Trump Goes from Commander in Chief to Fan in Chief at LSU Victory

Monday night The President of the United States of America and the Commander in Chief became the Fan in Chief as he and the First Lady enjoyed the College Football National Championship game.  Ranked number one in the nation was Louisiana State University, which went up against the number three ranking Clemson.  Both mascots are the tigers, but only one proved to be the top cat in the nation when LSU left the New Orleans, Louisiana Mercedes Benz Superdome victorious 42-25.  Their battles led them to a 15-0 undefeated season.  It was special, but to have the president and the first lady present was the icing on the cake.

Before President Trump and Melania left the White House for Monday night’s spectacular event, President Trump stated, “It’ll be a great game. It’ll be something that a lot of people want to see.”

This season’s LSU team may go down in history as the most excellent team the college university ever had with an undefeated record.  It not only gave the fans a great game to watch, but the president and first lady enjoyed it as well.

What touched Trump supporters the most, and many would say the president and the first lady was the standing ovation they received when they walked out on the field with the huge American Flag waving on the field.  Many people said, “It made you proud to be an American.”

If anyone booed between the two crowds, it was most certainly drowned out by the cheers from both teams and their fans.  It was described by one fan, “a thunderous standing ovation.”  The audience’s cheers were split in half with one-half chanting, “USA, USA, USA!!!”  The other half was screaming, “Four more years, Four more years!!!”

Lafayette, Louisiana native, and Grammy Award-winning Contemporary Christian artist Lauren Daigle sang the National Anthem so beautifully.  Daigle is also a former LSU student who is in the middle of her world tour.  Louisiana has a lot to be proud of from Monday night’s massive game as they represented the nation well.

At the same time, the president and the first lady held their hands over their hearts and sang along with the most popular tune.  The love and pride of America, which came out of the Superdome, was outstanding and overwhelming!

Pictures were also taken with the Trumps, and New Orleans Saints record-breaking Quarterback Drew Brees who is also number one in the NFL.  It was definitely an exciting time for everyone to witness.

To beat the crowds and for the safety of the president and first lady, they left shortly before the end of the fourth quarter.  By then, it was a guarantee LSU was going to be the National Champions.

Louisiana holds President Trump and the beautiful First Lady Melania Trump close to their hearts.  In the 2016 elections, Trump secured almost a 20 point victory in the state of Louisiana.  Louisiana is considered a red state, but the Democratic governor is not well-liked among many the Louisiana people.  It was a clear example of why people should go out and vote.

Out of all the sports, President Trump has never bashed football.  He is also very familiar with Clemson players and the coaches after they won last year’s national title.  Trump is no stranger to LSU, either.  He spoke on the phone to the LSU coach Ed Orgeron (Better known as Coach O) after their playoff win congratulating him.  Trump also spoke highly of the team members and of LSU’s quarterback Joe Burrow.

Football seemed to take the president’s mind off a lot of the attacks he has been receiving, especially those from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  Louisiana gave him a great time, no doubt.  Both teams were undefeated, so he had plenty to keep him on the edge of his seat, as did the rest of America.

It was unclear who the president was rooting for, but many believe he just wanted to see a good game.  Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who is also one of President Trump’s most outspoken allies, tagged along for the game.  Senator Graham was a Clemson fan and probably went back to Washington disappointed.

LSU’s quarterback Joe Burrow stated at the LSU vs. Alabama game when President Trump showed up there too, “Regardless of your political views, that’s pretty cool, having the president at the game.”  It makes everyone realize, Trump is human too!

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  1. I have said the same thing many. many times. DITTO- DITTO -DITTO

  2. Trump for 2020👍👏🙏

  3. I consider myself an independent and I’m a three time combat vet. Over the years I have voted both sides, tried to pick who I believed would do the best job for America. But this democrat party has become so corrupt it is a scandal on this nation. You can’t, you must not believe anything they say. I was never a fan of the then citizen Donald Trump. But this guy has done some great things for our country and all the while taking the time to be a neighbor to many people in need. It has become absolutely evident that the democrat party cares about nothing but getting rid of the president. From Nancy Pelosi in the congress to Chuck Schumer in the senate that’s all they plan around. I will maintain my independent position. BUT I can guarantee I will never vote for another democrat, local or national. They have proven to me they cannot be trusted to care for the nation. They only care about themselves and the power of their positions.

  4. The Democratic Left has become America’s “Enemy # ONE”!! Take that to the bank!!

  5. Send all the Democrats to Iran.

  6. To all Americans people especially age 18-29 please don’t be a fool or deceive by Democrat’s politicians to tell you that they will pay or pardon your student loan, increase the minimum wage, decrease your health co payment, or any propaganda games by Democrat’s politicians. Some of you might be qualified to pardon your student loan But these tricks by Democrat’s politicians all the people here in America will suffer to pay high risk taxes. If they Democrat’s politicians will be elected for president . The Democrat’s, you and me when that start to put in the house he change and we will all experience the great unhappy, dissatisfied, risking our life for 4 to 8 years. So I urge you my fellow voters please think
    many times who is going to be with us and I believe our President Donald J Trump has a good heart not only for his families but for each of us who live here in America with minimum or low income that we can count to do better life than to worry. Please Don’t listen to media because they are paid by big Democrat’s supporters to lures or deceive people. I hope do your search deeper. I thank you to my co American please pray and votes biblically. Thank You again. Amen.

  7. You should do what Steve said. I think you should put the Democrats in the Rat Hole where they all belong and can’t get out.

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