Joe Biden Said He Will Appoint Obama to What?!

The country cannot stomach having Barack Obama on the Supreme Court. It would be the ultimate low and point of destruction for the rest of the country. Joe Biden has some pretty wacky ideas but putting Obama on the bench of the Supreme Court is just hateful to the nation. When he was asked that question he stated that he would nominate Obama for the job. But then he made it sound like Obama would just turn it down anyway. Biden was trying to make Obama seem like a gracious hero. But the truth is he hates America.

Some people that would like to see him on the bench will never see it come to a reality. Some consider Obama to be old to serve in that capacity. It seems like there are a lot of old Democrats that are good for nothing these days. What the Democrats are pushing with this idea is to put their beloved god in a permanent position of government where he can reign supreme. After all none of the younger Democratic versions of politics is panning out well for the future of the Democratic party.

The young Democrats are a bunch of whining baby’s looking for a fight. They know nothing of what makes America great let alone how to work with people that have a different opinion on things. Obama had been asked about what he thought of the idea, and he stated that “When I got out of law school, I chose not to clerk. Partly because I was an older student, but partly because I don’t think I have the temperament to sit in a chamber and write opinions. I love the law, intellectually. I love nutting out these problems, wrestling with these arguments. I love teaching. I miss the classroom and engaging with students. But I think being a Justice is a little bit too monastic for me. Particularly after having spent six years and what will be eight years in this bubble, I think I need to get outside a little bit more.” By his admission, Obama is tired of politics. He would rather sit in a classroom and engage future students.

His last two years of the White House showed how much he hated being the president of a nation that he cared nothing for. He constantly did things that were not within his power to do. He would rather disappear into the night and teach his wacky ideas to another generation of kids. Why the blind Democrats love him is beyond reason. He certainly does not care about them. But that is the way all Democrats act. They only care for themselves and nothing else.

Joe Biden knows that he needs to tap into the popularity that Obama has with people. He knows that if can truly use Obama for his gain, then it would only help him win the nomination. Biden is a greedy man and will do whatever it takes to have all the power for himself. If winning the nomination will only come by an endorsement from Obama, then why not bribe him with a Supreme Court job.

Joe Biden knows that if he can appear friendly with his old running mate, then the voters will vote for the Obama man. They will vote for the era where he served as the vice president. The people will be tricked into thinking that those precious days they loved so much will come again. But the truth will be seen in that Biden’s policies are vastly different from Obama’s. He is a crook and so is the rest of his family. These are people that cannot lead this country into a better future. Instead, they will milk it for everything they can before leaving office.

Biden has personal reasons for making the statement that he did. On one hand, he needs the fame of the once Democratic president. On the other side, he has to appear gracious enough to deserve such influence from Obama. The facts remain that neither of them was or ever will be good for the country.

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  1. All this TRUE !!!

  2. Michael Lavaugn Robinson, linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers, a woman trapped in a mans body! Left Oregon State abruptly, transferred to Princeton, as Michelle Robinson! Brother of a cocaine dealer friend of mayor Daley, in Chicago! These people, are hood-rat-trash!

  3. Harvard Law Review, my ass! Bill Ayers communist father put Obama through Harvard, with the assistance of communist alumni, the same alumni that played the “race-card” to get Obama on the Harvard Law Review! Obama never had the GPA to get near Harvard! You people are so gullible! Obama is nothing, but a “Glorified-Hood-Rat” who’s mother was a communist-cultist, sleeping with some friend of people like Timmothy Geitners father, and Bill Ayers father!

  4. The Coup, got derailed, by Donald J. Trump! Or should I say, all those disheartened voters who came out to stop the destruction of our Country! What nobody talks about, Hillary Clinton, was to be a false storefront for an Obama third term! That’s why Obama stayed in DC after his Fraudulent, Presidency was over! It was supposed to be a quick, turnaround for them! Then Trump won, and they left a lot of junk laying around!
    Bob Mueller went in under the guise of an investigation, what it was, was a political 2fer, they railroaded a few Trump associates who knew too much about them, and they did a thorough, house cleaning!
    What people don’t understand, HRC wants to be POTUS for two selfish reasons, one, the fame of being the first female POTUS! 2) The selfish satisfaction that her own husband did not one-up her! Anyone who knows HRC, knows how she thinks! She is a vile, creature! I’m shocked that Chelsea isn’t institutionalized!

  5. You Democrats wanna see Trumps tax-returns? How about showing us Obamas taxpayer funded sealed-records, to the tune of $28M? I know that Bill Ayers manufactured Obama, and I know Obama didn’t have the GPA to trim hedges at Harvard, so I’m pretty sure, those records reveal everything we supposed about that glorified, hood – rat, Kenyan Born, Indonesia Raised, Chicago-Community-Organizer, Communist, Bath-House-Barry! No Way those records cost a million $$ to seal, much less $28M! When taxpayers pay for something, we are entitled to see it!

  6. Depends on the comment, and which party you support! Like everything else in American Politics, there’s a double standard! I hope I’m wrong about it on this site, but the odds are in my favor!

  7. The Impeachment patrols favorite phrase, “no one is above the law!“ I agree, and when the DNC knowingly supported a foreign born individual for POTUS, they weren’t above the law! Pelosi wasn’t on her “Oath Of Office” duty to defend the Constitution! Hahahahahahahaha!
    When Pelosi knew that HRC, and BHO, were going to rig their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election, ignoring the will of their voters, she wasn’t on her “Oath of Office” duty to defend the Constitution! When Pelosi knew that HRC was using DNC funds to go to the UK to buy a known fake dossier from a British spy, to use to trick a FISA COURT JUDGE to issue them a FISA WARRANT to spy on American Citizens, she wasn’t on her “Oath Of Office” duty to defend the Constitution! When Pelosi got her envelope of cash from Obama, her “hush money” from the Uranium1 deal, she wasn’t on her “Oath Of Office” duty to defend the Constitution! Now, Neuro-Nancy isn’t on her “Oath Of Office” duty to defend the Constitution, as she defies the Constitution, to hold up impeachment, that was so crucial months ago, but now she is trying to control the Republicans Court hearings! This woman is a disgrace, she is a pathetic excuse of a speaker of the house, and Tip O’Neal called out from the granite tomb, “Stop this pathetic-imbecile Pelosi, she is a disgrace!”

  8. You’ve just gotta let Joe, be Joe, right Obama? These DNC politicians, lack integrity, they missed many parental lessons as a child, corruption and money reaches them! You want to know the Obama hypocrisy? “Trayvon Martin could be my son” Obama felt compelled to speak out, in this case, he made himself not blink, until tears built up in his eye, and ran down his cheek and Chris Matthews got a blue-vein-throbber!
    Laquan Macdonald, shot 16-times by a white cop, where was Obama, and Al Sharpton? Quiet! Why? This was in Chicago, and a white cop murdered, a black man! The difference? Rahm Emanuel. Had Rahm, not been mayor, running for re-election, and not been trying to cover this shooting up, Sharpton would have been riding on Obama’s back, with a bull-horn! These DNC politicians are as bad, as it gets! They have been turned-over, to reprobate minds, they have no true- remorse, no true-moral-compass!

  9. The two of them are proven to be incompetent! I’ve heard Obama wants to be Secretary General of the UN. Is it possible, Biden could ask Obama to be his running mate as VP??? But Obama would actually be running the Country. Excuse me, I have to go throw up now.

  10. Help clean up the homeless problem in San Francisco!!!

  11. Joe your best bud has already said he will endorse someone else. Him being on the supreme court won’t change anything, as he won’t work there either. Just a black Bernie Saunders.

  12. This isn’t new, it was the original plan 4 the HRC presidency. BHO was pissed when DJT was elected.

  13. Good ole joey ‘touchy feelie’ biden’s not qualified to be a city dog catcher if that. Wait, the dogs’ are much smarter than this liberal has been who was no more than obozo’s white flunky

  14. God forbid if any of these BATSHIT loony liberal buffoons get the White House in November. We must make sure this doesn’t happen. Bottom line: the buffoons running on the liberal ticket haven’t proposed a damned thing to help middle class America or America in general other than the leeches getting all the freebies promised by these giveaway gracies and gary’s. And one more thing, why are we still getting updates on this black POS that damned near destroyed America? Time for this no good lying, ‘n thieving bastard and his ‘moochella’ to be tried for treason and corruption. His 8 year presidency was nothing more than a luxury vacation on the taxpayers dime all while he and his cronies sat on their asses, got obscenely rich while the American people struggled and got SQUAT.

  15. You are correct about Obozo ,illegal citizen and president
    .The stupid asses in the country DEMOCRAPS included pushed the crap for his muslime ass .Shows who thr Democraps really are .

  16. Biden: a stupid ass coo coo…Obama wont even endorse him for President and the dumb ass keeps on trying to act as though he and Obama are the best of friends….all I see is two assholes toghether…

  17. Where do all you fools get the idea that somebody you disagree with “Hates America”. Maybe you hate America if you voted for Trump because he is destroying out morals every day.

  18. We better watch this senile old crook, he will appoint Obama as his VP. Then it’s time for a civil war,or let them give this country to the Muslims and Subud. That’s a Muslim/ communist cult that was banned in this country. Valero Jarrett ‘s father was the leader and he was banned and fled to Hawaii before it was a state. It is said he later fled to Iran where they’re headquarters is now. And Obama and Jarrett are lifetime members.

  19. Had no idea !
    Don’t need a Communist on the court !!!

  20. Ya! Good luck with that! I wouldn’t have the worse ex president in history, back making law. We saw what his laws and regulations did to our country. We lost most of our jobs to other countries and the highest unemployment all in the name of GREEN! these people would rather see the people of the U.S. suffer then get ahead just look at his presidency! President Trump brought back jobs and will slowly change as needed to keep our country strong and allowing citizens to make money and live not just survive as you would under a socialist government that the Dem.’s would rather have . No Thank you creepy Uncle Joe!

  21. The only thing Joe can do, is suck Barry’s dick.

  22. Sleeping JOE BIDEN can’t nominate NO ONE for the SCOTUS ! O’ BUTTHEAD can’t not be nominated for a appointment to the SCOTUS because he has been PRESIDENT and a ILLEGAL PRESIDENT at that.
    O’BUTTHEAD was not born in the United States therefore he shouldn’t have been PRESIDENT. BUTT HEAD was born in KENYA, EAST AFRICA
    And his HALF BROTHER has a bonafied copy of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE
    stateing where he was born , time born and date born. So now you know how the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS was hard up to sway and rid the ELECTION their way.

  23. These people are complete MORONS !!
    Just think about the sort of people who vote for them.
    That’s gotta be SCARY !!

  24. You are CORRECT !!!!
    AND WILL BE IN 2020 !!!

  25. You are CORRECT !!!!
    AND WILL BE IN 2020 !!!

  26. When you post a comment on here where the heck does it go???

  27. BLIND leading the BLIND

  28. Well, they jumped the gun. I’ve said several times on here that if any one of the democrats should win the white house Ginsberg would retire immediately and they would appoint Obama to her position. But I didn’t expect they would announce it so soon.

  29. You mean Obama would rather teach his liberal socialistic views to younger minds. PLEASE!!!!!! Did not vote for Obama, don’t intend to vote for any liberal.

  30. Pandering to a guy who doesn’t even want him.

  31. Don’t have to worry about anything Biden wants to appoint to anything because he is not going to win it will be President Trump re-elected as President. As for Obama he is not a US citizen and should never have been in the White House in the first place. That phony certificate had many errors on in. One of the first was that they did not call a black baby in that years African American they called them black and before someone calls me racist I am not being it is just a fact check it out for yourself.

  32. He doesn’t have the qualifications for any job that I know of. He proved that as IPOTUS.

  33. Sounds like old Joe is fishing for an endorsement from his ex-boss. Sorry Joe, guess you haven’t figured it out yet. The “Pretender” needed a white boy to cover HIS OWN RACISM in order to get elected. You were just a straight man for the joke he played on America. He doesn’t need you anymore so forget any endorsement. You didn’t actually think he was going to support a zero flunky who goes off the reservation on a regular basis, did you? If you did, you’re more stupid then we thought you were.

  34. A dis-barred criminal for SCOTUS ? ! No way ! :

    “1. President Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application. A “Voluntary Surrender” is not something where you decide “Gee, a license is not really something I need anymore, is it?” and forget to renew your license. No, a “Voluntary Surrender” is something you do when you’ve been accused of something, and you ‘voluntarily surrender” your license five seconds before the state suspends you.

    2 Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993. after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud! “

  35. WTF, Those 2 Demodonkeys are ridiculous! Sink them to the bottom of no return. No need to worry BIDEN NOT gonna be there in the WH. TRUMP returns!!!

  36. Neither of them have what it takes to run this country. It would be double trouble to allow these two to be anywhere together since they feed off each other. I don’t think we really have anything to worry about because Biden will not be elected in the first place, there is absolutely no chance of any dem. beating our President Trump.. Trump 2020


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