Tax Credits Will Get Extended For Some Adding to Debt

Some tax credits ended as the deadlines to renew has expired, but through a congressional agreement at the last hour, some have been restored.  Distillers, brewers, churches with parking lots, racehorse owners, and some of the wind energy producers will have their tax credits still in place as the deal was finalized.  The special interest tax breaks were attached to the provision in must-pass legislation.  Tax breaks mostly come from Republicans, but they won some of the Democrats over to pass the regulations.  It wasn’t an easy and quick process as it took months for Congress to decide on the extensions.

As the year is ending on Capitol Hill, lawmakers scrambled in trying to figure out the budgets as to what they will allow to pass and those they would cut off from their agenda to help businesses.  The most significant changes came with the elimination of the taxes used to fund the Affordable Care Act, which taxed health insurers, medical devices, and health plans, which were generous for the public.

The Cadillac Tax is considered a way for the law to pay for itself and is considered to be in the health insurance plans category.  Lawmakers in the House overwhelmingly voted to repeal the tax.  The medical device tax and the health insurance tax applies to the health insurers and taxes medical products like pacemakers, X-ray machines, artificial knee, and hip joints, and artificial hearts.  This tax was also eliminated.

According to The New York Times, “The agreement, which passed the House 297 to 120 on Tuesday, also extends tax benefits for railroad track maintenance, racehorse, and racetrack ownership, hiring and investment on Native American reservations and some victims of natural disasters. A one-year extension was also given to winemakers, beer brewers, and liquor distillers, allowing them to avoid tax increases of as much as 400 percent.  It also extends a handful of credits for renewable energy, like wind production, but does not include an extended credit for the buyers of electric cars.”

Republicans and Democrats both fell short on expanding the efforts made to help low-income families and fixing any areas written in error, which was signed by President Trump in 2017 when the big tax cuts first took place.  The 2017 tax cut brought the rates down to 21 percent and was only meant to be a temporary fix.  It was implemented so the ten-year federal budget deficit would not have been overdrawn.

Once again, we find another area where Democrats have failed America.  None of these politicians should have to scramble at a last-minute notice to get their jobs done.  They spent all of their time trying to bring up evidence against President Trump, which was never there, instead of working on fixing these issues.  Now, the tax credits which needed to be renewed fell through the cracks, and those which did not need to be renewed were voted on with the little time they had left before they expired.

Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, said, “This is a gluttonous tax binge that has the desperate feel of politicians scrambling to heap political favors on powerful interest groups, and there isn’t a single credible justification to defend it.”

What has passed will head on to the Senate, but it pushes them to make quick decisions before the government funding expires.  America cannot keep working like this.  It is time the Democrats stop playing around and carrying on with their loss from the 2016 elections and work together to keep America running efficiently.  That is what President Trump is trying to do, but the Democrats play around until the last minute.    Republican Representative Kevin Brady from Texas had this to say, “Regrettably, business, as usual, prevailed in our efforts to reform these supposedly temporary, annual tax policy changes.  This annual temporary tax circus needs to end.”

More tax breaks were expected to expire this weekend.  Republicans wanted to let those expire and have the tax breaks go to restaurant owners.  Democrats automatically rejected it.  Republican Senator Charles E. Grassley from Iowa stated, “The agreement may not be the package I’d have pushed for on my own, but it’s a reasonable way forward that provides certainty where before there was only anxiety for many Americans.”

If these practices continue with the Democrats owning the House of Representatives, there will be “anxiety for many Americans.”  It is past time these idiots put the American people first.

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  2. He need to go back and give the American people that Obama froze our social security at parcel and give us back what we should be making now. He should give us our full benefits because some of us had no chose than file for parcel social security not knowing that that stupid idiot was going to do that

  3. Correct on all 5.

  4. In order to resolve the current crisis, I would like to see the following ideas implemented:

    1. New representatives elected and anyone with a professional degree, such as a lawyer or doctor needs to be instantly disqualified from running.
    2. Congress and the Senate needs to be called into session and remain in session until the nations business is resolved. After the nation’s business is taken care of then they can waste time doing things such as flapping their lips at whoever will listen to them.
    3. All representatives need to be limited to four weeks of paid vacation per year and stay in Washington the other eleven months, reading bills and actually doing their jobs instead of vacationing constantly.
    4. Pay raises need to be limited to the inflation rate. If they cannot live off of what they make then they can cut corners like the rest of the country and eating chicken or hamburger instead of prime rib.
    5. When ObamaCare was passed, hardly anyone had read the bill. However, they exempted themselves from this disaster the next day. If this was good enough for the general population, it should be good enough for them.

  5. Why is it that all these Radical Far Left Socialist Demoncrats don’t do the job they were elected to do ?!?! Their job and duty as our elected Representatives is to protect and serve “We The People” and do what is necessary to protect the Constitution and America !!! All this Far Left Negativism over impeaching our duly elected and very good President Trump is a total farce and scam upon “We The People” , Our Constitution and America !!! This is a total Waste of our Tax dollars and initiatives to better serve America !! However, these Radicalized individuals do not care about Our America !!! They are Socialists who want for Greed and Power is their driving force !!!

    Wake Up America !! Be very careful about what you are thinking or have come to believe !! This is America the land of the free and brave !!! These life long Bureaucrats must go by voting for new more qualified individuals who believe in Our Constitution, Our Freedoms, Our Judeo/Christian Belief, Our Personal and National Security, Our Economy and America, No muslim’s Allowed !!!

  6. Jacob is right on! I pray the writer above is also accurate about some Dems being held accountable for their crimes.

  7. Thankfully Next year the democrats Will Loose the house and we can continue to Make America Great Again Without their interferes ! Democrats/socialist do Not care and they only seek power to destroy Our Nation ! Remember obama pushing how the national debt was a crisis “ our children “ will have to deal with as he ran the debt up Higher than All past presidents combined . This is what democrat/socialist/Nazis do , they Lie !!

  8. Hopefully some high ranking Dems will be going to prison for a very long time and I mean hard time! Then the ducks in the House will come to order unless they are looking to get pinched as well! The massive corruption of the Dem party along with some devil Repubs like McCain was and Romney still is needs to be terminated and then the government can get on with doing the work of We the People!

  9. The writer above is correct. Someone has to take the lead. The budget process as it stands is broken. Every tax credit should be eliminated and the budget should be developed from zero. The budget keeps ballooning because there is no diligence, accountability, monitoring or concern for those paying these costs — the taxpayer. The Dems have wasted the time and millions of dollars since the last election because Hillary was not elected, and they have not addressed the serious problems of this country that affects our security, citizen safety, the outrageous budget that they do not want to deal with, our infrastructure and other major problems. They should all be thrown out of office and new representatives of the people brought in. The House Dems have pushed a coup in this country with lies and their agenda, so they need to be removed. What will they do when Trump is reelected?

  10. It starts 2 months before the budget needs to be approved. YOU, Kevin, put one together. YOU, Kevin, take it to the President and hand it to him, personally. Force the issue with the rest of the House. President Trump will then have 2 months to stump at rallies around the nation to bring attention to the do-nothing Democrats’ refusal to act until it is time to extend or shut down. YOU can make the change. YOU will become an instant celebrity and a friend of the administration for the next 4 years at least. Be a part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.

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