Caravan Invasion Force Sent Back Home

For the past three years, caravans have been pushing northing trying to gain access to the southern parts of the United States. They develop in Central America and push through Mexico all the way to check point’s hoping to force their way into the country. Their track record through several countries are destructive and hide many criminals. But they have been met with resistance and force as they have faced off with ICE agents and now Guatemalan police.

President Trump has motived Guatemala to step up their efforts to stop the flow of people that are trying to invade from the south. They now are working with America in accepting asylum seekers from nations that are struggling. ICE and the local law enforcement of Guatemala have forced a newly developed caravan back to Honduras where it came from.

The criminal caravan had their eyes on America as the pushed north. Their goal was to find a way into the country, so they could disappear and suck benefits away from legal Americans like a parasite. Nearly 300 invaders were arrested as they moved through the region on foot. Many of the people are not truly seeking asylum but just want to start a new life of crime in the United States.

The 300 souls were placed on three buses and sent back to Honduras. This move by ICE is a message to those seeking to invade for them not to try. ICE has been able to move its operations further south because the numbers at the border have fallen dramatically. President Trump is winning the war against illegals coming into the country. His new reforms are making a huge dent in the number of people even trying to relocate north.

The corrupt caravan of people was stopped short of the Honduran border. As they approached the region ICE made the bust. The Guatemalan police told the Hondurans that they needed the right kind of paperwork to pass through their country. A subtle reminder to the 300 felons that to obey the law is better than breaking it. The dumb Democrats would do well to remember that fact as well.

The loony liberals and deceptive media sent their journalists and writers to report on the movements of the people. They published stories and photos that attempted to show that the people were simple families with kids trying to make a better life for themselves. But the facts at the border of such families have proven that they are related at all. But rather recycled kids placed with new adults to try to push their way in.

ICE has another victory under their belt with the stoppage of these people. ICE operates every day without the support of many Americans. They are often attacked by people that do not understand the danger that the illegals they are protecting bring to their neighborhoods. ICE is there to remove that threat. The cities that refuse to allow ICE to do their jobs are suffering from high crime rates and people that are suffering at the hands of the illegals.

The size of the caravan was not alarming to ICE officials. In the past few years caravans that numbered as high as 10,000 people have threatened America. But with the new immigration laws in place, most people are not wanting to make the trip because they know they will just be sent back home. President Trump has beaten the invaders by taking away their hopes that fuel their will to travel. They are not going to be let into the country just because they show up.

Chad Wolf, who is the acting Director of ICE, has stated that “systems were in place in Guatemala, Mexico, and at the U.S. border to block migrants, including those seeking asylum.” President Trump has successfully negotiated the help needed from southern neighbors that are needed to stem the tide of people. A person seeking asylum must seek it in the first country that they come to before moving on to the next one. President Trump knows just what to do to keep America safe and at the same time drive the Democrats nuts.

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  1. and you have NO IDEA… that would require an intellect and cnn doles those out to needy folks looking for more freebies..

  2. he lives under the cnn madcow and ball sniffer lemon rock..

  3. and you are full of manure.. they need to go home and make their country better or die trying instead of rushing to the USA for democrapo welfare and voter registration cards..

  4. Trump has every right to send refugees back!
    America needs to stay American.
    Want in? Do it legally!!
    I am sick of the Republicans screwing around with our money! Nancy Pelosi needs to go she is the ringleader of all of this bullshit! I don’t like her stealing money from Social Security or anywhere else that all Americans put money. We are not all Republican we are not all Democrat! Therefore the money should stay because neither side Democrat or Republican want our Social Security money taken! (By Anyone!)

  5. Can you just imagine how fast this country will beome a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY if any of those kno nothing stupid, ignorant dumbocrats become president…….OMG the thought frightens me to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. RIGHT and the sun doesn’t rise in the east & set in the west !!!!!!!!!

  7. Soooooooo TRUE……..give an inch & the freeloaders will take 100,000 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. well neither do you have ANY idea of how many this caravan did have illegal motivations, how many have criminal records, how many have been lied to at the origin points by well funded activists and activist lawyers either. Many of these poor people have so little education or political awareness they just jump on the bandwagon and hope to make it to fantasy land….the US. So that makes your comment pure conjecture as well.

  9. YOUR ARE right!

  10. what rock do you live under? The address of your rock must be 0000CNNplace or perhaps000000MSNBCplace! Soros has his sticky fingers on all kinds of things, he is smart enough to funnel the billions he lays out through so many organizations that by the time it gets to the activist organizations in Central America and elsewhere you have to take the time to follow the chain of the money and it is not easy. There are many credible investigative journalists who have done the research and you can be sure SOROS money has seeped its way into more activist groups than you could ever imagine. He is not the only financier with billions that funnels money by any stretch, he just happens to be the most recognizable name. I have to laugh to read the research of late that points to SOROS money funding the anti-corruption organization in the Ukraine! OMG thats rich!

  11. I don’t smell Soros at all. Soros is you conservatives’ “go-to guy” when you want a bogeyman to hate. Soros doesn’t have a THING to do with these caravans!

  12. You’re simply hateful. Full of bile and hate!

  13. You have NO idea that this was “criminal caravan!” You have NO idea that this caravan was coming to the U.S. to suck money from us as a parasite! You have NO idea that ANYONE in the caravan was coming to the U.S. to lead a life of crime. And you knew you had NO idea. Yet you said those things anyway. That makes them LIES! Deliberate LIES!

  14. The UN has NO jurisdiction NOR sovereignty in the U.S. It is NONE of their business! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. Now the UN is mandating that countries must take these invading caravans as they are refugees. The UN needs to deal with their own problems and one would hope that Congress will evict them from the U.S. by withholding funding. They are an enemy of our country.

  16. You mention George Soros who is a self described and admitted WWII Nazi collaborator. Soros should long ago have tried as a WWII War Criminal.
    His own words would convict him.

  17. Anyone who does not smell Soros on this caravan has a stopped up nose. Georgie has organizers down in Central America working tirelessly to funnel people up to the southern border. He has many “Church or Christian” groups working with him. It is despicable that these groups will take a few pieces of silver in exchange for ignoring who they are dealing with.. He is an atheistic, former Jew, who sold his own neighbors out to Hitler in WWII. His own home country has an arrest warrant for him, so he can never go back to Romania or Hungary. These “Christians” suborn mortal sin from these border jumpers (Invaders). The first thing they do is break in to the USA. Next they get a fake I.D. so they can get a Fake Social Security Number, then the steal social services and healthcare services using the fake documents. They get free food, housing assistance, phones, healthcare and all using stolen identities and documents. They do this because they are committing the sins of Greed, Avarice, Envy and Sloth. Hey Pope. You are involved in this. Have you ever looked at what you are doing to their immortal souls? Who are you working with? MMMM, Could it be…Satan?

  18. Trump is 100% correct in stopping these illegal caravans from passing through countries where they need to seek asylum! This could have and should have been done all along the way! It’s great because the do nothing house majority (for now) can’t do anything to stop Trump from working out deals with countries these illegals pass through! Trump 2020!!! Vote Red before our Country is Dead!!!

  19. Wow, good news for a change! the people in California, need to take a good look at this crisis among us and deal with the problem of the ‘undocumented’ or plainly put illegals. For those who think this is a humanitarian crisis, yes it is but it’s their crisis, not ours! It’s not the responsibility of the USA to take in everyone and anyone who wants to come here for a better life, period. They say charity begins at home. Charity should be shared with American citizens first and foremost and if there’s any left over, we’ll be happy to share but the gravy train left the station a long time ago. It’s a sad day when US citizens are put in back of the line for any publicly funded service over favoring illegals. ICE needs to also work to get rid the chinese threat that’s taking over many parts of California, especially the San Francisco Bay Area. In southern California it’s the illegals coming in through Mexico but in the Bay Area, it’s the illegal ‘coolies’ coming in from china that have turned many formerly clean, prosperous and tidy neighborhoods into hong kong west complete with filth, stench and squalor. These disgusting third world cretins spit on the sidewalks, push and shove and are some of the rudest ill mannered subhumans, expect everyone to cater to them, learn chinese and the most outrageous, these disgusting bastards spit on the American flag. Enough of all the demise, dirt, crime and higher and higher taxes to support all this BS for so called ‘asylum’ seekers who’re here just for a better life without earning it by becoming legal US citizens. BTW: gavin ‘giveaway the store and everything else’ newsom’s responsible for all this demise with his sanctuary cities and sanctuary state policies that’re turning many parts of California into third world enclaves. He’s already done this to San Francisco that’s the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA and he’s trying his best to complete the job with the entire state of California. Time to recall this thieving and lying no good bastard. Google ‘recall gavin newsom’ for information, download a form sign the petition and send it in ASAP.

  20. Excelent work by a true leader all while under heavy battle from liberals. Trump 2020!!!

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