Banning Cell Phones For People Under 21?

There is no doubt that the cell phone has revolutionized the way people live. The device is used in several ways from playing games to navigation and communication. People of all ages can be seen staring blindly into its screen pumping information into their minds. While missing the most obvious of things around them. At the dinner table teens and adults alike are engaged in their worlds, yet they sit a few feet apart. The cell phone has its advantage and its troubles. There needs to be a balance. There needs to be common ground as to who should have them and why they should have a phone.

This debate rages at all levels. It can be found in the classroom and the Oval Office. It is such a hot topic that one senator from Vermont wants to make his point by proposing legislation that would keep young people under the age of 21 from ever owning a cell phone. John Rodgers has even voiced penalties if a young person is even caught with the phone. He wants to see young people fined a $1,000 and jail time if they are found using a cell phone. Once again the demonic Democrats are trying to control the lives of the private citizen.

The bill that he has proposed states that “In light of the dangerous and life-threatening consequences of cellphone use by young people, it is clear that persons under 21 years of age are not developmentally mature enough to safely possess them.” He is assuming that people under the age of 21 are not responsible enough to use the phone. By his admission, anyone that is not an adult cannot be trusted to use a simple electronic device. And yet there are young people under the age of 21 that are designing and programming the next generation of devices.

Young people are more in tune with how to use devices than most adults. The problem for young people is just a lack of self-control, but that is something that everyone struggles with. The sad senator’s point is found in what he has stated “The Internet and social media, accessed primarily through cell phones, are used to radicalize and recruit terrorists, fascists, and other extremists. Cell phones have often been used by mass shooters of younger ages for research on previous shootings.” Rodgers bases his bill on the premise that all internet usage is bad. He believes that the internet exists for the training and recruitment of would-be terrorists. But the real reason for this insane bill is based on controlling others and their lives.

He believes that cell phones are too dangerous to use like that of tobacco usage and firearm purchases. The bill goes on to say that the “General Assembly has concluded that persons under 21 years of age are not mature enough to possess firearms, smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol.” This is coming from a bunch of Democrats that struggle with the basic concepts of less is more. This means that the less control a government has over certain aspects of life the more life will grow and prosper.

In another statement, Rodgers silently admits that he is even having second thoughts about the validity of the bill. He has stated that “I have no delusions that it’s going to pass. I wouldn’t probably vote for it myself.” What he has just stated is that he would only vote for his bill if it will be widely accepted. Now, this just does not sound like a man looking out for what is best for the people. It rather sounds like a pathetic little man that is more concerned about popularity that the country.

His silly bill is already being bashed by people that would have otherwise supported him. In one case it was stated that “I think people need to think about what liberties they’re willing to give up for safety. My position is that no good can come from taking rights from good people.” The only thing that would happen is making people mad, and they would begin to hate the integrators.

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  1. Ban politicians. Not phones.

  2. I can’t say that you’re wrong but, I think that we’re addressing two different problems. People that text and drive are not only stupid but, dangerous. However, I can’t see the rationale behind not allowing people under 21 the use of cellphones? A wise and educated use of cellphones is, what we all need and want in all age groups. We have got to single out avenues and channels that invite distraction and, in some cases, anarchy and get rid of them! As a senior adult, I think that in some cases our younger people have a lot to learn but, I think that given time, they will take up the challenge to make our country a better place for all of us!

  3. So you want all the free stuff, well don’t forget they also want to control you!

    Thomas Jefferson: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

  4. you have a young person stuck how do they get help no pay phones any more and if they are too young for cell phones then they should be ablate sign up for military and to young to vote

  5. These shit heads are saying you can’t do this, you can’t that because you’re under 21, but if you ‘re 18 years old, you vote, get married, sign contracts, and join the military to fight and kill people in other countries.

  6. Oh yeah! Ban cell phones for those under 21! Just like cigarettes and vaping. How about banning voluntary military enlistment till one is 21. In other words, one can give his life for his country between 18 and 21, but NO CELL PHONES till you are 21. Kinda hypocritical if you ask me. But I don’t know anything. I’m a veteran who enlisted at 19.

  7. Cell phone and computer should only be controlled and restricted by the school for children and the law for drivers where they may cause harm. The computer is a learning tool and holds quick and easy access to all subjects of taught in school. I would shudder to think we should regress to the 60’s for educational methods.

  8. I agree with you. This government we have had for years has gotten very corrupt time to arrest them and try them for their high crimes of treason this government is very tyrannical. Time for the American people to stand together and see this happen they need to,be punished for their crimes they are not above the law.

  9. When I was a college professor I prohibited the use of cellphones in the classroom. If you used one for texting I would throw you out. If your cellphone went off during class you had to bring treats for your classmates next class period. Repeat offenders would have their course grade penalized. No exceptions. I had no problems and no pushback either. All you need to do is take some leadership and impose responsibility. Like firearms it is the owner/user who needs to understand their actions.

  10. Another asinine idea from a real fascist.


  12. WAKE UP !!!!
    DONT !!!!
    VOTE !!!! THEM O U T !

  13. This is a great idea and sadly i hadn’t read it before my post awhile ago. For those who didn’t read it here it’s again and if i do say so myself, I think it sends the right and common sense message, so here goes: texting or yakking on a cell phone while driving – first time offense – a $1000.00 fine and a 6 month suspension of your drivers licence and 90 days in jail. . A second offense, a $2000.00 fine and a permanent license suspension and 6 months in jail .. No more nonsense BS namby pamby slap on the wrist for this flagrant and dangerous practice. Seemingly when people lose their freedom and a privilege like being able to drive when and wherever they want and pay a heavy fine, they learn their lessons the hard way. The stiffer the penalties, the better

  14. I see from most of the commenters on here, they don’t mind freedoms being removed. I’m guessing they must ike socialism too.

  15. YES! Ban All Electronic garbage ! ONLY leave it – the electronics for registered business and gornment to use. All private individuals should not use it at all ! We humans only need is love and peace ! Truly , All we need is love tha, tha tha tha tha ….No, seriously , That’s all we need ! Your time on this planet is so pressues, Don’t waste it on staring at some flickering lights screen-toy. It is stealing your valuable time. Life is too short for that.

  16. Whoever this man Rogers is He is TOTALLY stupid

  17. I have five rotary dial Bell Labs telephones, and four prong jacks, that are still in use.

  18. Your comment reminds me of the Billy Joel song, “Sleeping With the Television On”.

  19. Don’t worry, when and if God forbid lizzie fauxcohontas warren gets the ‘dimocrap’ nomination and if again God forbid this old bat hoodwinks the American people into voting for this waste of air and brains, her first legislation – bring back smoke signals and tin cans on long strings. I’m laughing so hard my sides are splitting and I almost peed in my pants. These buffoons are good for only one thing, laughter and nothing else and really who among us couldn’t use some laughs especially in these trying times.

  20. If that’s the case, then 18 year olds should be able to buy cigarettes, and go to a Bar, and have a few drinks, like the way it was when I grew up.

  21. All this banning this and banning that and over regulation – communism and socialism, pure and simple! If people want this, let them go live in china, russia, north korea. There in these so called ‘workers utioias’ they’ll be in good company. People need to get smart and stop being like sitting ducks letting more and more of their rights get taken away. In California, the liberals are trying to ban assault weapons. These ‘do as I say and not as I do lying, thieving buffoons think the people here are so stupid they’ll go along not realizing any gun can be used in as an assault weapon. They want to ban guns even to law abiding citizens yet these hypocrites have guns for protection yet want to deny others their right under the 2nd amendment and so it goes. A vote for any liberal aka ‘dimocrap’ both local and national will guarantee this pure and simple. And for those on the fence about the liberal ‘dog and pony show’ called the ‘dimocrap’ campaign and debates, get smart and get smart quickly. These buffoons have no workable and feasible plans to help anyone but themselves much less the American people and thankfully they’re revealing their true colors and intentions before thinking Americans waste their precious votes on these thieves, liars traitors and outright socialists and communists.. God please educate the American people on the dangers of the ‘dimocraps’ before it’s to late!

  22. Then we should let them join the service at 16 ?

  23. I teach Driver’s Education, and I have every student put their cell phones in a shoebox, in the trunk of the car. For the next hour and a half, they will need to live without their phones. Mine is on, low, and in a jacket pocket, never me holding it. I don’t use the damned thing very often, anyway. Like you said, it’s for emergencies, only. I don’t live through the stupid thing, like everyone else seems to do.

    Some students ask why they can’t keep them, and are told that they are distractions. I want everyone’s attention on how each student is learning to drive. I then ask if they use their phones in English, or Science Class, while their Teacher is speaking. No, they don’t. The same applies here, in my rolling, 4,000 pound Classroom. Those that can’t comply, are then told to leave the vehicle. They can find another Instructor to teach them. Or they will have to see if Mommy and Daddy can get a refund from the School. If they can’t, Mommy and Daddy are going to be out that money; but, they live and learn. Bus Schedules are available for these students.

    The worst thing that the Telephone Company did was to remove all Pay Phones from street corners, Gas Stations, Diners, Bars, Grocery Stores, Village Halls, Town, and County Office Buildings, and Courthouses. The Counties should make it mandatory that Verizon, or AT+T provide Pay Phones that are accessible to the public for regular daily use.

  24. Now that was a great time to be a kid, miss it I do.

  25. The country needs to have a real conversation about when someone becomes a adult. Is it 18 when they are old enough to enlist in, or be drafted by, the military without parental consent? That was the argument used to give them the vote. But if they are old enough at 18 to make mature decisions concerning the running of our country, then they should also be mature enough to run their lives as they see fit. To include ALL the things those adults are currently not allowed to do —buy a handgun {some states have even raised the age to 21 for hunting rifles, etc}, smoke tobacco, vape, drink, smoke marijuana. Some states have made 25 the age limit for smoking and vaping even when 21 is the legal age for alcohol which is just as bad or worst.

  26. What really needs to happen! Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving- immediate suspension of drivers licence for say 6 months, no questions no arguments plus a $1000.00 fine. Second offense, revoke the drivers licence -, $2000.00 fine period. Losing driving privileges’ll teach a lesson to these ‘it’s all about me and screw everyone else’ nitwits and rude immature and dangerous slobs. The outrageous thing but what else’s new – California has caveats about this in their DMV drivers handbook and being California where common sense seems to be ‘uncommon’, it kind of makes sense, sad to say. Plain common sense tells you when behind the wheel of a vehicle, you concentrate on the road and driving, not texting or yakking on a cell phone but the DMV had to include this ‘common sense’ thing in the drivers handbook. BTW: how many out there have almost been hit or run over crossing the street by some moron texting or yakking on a cell phone or almost had a collision by some idiot doing the same?

  27. No they should be parents not their damm friend!

  28. Don’t be stupid. Nobody said anything like that.

  29. Maybe they should.

  30. This is from the SAME Democratic Party which, in the wake of the 2016 election, was agitating to give the vote to 16 year olds (because they were presumed to lean heavily Democratic – thanks to a public school system which has become little more than an arm of the Leftist/Liberal propaganda machine). So, kids can vote BUT they can’t drink booze, smoke cigarettes, vape, buy a pistol (or, in some states, any kind of gun) and are not even mature enough to own a cellphone. BUT THEY CAN VOTE? Do the Democrats have any notion of how hypocritical they are? Of how contradictory their positions are? Or of how transparently everything they do is about gaining power and exercising control? Gad, it’s sickening. Why would anyone with even a partially developed brain vote for these people? And therein lies the reason why the same Democrats who don’t think a teenager is mature enough to use a phone is nonetheless fully qualified to vote. They count on ignorance and stupidity for their support and therefore are willing to enfranchise a group whom they otherwise think are incompetent to even go to the bathroom.

  31. I agree completely; everybody should know by now that these apps are designed to be just as ADDICTIVE as HEROINE !!! How stupid are WE??

  32. If the lawmakers are going to propose banning cell phones for anyone under 21 then why don’t they also ban driving a vehicle under the age of 21 and also ban the use of computers for anyone under 21? If we look at today’s learning, grade school youth on up have their hands and eyes glued to a computer screen. They seldom if ever go to a library and open a book. They go there to play games on the computer. Our teachers need to go back to the old methods of teaching students and force them to read books for learning. Unfortunately this would also require the teachers to read the books as well in order to make lesson plans for the material in the books. Our technology has benefits for business purposes and highly technical operations however that doesn’t replace the need for students to open up a book and read the material for learning. What’s even worse is the fact that in many of our churches on Sunday, several members of the congregation have their noses stuck in a cell phone or tablet and very seldom do they ever open a Bible or have one with them. So we do need a few changes but the main problem and question is what changes will have a positive effect and impact and what might be harmful?

  33. I believe that US age limits are too high. There should be full adult rights in every way for 16-year-olds.

  34. You hit the nail on the head. When parenting and discipline was taken away from parents,schools, and churches, everything in this country went to Hell in a hand basket. Children were not drugged when I was in school. The BOARD OF EDUCATION WAS APPLIED TO THE BUTT. Then the parents applied the belt to the butt and grounded the child. The behavior changed very quickly.

  35. Wow I thought this was America Land of the free looks like another politician that needs to be voted out of office ALL THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY BETTER WAKE THE HECK UP and do it very soon

  36. in Florida, you will be stoped and giving a ticket for just holding and talking on a cell phone has to be hands-free or you pull off the road to use and if you cause a wreck you are up the creek so to say

  37. Cell phones used correctly are a POSITIVE. if a child or adult needs police, ambulance, directions etc. a cell phone
    can be a life saver.

  38. There are boneheads in the Democratic Party. This representative is one of them. Talk about censorship. Talk about minimum adult age of 21. Talk about economic enterprise. Talk about private property ownership. None of these argues for banning young people from owning cell phones. All the major media outlets have apps for cell access. Do you deny a free press to those under 21? High school graduates of age 18 can join the military a jeopardize their lives, but not for cell phone usage? Young people are a potent economic force in America so do you carve out their phone payments to own and use devices and diminish the economy (not to mention cell phone producers incomes)? And we’ve come far from adult white males property ownership in 1789 to this point, so you would take a step backwards in purchasing qualifications of citizens? Answers to all these questions are a resounding ‘no’. So let’s stop the nonsense talk and not even censure the bonehead.

  39. Now that was just plain stupid! Parents should be guardians of their children. Teaching and guiding, correcting them, setting rules and giving consequences for negative behavior. The family is the core of our culture. Good parents are the only ones that should be making decisions involving their children. That means what they are taught in school!! Also, sex Ed. has no place in school! Parents should teach their children, they know their children best. Also, don’t give ANY medication to our children without parental permission and that goes for hormones to change their identity or arrangement of abortions!!


  41. If not for being sad , It would be funny . ” DEMS are CONTROL FREAKS “

  42. I would oppose this ban, as the primary reason for under age persons having cell phones is so their parents can contact them. Banning their phones would only impede the supervision of these young people.

  43. You can try but it well never happen. Hell you can’t even stop the kids from drinking. As long as their is a cell phone out their, kids well have it. Even if it is behind close doors.

  44. Proverbs states ” Train a child in the way he should go, and he will bring joy to your old age” Back in the day when children were taught the 10 Commandments of God, and learnt to honour their parents, teachers and uniformed authority, it was never an issue. Now after dreadful liberal teaching, and brainwashing by DemonicRATS 24/7, you get snowflakes who are rudderless, no direction in life. Work is a priveldge God gave us. We were not put on Earth just to indulge ourselves but to work and make the wheels of Society turn smoothly. Remove all corrupt Governors under George Soros Pay!

  45. Sure wish there was an “EDIT” function on this site.

    …**these** control freaks…

  46. Sooooo, young ADULTS who can purchase a house, get married, buy cars and furniture by getting loans, maybe working to put themselves through college/university etc. can’t own or USE EFFING CELL PHONES?!?!

    Keep voting democRAT, you stupid idiots!

  47. I don’t feel sorry for you IDIOTS in virginia who voted for thes CONTROL FREAKS called democRATS!!

    You got what YOU VOTED for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STUPID IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Rotary dial phone , hanging on the kitchen wall, eight party line. Problem solved.

  49. In the state of Michigan, it is against the law to text while driving. The penalty is pretty harsh. But still, there’s those that don’t follow the rules. Just like drunk driving. And yet, the Demarats are trying to take control of what the parents can or can not give to their children. Just like Bernie Sanders employee stated, If Bernie is elected. They would have to reeducate everyone from being Nazis. Talked about control. That’s communist talk. This country is being destroyed by more and more laws, rules and stupidity. Now, do you or don’t you believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Articles of Confederation? If so! Stand up. For that is what is being destroyed. Our FREEDOM.

  50. The Democrats are doing this to make our young children and teenagers a easier target for their sex trafficking make them easier to grab because they could not call for help and if their car breaks down it would put them in more danger not being able to call anyone it is just something else the Democrats want to do to try and control people hell they are trying to pass that you can vote at 16 and now trying to pass at 16 you can not even have a cell phone so they are saying that under 21 you are not responsible enough to have a cell phone but you are responsible enough to vote this is so stupid if you are responsible enough to vote then you should be able to have phone be able to drink smoke or have a gun if they are old enough to vote they should have the same rights as any other adult

  51. Talking and texting is not only individuals 21 and under. The more affluent would pay the fine or pay someone to overlook the fine and or jail time.
    Really do you want to send a child to jail, creating a record that would damage them for the rest of their lives? 21 and over are just as guilty.
    I totally agree that something needs to be done. I remember a time in high school, we were shown several movies showing how easily accidents occur when a driver is distracted. They were gruesome to watch but what an impact!
    It saddens me for anyone to lose their life, especially in an accident. Accidents can be avoided. It’s called paying attention, being considerate of others and realizing ahead of time what may happen. Teach your children well and set examples before them.
    Lighter note: Monkey see monkey do.
    Stop voting crazies in office. Really, everything is NOT about Change. The basic rules of life works great for me.
    Just saying this sounds way to close to Socialism/Communism’ to me.

  52. Geez another liberal / democrats weirdo.

    So let me get this straight. A 12 year old is old enough to decide on abortion without their parents involvement. A 16 year old should be allowed to vote. We should let under 21 year old illegal aliens stay in America with a path to citizenship. We cant let anyone under 21 to have a cell mk phone!

    What the hell is wrong with you stupid liberal / democrats. All you democrat voters please do us a favor and blow your retart brains out.

  53. They need strong guidance at a young age not until high school, the phone is one reason of all these lazy a<s punks now days. They need a belt took to their butt not a time out, and the world is full of f<gs that don't know the different from a penis and a a pee hole.

  54. So, you are saying if the parents want to kill the kid, the kid should just stand there and let them do it?

  55. People need to read the article. The senator said he expects it will never even come up for a vote. In fact, he admitted he would not even vote for it. How do I know this? I am from Vermont. BTW, texting and talking on a handheld cell phone is already illegal. Except of course for cops, who are supposed to set examples for others. I see cops talking on their cell phones every day. And, EVERYONE neglects to mention using the device that causes as many distracted driver accidents as talking on the cell phone. That is that little device in the middle of the vast majority of cars and trucks. It is called a radio. Tuning the radio and putting cassettes/ CDs in cause just as many accidents as cell phones. And , anyone with an active brain cell can do two things at once.

  56. Perfectly said!

  57. Who, precisely would enforce such a statute? There would a revolution among old and young if such restrictions were implemented, even in a small state such as Vermont with so many ex-New Yorkers.

    The more important issue no one is generally discussing is the radio frequency waves emanating from upcoming 5G service. The toxic exposure to the human body is significant, but those hyping this ‘latest and greatest’ technology care little about potential health hazards.

    Something to consider and research for your own safety.

  58. He said the bill is symbolic and he doesn’t expect a ban on phones to even make it past the state’s judiciary committee, let alone become law.

    “I have no delusions that it’s going to pass,” Rodgers told the Times Argus. “I wouldn’t probably vote for it myself.”

  59. And people laugh at me for still having a land line.

  60. Writing off the 18 to 21 vote?

  61. It’s Vermont remember Howard Dean and now balloon combing Bernie Sanders a socialist state where they control everything and ridiculous taxes. It’s not a business friendly state and people want them in the White House. It’s a small version of California

  62. what a crock…by the time I was 21,,, served my country in the military, got married and had a child…what I am trying to say is I lived a life time before I hit 21….never heard of so much stupid shit coming down the pike today….the government is trying to run every aspect of our lives…

  63. Agreed. Unfortunately, the knee jerk reaction of the typical politician is to blame not the crook but the tools of his trade.

  64. One of my relatives who is 14, is being encouraged to skip a grade in high school, because the teachers are afraid he will get bored.
    However, this young man is polite to adults – always says hello and listens when you talk to him.
    His parents both have their cell phones which they constantly pull out to use.
    This young man doesn’t even have a cell phone.
    He does go to church and his father has a Master’s degree.
    He’s a Mormon.
    Mormons are getting jobs in IT in our area.

  65. In western states we began working in the crops and the boys did “haying” which was hard work. We picked the crops at about the age of 12. Busses came to town and picked us up early.
    Our parents respected us more then.
    Then later, they started bringing in the Mexicans and the younger generations were treated like they were stupid, even though it was adults (mostly farmers) who got the laws changed so they could hire illegals.
    And in those days we only picked ripe strawberries, not the green ones you see in stores now.
    We also worked in the canneries. Our moms did, too.
    Now, the kids get many more privileges because the parents are more prosperous.
    But, we got more respect.
    And I never fought with my mother – like many girls do now.

  66. I believe John Rodgers to be, every bit, as much of a fucking MORON as President Lobotomy

  67. I think it is food for thought. Need to get them out of the schools for sure. Prayer was removed so why not phones?

  68. It is too easy to say no one under 21 should have a phone. But, it is also too easy to just ignore that we have toddlers showing addiction and withdrawal to cell phones. They have not even started school, and already have a monkey on their backs. They do not belong in classrooms, academics should be there. If a teen is out at night, they need a quick way to summons help via cell phones. It is a complicaed issue that derserves scrutiny.
    On company had 100 IT jobs they could not fill. Even thought the young folks know computers, ( and never doubt that aduts, esp. seniors also know their way around thetechnology), they could not find IT people who could relate and have conversations with workers in various department enough to understand what needed to be done. Texting since little, they could not have meaningful conversations face to face. Recently, Honda had to lift their ban on cell phones, as they could not get young people to work without coseness to their cells. Now, how productive must they be, as I have repeatedly seen millenials check out mid conversation, as their attention span is limited by the length of a text. We do have a problem, and no one is really addressing it seriously. Watch the next time you place an order in a restaurant, and see the eye stray, as te server checks out whild you are ordering. One can only hope future surgeons do not exhibit simialr attention span issues! Think of the wisdom and ways of capitalim that used to be shared at tables from the Kennedy housholds to mainstream America. Elders really are not sharing wisdom, it is not all about who can run a smart phone, teens need to know about family, economics, history of both family and world. They are not getting it.

  69. And don’t allow them to fight in the military until they are 21 too.

  70. Exactly! If the kid is old enough that you slap a rifle in his hands and send him to far away place to duck bullets, then he should be able to vote, and have a cellphone.

  71. They did say he was a Democrat right? It’s a good idea to get the young people use to government telling them what they can and can’t do. They need to get use to Democratic way. Venezuelan Socialist country.

  72. I think the most proper way would be to hold “grown people” responsible for the use of the darn things. My wife and I were sitting in a restaurant waiting on our dinner and next to us were a couple with a small daughter about 3 years old. The couple both were so busy with their cell phones they didn’t see their daughter come over to our table to talk with us. After about 15 minutes the mother finally noticed their daughter was GONE and she panicked. I tried to get her attention but she was running all over the restaurant calling the little girl. Just as the man was getting up I took the little girls hand and called out loud “SHE’S HERE”. He began to scold the little girl and I almost lost it. But I just told him “if you folks were not so busy with your phones and ignored the baby she might not have looked for someone to talk to. Ticked him off but at that point I didn’t care.

  73. As far as I am concerned any child or teenager under the roof of the parent, and is been taken care of by the parents has no right to make decisions on thier own, they can only suggest what they want and with the permission of the parent determining either to implement that suggestion or not, it is because children have been give too much upper hands to decide on what to do that is why things have gone and will continue to go wrong

  74. Replace Smart Phones with Flip Phones for all under 21 years of age!

  75. I think this is a very good and encouraging idea, do u know the harm phones have cost to young people?? These phones held by young people are being misusing, they don’t even have time to read thier school books, religious books, they learn and practice things they see in social media and others, I think is best if this policy can be implemented with an immediate effects in other to correct some wrongs that have been made,

  76. Since payphones and landlines have been made practically extinct by cell phones will they be allowed to communicate with drums or smoke signals? How will they be able to communicate an emergency? Maybe they could use one of those ‘Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” devices.

  77. Gods! I was not aware we were electing Gods! No, maybe we are electing parents? Nope, I think we are electing dolts who think they are Gods or National Parents. Yep, that’s my story and I/m sticking to it. Besides, I’m old enough to have my phone. However, hold on. Surely Crazy John won’t just stoop there. They never do. Next up is limit our time on the phone. Next TV time. Then, total Screen time, then, selection. Then, hours of operation. Wow, in no time we are back at 1969 with the phone on the kitchen wall with a long chord so you can get into the laundry room for privacy and a mast on the roof for getting your 4 TV stations (1 UHF). Then, the TV goes off the air at Midnight and comes back on at 6:00 AM. Now that’s progress!

  78. Totally ridiculous! This is suppose to be the home of the free! You can’t regulate everything!


  80. As a mother, I’m completely opposed to this legislation in Vermont or anywhere. My child rides a city bus to school if I’m unable to drive him. I want him to feel safe and connected. He’s had his phone since he turned 11. He never turns it on during school and I have his ability to download apps or search the internet turned off. Responsible parents raise responsible kids… my opinion.

  81. we can only teach and guide them. However, as children become teens and young adults, they make their own choices.

  82. Ban the phones Ban Alcohol Ban Firearms but let these 16 year olds get Abortions without Parental consent. Let 16 year olds VOTE for elected officials. Let 16 year olds decide Climate change. Teenagers are fixing Multi Million dollar aircraft,Naval Ships up to and including Aircraft carriers,and Fighting and dying on the front line of America’s wars. This man is an idiot and the people that will vote for him now or in the future are Idiots as well. What a Maroon.

  83. But they are old enough to be brain washed to vote Democrat and to die for this Country. Yes there should be some rules but not banned

  84. You might as well ban eating & breathing.
    Working parents depend on cell phone connection with their “under 21” children, during the parents working hours.
    The children learn by example. If they see an adult driving and texting they learn that the behavior is ok!
    I have my cell phone with me at all times. When driving it is OFF! But, it is there if I have an emergency with the car.
    I work very hard at driving safely, but there are many out there that do not and they don’t care.

  85. A great idea, the crime rate would drop 50%. But there is no chance it will happen

  86. I love the movies of people walking into fountains in malls because they are looking at their I phones.

  87. No. It is not fair to penalize a person, when they take their clothing off or fuck what they want to fuck or be penalized for touching the cock of another mammal or two nude people, hugging up close, in public being seen by ball ages, and even having sex.. The law of man is evil. Allowing Muslims around is bad. They use water, like crazy,. They are the worst water wasters that can ever be. They sanctify the eating of human flesh. That is a threat to all of us. Kuru, of which there is no known cure. It can be passed on sexuallly. Muslims want to contaminate the food supply. They are the worst people to have around, even had they repent, of Islam.

  88. We must let young people make mistakes. Keep advising them, Middle school & High School they need strong guidance.

  89. I would like to see some laws enforced or created. People texting and driving. Running over people and getting a slap on the wrisk. Ive lost 2 friends being ran over on their motorcycles. Both incidents people were texting. I was almost hit a few times last year.In the middle of the day on a loud bike. All were texting and driving. Treat it like a DWI. Its like people being put in a trans,anymore. I was downtown.Sat and had coffee outside.Watched people walking looking at their phones. It was like people being coraled. Or walking into each other. A Twilight Zone show it seemed. People worried about Russia. Im worried about Japan and China creating devices sucking peoples brain out.

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