Health Care Employee Claims to Let Trump Supporters Die

With all the political turmoil the last few decades have seen, it is natural for people on either side to be strongly opposed to those from opposite points of view. However, never in a million years, is it ok to be so against those people that you willing to hurt them or cause them ill will. And as one Trump hater is learning, there can be dire consequences for even suggesting such things, let alone carrying them out.

Reddit user LoveThisLife0101 claims to hate Trump and anyone who supports him so much that they have let elderly Trump supporters die while under their care.

They wrote, “Hey, I work in a retirement home and care for a lot of Trump supporters in their last days. I can tell you will certainty that 11 people (all verified Trump supporters) could have been resuscitated/prevented from failing had I taken the appropriate measures.”

And they continue, “I am literally letting you f–ers die off. These people vote like 100% of the time so it counts.”

“Here is the really sick part. Every time I come on The Donald {Trump forum on Reddit} and see something that f–ing disgusts me, (e.g. ‘Its Okay to be White’ postings) I note it and then take it out on a Trump supporter.”

Sick part indeed.

Naturally, this was reposted several times and drew many alarms from other users. People began to look into it in earnest, searching for any clues on the hate-filled user’s profile as to who they were and where they worked.

After some time, it was found that the person who posted this worked at AMN Healthcare, a staffing company based in San Diego, California. It was also confirmed by this company that the user was, in fact, employed there.

However, it has not yet been determined if what this person claims to have done actually happened.

AMN claims that “The individual by that name who works for us is not a clinician, does not work in a clinical setting or work in a location where patients are cared for.” But they continued in a statement, “However, we take this very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation.”

Just as they should.

Someone claiming to have killed off people should have quite a bit of explaining to do.

However, this individual isn’t the first left-wing supporter who has called for violence against those who hold beliefs that differ from theirs. Even politicians and well-known media specialists have cited that physical violence and action be taken against the President and those who side with him. And this happened long before he was even put into office in 2016.

Former Hillary Clinton running mate Senator Tim Kaine cited that people should “fight in the streets against Trump.”

Obama suggested that when Republicans bring a knife to a fight, (Democrats) should bring a gun and fight harder than ever before.

Former US Attorney General said people should fight, bleed, and die in the streets to “resist” Trump.

Madonna said she dreamed “an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Kathy Griffin posted a video in which she held up an ISIS-inspired decapitated and bloody head of President Trump.

And shortly before Trump’s inauguration in 2017, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted that America had “less than 3 weeks to stop him.”

With all this hatred in the air, it’s no wonder that those who are likely to oppose Trump would take clues from their Democratic left and choose to incite even more violence.

We can hope and pray that this deranged Reddit user was talking about things that never really happened. We hope that no harm was done to anyone or that anyone actually died because of this person’s beliefs. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned or worried.

If people are talking like this, whether it is meant as a joke or not, it signifies an entire system of corruptness and immorality. We can understand mistrust, loathing, and even extreme dislike for people who hold certain beliefs, but this is simply unacceptable. No matter what another person says or does to prove they don’t value the same things you do, there is no excuse for wishing them dead.

And for this particularly misguided individual, it is likely they won’t be working in healthcare, or any industry, for much longer, if ever again.

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  1. You’re an idiot! You’ve seen how the george soros funded terrorist groups in the US operate.
    The problem is that there will never be a normal peace in this country again as long as liberals and muslims are allowed to run freely and alive period. Our Founders wouldn’t have tolerated the leftist anti-American actions!
    If you want civil war, bring it! I’ve got 3 sons and 1 daughter who are pro-Trump and Patriots to the country. Middle son was a Marine and youngest still is. Middle son got out on a medical discharge but the real reason was because of his anti PC stance of which he was vocal because our military leadership is infiltrated with all kinds of liberals who don’t want to hear truth.

  2. Why do you think they want prisoners to vote. Insured Democrat vote.

  3. We want names.So,they will not be hired anywhere else.

  4. Anyone remember how Joan Rivers died just two months after calling President Obama gay and Michelle Obama a transsexual? It doesn’t take a expert to know about inducing bronco spasms in an un-protected air way! That goofy looking so-called Lib. ENT. doctor Dr. Gwen Korovin’s un authorized rape / surgery preformed on a 70+ year old did what anyone knows can cause bronco spasms & Death she must have “deserved death for outing the First Pervert Mike as Berry Obama called his sex buddy [or her if you wish] Dr Gwen Korovin must have impressed her sociopath friends with a successful kill on the uppity Joan Rivers! Knowing doctors [cough] accidentally kill over 250,000 [according to Johns Hopkins U.] Gary Null has it at 900 thousand Kills each year] My Dad Wife & best friend falling victim to deadly “Iatrogenics”! Sick Godless moral free nations deserve sick baby killing & moral free medical cartels! Satan must be very proud!

  5. There is a really interesting section on the penalties of sedition–and the comments made–at the old territorial prison museum in Deer Lodge, Montana. Go there if you can. It was implemented in WWI or WWII. It needs to be implemented again. All these anti-American attitudes are the worst, right now. And, am I the only one who sees a civil war following the 2020 election–maybe regardless of who wins? If Trump wins, the Dem(on)s have an icky fit. If THEY win, they set out to wipe the rest of us out to get us out of the way. Things may be done subtlely, as in health care given (or not).

  6. It’s really great (NOT!) when non-Americans can come in, wah-wah when something offends them, and then WE, the Americans, have to make the adaptation. Sounds like in investigation needs to be waged against this Rehab. They are supposed to be in business to HELP people, not harm them.

  7. Tell antifa that one. They sure wouldn’t agree with you. And no, I didn’t vote for Trump but I will this year as the evil must be stopped whatever the cost. Don’t act like Dem’s have the same goal. It’s time to be honest about ourselves and WITH ourselves.

  8. My 38 year old sister was one of them.

  9. You’re being manipulated here. This “reporting” is designed to make you enraged and afraid, by making one person who allegedly made a claim to have harmed trump supporters into a representative of “the left”. In addition, the other allegations are greatly exaggerated or taken out of context. Come back to reality. Liberals are not out to kill you.

  10. So sad that the country has an extremely severe condition of POLITICAL BI-POLARISM.

    Also,sad that the condition of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is the major manifestation of the

    sad plight of the innumerable number of HUMAN OSTRICHES who stick their heads well up

    into their anal cavities to comply.

  11. I agree with you, they are definitely anti-American. They are the new socialist politcal party of stupid fucking assholes

  12. Is that oniggercare at it;s best?

  13. They made themselves look like fools when all of the DP and a lot of Hollywood geniuses stated emphatically that Trump would NEVER be president. Their egos were crushed when Trump DID win , so they HAVE to act out their own stupidity…

  14. The democrats of today are NOT the democrats of yesteryear. They started turning evil during the sexual revolution of the 60’s. Satan started running amok , because he knew he didn’t have a whole lot of time to take over the minds and spirits of man. He will eventually lose , but not before he tries to eliminate everything right and Just on this globe…

  15. Democrats are anything BUT Constitutional in every thought, word and deed, they ARE PURE MARXIST in every aspect of life and seek to impose TOTAL CONTROL of Your lives. What better way to fund themselves than to impose a 40% or higher Death Tax on Seniors explicitly, ( those who survive the healthcare abuses against them) those who worked a lifetime to leave a heritage for their progeny but victimized to pay for an END to American Sovereignty as these filthy Traitors try to implement U.N. Globalist, One World Government dictatorship, Agenda 21! Why else allow war on ICE, a Law Enforcement Agency? Why else declare war on ALL police? Why give 16 year olds the right to vote or illegals to procure driver’s licenses and voting rights , end the Electoral College, a safeguard AGAINST Gerrymandering of which the left accuse the right but uses itself far more often, flooding key districts with such voting illegals, many of whom vote more than once and also using electronic and paper fraud. George Soros OWNS the Automated Ballot machines and records votes for their FAVORED candidates regardless of what YOUR vote actually is! AND THAT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BLATANT ATTEMPT TO RIG EVERY ELECTION AS THEY TRIED TO SO INEFFECTIVELY TO ASSURE A HILLARY CLINTON VICTORY IN 2016 AND HAVE ONLY A ONE PARTY SYSTEM IN TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR EXISTENCE, AND A PERMANENT CONTINUATION OF THE “OBAMA LEGACY!”It didn’t happen because they underestimated the intelligence of the voters and did NOT RESPECT OR SERVE THEM and so, paid the price at the polls . They are STILL stupid enough to think that they can defeat Trump when his PERFORMANCE RECORD, is something they cannot duplicate ; and so, HE HAS TO GO! THIS HAS BEEN THE ABSOLUTE CASE SINCE DAY ONE OF HIS ADMINISTRATION! The Democrats are NOT American Oriented at all, are oath violators, malfeasant in office and derelict in duty and obligation to the ONLY Constituency they are sworn by oath to serve; AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    U.S .CODE, CHAPTER 18 DEFINES WHAT CONSTITUTES ACTS OF SEDITION AND HIGH TREASON. Look it up , apply it to EVERYTHING the Democrats do, and note that this reference ALSO provides the penalties for those found guilty of such acts. Then think about the implications you will SEE for yourselves and NEVER VOTE for another Progressive Democrat!, RETURN power to We, the People and not the too long in existence Oligarchy of the politically privileged and powerful who abuse both the power invested in them and YOU!AND THAT WILL DRAIN THE SWAM AND PROVIDE A MUCH BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!

  16. Since it’s California the state no doubt pays a “bonus per head” that is killed off.

  17. Reddit is owned by Chinese military. What do you expect?

  18. Whatever Reddit is, they should be reported for allowing this inflammatory piece to come before the public eye.
    Crazy people get crazy ideas from articles like this one. REPORT Reddit (if you know how.)

  19. the battle belongs to the Lord
    eternity is a long long long time
    and Hell is hot, DemocRats will
    never be cold!!!!

  20. You are so right they should be killed the way they kill unborn babies put that solution on them and let it burn their flesh up and then they can burn the rest of their lives in hell End of Story.

  21. If these idiots are letting people die while under their Care, they should be prosecuted for murder. Electric Chair should be set up just for them.

  22. I have long believed this as well. The problems we are experiencing in our Great Country have started with the Democrats and their hatred and it will continue to escalate if we, as Conservatives, vote them out of offices.

  23. These are acts of MURDER, no one but GOD has the right to decide if someone should die,, and to with hold food and/or medications just because you disagree with their political views is MURDER.

  24. The democrats have gone psycho! They are possessed by something other than reality and need to be dealt with harshly. Any muslims in the U.S. need to be watched, CONSTANTLY! They, obama, the clintons, pelosi are ALL TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and should be in prison or killed as a traitor should be….

  25. It is really sad to know that they are so corrupt and hate filled that they want to murder anyone who disagrees with their anti-American ways. They show every day just how vile and inhuman that they are becoming. Anyone who suggest or encourages murder of anyone because they don’t follow their political beliefs is really sick and twisted and should be in jail or a mental hospital.

  26. LibTURDS are just that!!

  27. Vengeance is mine says the Lord and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. They gotta die sooner or later.

  28. All of those mentioned above need to be prosecuted. Threatening the president before and after his inauguration is unlawful.

  29. Hell a lot of people died under Ocooncare.

  30. Was in Rehab post-op where most Caregivers were not American. First day had Fox on tv. President Trump was speaking. Caregiver in room started to rant and rave. Later, my roommate advised i should not watch Fox News nor speak about our President. Later the RN arrived. She informed me she was in charge and I have nothing to say. Had to wheelchair to the nurses’ station for pain meds. RN took hourlong breaks and she had no cover. On third day, felt weak. I had been given Coumadin and was hemorrhaging. Quickly rushed to ER and given two blood transfusions. I refused to return to the Rehab facility. The entire episode was a nightmare. Heard I was not an isolated case.

  31. They’re the same people that claim we conservative Christian’s are evil and corrupt. Yeah, right!!!!! As a Godly person, I’m too appalled and shocked to continue adding to this post.

  32. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! We are going to have serious problems because of our great divide politically. I believe the conservative people are less likely to do harm to the radicals unless they are attacked. However they are likely to be armed. Hate brings on unhappiness and mental breakdown. Fight it in your life so you can think rationally before you take action that might cause you more unhappiness. and loss! I am a Christian conservative and trying to stay sane in this unhappy time!

  33. If this liberal idiot actually did what they boasted to have done they should be charged with premeditated murder. If this is a liberal sicko that did not actually act out this particular crime they should be charged with domestic terrorism, ……at the least.

  34. I look at the list of accomplishments and I am floored. My retirement savings are returning great rates. Our economy is allowing new businesses to open in even the most depressed areas. People are finding jobs with better wages and conditions. Companies are giving raises to keep employees. The air is cleaner, the water is cleaner. Gasoline and other fuels are cheaper, Housing is available (Here, not on the West Coast) because Republicans control the State Gov., not Democrats. Taxes are down for those who pay them. And we have better trade relations around the world. We have even begun the withdrawal of troops in the middle East (Yes we upped the count in a non-war Iraq to help deter a problem child-Iran) Now we have eliminated the main Terrorist leaders in Syria and Iran as well as many of their underlings so that the local; Governments can operate more freely without outside agitation and corruption. This, however is unnoticed by these Democrat, haters. He Tweets. He’s Bad. That’s all he sees, and oh, yeah, Jimmy Kimell and Colbert hate him.

  35. We conservatives put up with 8 years of Obama where our country grew more divided than ever. It didn’t start with Trump! Obama was even elected for a 2nd term because liberals claimed “he didn’t have time to get everything done the first term”. We kept quiet around friends and family with opposing political views for 8 years to keep peace. But in comes Trump and the dems go berserk to the point of no return. That speaks volumes!

  36. My Dad was a Democratic from way back, I do not remember him making threats to the Republicans. Tim Kaine should not have made remarks about Trump. Tim Kaine was a sorry Governor of Virginia and is now a sorry congressman. He is not a leader but a follower. The Democrats have and continue to do harm to this country. They support the killing of innocent children and have allowed more murders of them than all the mass shooting in this country combined. Virginia had over 1500 murders babies this year. They call this planned parent hood. I personal think these people who do these murders and supporters should be tried for these murders. It is time for the people of this country to stand up against these sick people. President Trump is trying to do some thing about these mass abortions.

  37. Pelosi and Schiff should be arrested for the terrorist that they are. Once in jail you would see them sing like birds becasue they know that soon that they could be dead. Lets try that and see what these two cowards really are.

  38. I hope that the person or persons will lose their jobs and never be hire again.

    Also if any did k i l l people then I hope they get the death penalty.


  40. I agree with your post.

    DEM stands for my husband and my names and 777 is for GOD.

  41. This person is trying to get a crazy lib to kill people. Sounds an awful lot like a certain big mouth congresswoman.

  42. I hate to think we have citizens our country, that hate so much, they would let someone die because they were for a different political party. Anyone that is this full of hate, is mentally imbalanced and should seek help. I was raised in a family of democrats, who would vote for a candidate regardless of the candidates background and even if they were crooks, just because they were democrats. It did not matter if they had any ability to carry out the duties of the office they running for or not, just so they were democrats. I do not think all democrats are evil, lying excuse of a human being, but when you see what the democrats are capable of, like the rioting, attacking individuals just because they don’t agree with their party, it sure makes you wonder what our future world will be like for our children, grand-children, etc. Most of my family has pulled away from the democratic party, just because they have seen what this party has become.

  43. I’m a trump supporter and will vote him in if he stands by my 2nd amendment rights. Try that with me punkboy please. You’re the reason leftist women kill their young to bad she missed you!! If that is to brutal or immoral fine. It’s time to stand up for the right and stop being PC, they won’t

  44. These sick bastard, anti-American dem/libs need to be deported. They are godless, useless mostly parasites on the tax payers. Aside from the over breeding, parasite welfare queens, their many sperm donors and their bastard kids, most dem libs usually work in jobs paid for by taxpayers. They are basically useless, non-productive human wastes. They hate the fact that Trump is so successful and has accomplished more than any of their candidates combined. #TRUMP2020

  45. Democrats are domestic terrorists

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