. oh right and what about all the children killed by accident with guns? and dive by shootings….and crazies killing children in schools…..and of course-wars that should NOT be fought? whew…..I am afraid of you and your guns. should I have to live with that? you think so. but I dont.

  40. I am a 64 year old midwife. mother of four. and certainly care about people/and am concerned that we have a war mongering man who could cause a neauclear war. I keep wondering that there must be “republicans” out there who can see that this man is Not a “good” man who wants to help our country or stay safe from war. this idea of there are two sides and you need to pick one is terrible- Our political system in not really a good one. I watch some of the Repbulican “conservative chats. dont know how it is they come to my email box. I hear people saying Bernie is just another rich white male. I have lived in Vermont for more than 30 years. And I have known Bernie since he was Mayor and all the time he has been in Washington. Please know that Bernie is a GOOD man. He really care s about people and he is a very smart and genuine person. He is NOT a lie and he has never been a wealthy white male. I can attest to his good heart (he actually personlly saw me and my husband in his office when we had a difficulty with the armed forces. I am open to anyone who would like to talk to me about bernie and my 30 years history of living down the street from him. We need a good man, and an honest man who is committed to peace in the world. War is not someting anyone wants. for thier children.

    Mogaine Madrona

  41. You can’t throw jope in prison–he’s crazy/and there are laws against that!

  42. This is why we must elect only Republicans to the house and senate as well as reelecting President Trump. Payback will not be hell, because they will govern and put us through years of this crap

  43. I said early in the game that Biden would NOT be the democrat nominee. I even went further and predicted he would be gone by February. I may have been a little off on the time frame but I stick to the first part. Joe is carrying so much baggage some of it will be exposed, probably by one of the other nominees. And this is probably why Obama advised Biden to stay out of the race. But I believe there is another plan afoot. None of the current candidates have a chance of defeating the president even with this phony impeachment scam. So I believe they have someone hiding in the shadows who will jump on the wagon soon. Bloomberg said in the beginning that he didn’t think he could win. But he also said he intends to spend as much money as necessary to defeat President Trump. So if another unknown jumps in Bloomberg will probably finance their campaign. When the president invaded their playhouse in 2016 they determined that he had to go in any way necessary. So it’s definitely going to be a dirty, down in the mud, fight.

  44. The biggest problem is that the msm is in bed with the crooks. No longer is there any investigative reporting. When there are reports, the msm covers for the corrupt. the DOJ & IRS are equally blind. The ones they go after are not the chosen ones. This gives the effect they are doing something on corruption. ENRON probably didn’t pay their dues.

  45. Trump’s family were in business prior to his presidency. Biden’s weren’t. None of Trump’s family are on Corp. Boards or receive contractor bids from government let contracts. If they were, it would have front and center in Mueller investigation and impeachment charges. You are truly ignorant.

  46. The FBI & IRS must also be in on all this corruption. They keep their eyes closed.

  47. Whoa! Take it easy. 2020 is much easier to reach. 2030 comes after 2024. But that’s OK ur on the right track.

  48. Idiot be proud to be in America and have a president like Trump look at Venezuela Mexico Honduras why you think we built the wall because everyone wants to come to America why don’t they go to Europe or anywhere else maybe you can trade places with one who is dying to come to America

  49. Hillary Clinton made a deal with Ukraine selling our Uranium which she is making a % and John Cary’s son is partner with Low life Hunter Biden but don’t we get it this politician’s childen can’t survive on their own or support a family like us working Americans so they are attached to the umbilical cord of their Low life parents who that’s why children are low life they take after their parents

  50. Yes and Maxine waters old bat has a 5 million dollar mansion I wonder if we should look into their family too see how many million they stole and OAC , and the Muslim who married her brother to get free college and lived in projects don’t forget Old Girl Chelsea who made $10 million for also not getting up like US working Americans but only being a board member the name says it all

  51. Yes, thank you Demo Rats I’m voting for Trump again and all my family

  52. Imagine all the taxpayers millions that the Biden pay themselves rather stole scum bags could be use to build a home for our warriors thru towers2build

  53. According to Iran news Nancy Pelosi will be attending the international conference of security in Europe sometime soon. Zarif the deceitful and lying foreign minister of the terrorist regime of Iran will also be attending. Pelosi and Zarrif will shake hands and have a meeting at which Pelosi will promise Zarrif after the Democrats win the elections and a democrat is elected as President all sanctions against Iran will be lifted. Biden as Vice President had cordial relations with lobbyists of the Mullah regime in the USA. Once Biden is President Hunter will have a big finger in Iran money apple pie for at least four years.

  54. The dems in congress have always been corrupt. They do not care what the other dems do as long as they do not snitch on each other. They have an honor system among the dems. We do our deals, you do your deals and cut each other in when possible. They are pros at taking money under the table by doing favors, passing bill’s and pay to play. The lobbyists pay them very well. They are professional crooks at wasting and spending the taxpayers money.

  55. Me also, Trump 2030


  57. More lies coming out of the Biden men and Obama knew about it all along…Wonder if he took some money for himself as well..He became a millionaire and he and Michelle owns 2 mansions…

  58. It ain’t blood they suck! But they do suck, CO-KS!

  59. I will take you!

  60. If the Deep State, or any of the federal law agencies won’t do their job, someone else will, this double standard bullshit has to stop!

  61. Your are an idiot, you have to be a blood sucking democrat.

  62. How about all the killings using knives? Do you advocate doing away with those also and automobiles they kill also.NEVER in this world has a GUN hurt anyone it is the person that is in control of it that does the harm. For a vet you make little sense coming from one.


  64. Trump worst president in history! If you vote for him, be prepare to go to war,
    The bunion excuse has already been used! You and your cronies can pay for that damn wall. He will bankrupt you just as he has 6of them, 1 fraud and 7 failed businesses!
    Get your spoon ready for the soup line!

  65. Your absolutely correct. The Dems are keeping the heat on Trump where as to rake in all the bucks that they can. The Dems have NO RESPECT for Americans of this country at all. We pay the price for everything that they do. 1/ It is very possible that by the time people reach 30 Social Security will be gone, they want it to disappear, 2/ no wonder they want illegals here to take away all the jobs, work for less money , no or minimal benefits, 3/put unions out of business and the list rolls on, DOWN HILL. I’m not necessarily a fan of the Repubs. either, if we don’t fix the weather problems around the world & the loss of the lands around the world for all the species allover the world, in 30 years or so many of them if not all of them will have dis-appeared from our plane, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Also while we are at it, GUN CONTROL, it has to happen. We don’t live in the 1880’s anymore. Take the guns away, one way or another. I served 3 tours in Nam, after college & did battle field surgery on Seabees, Air Force, Marine Corp, Army & our allies on the DMZ from 65 to 68 & being wounded twice. over 3 years in the various V.A. hospitals & 59 surgeries. I gave all my guns away to friends, never to touch a gun ever.

  66. I’m all for impeaching Biden. He’s whole family needs to be investigated and striped from all the taxpayers dollars that they stole years after years. All democrats should be investigated also down to Nancy and Chucky.

  67. When God put Ecclesiastes 10:2 in the Bible, I do believe He had the Biden family in mind. Also, I heard a friend say once that they thought the definition of the word “coincidence” was: (when God wanted to remain anonymous). “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s is at his left.” In these times “right” is known as the conservative point of view and “left” liberal. Everyone can draw their own conclusions.

  68. Look instead at the Trump children. Benefiting off their father’s position. The difference? Trump is president, and Biden is not! Biden has never been president. Focus instead on the sitting president and his children. They are all benefiting from the presidency! But you guys can’t do that because you are sooooo stupid!

  69. It’s sad the state of our country, but I’m with everyone who says the Democrats have wanted Donald Trump out since day one. Because he is the first president to my knowledge to actually deliver on his campaign promises. If you lived in a swamp with all the slimy creatures there in, wouldn’t you try to protect it too? Those in DC, know what they have done, how many secret hand shakes, and dirty little deals they’ve approved.. And all for the betterment of themselves. That’s why they don’t want Trump. When I worked I always said it you are an a-hole,be an a-hole, but just be a fair a-hole. That’s the problem here is these a-holes have been voted in and are in charge! Unfortunately unless we all start raising hell, they are going to impeach the president the majority of Americans voted for and put in office. Because Trump may be an a-hole, but he’s fair. The rest of them, not at all fair! So, people
    if you believe that Trump isn’t getting a fair shake, I encourage you to go on line, contact the Senators, and Congressmen of your districts. Let them know how you, as an average voter feel about this impeachment trial of our duly elected president.

  70. imagine me dancing up and down and around and around.

  71. My feelings exactly !

  72. I’m not sure if we’re smelling a ROTTEN onion or WELL aged LIMBURGER . . . Both are pretty RIPE (of course, it COULD be that DOG Pile SCHIFF in the SENATE disguised as an IMPEACHMENT when it’s really an ILLEGAL COUP). The Biden family needs to be INVESTIGATED. The Democrats are PRETTY CORRUPT, and we DON’T need ANY of these TREASONISTIC Traitors in office. Vote them OUT of office, and DON’Y vote them back in if you VALUE your country!Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  73. If these accusations are true, why are they not being legally pursued, and charged by our government law enforcement agencies? Is there some underlying reason they cannot be charged, tried and punished? If they get away with this kind of behavior, the United States is in big trouble!
    Alan Fitzgerald

  74. Yup all democrat v ok ters are scum and they are all crooks perverts and liars

    Anyone who votes democrat deeply desires to have sex with small children and animals

  75. Now I’m sad. I just thought Joe was a bumbling braggard who couldn’t keep a secret and was all about self-aggrandizement. Now it sounds like he accidentally got his brother involved along with other family members in some shady deals that, I am sure, bad people sold him on. Joe wouldn’t knowingly participate in nepotism, or fraud. Not Joe! He is just the lunchbox toting everyday guy who lives in the Hamptons and flies around on free Government jets. Like all of the rest of us Blue Collar guys. I bet he even drinks his beer one bottle at a time.
    The time is rapidly approaching when a huge number of corrupt politicians and Deep State operatives will be exposed and when that comes, be prepared for suicides and utter chaos. These people have set up a system where they come to Washington for a decade and leave multi-millionaires. Too many are involved. There is too much opportunity for blackmail. Too much money changing hands. President Trump is a threat. Make no mistake. They want nothing more than to take him out. My question is this. What do Romney, Murkowski and Collins have their fingers into? It is already coming out that Pelosi’s some had dealings in Ukraine. Who else was in that money laundering paradise?

  76. I’ll go for that

  77. Why are this stories on the internet and not on the desk of ALL the democrats of the house. Including the desk of the White House lawyers. Just like the article on Pelosi and Son Paul Jr printed in Survival Update of Jan.6th 2020. Written by Robert A. According to that article. Pelosi and Son traveled extensively in the Ukraine in 2017 and she got him also a few of those “no shows jobs” mirroring Hunter Biden’s lucrative no show jobs. He drew $180 K Despite No Experience. He was also was tangled up with the now defunct Coutrywide loans in California. Newsmax has reported on Paul P shady dealings since 2007. InfoUSA was reportedly involved indirectly within a Ponzi scam that defrauded unsuspecting elderly individuals by renting their marketing databases to unscrupulous entities without vetting them. Bill Clinton (a Gupta ally) paid &2.1 million dollars for bogus consulting fees since he left the White House with another 1.2 MILLION PROMISED. Pelosi Jr. admitted that Gupta hired him on Feb 1st. since his mother Nancy became Speaker of the House. The article goes on and on and even wrote that Paul Jr. back in 2014 was charged with securities fraud connected to Ukraine when he was chief operating officer of Natural Blue Resources Inc. and on and on it goes. So again why is this information not on the desk of the people of the Democratic House and on the WH lawyers desk. And also on all the major TV stations. I am a very confused person and come to believe that this impeachment scam is waste of taxpayers money and the House democrats should pay dearly for all this nonsence.
    Really what do we “The LAW abiding people of America” have to do to make whole America to see that the democratic core is rotten to the core.

  78. The far right is not going to give up looking for something to harm the Democrats and specifically Joe Biden…. The aforementioned article hints… but does not elaborate! I personally, do not hear a wrong doing here…. If you are going to tell the truth and supply the facts…. then let’s hear them….

  79. why is this just now news i knew this all the time he was in office. i also know obinbamo.the most corupt president ever along with hellary and biden they make nazis look like angels. if u put all the corupt presidental admisttations togeather . they would not be 1/10000 time as corupt as the obinbama group.

  80. I suppose, in all seriousness, that we should start a campaign NOW to IMPEACH BIDEN…since we are smarter than the idiot Democrats, and they only started their nonsense to impeach our Duly elected President Trump until right after he was elected, I think we should start a pre-emptive strike and start the Impeachment proceeding and “evidence” gathering even before he’s elected, in case the Lying Democrats actually do manage to get 4 or 5 Million ILLEGAL’s voting for whomever they say will give them free stuff……I think Biden is a classic corrupt Democrat crook, but the way the Democrat party cheats on elections one cannot be too careful.
    IMPEACH BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Where is the law they sure fuck with us why are they not on this stuff are they afraid of him some cop give me the answer why do we keep hearing all the crimes they have done but no one dose shit what happen but they will come after you lol no justist ya i would say it stinks ye biden an the cop are in it togather something wrong here

  82. I cannot believe the liberals can run Joe for president. Don’t they realize the conservatives can impeach him immediately after gaining office if he does beat
    Trump. The Demorats are so corrupt they can see to it that he does win. Everything
    they tried to get on Trump, they are guilty of themselves!!!! As a tax payer, I am sick
    of their games!!!!

  83. A nude person is not inapropriate. That is God’s image people. Money is inapropriate to God who gave us all things for free. Jesus who is the Father, called money, unrightious mammon. What is truly bad is cannibalisum. Catholic leaders, are cannibials, drinking the blood of sacraficed children, in the vatican, in rituals. Catholic leaders are accepting Muslims, who practice cannibalisum, too. Hillary is blind to how evil Muslims are. Muslims fake pedophilia, too. They are possessed by the flesh eating Satan. Hillary Clinton is a child eating cannibal. Look the rest up, on the web. So is Katy Perry … The Sam Sorbo Podcast – Hillary Clinton, Cannibalism and … FACT CHECK: Do Celebrities Dine at a Cannibal Restaurant …The conspiracy theories about the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein’s death, explained. Hilary does not want this wickedness to be known. That is why Epstein, was murdered. Joe Biden, being attacked, is a distraction away, from what is really evil.

  84. Throw both of them in prison. This is FRAUD.

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