Warren Struggles to Admit Soleimani Was a Terrorist

It is entirely understandable that as a prominent politician and one who is the spotlight more times than not, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has to be careful of what she says. Just the wrong word or phrase can mean a million different things to certain people. And in this day and age, when the woke cancel-culture of the far left has seemingly taken hold of everything, those people are all too easily offended. It’s why being “politically correct” is crucial to anyone in her position.

However, there is a vast difference between wanting to be politically correct and taking sides with those who are blatantly and so obviously against the America she claims to stand for. And for the White House hopeful, it seems to be the latter she cares more about.

At least, that is the message she conveyed to the nation during a recent session on ABC’s “The View” on Monday. When Iranian military leader General Qassem Soleimani was mentioned, she did just about everything possible, not to admit that he was a bad guy or terrorist. In fact, she couldn’t even bring herself to say the word. Instead, all she wanted to do was point fingers at President Donald Trump and blamed him for the death of this extremist.

The View co-host Meghan McCain first asked what she thought of the dead Iranian commander, pointing out that she had previously called him a “murderer” and a “senior foreign military official” but had failed to label him as a terrorist.

McCain said, “This is a man who is obviously responsible for hundreds of American troops’ deaths, carnage that we can’t even imagine.” And she continued, “The Treasury Department and the State Department have both labeled the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. I don’t understand the flip-flop. I don’t understand why it was so hard to call him a terrorist, and I would just like you to explain.”

This would have been the perfect opportunity for her to just come right out and admit it, to say “he was a terrorist.” After all, her refusal to accept this is starting to become an issue that could quickly ruin her chances of getting into the White House. But she didn’t. Instead, she turned the whole thing into a rant on President Trump.

Warren said, “The question is, what is the response that the president of the United States should make, and what advances the interests of the United States of America.” She began to add more, going into more depth about her disapproval of Trump’s handling of the Iraq War, but McCain cut her off.

McCain interrupted the congresswoman, asking point-blank, “Do you think he’s a terrorist?”

Warren began, “He’s part of a group that…” And McCain cut her off again.

“But is he a terrorist?” the co-host asked.

Again Warren sidestepped the question and continued to try and talk about the labeling of the terrorist group he led and organized.

But McCain was not having it. So she asked, “So he’s not a terrorist?”

Finally, Warren was able to give more of a straight answer. But it was far from what was needed from her. And she still couldn’t bring herself to actually say the word ‘terrorist’ regarding Soleimani.

She responded, “Of course he is.” But then she went right back into ranting about how his group was “designated” and what Trump’s response was.

“He’s part of a group that our federal government has designated as a terrorist. The question, though, is what’s the right response?”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when several US and world organizations, including the Treasury Department and the State Department, label someone as a terrorist, it demands that the rest of the world admit it as fact. And yet, the worst that Warren could say about this guy is that he was a “senior foreign military official.”

If I didn’t know any better, and given Warren’s viewpoints, it’s possible, I’d say she likes Soleimani more than she does Trump. I mean, the way she seems to be protecting his name is what I can imagine just about anybody doing for a good friend or family member who has done wrong. And maybe that’s just it; perhaps she will soon announce that she is 1/23rd Iranian, a long-lost sister of Soleimani or something.

What does it say when the left’s hatred of Trump is so far gone that even proven terrorists get better rapport then him?

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  1. I have one thing to say about Solomeine ! Good riddance. Warren is a career opportunist and this Politically correct rubbish (AKA lying to make myself look good) and that is why President trump is so refreshing, He speaks normally like most men speak. And he is honest, not after a career, Just a Businessman fixing a broken system and with enough experience and ability to get the job done, with the stamina of an Elephant . God love and Bless him always

  2. What you’re failing to understand, and I believe the majority of the American people along with you, is that President Trump is not a politician. He does nothing with a set agenda or with political aspirations. He’s a American businessman, and he is attempting to run the Country as a business! His renegotiating NAFTA reflects this. We have been running trade deficits with China for far too long! He’s trying to control that. The Congress has wasted the last 4 years on the Mueller Report and now the Impeachment! When are they going to do their job and govern the Country!

  3. From what I gather from reading news reports relating to African Terrorist Groups, General Soleimani is directly responsible for Christian believers being beheaded! I contribute money to numerous Christian organizations that provide training in agriculture and family planning in Central African nations, some of which have terrorists groups operating to overthrow the democratically elected governments. When terrorist groups capture and ransom individuals being held, they always demand to know if the person professes to be Christian! Those individuals are NEVER released; they are always executed! President Obama was lax in recuing Americans caught in this dilemma. President Trump has killed a terrorist, whether Elizabeth Warren thinks so or not!

  4. Who are all the comments from, all of them separately or one person? Soleimani was a terrible person, terrorist for sure, what is the question! The reason and why now, is what has not been revealed! The American people do not want or need an other war to be started again by a narcissistic uneducated ignorant President!!! That is what this is all about people, we need to wake up and realize just how unstable this man really is!!!

  5. What a BS exchange – as tho’ a label is going to alter the reality. Gen. Soleimani was an enemy combatant, directing, enabling, and facilitating attacks on US Forces. His death was an entirely appropriate military action. The label of “terrorist” neither adds nor detracts from the legitimacy of the US’ action. This is the sad level of discourse which now prevails in this country, where reality is subordinated to verbal sparring. Both McCain and Warren should be ashamed for being hung up on an issue which is utterly irrelevant – and so should the author of this article. Mind you, I think Elizabeth Warren is despicable – a pathological liar who would do anything for power. I also think Meghan McCain is an embarrassment to the conservative cause. And I think this is a tempest in a teacup. Drop it. It’s bloody stupid.

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  7. However, Bush has turned into a liberal lover because his brother lost to Trump. He hangs out with the Obama’s and the Clintons and he has no problem with them…….I lost all respect for him!!!!

  8. She’s too stupid and dangerous to be president. How did she ever become a senator?. Was no one else running?


  10. She told her shrink that one day she feels like a wigwam, and then a teepee–he told her it’s obvious she’s two tents!

  11. Warren E. she cant believe , exist bigger terrorist then the squab,and Schiff, Pelosi, Hillary C. Obama ,and some others . I hope in one day ,we got to the and whit them .The World think all the people from the democrats,ho want to be elected President not one good for that .One is the big liar ,the other is a big thief , the other want to make in America communism, like Senders . So think AMERICA in which way we go !!!!

  12. The Republican party is The party of morality… Few peaple realize that our most prominent republican was Abralam Lincoln, our first republican president, (who led this country OUT OF SLAVERY) solidifying freedom in our country “for all the poeple.” equally…

  13. All Warren needs to do is look at the true response of the Iranians when not under the threat of punishment for not attending the tyrant general funeral. Since a window know has been opened they are protesting in the 10’s of thousands to attempt to end the regime so they can get back to the times of life they had prior to the 80’s where they lived a life very similar ours without Sheria Law or a Dictator. The Democratic Party chooses to ignore it because they are pushing for America to become a socialist/communist Nation under the rule of a Dictator that all Socialist/Communist countries are fighting and dying in there efforts to achieve.


  15. And this dimwit, liar thief and charlatan wants to be president of the USA? Not on my watch and the watch of millions of smart Americans taking these liberal buffoons for what they really are, no more than a bunch of incompetent and inept clowns running a damned ‘dog and pony show’ and if i do say so myself, as natural clowns, they do it very well. Really else here can you get your laughs at the expense of these idiots who don’t seem to realize they don’t have a Titanic sized icebergs chance in hell of becoming president. This is. unless the American people have completely lost their minds and vote for them. which is doubtful . After all who wouldn’t want and need a few laughs during these troubled times for basically free, at some comedy club without having to pay some cover charge! What these liberals fail to realize the American people are smart and can see through their lies, thievery and BULLS**T. thank God.

  16. The people that have the same hate, and distaste for America.

  17. Who the HELL votes for these kind of people? That scares me more Warren does.

  18. A TREASONISIC TRAITOR like WARREN will NEVER admit that Soleimani was a TERRORIST. he represents HER values. DON’T vote for HER if you VALUE your country! That goes for the REST of the Democrats as well. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  19. Warren and Sanders and AOC are all moronic Democrats who defend Iran and hate Trump. They will lose in November because the American epeople are sick and tired of their bullshit!

  20. She is a stu;pid POS

  21. Agree 100%! She doesn’t know who she is, what she is, what she should say or do. Just another blithering idiot like 45s predecessor. Definitely she is not leadership material! Just a whack job!

  22. HER “issue” is : she is on the same side of the terrorists , like obama & clintons for sure and all the rest of the treasonous liberal dems & rinos .

  23. Like your reasoning & explanation !!

  24. This is why this bozo should never even be on the ballot for president. She is an absurd lunatic!


  26. Elizabeth Warren needs to understand that Barack Obama told Qassem Soleimani to get his troops to whack Americans and Israelis and the Christians because Obama is corrupt and democratically satanic. The democrats are corrupt and satanic and the Republicans are Christian. You feel me? I like George Bush and Donald Trump because they are 100% REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are 100% Democratically Satanic. Makes sense? Now, you understand if you study the inherent details!

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