Hilarious! Introducing Omar’s Worst Nightmare

It is officially the beginning of the end for Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. And nothing gives us more evidence of that than her new opponent for the 2020 election. However, it isn’t just because she has an opponent so much as what this person stands for and that her usual tactics simply won’t work.

Enter Dalia al-Aqidi. Now al-Aqidi is not your average contender. At first glance, she and Omar may appear to be pretty similar. For starters, she is a woman. She is also Muslim. And a refugee from a war-torn country as well. But the buck stops there.

Al-Aqidi is also an upstanding member of the Republican party, and one who loves her nation dearly, unlike Omar, who always mentions her disappointment in America.

In her first campaign ad, al-Aqidi says, “We might seem nearly alike, both Muslims, both women, both refugees, but we couldn’t be further apart.”

She explains herself by saying, “She spends her time in Congress sowing seeds of division, actively supporting our enemies. She claims to speak for all Muslims, but she does not speak for me.”

Al-Aqidi escaped the iron fist of Iraq under Saddam Hussein in 1988 and found herself in America. Shortly afterward, she gained her US citizenship. She is not a politician by career. Instead, she has experience in journalism and was a radio anchor for some time, according to her campaign website.

The Iraqi refugee is known to be very outspoken against Islamic terrorism, as she has personally lived through it and seen the destruction it can cause. She is also a massive advocate in fighting against other forms of terrorism and cruelty around the globe.

Omar, on the other hand, only seems to support the horrors our world can sometimes display, even those who hurt her own people.

Take her position on the attacks of September 11, for one. Instead of contributing them to acts of hatred and violence by an extreme group of religious radicals, she offhandedly referred to them as a time when “some people did something.”

Those attacks killed thousands of Americans on that day, and thousands more over the years since. And yet all she can say is “something” happened.

The only reason she even mentioned this wee bit about the attacks at all is that she was complaining that people of her religion are unfairly judged because of them. She didn’t admit the considerable loss of life, the terrible illnesses that came about as a result, or the pride America should feel for standing up to those who wish us ill. What she did do was essentially say, ‘because this insignificant thing happened, my fellow Muslims are being discriminated against and it’s unfair.’

Now, to be fair, Muslims do often face discrimination due to their faith and because of the fear 9/11 instilled in many Americans. It is unfair, and things should be done and said to combat it. But belittling one of the most tragic attacks of our time is not one of those.

And this isn’t the only time Omar has used her religion and ethnicity as an excuse to fight off her enemies. She continually claims her heritage and history as a refugee as a reason why she is better than someone else. It is a card she plays at nearly every turn, or when she feels she will out-maneuvered if she doesn’t.

Think of all the times Omar has called someone racist, misogynistic, or a bigot.

But against the likes of al-Aqidi, those predictable tactics aren’t likely to work. After all, how can she be against Muslims, against women, or against immigrants and refugees when she is one herself? And as such, the constituents of Minnesota’s District 5, which happens to have a large immigration population, won’t be losing anything.

They will still have a Muslim woman working to represent them in D.C.; only this one will actually do the job instead of defending terrorist regimes.

As al-Aqidi wrote, “Ilhan Omar defends the Muslim Brotherhood. She defends Hamas, which is a terrorist group, according to the US laws. The same laws that sent her to Congress.”

If Omar expects to win against such a formidable and America-loving opponent, she had better come up with a new game plan. But even then, it’s not likely to amount to much, America is already sick and tired of her divisive ways and ready to appoint someone who is willing to fight for us, not for their own gain.

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  2. Well said! I still would like to see Osamas B-Certificate and many info and all his sealed record. There’s a reason why he had them sealed. We the people have the right to know who we paid to be in the WH for 8 long years including paying his monster-in-law for babysitting his daughter’s. It’s interesting how all of these are forgotten and jumped to the next guy President Trump and attacked him from day 1. There’s a reason why the democrats are doing what they are doing, they all have a massive mountain to hide and in the end they are all criminals!!!

  3. It’s TOO LATE for a different game plan! . . . It’s time for FEDERAL PRISON, then PERMANENT DEPORTATION back to Somalia INSTEAD. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Thank you for your history lesson. GOD tells us to go to the Euphrates river and to look east. There you will find Satan’s locust army. What are the majority of the people east of the Euphrates? They are Muslims. GOD further tells us what to expect of these deceptive, liars, Muslims. There isn’t such as a good Muslim as they are either stealing and cheating Americans, Brits, Canadians and the rest of the free world out of money that they then send to the Muslims that commit terrorist acts and murders of honest Christians. There isn’t one single Muslim that belongs in any of the free nations of the World. AND THEY CERTAINLY DO NOT BELONG IN ANY PART OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT! We the U.S.A. people that can honestly and freely take the oath of allegiance with a good conscience must let it be known that there isn’t any place here for Muslims. They must be invited to deny Islam or leave this nation post haste. And if they do not do either the ICE should consider them hear persona non grata. Then they should be given only a few days in which to leave the U.S.A. for good.

  5. Amen to that….

  6. Excellent post, and most patriotic American born citizens would agree.


  8. I certainly agree with your statement. A Muslim believes in the Koran and what it teaches. Another Democrat? Maybe, but a professed Muslim running for office.



  11. The Ford Motor Company and the UAW are in large measure responsible for the influx of anti-American muslims to the United States. Ford s participation is entirely accidental. The UAW position is much less clear since they want to increase dues paying membership by any means possible and are not concerned at all about the long term consequences. The Democrats share this corrupt philosophy! Membership numbers are all that matter to Pelosi,Schumer and company!

  12. For years I have warned about the muslim presence in our christian country pointing to their presence in Dearborn, Michigan where they are trying to have Shira Law replace all American laws.
    Muslims are a menace!

  13. Obama fooled the electorate twice. What does that tell you?

  14. They don’t do thorough background checks in the first place. Look at OBAMA!!! He submitted an obviously FAKE Birth Certificate. Several document experts, including one that HIS OWN LAWYERS use, said so. He had a campaign ad saying, ‘The only people who don’t want to disclose the TRUTH, are those with something to HIDE.” Then he sealed ALL his records. Which just begs the question, What is HE hiding??? We need to amend the Constitution so that NO ONE running for office can seal their records, must provide HARD COPY, IRREFUTABLE proof of Eligibility, provide DNA, provide prints that match their Birth Certificate, and if they don’t adhere to all of this, then their name doesn’t go on the ballot. And we must determine once and for all what constitutes a Natural Born Citizen. I couldn’t care less about Trump’s taxes. The IRS has had them all this time. If there was something wrong with them we’d have heard a long long time ago. I want them to unseal Obama’s records.

  15. She is Anti-American while other Democrats in congress are Un-American. Need to vote out the Un-American politicians too.

  16. we do not need any Muslims in any office in the USA period. I don’t care how good they seem to be, deceit is their game.

  17. A danger to our National Security. That is a term the Democrats like to use so why not apply it to them.

  18. I look forward to Dalia Al-aqidi taking the helm from Ilhan Omar! I’m certain that she’ll be an excellent asset to Congress and a better choice all around. Her attitude and her common sene will stand her in high regard and she will make an excellent Congress Woman and I wish her all the luck she need for this endeavour!

  19. In her own country she would be stoned for her personal life, where are her fellow Muslins when it comes to honor. The whole “squad should be dumped by the American voters.

  20. Kudos for the excellant explantion of Ms. Omers history. How did she get elected in the first place? Soros paid voters? Send him to Siberia while we are deporting.

  21. She took her oath of office on the Koran, there is a picture of this on the web.
    I would ask Al-qidi what she would take her oath on.

  22. After having to deal with all the trash coming out of Omar and Tlaibs mouth these past years most Americans are ready to back almost anyone to beat them. This woman is what we need and anyone running against the rest of the so call squad would be welcome too. Most Americans are at the point they will vote straight Republican down the line after what Dems have done these past three years. Dems have said many times they will never stop trying to get rid of Trump so voters can fix this by voting them all out of office next election.

  23. Exactly and yet nothing is being done about her . Her party seems to think a chat with the Speaker of the House is sufficient . It lasts for a day or two , a week but then she is back at it . Why the Democrats , who make a big deal about claiming to defend the Constetution tolerate this person gives lie to thair claims . She can not be voted out to soon !

  24. Omar is a POS Muslim!

  25. I’d like to see an American run against Omar. The Squad has ruined it for me.

  26. I agree totally!

  27. Let us all be thankful that Trump is doing a nice job by getting military troops to do the jobs of fixing our nation for us. These are GOOD SAMARITANS!

  28. The Good News is that President Trump is doing well and we soon need more Government Leaders like Republican Christian Donald Trump. The same as saying AMERICA THE GREAT as Trump said to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT”!

  29. lets see she calls people racist. when she is the one who is racist she’s always calling white people racist every time some doesn’t agree with her terrorist friends. she married her own brother that is sick just to get in the U.S. plus all the money she gave to her boyfriend which was taxpayers money. she just another crooked demorat that should have never been in office. there is a law on the books that said no muslim can hold a office in our government but when does the demorat ever obey the law. it just for the common people/voters.

  30. Someone please tell the American people why this disgusting rotten no good piece of festering SHIT is still in congress? A more important question, who the hell elected this mooslime’ dirtbag rag head? ‘ I’m waiting for a plausible answer but won’t hold my breath. Wake up America because islam has absolutely n place here in America as it’s contrary to our way of live and laws and the same thing can be said for communism and socialism , For those who want any of these get the hell out of America. I suggest some SHITHOLES like any middle east country, russia, china or north korea.

  31. The headgear Omar is allowed to wear is because of religious freedom. Yet, we are supposed to have separation of state and church. Everyone decries any mention of God coming from a politician, but the Islamic headgear falls under the same guidelines. It’s OK for Muslims to say and do anything, but not Christians. Time to change that.


  33. Personally, I don’t trust a Muslim as far as I could throw them! However, if this person is genuine in her words and deeds, I’ll make an exception. Omar, is a person that should never have gotten into our Congress, she’s an enemy of the American People, as are others. Despite all the negative hype, I’m still willing to listen and watch whatever Muslim Politicians are, somehow, elected to our Congress! Once again, I don’t trust any Muslim as far as I can throw them but, I’m willing to listen, watch and see if she’s the genuine article.

  34. I don’t like Muslims, period! The thought of having them in our Country is sickening to me! The reality of having them in our government is appalling! It is a mistake, it is idiotic, and a slap in the face of every one of the People who died on 911, and afterwards! It’s also a slap in the face to the survivors, and the family members of the fallen! It should not be tolerated! I don’t want to hear that “this is America, and we are all refugees” If someone wants to put away their Muslim ideology, become a Christian, ok!

  35. Corrosive inert within ours Government institutions leads people like Omar , Rashida & AOC radicals some falsely into our legislature systems because Obama’s sneaky unfaithful revenged of Presidency Is calls selected Terrorist based invaders at once nearly to sunk ours country . Is times to repealing unlawful Unconstitutional off piece by pieces to takes back our nations , refugees or terrorist plans ? we needs to be signifies carefully in the future !

  36. Just DEPORT this MORON. Back to Somalia.!She does not belong here. Her civilian status is INCOMPATIBLE here

  37. True but if they’re the only 2 candidates them ADIOS OMAR..DEPORTATION! I don’t understand if someone is here illegally how can they become members of Congress. Remember nobody is above the constitutional laws

  38. True words. Judeo christianity can not work with so many different and often fanatic believes. Swearing on a Koran has no value in a governing body where the bible is used but slowly and surely will be pushed out as other religion will be adopted and adapted to the rules of governing. Better know who you’r voting in as your representative.

  39. You folks are right that say don’t TRUST ANY MUSLIM THEY ARE SWORN TO LIE FOR ISLAM and they are the enemy every single one of them they are Satan;s deceivers on earth like the flase prophet Muhammad was! I had to address this matter with a hard core Jihadist that showed up on Christmas day to blast at the Christians on their conservative post and I gave it back to them the devil’s own! Just remember they are a cult and have a political ideology not any religion as foretold in the old and new testaments they perverted any of that to be what we have today blood thirsty killers and doers of evil in the world to bring on the Mahdi or end time!
    Aツaz Your own words; “live the way you want and not dictate as you are just a human and not a messenger of GOD, like Jesus and Muhammad were.” Muslim hoax” I am wondering how you equate a “hoax” with facts of an Islamic Empire” Wonder NO MORE, Pay attention and learn of your blaspheming error! You have a huge inaccuracy that needs to be corrected!
    Saying that Jesus is another prophet like Muhammad is blasphemous. First Jesus was not a mere prophet but was God Himself and therefore the Redeemer and Savior of Mankind as he said. Muhammad was only a supposed prophet and there is irrefutable evidence in the historical text of the time he lived that points to his being an outright liar and heretic as well as a criminal and child molester along with his being a polygamist! The following statements are highly accurate and actually proven. “In 632, only months before he died, Muhammad apparently met for the first time with a Christian community as such. An official
    delegation of Christians, probably led by a bishop, came to Mecca from Najran in Yemen. After engaging the Christians in discussion, the Prophet is said to have realized that Christian teachings are indeed incompatible with Islam, after which the revelation followed that only Islam is acceptable to God as a religion. The Quran also says very specifically that those who refer to Jesus as God are blasphemers, and that Christians saying that Christ is the son of God is an imitation of Jews, who earlier had said that Ezra is the son of God. According to the Quran Jesus was only a servant; Jesus the son of Mary was no more than
    an apostle of God. Quranic verses dealing with Jesus’ death have been interpreted differently by commentators, but generally they have been taken to mean that Jesus did not die by crucifixion. For Christians the Quran has thus served as a denial of Jesus’ incarnation and death on the cross and of the reality of the Trinity.” (Oxford University Press) These two points alone put
    Islam and the Muslims completely at odds with Jesus Christ and all Christians and are the enemies of such! Muhammad himself began this conflict and was the spoiler and Heretic directly attacking God’s plan as foretold by all the previous prophets going all the way back to Abraham. Things have been in conflict because of Muhammad ever since and are getting worse, this will not
    resolve until Islam is Chastised or obliterated as a fake religion started by a false prophet and therefore heretic! In Summary Muslims are in complete denial of what Jesus Christ said and who He was which makes them Anti-Christ and supportive of the Devil and all that is unholy. Basically Muhammad started this Blasphemy back in 632 AD and outright declared War on Christendom! Islam you yourself stated is an EMPIRE which puts it in the category of being a Nation not a Religion! It is not a religion that is backed up with solid historical evidence and prophecy over time by many prophets other than what Muhammad said, he made it all up, the heretic! Islam seeks to conquer and must be stopped!

  40. Hopefully Omar will be a “Last Termer”, IN PRISON for her CRIMES and DEPORTED PERMANENTLY back to Somalia. We DON’T need Anti Americans like her in the U.S. May this new REPUBLICAN replace her. That would GREAT news! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  41. When foreigners from any country are allowed to live inside the USA, they should be required to swear an oath of allegiance to support our country & flag. I wonder if this woman was ever required to take such an oath.

    Also, don’t “immigrants” have to be legal citizens in the USA [for which they would be required to swear an oath to support the USA & its flag}. Must they not have to be legal citizens to vote before they can run for political office in our congress {House or Senate} ?

  42. She is here illegally as is her father (a mass murderer in Somalia) Omar isn’t even her last name. She has so many investigations of: tax fraud, immigration fraud, bank fraud, polygamy and others, it should be easy to revoke her citizenship and send her back to Somalia along with the fraudster she married and had children with. If both have their citizenship revoked, they can take their kids and go back where they came from. She is a one-woman crime spree and she does not respect the opportunity she was given. Instead, she is hell bent on eating the golden goose.

  43. We keep hearing about her downfall. But the democrats are protecting her and her smearing of America. So if the puta does fall it will be because the democrats lost the congress.

  44. Why not just secede ? Read where West Virginia is welcoming U with open arms. Leave those counties near DC infested with global/SOCOMS 2 their own fate. They will B disarmed & the criminals can ravage their turf.

  45. Just another wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m sure Omar was a little darling too until elected. Stupid people. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice , shame on me.


  47. Please remember that the impeachment accusations made on President Trump started with Obama’s administration. I hope they can find all the information, that we did on Joe Biden, John Kerry and their sons. Muslims and Panthers have attacked my computer, with names declared, and my friend, who was just hacked last week, with a death threat text on her cell phone. That is how they attempt to win by intimidation, then domination. We need to get strong politicians, who have the means to protect themselves, in order to run their campaigns.

  48. She sounds like a nice person, but so was Obama. Islamists, and/or Muslims have Koran teachings, that conflict with our Constitution and Christian or historic values. Yet, they swear in on the Koran, and not necessarily allegiance to America. Outsiders of their faith or Infidels, as we are known , are tortured, harassed and slaughtered in their many (50) nations. We are expected to deny our faith or belief, and even the constitution, in order for their agenda to be fulfilled, when they push Sharia Law. Obama defied congress several times as reported, in the Breitbart, March 21, 2012 article, when he sent aid to the Egyptian army, and to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary Clinton even approved by passing Congressional restrictions, as they both had Muslim advisors. To promote their agenda, they have to diminish our laws. God help our president against this phony impeachment of 80 to 100 Socialist Communists in Congress ( check Trevor Louden) with about 10 or more Muslims. The strategy, as they’ve clearly stated is also, to transform our educational system. They are training political youth in their Mosques. So make no mistake, about their agenda.

  49. Don’t be misguided. Voting for one Muslim or another, regardless of party lines, is a B I G mistake. Once more Muslims come into our government will eventually mean our laws will change to conform with their religion beliefs. The USA CANNOT lose our Judeo-Christian values. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  50. I can guarantee many Americans are totally fed up with people like Omar and will
    gladly fund any person running against people like Omar as well as AOC..
    They are simply to stupid to be in our government…. In fact Omar and others like her
    should be deported immediately as they are a danger to our safety and country…

  51. Virginia will soon be the poorest state in the country.people here are fed up being told what to do and when to do,it…keep,passing your stupid laws to control people,watch everyone leave.liberals only will live here.

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