Pence says Congress Might ‘Compromise Sources’ if Fully Briefed

Mike Pence has been one of the best and most informed Vice Presidents the nation has ever seen. He is a righteous man with a moral center and seeks to do what is right no matter who stands with him. He is involved in issues that many other vice presidents would have hated to deal with. Or at least would have fallen into corruption such as the case with Joe Biden. But Pence’s moral center and outlook into things is key to his success as the second in command. He has gone above and beyond the normal call of the office and supported his president with distinction.

The nasty Democrats are constantly crying about the work that the president does. Mike Pence has backed the president and told the silent truth to the reasons why the Democrats are left out of the loop most of the time. To put it bluntly, the Democrats cannot be trusted to keep military and national secrets. They have a pattern of running to the press with sensitive information. The threat that the little Soleimani posed to the United States and American citizens was real. Any leak of information would have tipped off the murderer, and he would have gotten away.

The Democrats have shown for decades that they are anti-American. They stand against the country and seek for ways to undermine the democracy that so many people have given their lives to defend. The Founding Fathers put in place measures to ensure that the freedoms that are inherently rightful to have could never be taken away. Only as long as there are men and women around to defend those rights. The Democrats seek ways to destroy those rights.

The information in question was withheld from the traitors of the Democratic party because they would have compromised the very safety and success of the mission. They would have certainly screwed up and tipped off the general about the attack that he was planning. Pence went on to say that “Some of that has to do with what’s called sources and methods. Some of the most compelling evidence that Qassem Soleimani was preparing an imminent attack against American forces and American personnel also represents some of the most sensitive intelligence that we have — it could compromise those sources and methods.” There could be no chance of the strike getting out.

Pence went on to say that “I can assure your viewers that those of us that have seen all the evidence … in real-time know that President Trump made the right decision to take Qassem Soleimani off the battlefield.” The intelligence that they had was the most up-to-date and reliable that they could use to make the decision. This certainly is a testament to the military people that took the much-needed action to save lives.

And of course like good crybabies the Democrats blasted the White House for not telling them of the plan. Mike Pence has said that the reason why they were left out of the loop is that all the Democrats have big mouths. The president had to act on the moment and could not wait for the Democrats of Congress to talk about the matter with Soleimani for the next six months to get his approval for America to kill him.

Mark Esper has noted that the United States acted in “self-defense.” The attack from Iran was coming and something needed to be done. Mike Pence also stated that the murderous general was “traveling the region to make preparations for a larger attack on American forces and American personnel.” He was on his way to make final plans to attack when his life came to an end.

The president did what was in the best interest of the country, and he should be praised for making the hard decisions. Mike Pence is the perfect vice president as he stands with his president. It is a sad day when other Americans, of whom the president saved, blast him for saving American lives. The Democrats have also proved that they cannot protect the country because of the many other attacks that have happened around the world while they were in the White House.

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  1. The reason they want to destroy this country is that they are like a 4yr. old Brats; if they can’t have the toy; then SMASH IT TO PIECES!!

  2. You probably think the mafia is wonderful and great also

  3. Go and live in Iran! But, not with the American dollar and see how far you get. Your brain has to b just as small (a grain if sand) as your big unknowing mouth

  4. We have great President & best Vice president ever.

  5. V..P Pence you are a righteous man this we know 1st hand! My nephew worked for you in IN and he shared the kind of man and family you have and represent. So for those who make comments like you lie, and blah blah… it’s just not true of your character b/c we know you! Your a great man for our President…. keep guiding him down the right path! We are honored to have you in the White House leading our country. As the Bible states the truth will prevail and those evil Dems who lie lie lie will be revealed!!!! GOOD OVER EVIL!!!!

  6. P s. I forgot lying corrupt kiss ass bill bar that will go down in history as a lawless corrupt criminal

  7. After Lev Parnav last night spilled the beans on trump. Pompeo. Pence and Nunez. Now what do you think of your wonderful corrupt lawless lying administration

  8. The vice president is 110% correct. John Kerry has been running back and forth to Iran and passing information to them ever since President Trump took office. It’s all a matter of record. And If President Trump had notified congress before taking out that general Kerry would have warned Iran immediately. And as far as this impeachment Pelosi said, “We cannot allow the voters to decide the 2020 election”. Again a matter of record. These people are capable of anything, ANYTHING. When President Kennedy was assassinated vice president Lyndon Johnson had a celebration at the white house complete with champagne. Again a matter of record. Pelosi and these goons know they cannot defeat President Trump at the voting booth. The secret service has their hands full. We all know George Soros has been working to take the president down. Now there’s Bloomberg with his billions. And there’s lots of bad guys who would take on the job for 25 or 30 million. The democrats don’t want to run against the president and they will do what ever they deem necessary to see that he doesn’t run.

  9. Hallelujah! I hope many more people face reality and step up to save this country from ruin and extinction! The democraps want to destroy this country for some idiotic reason. I will NOT just stand by and cooperate!

  10. The Democrats have been trying to get rid of President Trump since BEFORE he was ever voted in as President. Has there ever been a President in office that hasn’t done anything for his own gain? President Trump has done more for our country than any President has. I bet if it were a Democrat in office nothing would have been said about anything. I am very happy with the way President Trump has been running this country! HE stands up for our country where all the others were afraid to. Very well said Vice President Mike Pence! #GOTRUMP #WIN2020

  11. God bless, what you are doing for the country, and keep up the good work. We appreciate what you do and President President Donald Trump. We pray for you all every day.

  12. Whomever you may be, your arrogance and true ignorance of the truth are very telling. To truly believe that the Career Politicians who live in mansions while their cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, etc are human septic toilets, impoverished and violent! No, absolutely no misuse of taxpayer funds there right? Lol, way too funny. Just look at those cities with unblinded eyes because that will be the America you will get under tyrannical Big Government Socialist Communism! America the Beautiful will become America the Public Restroom. Think not? Just do research and check out Democratic governed states and cities, check their fiscal standings.! Big hint California, Illinois and Massachusetts are among the bottom 10. No, my Dem friend, city conditions speak more than any Democrat Talking Points. Truth is more powerful than lies!

  13. Honestly you people can’t see anything wrong with what trump has done. I was told that this website was spreading Russian propaganda. It was a Russian bot You people have convinced me because its impossible for logical people to be so damn stupid

  14. The math.?? the moron couldnt spell math if you spotted him m and a.

  15. You still are feeding from the socialist trough that tells you lies and your simple mind believes EVERYTHING because you lack the ability to reason. Everything that you are accusing Trump of was actually Democrats doing it and blaming Trump. You really have sided with the losing (and evil) team. Now go watch CNN and MSNBC so they can tell you what to think next.

  16. WTG Mr Pence We need many more like President Trump and You Sir~

  17. Wow! You’ve described Schiff for brains, OOOMPA LOOMPA Nadler and Pedo Joe to a tee. The Dems have surely succeeded in brain washing you. READ THE TRANSCRIPT! If you can read, but if your comprehension skills are too low, maybe you can get someone to spell it out and explain it to you. Just a thought.

  18. What about that server at Hillary’s house, you dick head?

  19. And you? What do you do? You are someone important? Would you rather be a socialist Country?

  20. Vote these TREASONISTIC TRAITOR Democrats out of office, and indict and PROSECUTE the guilty ones. All they want is Socialism/Communism, allowing in the interests of the Global Elites who are trying to usher in the New World ORDER. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  21. Because they ard still at it you imbecile! Obama got $100M from the Iran deal, he got more from the Uranium1 deal. Not to mention the fact that he wasn’t eligible according to the Constitution to be POTUS!
    HRC was not the DNC Nominee in 2016 but she ran against Trump! You turds just can’t help your hypocrisy!

  22. You are obviously a fool, you want to believe that the President is guilty by listening to one of the most corrupt men on earth, one about to go to prison! Ukraine has been the most corrupt nation on earth your entire life and you want to dismiss the crimes committed by Biden? He confessed on tv that he had his quid pro quo! You are a fool.

  23. Nancy Pelosi is on her farewell tour and she is showing out! She is a humiliation and a disgrace like her father! She just showed the entire world that she, and Stenny, are Pro-Ayatollah! The DNC doesn’t care about any people, even those who are probably about to be murdered by her friends in power in Iran!

  24. Cover ups obstruction of a congressional investigation. Hush money paid to cover up crimes. Witness tampering Confessing on the White House lawn to wanting the Bidens investigated and stopping the security money to the Ukraine refusing to testify to Congress. Stopping witnesses from testifying. Refusing to turn over any documents to Congress. And that is only a fraction of the crimes

  25. Give the exact corruptions that Trump has committed. He has done more good than any current politician. Compare him to Pelosi? Schiff?
    Nadler? Sanders? Etc? These are your current politicians. You do the math.


  27. I agree with your post as well, big mouth American hating democrats are as big a danger as any terrorist. They should be removed from office and prosecuted and sent to gitmo

  28. Why when gives information about this lawless and corrupt president you people go back to look what Obama did or what Hillary did or Bill Clinton did they aren’t in office they aren’t the president. Let’s talk about what’s going on today all the corruption lawlessness. And crimes in this administration. Quit making lame excuses for this corrupt president

  29. Seems like you are still drinking the cool aid served by democ rats.
    Always wondered why the previous administration knew but did nothing about it. Selective benefit?

  30. Totally agree with and support VP on this comment. And the dems just DON’T care.

  31. Pence is just another bull shitter folks. He will lie at every turn to kiss what’s he’s face.

  32. The democrats couldn’t possibly compromise national security anymore than trump did with Putin and the Russians and North Korea’s Kim who he wrote love letters to. Trump’s mouth is as big as his big gut

  33. Our President did “the math”, in other words “he did what had to be done” in order to keep both the military and us safe……
    But the left cried FOUL since they did NOT get a chance to warn “the iranian nazi”……
    You know I have a problem with people like that and suggest that if they like it so much, “then ought to move there and live with them, instead of trying to force it down our throats, since we are in overall majority (except for in congress, at least until election)…..
    ALL we have to make sure to do is “show up to vote, and make sure that it is all republicans that we vote for……

  34. I wish their was a way to share this on facebook but you are being sensord this is shameful that the truth can not be shared to the american people

  35. Haman (Adam Schiff) tried to takeout Mordecai, and Haman was the one who was hung. The same will happen to Adam Schiff as he try’s to take out Trump. Acts 9:15
    Acts 5:39

  36. I agree with your post.

    They (Liberal Democrats) can not be Trusted.

    They hate America and what it stands for. They hate the Constitution unless it suits them/help them.

  37. Democrats eat shit. Cocksuckers are a bunch of traitors. They should executed.

  38. The Islamist regime currently terrorizing Iranians certainly packed that airliner with their opponents & dissidents & knew exactly what they were doing when they fired missiles at it & killed 170 of their & Trudy’s opponents. No accident. The Leftist & Islamist way.
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter.
    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us, Jamie Glazov.

  39. Absolutely true! Look at the horrible Adam Schiff that leaks everything even while the secret meetings are ongoing. You cannot trust him with anything. He should be hung from the nearest yardarm for sedition and treason

  40. I love how the truth come out. Our president did the thing he did because he loves his country.

  41. The president put the safety of US personal first; ahead of the murders. For that the democrats are having a full blown temper tantrum.

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