McConnell and Schumer Go at It Over Trump’s Iran Decision

These last few days have indeed been shocking but not surprising when it comes to the reactions of the Democrats over the killing of Iran’s top General Qasim Soleimani. The Democrats in the House of Representatives were beside themselves at the news of the drone attack. The Senate was rocked too when the briefings came upon the floor. It would leave one to believe, World War III may not start within the Middle East. It may begin within Washington, D.C. between the GOP and the Democrats.

Democrats sound more like they are for Iran, and everyone else supports America and the president. Things were no different in the Senate when Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, went at it verbally back and forth. McConnell was explaining how it was a significant victory for the president, and Americans are safer. Schumer just kept crying how it was horrible that Congress didn’t know anything about the attack.

It was a split-second decision as American forces requested assistance to take out the Iranian general. Congress was notified in a formal tweet from the president, and those who needed to know were informed within the 48-hour timeframe.

McConnell began with the announcement on the Senate floor, “This morning Iran’s master terrorist is dead. The architect and chief engineer of the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism has been removed from the battlefield at the hand of the United States military. Soleimani made it his life’s work to take the call ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ and turn them into action.”

McConnell added Trump’s administration would give a briefing to Capitol Hill, which happened last Friday. He also said another classified briefing would be issued for all of the lawmakers, and he was informed of the situation personally from the Defense Secretary Mark Esper. The briefings came and went, and Democrats are crying again because there was no advance notice.

Guess who stood up? Schumer stated, “The need for advance consultation and transparency with Congress was put in the Constitution for a reason because the lack of consultation and transparency and can lead to hasty and ill-considered decisions. When the security of the nation at risk, decisions must not be made in a vacuum.”

Schumer quickly criticized the president, claiming he didn’t have enough experience on how to handle a possible retaliation. He stated, “This action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war, exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into.”

All Schumer kept crying was there should have been congressional authorization over and over again. The Pentagon did not hesitate after the request for assistance from American forces was made. Immediately over 3,500 soldiers were deployed to the Middle East. More have been sent since the first deployment.

Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acted almost as a referee to the criticism from Democrats, silencing them immediately. Well, at least until Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took the gavel in the House Monday morning. She had to put her two cents in to make matters worse. Pompeo stated, “U.S. intelligence suggested an attack against Americans directed by Soleimani was imminent. The risk of doing nothing was enormous.”

In closing on the topic, McConnell warned the Democrats to stop jumping to conclusions, and they needed to wait until all of the information came in before speaking ill of the situation. He stated, “Now predictably enough in this political environment, the operation that led to Soleimani’s death may prove controversial or divisive. Although I anticipate and welcome a debate about America’s interests in the middle east, I recommend that all senators wait and review the facts from the administration before passing much judgment, not his operation and its consequences.” In other words, the Democrats need just to shut up! It would be nice!

President Trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he has complete control over America and her interests inland and overseas. Anyone who can handle the Democrats the way President Trump does has full control over everything. It is a shame to see the Democrats cannot even support the killing of a terrorist. No other president ever tried to do anything about all that we are witnessing in the Middle East, and everything has been placed in his lap to fix. More situations have been resolved than any other time in history.

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  1. Agree đź’Ż %

  2. Put Schumer and Pelosi in the congress of Iran and see how long
    they survive. Let’s vote these American haters out of our government
    Their traders and assholes that we don’t need. Question if these traders
    knew what was happening they would have told CNN,MSNBC AND THE
    Iranian Government. Also the terrorist himself. Chucky and crazy Nancy
    the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

  3. As a child in the 1940’s I well remember often hearing news commentators on our local radio station often repeat the all too common phrase “LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!” While as applied to today it may not refer to the ocean shipping lanes it is just as true and important today as it was then. LOOSE LIPS DUMOcRATS cannot be trusted with critical time sensitive information. American lives are at stake but I don’t see the DUMOcRATS giving a dam!

  4. TRUMP 2020
    I’m sick of that twit myself. I get tired of seeing her in my tv. She’s a idiot. And as far as the rest of them, I agree put them on a plain send them to the Middle East see who lives who dies… I bet they all find a six feet hole.
    All they are doing is making us hate them and love our president.
    Loose lips do sink ships and I believe they would do anything say a thing to destroy our president and hey Demmos we love him! He’s mean and straight forward don’t give to shits what you fuckers think! Get it MR PRESIDENT I for one will be voting all reps in Nov!
    I don’t have a political party, that’s the funniest thing of all. We who don’t go one way or the other have been pushed to pick… we choose TRUMP 2020

  5. Donald Trump and George Bush are Good Republican Christians that care for our civil liberty and welfare. The Good News is that President Trump will get his FULL eight years in office!

  6. Some are even lower,look at Pencil Neck or Pelosi. They are less than cockroach turds!

  7. I enjoyed reading all the comments.
    American people are fed up with the liberals. All are lower than cockroaches.

  8. The actions of the Democrats and a couple of republicans in the last few days is bordering on treason if you ask me. If others had had prior knowledge of these attacks, there is no doubt in my mind what would have happened. Either way they would blame President Trump.
    Do you love our country or what?????

  9. When notification to congress is made it seems to some how leak out just exactly what was discussed. No wonder Trump did not notify them in advance he had a mission to accomplish and did not want his target warned ahead of time. Now democrats are demanding he notify them before taking action against aggressors how dumb is that? If it takes Pelosi a month to get articles of impeachment from the house to the senate just imagine what could happen between the time Trump notifies congress he has planns to do something and by the time they respond. Our enemies children would be old enough to attack us. Pelosi and the democrats have completely lost their minds. This restriction of the presidents authority must be defeated.

  10. Like the previous administration did…

  11. What’s up with all the Democrats of Ca? Everyone is too busy chasing their own agenda instead of doing what they were elected for. I want to throw up when Pelosi says the environment is so important and the president isn’t doing anything about climate change. Could that change Be because of the shit smell goin into the ozone from a? I want to throw up when she says she prays. The only thing she prays for is that she doesn’t get caught and that the ground doesn’t open up when she says that. She’s the most unconstitutional person in the house. Remember you are in the minority house not the executive like you think. YOUR NOTTHE POTUS. I hope you enjoy Trump for another four years because it’s what we Americans want. I know you say we don’t know what we want because you think we’re morons and incapable of thinking but we’ll show you in November. If not Trump definitely another republican but get used to Trump and stop wasting our tax money. We didn’t approve your raise either.


  13. I’m wondering just how “lawful” your would say he was if, a Iranian drone blew off half of your ass?

  14. you got that right,to let them know ahead of time you just as well go on national TV and announce the plan!

  15. You don’t give the enemy warning that you are attacking, which is exactly what telling the demoncrats would have been. I have an idea slip the democrats that back iran into the embassy in Baghdad and tell iran that President Trump is there. Then give them the same support that obama and clinton did Benghazi. Pull everyone else out first of course.

    Soleimani hated JEWS above all others!
    You keep sticking up for him and look like
    the fool you are!
    and would have loved choking your sad butt!

  17. Any politician who sides with the terrorists should be tried with treason and sentenced accordingly.

  18. Shumer quit acting like the ass you are. The reason you don’t get information ahead of actions being taken is because you and the democrats can’t keep your lying mouths shut. You need to start thinking about this country you piece of shit. Shumer you are finished. November will be your last day in the senate. We are tired of your whinning.

  19. You got that wright loose Lips Pigalosi and Omar the Muslim Pig , the old saying LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS, thats the way of the LIBRATURDS

  20. This Liberal Congress Has NO Clue Of The Past Authorization Given To The President, In Regards To Attacks On US Citizens, US Diplomats, US Embassies, US Military…First They Claimed Pres. Trump Violated The War Powers Act of 1973…That Backfired in Their Face, So Over The Weekend, They All Claimed He Violated The “H.J.Res. 114 (107th): Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002″…Which ALSO Grants Him The Power By The HOUSE…They Need To Read What They Granted Him, Before Claiming He Violated What They Passed..

  21. True and they are outright traitors and you know it! They need to be hung by their ugly stinking necks and start with pencil neck I want his to snap like a twig!

  22. No they need to be behind bars for all of the criminal negligence on their parts and all of the many nefarious criminal conspiracies they were and still are involved in with the previous administration of crime!

  23. If the president had notified congress John Kerry would have warned Iran immediately. You can’t trust these @#@$!!.

  24. Demon and Terror loving whore of hell! Minnesota with the push by OBOZO proved it obviously has some stupid idiots for citizens!

  25. Schumer is a radical left coddling low life evil man with no Patriotism or appreciation for the common man! He is a political terrorist in America! He needs to get the hell out of our country and take that hag Piglosi and all the rest of the disgusting evil doers in the Dem party with him!

  26. Absolutely! We have a Dem party that is criminal for years now doing whatever the hell they wanted under the evil OBOZO the terrorist coddling liar in chief who had zero transparency or accountability and now zero credibility just like the whole Dem party that he and others poisoned with evil leftist agendas! Time to flush the traitors out of the system! God Bless America!

  27. The two democratic IDIOTS, Shumer and Polosi might want to spend more time in the states that elected them and clean them up. There cities are Shitholes because of their neglect to serve the American citizens that put them where they are.
    Don’t think that Chucky and Nancy would sell us out to the Highest bider.

  28. All Democrats are worthless idiots and should be thrown out of the government permanently.

  29. Imhad has PSTD over the killing of Solenami!! Can you imagine??? And she was laughing her arse off when others were speaking of potential American live lost. Thanks so much Minnesoota for electing this creep!

  30. Memo to Chuckie: Would that be the same consultation and transparency Obama used to cover up his 10 plus major scandals? Or the transparency he used to name the murder of 4 Foreign Service Officers and terrorist attack on the Benghazi Consulate as due to a video? Dim hypocrisy stinks to high heaven! Spare us Dims consternation—it’s just crap!!! N

  31. There is not one good thing that the president does that the democrazies can praise or give credit for. He is the president and he is doing the best for the USA. God bless him!!

  32. What Schumer DIDN’T state was that POTUS had his SEASONED military advisors with him helping make this EXCELLENT decision. He DIDN’T have some TREASONISTIC Democrats “shaking in their boots” to assist the POTUS in making his decision. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  33. President Trump doesn’t need “experience” to take out a terrorist. He has intelligence and “common sense” and knows how to make a decision, which I don’t know of any “DemocRAT” that has all 3 and “man enough” to follow through, especially you, Schumer!

  34. Dear Mr. President – Commander in Chief,

    In the words of Winston Churchill – October 1949

    “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never – in nothing great or small, large or petty – never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

    “We are all worms, but I do believe that I am a glow worm.”

    Mr. President – You are a glow worm!

    Thank you for loving our country!
    Thank you for standing up to evil!
    Thank you for protecting us from the devil!

    TRUMP 2020!!

  35. Let Nancy Piglosi, Chucky Cheese Shitmore, Alan Shifty Schiff and Omar know so they can call the Imam ahead of time to let him know

  36. Former Obama Division of Homeland Safety Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke approvingly on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday about President Trump’s authorization of a lethal U.S. drone-fired missile assault in opposition to Iran Quds Drive chief Main Normal Qassem Soleimani as he arrived on the Baghdad airport early Friday morning. Johnson, who additionally served as former common counsel for the Pentagon, was interviewed by Chuck Todd.

    Johnson stated, “For those who consider every little thing that our authorities is saying about Normal Soleimani, he was a lawful army goal, and the president, underneath his constitutional authority as commander in chief, had ample home authorized authority to take him out with out an extra congressional authorization. Whether or not he was a terrorist or a common in a army pressure that was engaged in armed assaults in opposition to our folks, he was a lawful army goal.”

  37. The Iranian people are very good, but their government’s regime is hateful to America and Western nations. Playing patty cake and word wars will do no good. Maybe some day, Islamic “stick-in-mud” and “pandering to hardliners” will come around and take steps to be a better international participant. HOWEVER, there are too many Iran militia proxies with extremist, Anti-Semitic and Anti-America goals. Not sure that reform will ever happen with generations-old hate for the past European imperialism in the Middle East and Muslim in-breeding in the own caliphate. Self-governance seems impossible in the region, that is why tribal warlords and Imans persist.

  38. The Demoncrats would have let our troops die like Obama and Hillary did. They need to SHUT UP , Pelosi and Shhumer can just pack their crap and move to Iran , do us all a favor !

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